dum dum eating contest

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

if you are reading this during work hours on tuesday september 16th, my dear friend constance, aka salami rose, aka connie is knee deep in dum dum sucker wrappers.

now i'm sure you're thinking that's a pretty odd thing to be knee deep in right?

well don't worry, there's a story behind it.......

and of course her office caught it on film.

consider this video the prequel, the trailer, the practice round - the appetizer if you will, to the main dum dum sucker eating event that is going on right. this. minute.

it's a must watch and make sure you put the volume on, constance is hilarious.

you're interested now huh?

i seriously can't wait to see if she makes it through the day. as of now she's on pace - and this girl runs marathons - so if anyone is up for the challenge the salami rose is.

here's to hoping she doesn't go into sugar shock.

check back tomorrow to see if she made it.

suck it girl!


  1. *Commentor is too perverted to reply to post.

  2. ummmmmm thats a lot of dum dums.
    and they really have that many calories? wtf, is nothing sacred?

  3. i felt like i was watching the office. what's the backing track? like narm, some of my comments withheld.

  4. I was also surprised by the calories!

    I could never eat that many dum dums. Just ONE is too sweet for me. Bleh.

    I love your office. I am jealous. Again. :-P

  5. That is a seriously crazy challenge.

  6. whoaaaaaaa 800+ calories in 17 dumdums...how does he stomach feel?!?

  7. One dum dum every 3.5 minutes? If I hadn't seen it myself, I never would have believed you.

  8. She has a very Margot Tennenbaum-esque aura about her, right?

    Also, how many mystery Dum Dums are in there? God, those were good.

  9. Sweet ass dance! My favorite are the mystery dum-dum, but they usually turn out to be coconut.

  10. 867 calories?!?!
    ha, i love how serious she seems.
    will you join in next?

  11. HA That is hilarious! Who would have thought that dum dums had so many calories.

  12. hahaha! i LOVE this! but who knew there were so many calories in dum-dums? :(

  13. OMG.
    Calories. (I'd rather spend them on alcohol!)
    Oral fixation. (what is she NOT getting??)
    Rotten teeth. (A dentist's wet dream.)

  14. I liked the part where someone rolled behind on a scooter.

    Couldn't tell who it was.

  15. Impressive...although just the thought of it is making me feel sick. I can't imagine how she is feeling right now.

  16. Holy crap. That is awesome that it was caught on tape. I can only imagine the sugar!!

  17. That's hilarious! I love it. You guys have so much fun over there.