featured blogger friday v3

Friday, September 19, 2008

get ready for quite the hodgepodge of a post here kids.

last night my boss' showed their appreciation for us by inviting the whole staff to the HOB foundation room. they sure know the way to our hearts. there were even raffle prizes - i won a gas card!!! high five! my volvo thanks you.

after many martini's were had i headed over to rock bottom brewery where allison and i crashed narm and taawd's bromantical thursday night date. i was already a few sheets to the wind when i arrived so i think my blogger friends had some fun laughing at me.

i mean, i can't help it that i was trying to get narm to french the waitress - there is nothing wrong with frenching!

after rock bottom allison left us like a good girl on a school night while narm, todd and i hit up the harbor inn. all in all it was a fabulous evening with my friends who i just happened to have met through blogging.

we really all as a whole blogging community need to come up with an international code word for blogging friends that isn't say, "this is my blogger friend" while i then proceed to watch my non blogger friends giggle.

i'll take suggestions in the comment section.

anyways on to more blogger love - this weeks featured blogger is my friend deutlich! i honestly can't say enough kind words about this woman. i have been fortunate enough to hangout with her in the "real" world and her no holds barred blunt style is just like mine - so it works.

she listens to my problems and random bursts of chatter day in and day out and can even just tell when i need to talk. she gets me, and isn't that what friends are for? so without further ado...

Who are you and what is your blog?

I’m Deutlich and my blog-dizzle is Speak On It. Also? I’m supercool. Like, so cool you’d turn to ice if you touched me.

and I might’ve just disproved my entire stance with that last sentence. Whatever.

Where are you typing from?

My werk cahmp-you-ter. I like to talk funny. Too bad I’m writing this.

How long have you been blogging and what platform do you use?

Uh, truthfully? Since back in the day when it wasn’t even called “blogging.” In other words, just over eight years. I’ve only had Speak On It since ’07, though.

Sum up your piece of the internet in one sentence.

I’m overly honest, enjoy blunt truths, push buttons and like to make people think.

Are you an anonymous blogger or do you scream who you are from the rooftop?

Anonymous is subjective. Heh. I keep it “anon” so my co-workers can’t find my shit. I don’t like them enough to talk to them, so they definitely don’t need to know anything about me either.

Do your readers know what you look like?

Some of ‘em do (heeeelloooo everyone I’ve met thus far).

If you could become famous from blogging like dooce would you want to?

F@ck no.

So you just drank a bottle of wine alone and you’re sitting at your computer, who are the three bloggers that you email or google talk with?

Uhm. Me? I’d probably be praying to the porcelain gods. I have the stupidest stomach on the planet.

How many blogs are in your google reader?

Too damn many.

If you had $1000 to spend and could only buy one item, what would you buy?

A new DSLR camera!!!!!! But does it come with lessons? Cuz I need them.

What’s your favorite thing to do after 10pm?

Sleep! No lie. I’m an 80 year old grandmother trapped in a 26 year old’s body. For that matter, my grandmother can roll harder than me. WTF is up with that?

Top three favorite movies from your childhood.

Pippi Langstrumpf in German (ie: Pippi Longstocking), Lean on Me and Dirty Dancing

Name something random that I could find if I was snooping through your purse/wallet?

CDs and a business card for a “special delivery service” in NYC. And by “special delivery” I mean “weed hook up.” It’s 4 years old. I’ve never used it and don’t smoke anymore. At least not frequently. *ahem*

Link to a funny you tube video you like.

Dumb girl fallin’ off a treadmill

Wanna share a secret with me, I promise I won’t tell… <--- that’s a lie, but tell me something anyways.

Hmm… a secret? Do I even have those?

If you could trade places with one blogger for one day who would it be and why?

I pick Nicole Antoinette because she’s on the other side of the country and I like to travel. Oh, and the cookies. Definitely, definitely the cookies.

Who’s your blog crush?

MentalThreesixty (aka the boyfriend)

Parting words of wisdom?

Opinions are like assholes… everybody’s got one.


  1. I was so gonna call you out about the question about 10pm but you already called yourself out! ha!

  2. Hahaha this sleepy Deutlich persona is ruining my fantasies.

  3. I LOVED pipi longstocking too. I even loved how when she would speak it did not match up with her mouth.

  4. alexa- hope you're feeling better! and im totally with you on neededing to find a new word for "blog friend." i got a text last night from one of my good bloggy buds and my girlfriend asked who it was and i felt like such a dork saying "someone from my blog"- ugh. well, whatever, it is the truth.

    deutlich! i LOVED loved pippi. i still do. and dirty dancing.

  5. best featured blogger ever!

    i might have said the same thing about maxie...but you get the point.

    i lurve me some deutlich.

  6. Does Natalie Portman have a blog? If so, she'd most definitely be my blog crush!

    I kid I kid... My blog crush is Deutlich!

  7. I think we should all just start telling others we're in narcotics anonymous together. I'm pretty sure it'll shut up the giggles fast.

  8. what "oh, someone i met from the internet" isn't totally normal?

    I would LOVe a code word. I anxiously await your decision.

    And I loooooove this featured blogger thing, if I don't always click through to tell you. I really wish Blogger had comments on the same page as the post because I've got pop up blockers and it's a huge ordeal!

    Okay, unexpected rant over.

  9. And for all intents and purposes, I guess my invite was considered a "conflict of interest."

    Catch ya on the flip side.

  10. Maxie cracks me up.

    Ben, I'm SORRY! I'm an OLD FART! It can't be helped.

    DMB - That's the BFF and I luvs her. A lots.

    Mental360 - I think I'm going to kick you later. Right in the shin. :p

    Alexa - You are totally fantastical. And thank you! I am HONORED.

  11. A special delivery service!?!? When does that start extending to all parts of the country? How convenient!

    Ahh the things I learn from Featured Blogger Friday.

    Thank you, Alexa. And Deutlich, of course.

  12. saweeeet.
    special delivery? they deliver?

  13. Oooooh! Who's next on the chopping block??

  14. Deutlich - Lean on Me? I haven't seen that movie in forever, but I definitely remember loving it.

    SO: You're so kind!

  15. I guess one way to avoid calling the friends we meet through blogs, "blogger friends" is to simply refer to them as a "friend" -- we met a close friend through a blog a couple years ago and just the other day we actually forget that is how we met him initially!


  16. I once invited a friend I made online to my daughter's 1st birthday and people asked how I knew her. "From the internet" I said and got major weird looks. I so need to find a more witty response.

  17. "If you could become famous from blogging like dooce would you want to?

    F@ck no. "

    That sums up perfectly what I like most about Deutlich.

  18. Um, can we please create some other term than "blogger friend?" I say it all too often and it just sounds...dorky. (No offense. I heart all of my bloggy friends!)


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