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Friday, September 26, 2008

so i've hung out with my friend narm a handful of times over the course of our blog turned real life friendship and during not one but two of those encounters he was wearing the "cleveland's a plum" t-shirt i gave him.

since that isn't weird at all, he shall now be dubbed my #1 fan.

although it was a little awkward when he asked me to autograph the shirt and spray some of my perfume on it.

but seriously, i love this kid because he's good people and i would hang out at the harbor inn with him any day of the week - as long as he stops his chronic yawning and frenches anyone i tell him to.

so without further ado, live from cleveland, your friend and mine! heeeeeeeeeeeere's nommy.

Who are you and what is your blog?

I am Narm. Hear me roar. My blog is White-Collar Redneck. Free boobies to everyone who goes there.

Where are you typing from?

The Land of Cleves, clEVILand, The Mistake by the Lake – the hometown of Alexa – everyone’s favorite blogger.

How long have you been blogging and what platform do you use?

My blog and I have been dating since last September – so a year now. I use blogger because I am too lazy (read as: stupid) to buy my domain name.

Sum up your piece of the internet in one sentence.

How about two words? Sexy mess. And Free Boobies.

Are you an anonymous blogger or do you scream who you are from the rooftop?

I scream my name from the rooftop. Luckily I live in Cleveland so like four people hear me.

Do your readers know what you look like?

Yes – and thanks, Ladies, for all of the fan mail. Guys – your letters are kind of creepy but I’m still flattered.

If you could become famous from blogging like dooce would you want to?

I’m not already? Damnit. Did I mention Free Boobies?

So you just drank a bottle of wine alone and you’re sitting at your computer, who are the three bloggers that you email or google talk with?

Probably with Alexa (do I say “you” or “Alexa”? I’m confused if I am talking to you or to your readers…what’s that? Don’t look at the camera? This is so hard.), Taawd and Allison M.

How many blogs are in your google reader?

61. I’m weak. That is about 56 more than I have time to read daily.

If you had $1000 to spend and could only buy one item, what would you buy?

A video camera to film Kindergarten Cop 2.

What’s your favorite thing to do after 10pm?

Embarrass everyone around me.

Top three favorite movies from your childhood.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Ghost Busters

The Blues Brothers

Name something random that I could find if I was snooping through your purse/wallet?

$2 bill. I would take it out – but then it wouldn't be the random thing you would find if you were snooping through my wallet – so I don’t see the point.

Link to a funny you tube video you like.

Click Me!!

Wanna share a secret with me, I promise I won’t tell… <--- that’s a lie, but tell me something anyways.

I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Pretty Woman, Grease OR When Harry Met Sally.

If you could trade places with one blogger for one day who would it be and why?

Obviously Alexa because I want to know what it feels like to be a Cleveland celebrity.

Who’s your blog crush?

Hopefully my blog doesn’t crush anyone. That would be messy.

Parting words of wisdom?

Bears are scarier than sharks.

[side note :: narm and i are putting together a cleveland blogger's meet-up and if anyone is interested in attending send an email to clevelandsaplum @ gmail . com]


  1. "sexy mess"- i like that. that's a turn on.

  2. That Narm, he is so funny and attractive and fit. I wish everyone were more like Narm.

  3. Narm,

    I wish you had a beard.

    Your real life friend,
    Allison M

  4. I wonder whether Narm is more (or less?) funny in real life. . .



  5. Um this was hilarious, but...

    I'm not sure I can be your friend if you haven't seen grease. That's kind of ridiculous.

  6. I want to come to the meet-up to hang with my favorite Alexa and to meet the famous Narm. Too bad I can't even make Chicago meet-ups these days. Boo.

  7. Does Narm have a girlfriend?

  8. Never seen Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman? Ok Narm don't you know that all girls put out when a guy suggest watching those movies. It is the secret to getting laid.

    Girls beware if she asks if you want to watch one of those.

  9. thanksgiving meet-up! :)
    maybe if i just keep saying it...it will happen?

  10. narma chameleon. He comes and goes.

  11. Narm, I think you should see Footloose. For no other reason than to improve your skills in the game nobody plays anymore: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

  12. With all of the boob mentions and rampant sexiness, I'd love to see what twisted searches lead people to this post.

  13. I really enjoyed that interview. However I really hate it when people say land of cleve or cleves. just a personal preference. i love however saying C-town and I am sure other people are not that fond that.


  14. Now I get the whole "scary bear" obsession LOL. Great interview Narm.

  15. Free boobies? AND Narm's three favorite movies are the same as MY three favorite movies. I have a new favorite blogger. (Sorry Alexa - you're a close second though.)

  16. Haha, great interview! And funny video. One thing: I don't quite understand how the free boobies thing works. Can you explain it to me?

  17. **Spoiler alert**

    The only thing you need to know from Dirty Dancing is "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"

    Dammit! Nobody!

  18. you havnt seen when harry met sally? I think that's as un american as not liking apple pie

  19. Two dollar bills are my favorite because of T Jefferson. Yeah, i'm weird.


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