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Thursday, September 18, 2008

[in regard to tuesday's post - salami rose succeed in eating 99 dum dum's in one work day!!!! to see the video recap and to watch her eat all 99 CLICK HERE!!!]

what is it about a new person being introduced into a group of friends or coworkers that makes them open for the pounce?

and why does this pounce gets more pronounced and blatant if this person is single.

are people REALLY that desperate for a relationship? or is it just about sex?

for example, i know i have mentioned to you all that i have a new roommate. she has been my friend for awhile but she hadn't met a lot of my downtown guy friends.

literally the second they all met her they took me aside and in some shape or form were all like, "she's cute, hook me up!", "put in a good word for me" and "bring on the hottie".

now, i'm all up for playing match maker. i mean isn't it three marriage matches gets you into jewish heaven? greek heaven, jewish heaven, same thing.

anyways... i guess i just never really noticed how much people pounce on the newbie. it's unreal!

now my single ladies, say for example a new hire starts at your job - you know you have to immediately check his left hand and/or find out if he is taken. (men, you do the same thing!)

if he's cute and not taken it's like the stars align and there's a full out polite girl fight - people start calling dibs on him. it's even gone as far as seeing my married friends call dibs on men for their single friends! like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

i believe that this is something that has been going on for centuries for men and women alike, but for whatever reason today i had the a-ha moment and realized how blatant we really all are about it. it's like everyone is a meddling greek mother (i say that with love).

and i'm just as guilty of this as the next person.

maybe i'm just mad that no one calls dibs on me. i'm thinking i should work on that.

hey, at least i have my personality right? vomit.


  1. hmmm, this never really seems to happen to me either.

    but i do check the ring fingers of any good looking man that starts working in my office :)

  2. I went from two work extremes, extremely small with 50 people, and no one single under 50. And extremely large, with 2,000 people in the building, and no real reason to talk to any other department where said men may be employed.

    but as for friends, thats the best way to meet someone!

  3. My friend called dibs on Mike when we was new to UD.

    But I got him.


    Um, yeah. I've got nothing to add besides that. :)

  4. they're just not telling you that THEIR friends have all called dibs on you.

    Or at least, that's what I believe!

    It's so true. At my company everyone (and i'm not exaggerating here) is either in a committed relationship or married. And I found this out by checking the left hand.

  5. We're actually no longer taking any applications for Jew heaven.

    Yes, three marriage matches look good on your post-life resume but you're going to do something REALLY special to be considered.

  6. Yea for Steph...she is a hottie! Only hook her up with the good ones though Lex! She deserves the best! :)

  7. I call dibs after Maxie is done with you!

  8. You are so right. And screw the personality. You just need to move! Then you'll see what it's all about! :-)

  9. Believe me, coming from a small town, it used to be fierce-- dibs wars!!

  10. As a former decorated pouncer myself, I don't think it's about sex. Although sex is pretty cool. I think that, in Cleveland especially, we just don't meet that many cool/hot people, so when we meet one, we pounce. It was the same way in dude-heavy San Jose.

  11. it's taken me a while to get in the habit of checking hands. but it's now TOTAL INSTINCT. not that it really helps, since everyone appears to be either married or 21 around here..

  12. I call Crunch Bar Vanilla Dibs on you. But yeah, the same thing happens with us - I, however, kind of like the matchmaking so I don't mind. :-)

  13. I'm sure all kinds of guys call dibs on you amongst themselves -- it's just that you never end up hearing about it :)


  14. You check for a ring? I just do my tried and true method.

    Baby let's do it.

    Its a win win really.

  15. ha, so everyone in my office is bascially my parents age +, so the dibs thing there doesn't happen too often.

    i'd call dibs on you, damn straight.

  16. So true. Everyone pounces on the new girl or guy at work. It makes for great conversation.

  17. Captain just reminded me how pouncer heavey Scene was! All the writers & classified guys always peered through the weird windows that dived the office trying to check out the new retail girl!

  18. Bring on the hottie? I wonder why that guy is still single!

  19. I still cannot believe your co-worker ate 99 dum dums. That is insane.

  20. Yesterday I saw a hot guy in the cafe at work so I smiled then I saw the ring. Dammit!

  21. You're right! In the office, whenever a new girl is hired, all the guys get excited. It's newbie syndrome. Even if she's awful, they'll still be interested for at least a day.

  22. "are people REALLY that desperate for a relationship? or is it just about sex?"

    A little from column A, a little from column B.

    But yes.

  23. I TOTALLY know what you mean. SO frustrating. And hey - maybe hot men everywhere ARE calling dibs on you, they just haven't got the nerve to ask you out yet :)

  24. i used to work in an office full of gay men, so i was guilty of checking out every new one that walked in the door.

    i think that we are particularly sentsitive to the whole 'attack the new person' situation because we socially aware, connected and involved females. people might not 'call dibbs' on us because 1) they already see us- everywhere 2) they are intimidated by our brains and beauty and 3) we dont really want them to come after us anyway because they are the same guys we see every weekend.

    what do you think?

    fyi- this is genna. i'm trying my hand at blogging- obviously i havent posted for about 30 years so please guide me, your plumness!

    see you soon

  25. It's all about the sex. Most things are. Well, at least to me.

  26. Everyone I know has different tastes, different styles, very different lives, so this dibs thing has never ever come up. That would be fun though. :o)

  27. This used to happen to me and my friends in college. Some of my friends in relationships would call dibs for me on some random guy.

    It was awkward.


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