now that's a hot car

Sunday, September 21, 2008

so what did i do this weekend?

i slept, relaxed, slept, relaxed, ran some errands, slept, did a practice run on j-birdie's wedding day make-up, slept, celebrated my aunt's 60th birthday and slept.

$100 if you can tell me the theme of my weekend.

(i will not be actually paying out $100 - too bad, so sad.)

any who.

there was one major event that was worth writing about for the weekend. my thea eros' 60th birthday (thea is aunt in greek). what made it so unique, other than the fact of it being a milestone birthday, was that my fabulous family from toronto who made my whole
film festival experience a possibility, decided to bestow a very special gift on my aunt.

a car.

a fully restored 1966 Pontiac LaMans convertible to be exact.

this car meant a lot to my thea eros because her husband, my uncle nick had a car just like it back in the day when they were simply dating. personally, i think they got frisky in the back seat ; )

it was a complete surprise for my aunt as a bunch of friends and family last minute headed to my aunt and uncles house to present her with the car.

it was a trip down memory lane for her and everyone in attendance - except for myself being that i wasn't even born until 1980.

my thea eros and uncle nick in her new birthday present

just the girls going out for a spin - they literally cruised by their old boyfriends houses!!!

the moms - cathi, thea eros, carolyn, cynthia and my real mom - i love these ladies.

my uncle nick opening up a gigantic bottle of champagne to help celebrate - opa!

so now it's sunday and i have been relaxing with my mom all day - it pretty damn comforting here on the couch.

do i really have to go back to work tomorrow?!?

"but mom, i don't want to!!!!"


  1. what a romantic gift!

  2. Wow that is a great car and a very sweet gift. Wonder if the back seat is broken in again :)

  3. awww that is so cool. I wonder if 40 years from now someone will buy me a fully restored escort, lol

  4. daaaaaaang what a present!!! the ladies look HOT in that car! :-)

  5. That was smart of you to sleep, sleep, and sleep some more :)

    I feel like I need another weekend to recover from my weekend. . .



  6. That car is awesome! I love the color. (It almost matches my dad's shirt.. hehe.)

  7. that is the cooooooooooolest b'day present EVER

  8. Your family is so freaking fabulous!

    Can I please become an honorary member?

    I just want to hang out with you people.

  9. wow what a great gift! sounds like a fun (relaxing!) weekend. :)

  10. A girl like that makes me excited to turn 60 one day.

  11. Whats with the random Eiffel tower?

  12. That's a FABULOUS birthday gift. Holy crapolina! Funny enough, we'll be celebrating my aunt's 60th this coming weekend. And I fear the 12 months of seeds (pots included) will not nearly measure up to a restored car. I'm keeping this post on the down low!

  13. Yes, hot car.

    But, holy shit, look at that bottle of bubbles!

  14. That's such a great gift! Other than the fact that it's so expensive, I'm sure it made your aunt and uncle feel young again!

  15. It was even more fun..... reading your commentary....we had fun didn't're a good niece...Thea Eros

  16. Oh man, that looks like a whole hell of a lot of fun. Amazing what a convertible can do when you throw it into the mix.


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