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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

dear city of cleveland,

i understand that traffic cameras are a great revenue builder for you - i get it. i have learned my lesson by getting nailed by 6 of your devil's cameras when i first moved to cleveland.

at that time, i didn't know where your cameras were located (lakewood, payne, shaker square, etc). i even got two in one week sent to my mom's house in canton. i gave you your money at $100 per ticket and didn't complain, too much.

over a year ago when i started working at my current company my daily drive down st clair ave seemed pretty easy until i got nabbed twice in one week by something called a MOBILE traffic camera.

i called you inquiring about where the speeding camera was located on st clair - i couldn't find it!. well one of your employees said that the camera is mounted on a camouflaged cop car's dashboard pointing into traffic.

so basically a cop sits on the side of the road in a disguised car and instead of the cop having to take the energy to pull a car over for speeding the cop can sit in his/her car, read a book and let the camera do the job.

no, that's not lazy at all.

and then, when they are feeling spicy they can move the car to another location to catch more drivers off guard when they open their mail and find a ticket.

st clair ave between e 13th and e 30th has officially become the devil's playground!

I HATE MOBILE TRAFFIC CAMERAS!! how is this crap legal?!? i mean seriously?!?

obviously i was angry when i got two of these mobile tickets from you a year ago but i took it as a loss and slowed down. but when i got a phone call from my mom the other day saying that i got another mobile ticket on st clair going 38 in a 25 - i lost it.

i don't believe the speed i was going for one second, i have been CRAWLING down that street everyday because of the MTC's. how do i fight something like this? i've given $800 to you (the city of cleveland) already and i don't want to give you another hundo. i shake my fist at you!

love your frustrated citizen,

p.s. if you ARE going to send me tickets at least you can send them to my right address which i have corrected numerous times with your records. at least then i don't have to get my mom AND my checking account yelling at me.

[no one is allowed to tell me to stop speeding!! i'm playing innocent here, i think these camera are rigged and illegal somehow!!]


  1. I so feel your pain :(

    Although, Jose's dad (a lawyer downtown, always boasting/preaching about his impeccable driving record -- he seriously drives like a grampa!) got two speeding tickets in one week the same way you did -- and, we were lucky enough to be with him when he opened those letters. . .

    Needless to say, it was pretty amusing for us*


  2. I have a led foot.. I would do terribly in Cleveland..

  3. Reason 12,345 living in a small town has its perks.

    I didnt think it was legal to be camoflauged? I thought for instance when a cop is hidden off the road in the darkness he had to have on his parking lights like we do? But, what do I know? I use to work for the po-dunk police dept but i was just a secretary.

    we also didnt have that fancy equipment. And...people pooped in our police cars.

  4. Those are some pretty lazy cops! And I'd be pissed if I got caught speeding like that.

  5. dang, that sucks. i'm surprised they haven't started doing this where i live...they still set up speed traps and such.

  6. take that shit to court and tell them you weren't speeding. I bet they'll cave rather than fight it.

  7. That sucks. I am the same way with parking tickets. I mean who really cares my car is in the way of the street sweeper. Maybe they should try sweeping up the homeless and crack heads instead.

  8. How many shoes could you buy with that money? Or tickets to Chicago to see me and a pair of shoes? I know, I am the devil. Does slow down count as telling you to stop speeding? Love you Lexi Poo!!!

  9. In Dayton, I got ONE ticket from a red light camera thing.

    It was awful, because it was sent to Mike's parents house and they thought I was super irresponsible.

    And my friends? Totally loved watching me run the red light over and over on the video online.


  10. I *hate* when potential "fun money" has to go to shit like this. So annoying. You know, like me and the dentist -- I could fund another European vacation with what he wants to charge me. Ew.

    *knocking on some serious wood here* I drive up Carnegie every morning to work and pass a lot of those cameras. The most irritating thing though is most don't recognize they increased the speed limit to 35mph a few years ago. C'mon people, just because it's a hospital, doesn't mean you have to drive a school zone speed! It's STILL 35mph!

  11. That sucks! And it has to be illegal somehow!

    They are actually trying to get the stop light ones here banned.
    And I have a ridiculous lead foot, so I'm glad we don't have the ones that track speed here. I do try to watch it in town though. **Knocking on wood.

  12. Ohio is so anal about speeding. I've driven from Florida to Cincinnati seeing only one cop and then from Cincinnati to Cleveland saw 7.

    But since Cleveland and Cincinnati don't have crime problems they might as well spend every waking second thinking up ways to fine me.

  13. narm is right - this state is super anal about speeding. Maybe that's why everyone drives so darn slow? What can I say, I'm an impatient Michigan driver who wants to go 80+ on the express way (not 60, thank you).

    And yes, I'm the girl who honks at you when the stop light turns green and you don't move within 1 second. :)

  14. I always speed. I go 85-90 on a 75 mile road, 75 on a 55, 40 on a 25, and 25 on a 10 (in parking lots).
    Never got a ticket, it's the beauty of small towns (And always following someone that is also speeding, so if I see a cop he gets the ticket while I slow down, my hubby taught me that trick)

  15. I have a most insulting camera story: The night before my grandnephew (niece's son) was born, my hubby and I drove to Elyria to be at the hospital when he arrived. He was already 2 weeks late. When he hadn't shown up by 11pm, we left because even though I had the next day off, I'd volunteered to take pictures at an event at work, so I had to get to bed.

    He ended up coming into the world at 2AM and I got a speeding ticket from a camera on Woodland while going into work to do my good deed.
    A pricey good deed, indeed. I missed the chance to see a baby be born and got a speeding ticket to boot. grrrr.

    My fault but still...

  16. Maybe you shouldn't be speeding all day..

    -Worlds Number One Law Abider.

  17. i just got my first speeding ticket over labor day. 73 in a 55 mph zone. WHATEVER.

    ps - need an update on the dum dum competition!!!

  18. I'm a speeder and thankfully haven't gotten one of those yet, but a girl in my office gets them ALL-THE-TIME. She thought they weren't real so she threw them away.

    A couple months ago she was pulled over and arrested for not paying over 12 tickets!!! dumb ass.

    Anyway-glad you're paying them, I wouldn't want you going to jail...but that would be funny.

  19. Sweets and I have conversations about the mounted cameras at intersections meant to stop people from running red lights. There is this strange phenomenon where people either speed up to get through green lights (so they won't get caught in a yellow) or SLAM on their brakes (and hope the person behind them does too) so they won't get caught. I think I heard stats that fender benders are up as a result. Terrible terrible idea. But, the city can't see the problem because they're laughing their asses off behind the mountains of money it brings them each year. Sigh.

  20. oh man a mobile traffic cam is so scary. sheesh cleve, what's the deal?

  21. Annnnnddd this is why I don't drive. Chicago has bulled this bullsh@# too. Of course, instead, I get to wait for the train...and the next train...and the next train...and the next until I can jam myself into one of their sardine-can-like tubes for a $1.75 5-minute hell ride. I'm moving somewhere that I can drive a tractor to my yard.

  22. So, turns out I got busted by the mobile camera as well at Superior and 55th. I heard that these lazy people actually fall asleep while their little cameras do all of the work. Mine was $200 because it was a very poorly marked school zone. My ticket was also mailed to my mom's house. Cleveland Money Maker.

  23. That is pretty sketchy... I love how it takes away any chance for the person to dispute the charges or discuss the context in which they got the ticket! Shady...

  24. Ok, wait a sec. That should be considered Entrapment, which is illegal, and unconstitutional.

    I guess Cleveland is taking notes from Chicago's playbook.

  25. i'm convinced my cars speedometer is off by 7mph, and i'm sticking to that story.

    i'd have my license revoked in a week if i was in cleveland. it can't be fair, they aren't even giving you the chance to be cute / cry your way out of it.


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