TIFF 08 - part one

Monday, September 8, 2008

excuse me while i take out my flip notes and attempt to recap my whirlwind of a weekend. the toronto international film festival was to die for.

it didn't hurt that because of my fabulous family (thank you SO much), i got to do the film festival in some serious style.

my mom is actually still there - i wish i was too. oh well.

so the way the festival usually works is that at the first screening of a film the director, producers, and actors are in attendance. they do all sorts of press and what not and view the film with an audience. those screenings are called galas. i got to go to four of those (lucky me)!

friday night my mom, marcia and i got to see the world premier of
me and orson welles starring claire danes and zac effron, and christian mckay who were all in attendance with the director richard linklater. watching zac walk the red carpet was hilarious - there were girls screaming everywhere. zac's fans would end up being a nice little pre-game for the crazy brad pitt fans.

oh and the movie?!? it was cute, fun, light and breezy. claire danes is always spot on and zac was surprisingly good although that perplexing smolder lip pursing look he has going on was still in full effect.

on a scale of 1 to 5 plums i'm going to give this bad boy 3 1/2 plums.

after the
me and orson welles premiere we booked it across town, picking up cousin melanie on the way. it was time for the north american premiere of burn after reading.

now i'm more of a george clooney fan than a brad pitt fan so i was a bit upset that george couldn't make it (my guess is rehab). but brad is still brad right ladies?

i haven't heard such piercing screams since i was at a new kids on the block concert, seriously. people were going crazy but i guess i should have expected it. i was trying to play it cool, like oh, is brad pitt over there? haha

now im an asshole and didn't charge my camera battery (DOH!) but i did have my blackberry which actually ended up taking decent pics for a phone. i only got one real crowd shot of the pitt and unless you have a good eye you won't be able to see him in the swarm of people.

it's like where's waldo with brad pitt - hint: he's in the middle

so because we were rolling VIP we were sitting within rows of the A-list actors and directors.
joel and ethan coen directed
burn after reading in pure coen style (a good thing). the ridiculously A-list cast that were all in attendance included brad pitt, john malkovich, frances mcdormand, tilda swinton and richard jenkins. while the group were doing their press interviews i obviously took pics of the seating assignments in the roped off mezzanine - yeah i'm a total NERD.

brad pitt's butt was sitting here in between frances and tilda

um, yeah seriously starstruck. and it didn't hurt that the movie was hilariously dark - two of my favorite combinations. brad pitt was the best part of the movie hands down, even if you aren't a coen brothers fan go see this movie for brad alone.
i give this movie 4 plums!

my question is this though... does one laugh louder at a screening knowing that the creators and stars of a film were a mere 5 rows in front of you? do you want to show your appreciation more? i think i may have. and for those of you that know me, you know how loud my laugh really is....

by the time we had attended two night galas and drooled a bit we headed home, we did have to do it all over again on saturday.

saturday my mom and i attended the world premiere of the documentary more than a game. i got a lot of slack from my toronto family for wanting to see a documentary that just happened to feature my boy lebron james. but seriously, how could i NOT see this premiere?!?! you all know my love for him and basketball!

growing up in canton,ohio and living in cleveland following the fab five national champion st vincent/st mary high school basketball team was obvious. this team was amazing and very much deserving of a documentary.

when the director of the whole film festival announced the film saying that more than a game was his favorite film of the festival my mom and i were like, huh, maybe this is going to be better than we thought. it WAS.

we were both balling out eyes out by the end because although basketball was at the core of this film, i'll be cliche and say that it was about a lot more than a game of bball. it was about a group of friends who grew up and played basketball together from 5th grade, it was about a coach who cared, and family - that was at the heart of it
all. it just so happened that one of these players became the chosen one, pretty convenient eh? so i seriously can't gush enough about this film - GO SEE IT if you get a chance.

for the viewing the whole team and coach dru (minus cotton) got together for the screening. my boy lebron said on stage that he has only cried two times in his life from basketball. this screening being one of them - the big man cried on stage!!! i heart him. i heart romeo too, day-um he looked good. mmm mmm mmm.

obviously i had to snap some pics, they're still on my blackberry so they aren't the best quality. oh well.

lebron is the tall one...

i give this movie 4 1/2 plums! it was so good i even ganked two more than a game movies posters that were on the street as we were leaving the theater. now how can i get it autographed for my dream sports and movie themed furnished basement? picture a man cave but a lot more girly.

so yeah, i'm going to break this weekend recap post up into two. i still have another gala, another movie and a crazy night out on the town to discuss.

....to be continued.


  1. i'm with phillip morris. lebron is a d-bag.


  2. First off, I had NO idea you were going to a film festival! It sounds incredible, and I can imagine seeing the movies with the cast and crew would make you want to be even more appreciative. I might have drawn the line at clapping during the credits, though. Haha.

  3. cubby - when i was driving home and heard what lebron was doing at the game i was like seriously dude?!?! as much as i like him, i know that his time in the cleve is limited. he's SO rude about it all he other sports alliances. ugh.

  4. Boo on Lebron! He makes me so sad/mad. Dbag fo sho.

  5. So, did you or did you not stalk B. Pitt?

    nice job. Did Lebron smack your butt again?

  6. yummmmmmy. brad pitt is delish.

    (i'm more of a george girl too, but i'm not picky)

  7. We're sooo looking fwd to seeing Burn After Reading and are big Richard Linklater fans, so we'll definitely be checking MAOW out when it comes to Cleveland*


    ps - I'm with you on being more of a Clooney girl ;)

  8. I read that George was in Italy over the weekend. I can't remember what for though.

    I cannot wait to see Burn After Reading so I'm glad you gave it a good review!

  9. I am completely and utterly jealous! I also am more of a George Clooney fan!

    I am hoping that my little cousin will do a movie with him and then I can come and visit on set! haha!

    She is in the movie 'Brother's' coming out with Natalie Portman, Tobey MacGuire, and Jake Gyllenhal and Natalie wrote a part for her in 'New York, I Love You'.

    Still jealous. . .

  10. wow! that's awesome that you scored this trip! i have so many questions for you! im also more of a george girl (don't say rehab!)... but i would have also taken the pic of brad's seat and freaked out a bit also.
    im jealous!

  11. Your trip sounds absolutely dreamy. The frenzy. The energy. Well, I guess you just have to be there to get it. Lucky you!

    PS - So glad you liked Burn After Reading ... that might be the next movie I actually go out to see in a theater (instead of waiting for Netflix)!

  12. I totally want to see Burn After Reading. How awesome that you got to go to that festival! I spotted Brad Pitt right away - he's where all the cameras are pointing.

  13. Very, VERY cool. I want a VIP family!

  14. How were you VIP for the festival? Color me jealous! That sounds like a fabulous time! I REALLY want to see "Burn After Reading" so i'm glad to see that it was good (also, i'm with you..i'm more of a Clooney fan.) And same with the Orson Welles film. Ack! Can't wit to hear more about this!

  15. I noticed that on Sunday about Lebron-being on the Cowboys sideline. Pissed me off too.

  16. Lucky, lucky you! I really can't wait to see Burn After Reading :)

  17. I'd been eagerly awaiting a recap of the weekend. Sounds pretty sweet...looking forward to Part II.

  18. I see him!! In your picture!! Brad Pitt!! He's so hot.


  19. So you go to a different country just to see LeBron again?

    Thats like me going to Mexico to see my girlfriend.

    Ok I don't have a girlfriend.

  20. I would have knocked people over to get to Brad Pitt.

  21. The closest I've ever gotten to Brad Pitt was getting caught trying to steal his fraternity composite picture our of the Sigma Chi house my freshman her.

    Color me green!

  22. I'm dying to see Burn After Reading.

    And on your recommendation I will have to go see More Than a Game.

  23. I am unbelievably jealous of you. Thanks for the mini-reviews.

  24. If Brads first name was arm, his name would be Arm Pitt.

    sorry, I know...but thats all I got right now!

  25. sooooooo jealous! i wanna go. can you imagine everywhere you went there was piercing loud screams following you. Oh to be brad pitt! actually that might suck. his poor ears!

  26. okay first of all i am so incredibly jealous. this sounds amazing and you definitely got to see some great movies i can't wait to see. and i didn't even know about the 'more than a game' movie but i definitely want to see it. and burn after reading looks hilarious, glad you liked it!


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