TIFF 08 - part two

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

you can read the first recap of the toronto international film festival here to catch up if you need to : )

saturday night of the film festival i got to see my girl crush anne hathaway in the world premiere of rachel getting married directed by the amazing jonathan demme. honestly, i think i was more excited to see her than any of the other celebrities.

i have this weird fascination with her in thinking that if we ever met we would become best friends - it also doesn't hurt that she is ridiculously classy and beautiful. so i stalked watched anne and what looked to be her father walk the red carpet. i then ran upstairs to the mezzanine where we were sitting again (right by the cast) to get an over view shot.

i'm liking the shoes anne!

rachel getting married was very much on the dramatic side. you could tell that anne wanted to take on a more dramatic role - well she nailed it. it's a family drama about substance addiction and loss but it is still filled with lots of love. while there may be all sorts of drama going on the premise of the movie is still built around a wedding and how that wedding brings the family together. the entire cast was brilliant. there is oscar buzz for this film and i can see why.

i give this film 4 plums! (out of 5)

after the heavy film we all needed a glass or twenty of wine - next stop opus restaurant on prince arthur my uncle aris' favorite spot.

now i'm going to tell you a little about my uncle aris. he's a baller, think tony soprano but greek and not in the mob : ) . upon walking into the restaurant we got the best table in the house, immediately had bottles of champagne sent to our table. to the front of me the legendary alan alda was dining, behind me musician robin thicke was noshing. a little further down we had a whole slew of up and coming young actors from movies like
we are marshall and soaps like passions. it was pretty damn cool especially alan alda every time i heard him talk i giggled. yeah, i'm cool.

so opus is know for its wine. hell, it's wine list is as thick as an instyle magazine. so because my uncle aris is as cool as he is and by being such good friends with the owners i got my own personal tour of the wine cellar.

oh, and did i mention that opus just received the
2008 wine spectator grand award?!?

pretty impressive.. there was about 4 walls just like these.

guess this is what millions of dollars of wine looks like.

obviously i had to play with the cristal cause i'm immature like that. i was in heaven, i wanted to taste everything. oh and speaking of tasting - the food rocked. we had fois gras, black pig, filet mignon tartar, scallops and duck. screw being vegan - haha. oh and don't forget the dessert.

did i mention it was my uncle aris' birthday?! yay!

marcia and my mom - and to think she wonders where i get it from!

after dinner was complete my mom, marcia, melanie and i drank about oh 83 shots of patron while aris smoked cigars. gotta love when your mom is egging you on. by now it was after midnight and we took the car to muzik.

muzik is HUGE - it's like a palace! i've never seen such a big club. there are so many rooms and bars and people. you think you have reached the end of the club and then they pull back some curtains and there is a whole other room!

thankfully again to my uncle aris we get escorted in through the back door to our vip table. where there's a massive bottle of vodka waiting for us -
good god. i was already liking this place.

stepho, marcia and melanie were really into the goose on saturday.

there was food (like we needed any) drinks (like we needed anymore) and dancing - lots of dancing. even though i may have been dancing by myself.

so at the time i thought it was a good idea to take a video of my stumbly walk from one corner of the bar to our table. i mean don't you want to see how nuts this place was? oh and boys, there may or may not be scantily clad go go dancers at the end.

friends and family - i love toronto!

we had a blast saturday night, so much so that we all passed out on the drive home.

sunday morning i woke up, still drunk, and we headed to my final movie before the drive home. we took in ghost town the new greg kinnear, ricky gervais and tea leoni film. obviously it was a very commercially sound flick, it'll be popular with a wide audience i liked it. did it change my life? no. but if it is on tbs on a saturday afternoon would i watch it? yes.

i give it 3 plums!

so i can't thank aris, marcia and melanie enough for such a fun and amazing weekend - love you all.


  1. my goodness lady! the more i read, the more jealous i am of you! sounds like such an amazing weekend with heaps of wonderful memories!

  2. dangit! i wanna meet Robin Thicke!

  3. ummmmm can i come next year? pretty please?

  4. love Anne Hathaway. You are such a lucky girl to have been able to go. Man I'm jealous.

  5. Now that I think about it I could totally picture you being in the Mafia. Just saying.

  6. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous trip. And I love hearing your laugh on that video. It's infectious!

  7. That meal sounded quite divine. Kelly and I went to an Opus wine dinner at the Union Club a couple of years ago it was great. Thank you for allowing all us to live vicariously thru you and letting us knowing all the fun we missed out on.

    As far as ghost town, I am surprised they showed that flick at the festival. from the previews that awful looking film should have gone straight to dvd.


  8. Some people write recaps, & they're fun only for the people involved.

    You write recaps & it makes me jealous I'm not you. Plus, they're usually hilarious & entertaining.

    You're such a rock star.

    [You know how sometimes you say a word over & over until it sounds weird all of a sudden? "Recap" is now weird to me. Hmm.]

  9. That wine cellar looks like heaven :)

    And so does that lovely array of desserts*


  10. I want an Uncle Aris!

    And I want to watch that video as soon as I get home tonight. TTFN!

  11. Wow, you're like a celebrity! Great weekend!

  12. looks like oyu have tons of fun...i don't think i've been anywhere that had bottle service :)

  13. you are living the good life, woman!! that is an AWESOME recap of an AWESOME weekend. and i agree... i also need an uncle aris :-)

  14. Good lord... all that wine.... I'd never leave that place.

  15. All that wine is making me drool...Damnit, it's not even noon yet. I'm in trouble.

    Anne- she's my girl crush too! I love her and I don't know why! She just seems to grounded!

  16. ohhhhhhh that looks like so much fun!!! I'd LOVE to see those flicks before everyone else. I love to make people jealous!!! And seeing famous folk? I'd die. Die.

  17. All right, you're making me want to see all of these movies. And that wine selection? Amazing. Absolutely amazing!

  18. Did I already say I was jealous of you! And I'm jealous that you can hang with your mom at a nightclub. There would be no way my mom would be havin' that! Did you ever see Anne Hathaway in a movie called Havoc. She was so good in that!

  19. okay i am just so jealous of your weekend, it sounds amazing. i love it.

  20. Coolest family ever,

    Wanna trade?

  21. Ooh, I really want to see Rachel Getting Married. And it looks like you had an amazing time!

  22. Oh I really want to see that movie - glad it passed the plum test. I'm literally dying of jealousy here.

  23. Ah! I'm so jealous, that all sounds like so much fun :)
    And I'm totally with you on Anne Hathaway- so classy and beautiful it's ridiculous.


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