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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

almost every town can boast someone famous calling it their hometown.

whether it be an athlete, actor, musician or even a reality tv star more often than not some dude or dudette making a lot more money than you or i can say that they share your hometown.

for example, my hometown - canton, ohio - has quite a few famous native sons and daughters considering it's smaller size. i,e:

macy grey, singer
president william mckinley (right maxie?)
thurman munson, baseball player
the o'jays, soul singing group
alexa, famous cleveland blogger
dan dierdorf, football player and announcer
jack parr, former tonight show host
jeff timmons, 98 degrees singer
mother angelica, holy lady on tv

there is actually quite a few more, but one celebrity in particular has brought interesting attention to my hometown.

brian warner.

never heard of him? let's try his stage name,

marilyn manson

"we're all stars now, in the dope show"

so besides his love for young starlets and white make-up this hard rock musician had a seemingly "normal" upbringing in canton.

he also just so happened to grow up around the corner from my aunt and uncle. when "marilyn" was just starting out in high school (prior to getting kicked out) he found it really cool to pick on my cousin (who was a good 5 years younger than him), everyday after school.

how would you like it if your claim to fame was that marilyn manson beat you up as a kid?

i can only imagine the therapy my cousin has gone through. haha

anyone cool hail from your hometown?


  1. Torrance, CA:
    Denzel Whitaker
    Michelle Kwan (remember her?)
    Quentin Tarantino
    AND GET THIS -- Chuck Norris.
    Fun post.

  2. The only cool man from Terre Haute, Indiana was Larry Bird. And he wasn't even born there, he just played basketball and we claimed him!

  3. We rock the Ellen Page parade all the time up here. Oh - and Sidney Crosby.

  4. Being that I'm from an amazingly small town, all we have is a guy who made it out to hollywood to compose music for movies. But there are plenty of star athletes that came out of MSU - so I'm claiming them!

  5. The wonderful Elyria, OH
    1. Vic Janowicz-famous athlete
    2. Chad Szeliga-Breaking Benjamin Drummer
    3. Matt Wilhelm- OSU/San Diego Chargers football player
    4. Les Miles-LSU Coach

    Funny, alot of athletes/coaches, but all of our schools' teams suck.

  6. You can play 6 Degrees of Separation from Marilyn Manson now!

  7. The guy who played Skippy on Family Ties. That's all we've got. :)

  8. There is no one famous from my home town.

    Other than me of course.

  9. thats where thurman munson stadium comes from?
    Playmate of the year a while ago, Heather Kozar went to my school....she was in my vocational class too, until some guy broke her heart and she went back to our home he feels like a douche now. i also remember in homeroom 5th grade a boy showed her his penis right in front of the class...and she couldnt take family living.

    Yea, me and my friends bought her playboys and watched her movie. You just gotta see.

  10. Directly from my town:
    Lou Groza -- Cleveland Browns
    William Dean Howells -- author
    James Wright -- poet

    From the Ohio Valley:
    Brad Paisley
    John Corbett
    Lou Holtz
    Bill Mazeroski
    Clark Gable
    Dean Martin

  11. I knew there was a reason I never liked him!

  12. Ann Heche (an "acress" and Ellen DeGeneres' ex girlfriend) is from Aurora, OH :)



  13. from my actual birth town:

    Elizabeth Berkley, of Showgirls fame
    Pam Dawber, Mindy of Mork and Mindy
    Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft

    From the Detroit area:
    Selma Blair
    Jerry Bruckheimer
    Ellen Burstyn
    Francis Ford Coppola
    Kristen Bell
    David Alan Grier
    James Earl Jones
    Casey Kasem
    James Lipton
    Charlton Heston
    Tom Selleck
    George and Geoff Stults (the twins from Seventh Heaven)
    Blair Underwood

  14. I have to say I'm most excited about Kristen Bell. I drive by her old High School and I imagine we would totally be BFF if she knew me!

  15. I still like to hold on to the rumor that he was actually the kid from Mr. Belvedere.

  16. I can't think of a single famous person from my hometown. Honestly, I just get excited when I find someone famous from my state!

  17. Oh YES!

    I went to high school with a guy who committed suicide last week by driving his car into the high school.

    So don't go feeling all special about your town. We've got some winners over here too.

  18. Debra Messing grew up 10 minutes from my house though...

  19. i was born in princeton, nj, and my parents live there now. there are a LOT of cool folks from there:

    -aaron burr (from the duel!)
    -albert einstein
    -ethan hawke
    -bebe neuwirth
    -christopher reeve
    -all members of the band blues traveler
    -chris barron, lead singer of the spin doctors

    and waaaay more. especially if you count people who went to princeton or lived there as professors.

  20. ew, he's such a creepy mccreeperson.

    from around here:
    steve carrell
    dane cook
    ben afleck!
    whitey bulger (ha)
    matt damon
    john krasinski!!!!
    freakin NKOTB
    slyvia plath
    annoying meredith from grey's anatomy

    ....i'll stop. there's heaps!

  21. Oh man, getting beat up by MM is the worst. I bet your cousin wants a crack at him now.

  22. oh my there is no one from my actual zip code, but DC has quite a few folks like citizen cope and mya....

  23. My hometown of Yorba Linda:

    Richard Nixon
    Audrina from The Hills
    John Force

    From my current residence of Long Beach:

    Bo Derek
    Nate Dogg
    Snoop Dogg
    Warren G
    Bradley Nowell (Sublime)
    Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
    Cameron Diaz

  24. Your poor, poor cousin. How's he doing? ;) I'm sure it might be fun to laugh about now, but that must have sucked.

    I know there are quite a few famous people from my hometown. The only one I can think off the top of my head right now is JT. .. I'll get back to you on the others.

  25. I supposed my hometown (outside of Buenos Aires) would be Woodland Hills, CA.

    There ARE no cool people there since I left.

    Except Bad Religion.

  26. When I was reading your list, the first thing I thought was: WHAT ABOUT MARILYN MANSON!?

    I'm from nowhere, really. Green's biggest claim to fame is Dick Goddard - the weather guy. There's a Goddard Preschool in Green now.


  27. Thats a lie, we all know Paul Pfeiffer from the Wonder years is Marilyn Manson.

    Winnie was hot.

  28. Well, i'm in Orlando, so EVERY BOY BAND MEMBER EVER. And carrot top. He used to come into my mall. I'd run. Oh, also Rob Thomas went to my high school. Pretty neat, right?

  29. i'm actually from a small town in illinois that has to share its high school with the town next to it - so i'm going to count lake forest as my home. and vince vaughn grew up in my town and actually brought jennifer aniston home once to meet his parents so there are pictures of him and her in the tabloids hanging out in downtown LF.

  30. Doug Flutie - Natick, Ma

  31. Meredith Brooks, singer (Bitch)
    Beverly Cleary, children's author
    Tonya Harding (ha!)
    Courtney Love
    Chuck Palahniuk, writer, author of Fight Club

    There are a lot of artsy-fartsy type people from Portland, OR.

  32. marilyn manson creeps me out.

    as for the la area, obviously there are tons. but to get specific, my mom went to high school with eddie van halen. that's pretty cool.

  33. Don't forget the recently famous 19 year old GREEK Kosta Koufos who was just drafted into the NBA to play for the Utah Jazz...

    (He had only finished his freshman year at Ohio State, and was also offered big bucks to play in Greece)

    Go Canton~

  34. Wexford, PA: Christina Aguilera. My brother interviewed her for the school paper in middle school (just after her Mousketeer days). She also babysat for my best friend growing up.

    And yes, she does smell like hot dogs. Just saying.

  35. Ooooh, I love this post ... because it made me go look-up my hometown on Wikipedia. And beside our public school system being ranked 70th highest in the nation by US News & World Report, we currently have and historically have had a number of famous residents.

    Sports: Danny Ainge, Ray Allen, Dennis Eckersley, Carl Everett
    Actors: Jane Curtain
    Writers: Sylvia Plath
    Musicians: Billy Squire, Steven Tyler

  36. Alexa, I have to steal dan dierdorf from you. He lives and owns a restaurant here in the Lou...that makes it official.

  37. i too am a proud Clevelander - I often point out Cleveland's assets on my blog. My daughter just moved back to the plum from the big Apple and couldn't be happier.

  38. After i clicked "send' I realized my comment had nothing to do with your post - i was just looking around at your blog - so I'll say - Paul Newman and my grandpa knew Bob Hope.

  39. Rockford, Illinois is soooo famous for the awesome 80's rock band..wait for it...Cheap Trick (I want YOU to want ME!). What, you don't remember them? Well Rockford does. To this day, they're the special guest at any local event. So random.

  40. The guy who played Biff in Back to the Future went to my high school. Tina Fey and Jim Croce are from the next town over from me. That's the best I can do ('cept for a couple now-retired NFL players)

  41. Well, considering I'm from Memphis, there are tons of people from my city, not the least of which would be Elvis (though he wasn't born there.) My favorite native was probably Isaac Hayes.

    I'm in Knoxville, Tenn., now and we claim Brad Renfro, Cormac McCarthy, James Agee and Johnny Knoxville. Big time, I know.


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