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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

after last night's insanity of the browns beating the giants in their first monday night football appearance since 2003, i'm a little well, tired. but it's a good tired.

the energy of cleveland last night was infectious even the bums
were happy to take a pic with lippe and bird. who didn't want beer?

after hitting
maproom, liquid/fusion and late night pizza at 6th st pizzeria one would have thought i would have been a little groggy today. but the hangover gods graced me with a pass today and i felt just fine.

i love it when that happens!

and now in the worst blog topic transition ever committed in the history of all blogs i'm going to explain to you all why it is oh so convenient having a good friend who is a doctor, fifth year cleveland clinic medical student living next door.

top 5 reasons why having a doctor for a neighbor is awesome

1. he knows the universal sign for choking. which is helpful when i lose the how many blue cheese stuffed olives can you stuff in your mouth bet.

2. when i am really having a hard time recovering from a night out he'll come over and give me a saline iv drip, granting me instant hydration. gatorade is for losers.

3. doesn't freak out when i say, "feel this lump"

4. supplies all the latex gloves a girl needs. who doesn't love blowing up a rubber glove and wearing it as a hat?

5. makes house calls (see below)

numbing the wound - needle!!!!

georgia peach is obviously more interested in US magazine than the sweet surgery

so this house call was made possible by my roommate steph (the klutz) dancing with the concrete sidewalk saturday night. 6 stitches later the prognosis is good - she's gonna make it.

i was actually going to show the final stitched up wound but the pic was a bit bloody. i figure i'll spare the stomach queasiness of some of my readers. you're welcome.

p.s. i totally made up #2. but wouldn't that be friggin' sweet?!?


  1. Hahaha, I read number two and thought "Damn, I need to find a doctor friend!"

  2. If #2 was real I would drink 3 times as much as I already do.

  3. The Minister Of CultureOctober 15, 2008 at 2:33 AM

    I think #2 is real.But I think our diarist is backpedaling,because what DR. Feelgood did,may not in fact,be hailed by the A.M.A.(by the way I am back!i have taken the laptop back from the youts,im back in the game)

  4. I'm not really sure how I feel about your neighbor giving your friend stitches in the living room! Yikes....

  5. not impressed. I give my friends stitches all the time... except I usually use a normal needle around the house and maybe some grain alcohol to clean the wound.

    it's okay-- I play dark cut on the internet all the time. I'm trained.

  6. I lived above an RN for three years, and he wouldn't so much as hand me a kleenex. Not only do you have a useful doctor neighbor, you seem to have a *cute* useful doctor neighbor.

  7. hmmm i have a medic for a bf, and he gives b12 shots that help with hangovers if you get one before bed your good to go! they come in pretty handy when you injure yourself too.

    gotta love the bums in cleveland. geez. lol

  8. dude! I seriously thought #2 was truthness.

  9. I always think it's in one's best interest to keep the following types of people close:

    1. Doctor (you got this one down)
    2. Lawyer
    3. Accountant



  10. My roommate is a doctor and I have to admit it has some pretty sweet perks. My favorite? Yelling, "QUICK! IS ANYONE HERE A DOCTOR!" when in social situations.

  11. I cant believe the Browns won that...

    messed up my whole football pool.

  12. Since I don't want to talk about the Giants losing, I will concur that having a doctor in the house is fantastic.

    When I was on crutches, I was living next door to an RN, and she never once came over to say hello. It made me so angry, because I wasn't able to leave the house on my own accord in the first few weeks.

  13. Haha, wow. I cannot believe your medical school neighbor came over to stitch up your friend. That is AWESOME. And I need one of those ASAP since I randomly hurt myself all the time.

    Don't you love it whenever the hangover gods give you a pass? Those are good days.

  14. Gah! Warn a guy before you start slapping up pictures of medical procedures!

  15. can i tell you that we joked all weekend about having an "aide-on-demand" to give us IVs after we get home from the bars. seriously, to not have to suffer hangovers would be life-changing. maaaaaybe i should just stop drinking copious amounts of vodka, but i think we all know thats not gonna happen...

  16. i was FREAKING OUT with jealousy over #2!! you shouldn't have told us it was fake, you would totally have won life with that :-)

  17. Is he single maybe you should hook up with him?? A soon to be doctor? He could help support the shopping habit :)

  18. Guys should always wear latex.

  19. For a second there I was a bit worried as to your reasoning for needing lots of latex gloves around. But balloons I can get behind.

  20. The doctor neighbor, aka my HUSBAND - (meaning he is very far from single so hands off!) -- loooves giving stitches. All of the dog toys have their heads professionally stitched back on after wrigley rips out their brains! It's very convenient in that matter!

    Except when I cut myself and before looking at it he's hoping it's a big gaping gushing wound just so he can stick me with needles and tons of sutures!


  21. As a Redskins fan, I'd just like to say, "Thank you."

    And see you this Sunday.

  22. I want a doctor neighbor! He'd move as I'm a bit of a hypochondriac.

  23. Well, at least he's getting a lot of practice before actually becoming a doctor. Or something.

    I need to find me a doctor friend. They are most definitely very useful.

  24. i totally thought of you (and my best friend from the cleve) watching the game on monday. go brownies! :)

  25. LOL! I almost didn't read to the end. "Gatorade is for losers"!

  26. YEAH! I want a doctor for a neighbor!

  27. My husband likes to play doctor.

    Does that count?

  28. Having a doctor for a neighbor would be my dream. It would save me the time/trouble of going to WebMD every other day.

  29. Aww man, was totally going to comment on #2. I know doctors who do that to themselves after drunken nights.

  30. doctor neighbor-friend looks fine, no? i'm seeing this as the ultimate WIN situation. hot doctor, living next door, potential date material, definite eye candy, AND comes to the rescue when you or anyone you know falls down and needs instant medical attention?

    Clevelands a Plum = The next Greys Anatomy.

    Make it happen! :)


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