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Friday, October 3, 2008

happy friday people!

today is an awesome day for me not only because it is featured blogger friday but because two of my very good friends are getting married tonight! I also have the day off of work in preparation for the festivities, so that doesn't exactly hurt either.

another awesome thing is that i'm guest posting over at ang's while she is drinking lots of wine in california.

Read this post to find out why ang needs to move back home to cleveland.

i do have one little regret today - that i'm missing the new kids on the block concert in cleveland tonight. my friends getting married better realize how much i love them by my missing the concert for their wedding! heehee : )

so i've have tried to write an introduction about today's featured blogger brookem about 27 times. i've failed at
them all. i mean this blogger is so amazing where can i start?!?!

she is one of the first blogs i really followed and find that i have a lot of common ground with her and her posts,
i.e. i get her. she's funny, honest, genuine and really appreciates a good head of hair. how could you not want to be friends with this girl?! add her to your reader right now if you don't already!

so miss brookem i'll let you do the rest of the talking - please take the stage....

Who are you and what is your blog?
I'm Brookem, my blog is Skrinkering Hearts, and no one ever knows what that word means or how it's spelled. Hell, I barely know how to explain it anymore.

Where are you typing from?
Currently? I'm in a Panera. Sipping coffee and avoiding studying. I'm "from" Boston. 20sb Meetup 09! Woot.

How long have you been blogging and what platform do you use?
I've been blogging since... I think a little over two years? I used to use blogger but it flipped me out, now I use wordpress and I don't know what I'm doing there either.

want a new design or header but I don't want to pay $537 dollars for it. Help? I'll send you chocolate and some liquor. But not tequila because I hate tequila.

Sum up your piece of the internet in one sentence.
A sassy space of the interwebs where a 20something Boston girl talks about life, dating, friendship, and men with good hair.

Are you an anonymous blogger or do you scream who you are from the rooftop?
Um... mostly anonymous? Unless we're friends on freaking facebook.

Do your readers know what you look like?
They know what I look like from the neck down. I have an affinity for the cropped out head look. Which is getting to be pretty tedious and lame, and frankly I don't know if I can keep up with it.

This is what you usually get as a picture of me:

Just a regular Saturday night.

Toned down version. With my favorite accessory in hand.

If you could become famous from blogging like dooce would you want to?
No thanks.

So you just drank a bottle of wine alone and you're sitting at your computer, who are the three bloggers that you email or google talk with?

How many blogs are in your google reader?
I don't even know how to figure this out. I'm lucky I was even able to figure out how to put blogs in there to begin with. There is a reason that I have a tag (that I use on every post) called "why technology drives me to drink."

If you had $1000 to spend and could only buy one item, what would you buy?
A gift card to Marshall's. They have heaps of good shoe options and name brands for less!

What's your favorite thing to do after 10pm?
On a weeknight? Rated PG? Hopefully something involving vegging in front of the tv in my jammies, maybe with a cup of tea or a glass of chocolate milk or wine, probably watching some DVR'd something that I'm trying to catch up on.

Top three favorite movies from your childhood.
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (remember that one? with the horse that jumps and swims and stuff?)
Pippi Longstocking (the original)
Dirty Dancing

Name something random that I could find if I was snooping through your purse/wallet?
I picture of my grandparents. Some "energizing" powder to add into a drink for some oomph. Outdated stamps. A laminated picture of Mario Lopez. Don't ask.

Link to a funny you tube video you like.
Here's the link. It's silly and stupid but I can't not laugh when I hear his laugh. I'm sorry.

Wanna share a secret with me, I promise I won't tell… <-- that's a lie, but tell me something anyways.
My secret is that I look forward to Monday's for the sole purpose of tuning into The Hills at 10pm. I actually have no qualms with admitting this, and it's really no big secret, but there you have it.

If you could trade places with one blogger for one day who would it be and why?
Hm. I think Ben. He seems like a guy I'd like to have a beer with. He's loved by all, his posts always make me smile, and he has good hair that I'd like to touch. Also he's from Canada and I've been wanting to go.

Who's your blog crush?


Parting words of wisdom?
"I love to drink martinis. Two at the very most. Three I'm under the table, four I'm under the host."-- Dorothy Parker

[don't forget to read my guest post over at angilio: loud and proud right here!]


  1. Awwwww...but if we traded places then we wouldn't get to meet and snuggle!!

    Bring on Boston...then we WILL meet and this whole everyone-loves-ben allure will be squashed when my dorkiness/drunkiness is revealed.

    I'll fight you for your blog crush.

  2. See, now this is a featured blogger Friday I can get down with. I've met both Alexa and Brookem in real life and can practically hear this conversation outloud! Oh wait. Maybe that's only the voices in my head.

    Hey, Alexa - only FIFTEEN days until the wedding. BEAT YOU!

  3. Did you know that Dirty Dancing has hit Broadway?

    So excited for the ultimate meetup 09!

  4. I nearly forgot about the movie, Wild Hearts Can't be Broken :) It was a favorite of mine as well*


  5. Wow - martinis sound way cheaper than roofies.

  6. Ohhh my gosh..."Wild Hearts Can't be Broken", LOVED that movie too! I remember being so sad that the girl became blind! But didn't she get the super hot guy!?!

  7. Great interview. She's so cool!

  8. Awesome interview! I very much like the drink in her hand.

    Enjoy your friends' wedding!!

  9. Ohhh brookem - the Hills? Really? (sigh)

    I still <3 you.

  10. That blog crush guy is awesome.

    This is the first time I've been anyone's crush since 6th grade when Ana Maria wanted me to walk her home and kiss her.

    I ran away.

  11. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken!!!

    I knew we were meant to be, Brookem.

  12. Brooke! THis is fun. Your drink is making me thirsty!

  13. Major props for linking to an old school TechTV video clip. That was even before it was bought out and transformed into G4 TV... I missed the old TechTV days... and I'm a geek!

  14. Your three favorite childhood movies just won me over.

  15. you can get a template for 30-50 bucks installed.

    i should get an advertising fee or something.

  16. omg my sister and i watched wild hearts can't be broken like EVERY DAY :-)

  17. Oh who doesn't have a crush on rs27?!?!?

  18. I love that she plugged the 20SB meet-up in her interview :P


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