guess i have a thing for dark hair

Monday, October 27, 2008

friday night one of my all time favorite movies was on and as i was simultaneously drooling on my mac and cheese at the lead actor in the flick i got to thinking. shocking i know.

i randomly decided to start typing out a list of the top ten hottest movie actor roles of all time according to ME.

now this top ten list is according to the actor's role not the actor's overall hotness - although it obviously helps. also, this is an ALL TIME list meaning that no matter what the actor looks like now, when they played the specific role they were the bees knees according to yours truly.

phew, that's a lot of criteria - onto the list.

10. dougray scott (prince henry) ever after - he's a prince, a prince with an accent in love. 'nuff said.

9. mike vitar (benny "the jet" rodriguez) the sandlot -
"just stand out there and stick your glove out in the air. i'll take care of it". he sure did make my 12 year old self get butterflies in her stomach.
- other role to consider luis mendoza in D2: the mighty ducks

8. adam garcia (kevin o'donnell) coyote ugly - i mean he lets violet auction him off on the bar and has a thing for comic books.
- other role to consider, i know it isn't a movie, but he's played fiyero in wicked and can sing - my heart be still.

george clooney (danny ocean) ocean's 11 - there's something about a distinguished man in a tux, and don't forget that voice of his either. hello daddy.
- other roles to consider ocean's 12 &13 and dodge connelly in leatherheads

chevy chase (ty webb) caddyshack - tall, tanned, and handsome - that arrogance, humor and swagger gets me every time.
- other role to consider irwin 'fletch' fletcher in fletch, obviously.

5. ryan gosling (noah calhoun) the notebook - "it wasn't over.... it STILL isn't over" kiss kiss kiss kiss yada yada yada kiss kiss kiss. gah, i wish i was allie.
- other role to consider willy beachum in fracture, southern drawl and a cocky lawyer? yes.

4. gerald butler (gerry) p.s. i love you - the rugged accent, the sideways smile, horrible karaoke singing and not to mention the undying love.
- other role to consider king leonidas in 300 - i'm spartan which means i have to love him...and his abs.

3. johnny deep (don juan) don juan demarco - that hair, those eyes, it's love.
- other roles to consider, the young george jung and the yumminess that is jack sparrow.

2. christian bale (patrick bateman) american psycho - "i'm into well... murders and executions mostly"
- other roles to consider, laurie in little women and jack kelly in newsies

1. russell crowe (maximus) gladiator - he can fight for rome me any day.
- other role to consider, ben wade in 3:10 to yuma - i would never miss that train.

agree with my love for sometimes scruffy dark haired boys with accents and an inclination for violence? don't agree with me? gasp!

who's on your list?


  1. what about Keanu in Speed? or Brad Pitt in Fight club?! or Christian Bale in Little Women!?

    I think you've miss a few!.. but i'll tell you one you didn't forget.. Benny the Jet Rodriquez! heck yeah!

  2. Okay so i totally agree with george clooney and adam garcia but the others I'm not into too much.

    Will Smith! In every movie ever!

  3. ooohmygod, you know my obsession with gerard butler in ps i love you. also a big fan of adam garcia. hmm... who else is on my list? i also like jeffrey dean morgan in ps i love you. and yes, ryan gosling in just about anything. dig mark walberg in ... what's that one with reese? and he's a bad guy/wicked hot? i could go on and on...

  4. I'm horrible at remembering names but Ryan Gosling is definitely on my list!

  5. Fantastic list! I go for Ryan Gosling, John Corbett, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Matt Damon. But I'd do your list, no complaints:)

  6. I was in love with Benny "the jet" when I was young. I watched the Sandlot not too long ago and eneded up googling Mike Vitar. Aparently his a fireman now...which is almost as hot as being an actor. I love the uniform.

    What about Christian Bale in Newsies? That's when I started crushing him!

    Love the list.

  7. Um - what the hell - I'm a dark haired, scruffy guy who has starred in such movies as "Narm gets Down on the Farm" and "Beards, They Grow On You"

    And I have a country accent.

  8. The only person I'm confused about is Chevy Chase.... Maybe I'm thinkin of the wrong guy?? Either way, your list is pretty SPOT ON DELISH! :)

  9. hmmmmmmmmm. thats a lot of thought. id agree with the notebook cus in real life, ryan doesn't do a thing for me. And Orlando and johnny in pirates. Otherwise, not as hot. but as pirates? arrrrrrrrrgh

  10. Gerald Butler=the guy I wish really existed and lived in Cleveland....because I would totally marry him! of my dreams! My knees get weak thinking about him!

    Love the list!!

    Clooney is one of my all time favs too! And his personality totally adds to it!

  11. oh christian bale....i LOVED him as laurie. Also, jaoquin phooenix, because today is his birthday and chicks dig scars.

  12. One more addition: Clive Owen. Yum.

    Great list! Russell Crowe is soooo hot in Gladiator.. I can't not watch that movie if it's on (and then dream about licking his entire body while I watch it).

  13. gerald butler? Um...Yum! I don't think I ever cried harder in a movie or in a book. Both are amazing!

    One more to add: Clive Owen. I wanted to lick the movie screen in Closer....same thing for Jude Law. SWOON.

  14. ooooh excellent list! way to perk up my tues morning!! :-)

    i haven't seen ps i love you, but his abs in 300 = WELL SUFFICIENT to earn gerard a spot on my list ;-)

  15. Great List.

    I wouldnt have remembered Christian Bale in American Psycho...but he was awesome in that one.

  16. Well, I agree with you for the George Clooney pick, as for the other 9, you can have them. My favorite of all time remains Ewan McGregor in, um, everything.

  17. ryan gosling in pretty much anything tops my list, but noah calhoun? all that dreamy romantical stuff he says in that movie? DAMN.

  18. Even though my list is always changing, one person stays the same: Paul Rudd. So goddamn cute, that one. More goofy than smoldering, but whatevs, I love him.

  19. Holy crap, Batman, I was going to write a post almost exactly the same as yours.

    Except with, you know, chicks.

  20. If you didn't add in "The Jet" I would have stopped reading this blog on the spot.

    How come no one puts Ryan Gosling from "Lars and the Real Girl"?

  21. Bale for sure.


    I mean Eva Mendes!

  22. Mine is very old school...Al Pacino in The Godfather. He was absolutely gorgeous. You should check him out! Dark hair and a tendency for violence!

  23. I am with you on George Clooney and Ryan Gosling.

    Speed was on the other day and Keanu looks goooood in that. He can drive my bus any time.

  24. Ummmm so there are a few you forgot (or maybe I am just older than you):

    Ralph Macchio (Daniel Larusso) The Karate Kid (also II and III)
    River Phoenix (Chris Chambers) in Stand by me...and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    Michael Schoeffling (Jake Ryan) 16 candles
    Johnny Depp (Gilbert Grape) What's eating Gilbert Grape as well as in chocolat and Edward Scissorhands too.
    Heath Ledger (Patrick Verona) 10 things I hate about you.
    Taye Diggs (Winston Shakespeare) How Stella Got her Groove back and also in The Wood.

  25. Christian Bale.


    Okay i'm done. But seriously. Swoon.

  26. I would have to agree with you on all accounts -- although, Christian Bale CREEPS me out in American Psycho. I prefer him in Swing Kids ;)

    Not an actor, but when I was younger I was totally smitten with Jakob Dylan*

    -Kelly (obviously, hehe)

  27. Hi there.. delurking for the first time =)

    I definitely agree with Ryan Gosling, Gerald Butler, Dougary Scott and Christian Bale. I would have to add James Mardsen also.

    BTW... Sandlot is one of my all time favorites... my sister and I quote it to each other on a regular basis =)

  28. #9 and #8 are totally on my list. Also, Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You; Adrian Grenier in Drive Me Crazy; Jake Gyllenhaal in The Day After Tomorrow...

  29. I can't believe that Reginald VelJohnson did not make this list

  30. That is my absolute most favorite line EVER from The Notebook. It will make me cry on the spot, no matter what.

  31. love love love christian bale!! and Maks from DWTS!! and Antonio Sabato Jr... Brian Austin greene also looks great now! i love the tall, dark, handsome thing too!!

  32. oh christian bale ALWAYS makes the list.

    also scruffy brad pitt (fight club, seven).

    romantic javier bardem (vicky cristina barcelona).

    paul newman (my posthumous add) in cat on a hot tin roof or any number of other films.

  33. Overall I think this is a very good list and representation. I do have to add two things: Harrison Ford, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Aaron Eckhardt Thank you for Smoking. Num eeeee.

  34. you just named so many people i forgot existed - was that an "ever after" reference? that's awesome - good list!

  35. mmmm Danny Ocean....
    ok I am so making my own list.
    love this idea.
    oooh something fun to do, heheh thak you for giving me a fun task to do

  36. I'm with Anonymous: Taye Diggs! Yowza!!

  37. benny the jet rodriguez! ah. i heart you. he was my childhood crush, absolutely love. and noah, oh dear noah, we all know i love him. and gerry, le swoon, swoon oh swoon. seriously love this list. and christian bale as laurie, ah! love. okay i'm stopping now before i drool on my keyboard.

  38. Chevy Chase?!? Really?!?!

    For me, Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Depp, James Franco... I apparently like the Js?
    Oh, and Jon Stewart :)

    Plus some hockey players... but no one will know them!

  39. It's your list and I totally respect it. Chevy Chase was a little unconventional, but I like that your list was different and your very own. Props to you, Girl. Is it obvious I take these lists very seriously?? I usually have a main list and three alternates. But I'm not weird. No, really.

  40. HUGELY delayed response, but I thought of this blog tonight while watching this movie!

    James Marsden in 27 Dresses. The scene where he's in the t-shirt and all wet from the rain - OHHH man! YUM. :-)

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