i don't believe i'm sharing this

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

speaking of things that are a decade old....

my sissy and i were just google talking about how i'm nearly 30 when she decided to email me a very special picture....

my sweet wallet sized senior picture. you know, the one where i sign the back saying K.I.T, '98 rules, and go seniors!

well this little slice of nostalgia my sissy
still has placed on her computer desk.

she told me she looks at it everyday and laughs!


dear 17 year old self,

why didn't you start plucking your eyebrows until you were in college? and why are you wearing a ribbed cardigan twin-set?

oh yeah, because your mom wanted you to look "classic" and "timeless". riiiiiiiight.

at least you are rockin' out the color plum - it seems to fit perfectly now.

28 year old self

apparently i'm into internet embarrassment. really, i promise, like a fine wine, i have improved with age : )

i mean no one looks good in their senior picture right?


  1. hahahaha. I love that picture. If you'd like to send me one too I'll laugh it every day too, but only because it looks nothing like you.

    And for the record I look *adorable* in my senior picture. I'll have to send it to you.

    It's not nearly as good as my dance costume picture from 9 years ago. Cause nothing could top that.

  2. ha, i love it! "ribbed cardigan twin set"- i think i wore the exact same number for my senior picture. wowza.

  3. My grad picture was airbrushed like nobody's business to the point where they actually airbrushed out the unibrow that I had at the time. It made for good motivation to start manscaping but still...

  4. My senior pictures were so bad the first time, I had to have them retaken. Weird, Zoot wrote about her yearbook photos today, too.

  5. dude, I look HORRENDOUS in my senior picture



  6. Like Ben - they airbrushed mine as well. And I worked for the photographer at the time so I made sure it look at least decent. But - I too had some wicked eyebrows that didn't seem so bad when I was 17, now...yikes!

  7. Aw :) I think you look cute!

    At least you didn't rock flaired JNCO's and random t-shirts from Alloy like I used to in High School. . .sigh


  8. That picture is fantastic.

    Your sister looks like fun. :) I love how she's kind of sticking her tounge out at you, laughing.

    My senior picture was ridiculously good. Embarassingly good - so if you'd see that, you'd think I was super skinny with perfect long hair. With no hips.

    Now? I have hips, am not super skinny, and my hair has many bad hair days.

    Since I graduated from high school overseas, people thought I was incredibly strange (and vain) for wanting to hand out pictures of myself like they were baseball cards or something. So my good pictures went to waste, sadly. :(

  9. You look very astute!!

    I would say that same thing to my 1994 senior self....what is up with the eyebrows. That, and why is your hair so big?

    I wish i looked like my senior picture. I was a size 8 and thought I was horribly fat. The worst part is I survived on snickers, nutter butters, and dr pepper and didnt work out.

    Getting older totally kills the metabolism.

  10. acutally, i did look good in my senior picture...then that whole photogenic thing stopped.

  11. Too funny! A friend was cleaning some things out of her parents house this past weekend and found senior pics from a lot of the people we graduated with. Its fun to see how people have changed (or not).

  12. Oh I know it!

    My eyebrows in my senior picture were all wild and wooly.


    What a loser.

  13. If I were to meet my 17 yr self right now, I'd smack me across the face, then say "it's okay... you'll turn out fine." Then run away!

  14. My senior photo was the ONLY one I ever took that looked good! I'd just gotten my braces off, though - I think that had something to do with it!

    Yours is fantastic. Hehe.

  15. Someone should have paid whoever took my senior pictures extra for the time he must have spent airbrushing out all my acne.

  16. I love that you're rocking the center part. My hair was like that too back then, except in '98 I was growing out my bangs so I really like a mess.

    I went through 12 years of school without taking a single decent picture. NOT ONE. I like to think that's a record.

  17. I stopped looking good in all my school pictures beginning with the first grade.

  18. I had the craziest eyebrows until college! What were we thinking?!

  19. Remember you wanted to boldly highlight your hair before your pictures were taken too. I told you to wait until after they were ....you listened. You have highlights at the Debs Ball. Also in the other senior pic pose you had on that black plaid blouse and jacket that was YOUR choice...not mine. And I STILL think my senior picture looks pretty darn good and it is getting up there in years.

  20. Yeah. I hate my senior picture and if I didn't have to see it again for the rest of my life...well, it would be too soon. ;) In fact, I could do without any pictures from high school!

  21. maxie - i know the 9 year old picture you are talking about. the blogosphere needs to see the picture as well!

    brookem - i seriously had probs 100 different colored matching twin sets. i was so predictable

    ben - i could have used some serious air brushing! no fair you got to take advantage of it! i think my senior pictures were before photoshop : )

    pomjob - who's zoot?

    deutlich - show me!

    ashley - you got airbrushed too? no fair!

    kelly - thanks doll! oh don't worry, i had JNCO's ha

    ashley - she IS fun. my sister and your sisters should get together and have an awesome sissy party!

    mon - HA! astute! man did i fool them all then : )

    DMB - you are gorgeous! don't even gimmie that!

    mandy - thankfully i was one of those people that did change

    kristen - we can be co-presidents of the loser club together

    360 - how very back to the future of you

    adriana - fantastically awful perhaps, haha

    lbucca - i do love them, so time i want to go back!

    arjewtino - oh it couldn't have been that bad!

    andrea - i bet they are better than you think!

    marie - prove it! : )

    the maiden - the brows are such an important part of the face! how could we forget about them?!?!

    mommy - if it makes you feel better i wish i didn't have those chunky highlights at my debutant ball

    a.r.w - i'm sure you can find at least ONE pic you like!! try it, then show me. ha

  22. I can't even look at my old photos. I'm just hoping I'm not that embarrassed 10 years from now about photos from this era.

  23. My photo was horrid. I had big hair and instead of unplucked eyebrows I had overplucked eyebrows. I think it's hard to say which is worse!

  24. YES!@!!!!

    I love seeing old pics!!!

  25. There was a girl in high school that looked super hot in her senior photos.

    Now she's fat. or pregnant. whatever.

  26. Ahem, my senior picture: I thought I was hot wearing a gray beret. And a sweater vest? And some sort of poodle hair. What in the hell?

    Anyways, when I got H-O-T over summer, I retook pics to submit for the yearbook. Smart and MUCH BETTER!

    Needless to say, nobody received wallet-anything from me senior year. *shudder* Although I can never live down the nightmare!

  27. Oh I don't want to think back to my senior pictures. I was wearing a stupid face.

  28. That picture it awesome. And let's not kid around. That picture came a long way from your NKOTB birthday cake photo.

    You get better with age!!!

  29. Dude, that's not bad AT ALL. I wore sparkles. And looked like I had a lazy eye.

  30. yeah i definitely would have worn something else in my senior picture too. but hey yours is cute.

  31. That's great! I'm glad you shared. But yeah, it definitely doesn't look like you! Hey, I had braces in my senior picture. Oh wait, now I wear a retainer AGAIN. I think I've regressed in the past 7 years. Speaking of things being a decade old... my never ending dental work!

  32. Speak for yourself! I was a goddamn prince!


    At least my mom says.

  33. I don't have the words to explain just how bad my picture was.

    I do love your sister's glasses though.

  34. will it make you feel better if i assure you it's better than my senior picture?

    i didn't discover "makeup" or "hair products" until AFTER COLLEGE. hotttt.

  35. That's AWESOME. A (ex?) friend of mine posted a photo of me from college on FB. In the days when I thought flannel shirts were fashionable. Yeah, I was cool. Ha.

  36. Oh man the number of things I would tell my 17-year-old self are endless. And now fully nice.

  37. hahahh!

    that's how i feel when i look at my grade 9 yearbook picture.

    'self, why are you wearing a jean jacket? really? a JEAN JACKET? and crunchy curls have never been in style in my lifetime. why, oh why?'

  38. LOL! I wasn't allowed to wear a STITCH of make-up in my senior photo because my mother said I would look "trashy."

    Instead, I looked like I just rolled out of bed.

  39. That's an adorable picture! I looked awful in my senior picture. My mom curled my hair under so not only was it hard due to too much hair spray, but I looked old. Also, my mom did my make up. My blue eye shadow red lipstick wearing mother did my make up.

    I hated life for a few days.

  40. I actually don't think yours is that bad! You look cute!
    I had orange hair and was leaning over an encyclopedia in an attempt to look scholarly.

  41. I wore a rose colored twin set from Talbot's I think my mother said it was classic too :) I think every girls' eyebrows are too think in their senior pictures

  42. The reference to 1998 alone was just a throw back fro me. Hello, 8th grade graduation!

    My senior year picture I looked like crap, although I probably weigh like 50 pounds less than I do now. Which is sad.

  43. If it's any consolation, I know how you feel about your senior portrait. My hair was AWFUL in high school. And once my boy saw the senior portrait sitting on my mom's desk, he won't let me forget it.

  44. K.I.T. 2008

    Love, American Sweatpants.

  45. Senior pictures? Um... yeah. I saved myself the embarassment and decided NOT take them. My mom didn't talk to me for a while.

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