in memory

Saturday, October 18, 2008

my uncle emanuel passed away early this week and i find it fitting to say some words about him.

first off, if it wasn't for his work none of us would even be thinking about blogging - fact.

my uncle lead the development for the first ever computer. he was a civilian working for the US government back in the day - he literally worked on the Model 1 - Series 1 computer at the pentagon for the department of defense. Back when computers were the size of a gymnasium.

in all of his decades of service for the government in the technology sector he briefed multiple presidents of the united states on the emerging technology and how it was going to benefit us all in the future. i think he was right.

now while all of the above work happened before i was even born. when he would talk to me about all his past work when i was younger i would be like, ok uncle emanuel, sounds cool. even though i had no idea what he was talking about. little did i know that he had received the highest civilian honor ever given out by the military. he was kind of a big deal.

after he retired early and moved back to canton was when my personal memories of him come. he always had a smile on his face - always was showing my cousins and i magic tricks with coins and handkerchiefs. always asking how we were doing in school making sure we were working to our potential.

he was also an avid horse lover and breeder of race horses but what i lovingly remember was him picking me up very early on saturday mornings when i was a child for my horseback riding lessons.

he would say his one regret was that he never married and had children of his own. but while that may have been the case, he knew he had the biggest family in the world - so many people that cared for him and that he touched over the years. he was blessed just as we were we to have him in our lives.

we'll miss you.