the life of a plum

Sunday, October 19, 2008

for those of you who follow me on twitter this recap may be redundant considering i already twitted the majority of it- sorry! but for those of you that don't follow me on twitter, what are you waiting for? follow me!

so after the sad times of thursday and friday i needed some fun on saturday, and that's exactly what i had. i think the fun times may actually call for bullet points it was so fun. get ready for some cleveland link love kids.

- stopping at summit mall on my way back to cleveland picked up two pairs of shoes (40% off), a new cardigan, a couple of deep v-neck tshirts, a gray blazer, a new shirt, some body butter from body shop and a tube of mac lipglass. i think i did pretty well for myself : )

- dinner at the tremont taphouse with georgia peach, her nameless husband, lappe and the birthday boy donatello. i didn't realize how good blueberri stoli went with short rib sliders - yeah, they actually don't go together at all but you get the point.

- two words, stoli dolis. while georgia peach and i oh so daintily enjoyed said stoli dolis at the treehouse in tremont the boys got quite a kick out of eating the vodka soaked pineapple from our drinks. watching their faces flinching on the almost rubbing alcohol like taste was priceless.

- donatello just buying the vodka infused pineapple for $2. it's the cheapest shot in the city of cleveland!

- running into an old friend at our stop at southside but realizing that we all wanted to get closer to home - downtown it is.

- ATTENTION CITY OF CLEVELAND - FILL THE POTHOLES ON SCRANTON!!! (AND that side street off of scranton that pops you out at sokolowski's that i don't know the name of!)

- donatello making a deposit into my poor pumpkin

- maproom maproom maproom maproom

- got to hangout with some friends at maproom that i haven't seen in forever - which needs to stop ASAP - hopefully at my halloween party! hint hint.

- decided that i needed to dance so i slipped out to meet up with bird and lippe at mercury lounge. still the same crowd which is fine by me - i'll keep making my appearance every few months.

- slept. on my couch. sweet.

- saw body of lies with MOB which although didn't get the best reviews we really enjoyed. i have a thing for CIA action movies, i can't help it.

- stopped at halloween USA with MOB and although we had fun trying stuff on i realized that i'm not spending $50 on a felt costume. no way.

- got carry out ty fun bistro with georgia peach, nameless and lappe

lots of cleveland love? check.

hope everyone had as good a weekend as i did!


  1. I need to see Body of Lies..

    sounds like another fun weekend for sure....I like the Treehouse.

  2. Yep - you did yourself well this weekend. Attagirl.

    My weekend was just as fun (if you subtract out 99% of it).

    Here's to another week :)

  3. You know your night is good if you end up on your couch and not your own bed.

    Sounds like a fun weekend.

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Making a note of all the link love and adding them to my list of places to go on my next trip to Cleveland.

  5. I saw your tweets but I was too drunk at the time to remember them so I'm glad you recapped :-)

  6. If I had to sum on the weekend in one word?

    I'll be sure to start soaking some in vodka for your Halloweenie party!

  7. apparently you did not realize that we were all at southside the same time as you...

  8. im glad to hear you had such a good weekend afterall. and um, i want to go to maproom?! looks fun there. ha, a "deposit" in your pumpkin. oof.

  9. Nothing for the Browns game???

    I need to eat at the Taphouse. Had breakfast there once and I am addicted to their hash browns.

  10. I was keeping up with you on twitter all weekend. I want to hang out with you! We'd surely have an amazing time!

  11. yeaa goin out and having fun makes you forget all your worries for a while!

    those pineapples sound deeee lish!

  12. You deserved to treat yourself this past weekend :) My sincere condolences go out to you and your family*


  13. What does Georgia Peach call her husband? That has to be awkward since he has no name.


  14. you totally make me want to go out in cleveland.... and i feel like i have a list of all the best places to hit from your weekend summaries :-)

  15. I want that pineapple ring in my belly.

  16. Your weekends surpass mine in so many ways. Pineapple shots? YES PLEASE!!!

  17. stoli doli = dangerously delish! :)

  18. Yay! TWO shout-outs so far, AND a picture!! :)

    P.S.- Don't remember anything from Sat. night, but now I kiiiinda remember seeing you, oops!!

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