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Thursday, October 30, 2008

for those of you who follow me on twitter you know that last night i was at the obama for change themed jay-z concert hosted by lebron james at quicken loans arena.

here's to living in a swing state. jigggggggga!

first off, can i say that i don't believe that i got to see a full jay-z concert FOR FREE. i mean, wow. he played over an hour and half straight full of all of his hits - and he has a lot of them.

being a huge jay-z and general hip hop fan this concert was something that i needed to attend regardless of my political views.

some of you know that i'm a republican, i mentioned
it here on my blog a while ago. but on the other side of the coin i've been vocal about the fact that although i am a republican i'm not sold on the mccain/palin ticket.
mccain, i've liked you for a very very very long time - but i'm having issues voting for you because of who you chose for your running mate. seriously, why palin?!? ugh.

now i'm no where near changing my party affiliation - no way. but i'm still confused, there is just so much propaganda flying around - it's hard to wade through it all. maybe obama is the change we need? or is it mccain? hrrrrrumph.

ok, enough of this political gibberish onto the amazing event that was the jay-z concert.

my partners in crime for the evening were muffin, court, donkers and nameless.
(sidenote: seeing nameless at a hip hop show was the funniest thing EVER). we didn't really know what to expect in the concert - like was jay going to perform two songs and be done? thankfully that wasn't the case and we got a full show.

obviously jay-z is and icon, he's got that classic swagger, an amazing performer and basically a hip hop god. so many hip hop concerts are lame - but not HOVA, he done and brought it (and a live band) to cleveland and the fans appreciated it
so here's my experince/observations in list form:

- lebron should stick to playing basketball, he's not a rapper or a dancer. you don't see jay-z going out there trying to play hoops. also, he sounded waaaaaay drunkie, hope he doesn't blow cavs game tonight cause he's hungover.
- mayor frank jackson totally got booed by the crowd when he got on stage
- no one was drinking but my group, which was odd - i mean it's a concert!
- out of 14,000 people in attendance there were only approximately 257 white people
- everyone was smoking doobies blunts
- lots of roc signs being thrown, bounce baby
- jay-z saying "girl, you're cute - don't tell my wife though"

- you still can still dance in stadium seating
- some of the most ridiculous outfits i have EVER seen in my life

- everyone in the crowd knew every word, to every song
- i will pay a lot of money to see jay-z perform again in the future

after the show it's the after party and after the party it's the view. the place was packed as expected for the eighty81 after party but we still managed to run into some friends, make a few new friends and even got a picture with a rapper.

some of the crowd at the view - i'm a sucker for crowd shots

the boys from fresco goods rockin' their wares - they're fellow UD graduates too.

muffin, rapper al fatz and court. his song was my myspace profile song for EVER.

once our feet started ti hurt and lebron decided to not make an appearance we knew it was time to go home, but not without a panini's stop. delish.

talk about a nice wednesday huh?


  1. sounds like one hell of a wednesday. and woo for free concerts, free always makes them better. that and alcohol, haha.

  2. You are such a jet-setter. Seriously! If only you recorded that concert for all us droolers (I mean bloggers) ... would've loved to have been there! Yay for you!

  3. Question, does Beyonce's marriage license say "Beyonce Carter"? I was just thinking about that...aaaaaaaaaanywho FANTASTIC EVENING. Love the Jigga Man!

  4. How fun!! I saw Jay-z once in Vegas many many years back. I actually forgot about it till I read this.

  5. My boyfriend has a crush on Lebron James. Even though he's a Wizards, Bobcats and Celtics fan. Go figure.

  6. Even though "technically" i'd be qualified as a Democrat (except that I HATE affiliating with just one or the other because I agree with lots of stuff on both sides of the fence).. I totally wanted McCain to do his thing in 2000. And, yeah, I'm all about Barack, but I would've been okay w/McCain winning... except he picked that dumb chick to be his running mate.

    Now all I can think of is if he dies in his presidency, we'll have Palin as president. And that scares the shit out of me. Especially with life expectancy hovering around 75.

    Let's also not forget how much damage Cheney did in the past 8 years.. proving that the VP has a lot more power than folks sometimes realize.

    Ok. Stepping off my soapbox for real.

    I triple less-than-three you!!!

    And I'm super stoked you got to see Jay-Z last night!!

  7. F U sinusitis.

    So pissed I couldn't go.

  8. officially following you on twitter.. good luck with your indecision 08

  9. I know a couple Republicans who are voting for Obama. You're not the only one who's thinking about it.

    Whatever the case, this election is SERIOUSLY making people think.

  10. don't bogart that joint!

    That's all I know about smoking pot. LOL

  11. I love the crowd shots. So much fun looking at what people wear and stuff
    I would love to go to a jay z concert in the future

  12. I saw Jigga and Mary J at the Garden a couple months ago - well worth the crowds.

  13. Im totally jealous you got to go! I bet that was a killer time!!
    I voted yesterday! Election day is gonna be hella crazy I got it out the way!

  14. Sometimes I wish I lived in a swing state, but only for the concerts, not for the ads. I can't stand the ads.

    BTW, on my blog today I linked to a video of Rachel Maddow interviewing Obama, where he goes into a little bit about why he respects Republicans and seems to be getting their votes because of that. If you're on the fence still, it might be of interest.

  15. miss alexa, you always do THE coolest things. i want to live your life for month. or even better, come party with you for a month. yes, more like it.
    happy halloween!

  16. Dude I'm totally jealous! That sounds like an awesome time. I am going to the Obama rally in Grant Park though on election night. I hope that's equal in cool-ness.

  17. I'm incredibly jealous that you got to see Jay Z for free. And that it sounds like an incredible evening. ... I mean, I'm not surprised, but you know?

    You lead a fabulous life, Miss Alexa.

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