my wedding season closer

Monday, October 6, 2008

oh hi there!

this weekend kicked my big greek behind. for reals.

hence, why i'm finally getting around to posting about it late monday night.

my 2008 wedding season is officially over and i'm glad it went out with a bang!

so the party started thursday night with keter-o and j-birdie's rehearsal dinner at the bertram inn where i had one of the best filet's i have ever had. but the food was just a side dish to the wonderful friends and family that had gotten together for the pre-wedding festivities.

after dinner and drinks i rounded up biscuit, toots and alexis and drove back downtown - we had a big day ahead of us and no one needed to be drinking and driving!

we had planned a girl slumber party for the four of us while the boys stayed at the bertram before the wedding. we had all intentions of going to bed early....

but the maproom is oh so close to my apartment
and none of us had to work the next day.

bring on the shots.

something interesting happened at the maproom though, we got
a lot of drinks bought for us. normally the fratastic dudes that frequent the joint barely have enough for their $2 drafts - thursday night was a bit different.

not that we were complaining.

after free shots and drinks we realized we may have been over served and giddily walked home. once we got back to my apartment though alexis put on a bit of "a show" for us... hilarious.

friday was wedding day!!!! biscuit and i headed to the church early because i was in charge of j-birdie's makeup. biscuit and i were the also the ultimate wedding greeters and co-chairmen of the bubble patrol - very important jobs here people! very important : )

we also helped rope in the groomsmen who arrived oh, an hour and a half later than they were supposed to - i could have killed them.

but by 6:30 two of my dearest friends were man and wife! everything was so so so beautiful and i wish nothing but happiness for the two of them!

the reception was held at the signature of solon (what an amazing hall!), where we ate, drank, celebrated and danced.

my only regret of the night was that i completely failed at being a photographer. i only have a handful of pictures but a handful is enough to share with you all.

the boys getting snapped for the camera moments before the guests arrive

out come the bride and groom - bubble patrol!!!!

cutting the beautiful cake all classic like.

mishler wiping her face with the table linens, not so classy like ; )

biscuit and ty doing some sort of dance...

now the above pic was taken especially for ty's friends who are apparently my blog's #1 fans. that pic is for you ladies, and thanks for reading! : )

after the wedding shenanigan's i was exhausted, but luckily it was only saturday. on saturday night i headed to canton for some R&R with my mom. sunday i got to hang with the family seeing eagle eye and going to my old stomping ground don pablo's.

no complaints here for this weekend! i wonder what the next one will bring...


  1. I'm jealous that all your friends IRL have fun nicknames :-(

  2. Sounds like you had a blast. I love a good wedding.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. Great friends, lots of alochol, fun music -- whats not to like?

  4. awww the hubby and wife look so cute :)

    weddings are always good for the food, booze and dancing.....oh yeah, and love.

  5. Sounds like a really awesome weekend. Here's hoping my friends have just as much fun at my wedding as you did at your friends' wedding!

  6. How lovely!

    My sister's Wedding Reception was also at Signature of Solon :) It is truly a beautiful location*


  7. i love weddings. no one i know is in love enough to get married. They all suck.

    mmm don pablos. I heart fajitas at don pablos

  8. I love open bars.

    I mean weddings.

  9. It looks like such a nice wedding! Bertram Inn looks so pretty. Glad you had a fun weekend

  10. "fratastic"- i love it!

    sounds like a blasty blast of a weekend!

  11. Friends' weddings are the best! I was on camera patrol (taking pics of the guests for the guest book) for my last friends' wedding.

    I was a little confused when you mentioned bubble patrol. Then I saw the picture and it all made sense. :)

  12. It sounds fantastic! I especially love the bubble patrol photo.

    I have two more weddings 'til the end of my wedding season. One of them is my dad's. It should be interesting.

  13. I have one more. End of October and I'm done for the season.

  14. what a great wedding!! i just had my last one too... i'm done until May :-)

  15. looks like a fun wedding. i love her dress. and the pic of mishler is hilarious, so something i would do too, haha.

  16. "bring on the shots"

    thats why I heart you.

  17. I love that random people said my wedding looked nice! It makes me feel happy! I am now in denial that it is over... so you better come down to Columbus soon to cheer me up!

  18. It looked like a fun wedding!

  19. Bubbles! I love bubbles! I'm done for the season two after having gone to 3 in a row (weekend after weekend). Cheers to a little break!

  20. Bubbles! I love that idea! Genius. Glad you survived wedding season, go get yourself a drink :)

  21. Ugghh...yours mine STARTS.

    (Sounds like a fun weekend!)

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