who would have thought

Thursday, October 23, 2008

last week one of my roommates from college (bizzo) was in cleveland from st louis because her husband had a work conference in the area. we of course made plans to get dinner because not only was she in town but her 1 year old lilly was tagging along with mom and dad.

i should probably mention that my friend is also pregnant with her
second child.

to say that we are at different points in our lives would be an understatement - but you see that wasn't always the case.

back in the day at the university of dayton my friend bizzo and i were partners in crime, going out to the bars every single night.

one time freshman year we went out 15 nights in a row, closing the hanger (the best dive bar in the history of all dive bars) every. single. night. i don't even know if we went to class in between. it was a bit of a haze.

we were always staying up way too late, reopening the bar at 5:30am - we did it all, and thought we were the sh@t while doing it.

oh, to be young and stupid.

thankfully we obviously grew up, graduated, somehow got professional jobs and in her instance started a family.

her daughter is beautiful isn't she? just beautiful.

so while we were out last week i looked at her little lilly and said, "oh the things i could tell
you about your mommy". and in that instance the thought of talking to a friend's child about their parents past struck a chord in my head.

i mean my friends, my former wing ladies, my partners in crime - have kids! i don't know why it took me so long to realize this!

so i came up with a plan for when i see my college friend's kids when they grow up and start asking questions.


deny everything.


  1. Her little girl is just beautiful!!
    And if I were you, I'd have a few back-up stories... just in case!!

  2. Oh yes, I know what you mean completely. Practically everyone I went to school with has kids now. I always wonder, why is it that when I was young, I always thought I knew exactly how my life was going to pan out? I'm going to get married when I'm 22. I'm going to have kids when I'm 24. I'm going to be doing this and this and have that and that. Yeah, right. Life totally slapped me in the face and said "Get over yourself."

  3. she is gorgeous!

    denial...isn't just a state, its also a river :)

  4. Yes you will deny. Deny until you are three stoli and waters in. Then we are all in toruble.

  5. Yes you will deny. Deny until you are three stoli and waters in. Then we are all in toruble.

  6. Here is a new plan -


  7. Oh hell yes! Deny it all!

    I really don't want my daughter ever knowing what mommy did when mommy was young and pretty and not a tired old mommy.


  8. Hahaha. That sounds like a good plan to me.

    I'm excited/scared once my good college friends start having babies. I won't know what to do.

  9. Hhahahaha! Sounds like a good plan! I should, um, actually do the same with my friends' kids.

  10. Sounds like an excellent plan. I don't even want to think about that stuff yet!

  11. Denial is the only way to get through life. That and lying.

  12. Denial is always the best option.

  13. Denial is a good thing.

    A very, very good thing.

  14. denial aint just a river in...ah forget it.

  15. Mmmmm denial.
    If I am ever dumb enough to spawn, my children will only know of me as being June Cleaver 2.0.

    ...Or an overwhelmed drunk. Whichever.

  16. haha, i had such a similar convo with my college partner in crime this past weekend, who came with her baby! except she was telling my bf all the bad things we used to do. she said that i could say whatever i wanted to about her, but no one would believe me because she was toting an infant around with her ;-)

  17. She is absolutely adorable! And, yes, Denial is always the way to go.

  18. haha yeah some of my college stories may have to go to the grave with me. haha. don't know that i'll want to pass those on to the kids or friends' kids even, ha.

  19. if you ever have kids our friendship is over...

    unless i already have kids. then we'll still be cool

  20. When one of my college roommates had a baby, I freaked out.

    For 10 minutes I stumbled around the apartment, deliriously alternating between "A baaaaabeeeee! She had a freaking baaabeee" and "She's my age, Mike! She HAD A BABY AND SHE'S MY AGE!!"

    It's so weird.

  21. sissy.. you went out 15 nights in a row and closed down the bar...

    you're crazy... and my hero

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