twitter fail

Saturday, November 29, 2008

last night was my cousin jenna's surprise super sweet 16 birthday party. the venue was picked, family was in from out of town and jenna didn't have a clue that anything was going on.

the whole day was planned for us yesterday - we would get up early and head to the venue to help decorate and organize. sissy and i would then pick up jenna and distract her for a bit, getting lunch with the family, shopping at my favorite store EVER in canton the blissful and generally just wasting time.

when it was time to take jenna home sissy said something completely random and funny which caused me to say to her, "i'm totally twittering that". not even thinking that jenna would want to see what i ended up twittering prior to our "dinner reservations" that were at 7:30.

can you see where this is going?

twitter has become such second nature to me that when i do
almost anything i pull out my bberry and type out 140 characters. not even thinking about people other than my followers ever reading it.

i.e. around noon yesterday i posted this little gem...

it didn't even cross my mind that jenna would ever read this prior to the party. i mean, we had her completely busy all day.

not busy enough apparently because an hour before our "dinner reservation" she checked my blog and saw the above tweet causing her very very smart soon to be 16 year old brain to question what really was going to be happening last night. basically she started putting two and two together. at least it was only an hour before the big surprise.

when she walked into the party 75 eager people shouted "surprise!" - she was completely shocked.

except she said to the whole group shortly after her arrival, "i would have been completely surprised if i hadn't read alexa's blog before i came!"

what? what? huh?

the shame.


gobble your wobble

Friday, November 28, 2008

i seriously don't believe i'm posting again this long holiday weekend. i guess i think i would rather post a couple short entires than one ridiculous long re-cap on sunday.

that's just boring.

plus i plan on not being able to move all day
sunday after hitting the cleveland bars with angilio (with her parents!) and elle michelle.

in regard to the image on the right, my whole plan was to take a before, during and after picture of my plate. i only remembered to take the before pic, which was eerily similar to the after pic i.e they were both clean.

the dinner went off with out a hitch. all we needed was good family and friends to make the day perfect. even though my cousin jenna was a little bit too cautious towards me this year - such a brat : )

jenna thought it would be funny to set the fire extinguisher by me

after dinner came dessert but more importantly the first home alone viewing of the season. my sister and i are beyond obsessed with home alone, knowing each and every line my heart. my love for this movie deserves a post of its own (hint hint).

a two hour nap later it was time to draw names for the christmas eve gift exchange, which went extremely smooth. SIKE! it was completely ridiculous, we had no idea what we were doing and it was completely disorganized. i had no idea all of the variables that we had to consider. so and so already buys a gift for so and so, blah blah, blah, blah, blah.

after over an hour of laughing at our stupidity we finally picked our names, and we realize that my cousin grog really needs socks - preferably cashmere. and that i like things that are black and pretty. hmmm.

but at the end of the festivities, isn't it still all about the turkey?

my cute little cousin graceyn om nom nom noming a turkey leg.

she knows what it's all about people!

yo, happy thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27, 2008

after "accidentally" going out to legends in north canton last night (in my sweatpants), sleeping off the christmas ale this morning was fabulous.

but there's no time for rest - it's THANKSGIVING! yay!

a couple of things i'm thankful for:
1. my family
2. my friends that are family
3. my health
4. you, for even reading this list
5. the fact that i'm awesome

i want everyone to take a moment today and tell someone in your life that you are thankful for them. i know it's cheesy, but i guarantee it will make their day.

on that note, i have food to cook (and eat) and bottle (or two) of wine to drink - hopefully i don't catch on fire this year.

i'm going to leave you with a little thanksgiving ditty that i ganked from rs27 and brookem. have a great long weekend and remember to baste it, not waste it!

keep it juicy!

blogs i'm thankful for

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i have been lucky enough to have received quite a number of blog awards over the last year from some serious blog rock stars.

but i suck and have never followed the blog award rules and passed them out. by now so much time has passed i don't even know how to find the past awards. huge huge fail.

so today i plan to try to make up for my lack of link love by pointing out some of my favorite bloggers and some of my recent favorite posts from them.

with thanksgiving being tomorrow you could say the following bloggers are some of the ones i'm most thankfully for this year. do yourself a favor and check out their blogs daily.

-would you eat a moth for $50? matt from a view from 5280ft did.

-somewhere in rhode island a gyno is missing a speculum, and crissy knows who has it.

-like hollywood, twilight and joshua jackson? so does katelin from pretty sandy feet.

-with the upcoming cold and flu season one really needs to know how to call in sick from work. help maxie learn how too.

-hey fellas, you need to manscape your bathing suit regions just like the ladies do. brookem's post proves it and lets the women speak.

-are you a music junkie? what are your most memorable concerts? nilsa wants to know.

-do you have a blogger meet up in your future? make sure you read this guide to a blogger meet-up before you even start to make plans. deutlich has been around the blog block a few times so she knows what she's doing.

-are you the type of person that can be a friend with benefits? if so, can you explain it to brandy?

-continuing with the friend theme, ashley ponders if it possible to have platonic friends of the opposite sex in your 20's?

-getting in fights in high school is way cooler/easier than getting in a fight when you are oh, 30. chris from surviving myself understands the repercussions now.

-how old is too old for you to start dating someone? do you have a dating cut off age? jessica from everyday adventures ponders her own.

-rs27 has lots of interesting secrets to share with his readers, go find out out weird he is.

-have you had lasik eye surgery? go help jenn make her decision by telling her about your experience.

-you must wash your hands after using the restroom but no ball playing is allowed. the signs and arjewtino told you so.

-is a random acquaintance ever allowed to ask about you sex life? stylish handwriting awkwardly says no.

-do you want to see narm in a sex tape? he's currently weighing the options of adult video fame.

-who would have thunk that so many pop song titles have been recycled? ben thunk it, that's who.

-speaking of pop stars, did you know that chele was a bona fide pop star back in the day? for reals!

-probably one of the best WTF internet moments was found by noelle and must be checked out.

-video g-chatting is for the birds. you must see how the cool kids do it. my dear elle michelle has a lot of fun at work.

-what do you love about blogs? on the flipside what annoys you about them? jamie from oh! how lovely wants to know.

-what do you do when an "elder" suddenly decides to start text messaging? if you are angilio you laugh.

-my friend ashley opened up her own etsy shop! you should probably go check it out.

ummmm, so i think you have some reading to do.

happy thanksgiving kids! gobble, gobble.

mess, party of one.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

last year's thanksgiving brought a new member to my family's festivities.

my sisters boyfriend - my younger sister.

now while this may not seem like a big deal to the average reader it was a HUGE deal in my family. my sister lives in manhattan and bringing her boyfriend home with her to canton for the holiday to participate in not one but two family dinners was quite the event.

being that i've never had a boy come to thanksgiving dinner and i am three years older than her kind of caused me unexpectedly to become a bit emotional. enjoying yet another family meal full of questions about my non-existent love life was something i was not looking forward to.

early in the afternoon i realized that the best way to cope with said emotions was to drink copious amounts of wine.

now i may have a bit of a reputation for being a party girl, but not around my family. for whatever reason family dinners and holidays are my nights off. so once i downed my third glass of wine before 3pm i knew 2007's thanksgiving was going to be a treat for everyone involved.

the first meal at my aunt's house went off relatively without a hitch but walking into my cousins house for the second meal i may or may not have been 27 sheets to the wind.

"yeah, yeah sissy's boyfriend is awesome. ain't love grand? where's the wine?"

upon sitting down at the dining room table, after the thanksgiving day prayer, the mad rush to pass the food began.

my little cousin jenna asks me to pass the potatoes to her across the table. no biggie right?


upon passing the spuds my sleeve glides over a lit candle...

catching my shirt ON FIRE - in the middle of thanksgiving dinner.

the sad thing is, i was so full of turkey and wine i didn't even realize i was on fire. my cousin jenna had to tell me.

instead of freaking out and stop, dropping and rolling - i literally looked at my currently on fire sleeve and started laughing. a full bellied stoner-esque laugh (think beavis and butt-head), taking my good 'ol time in putting out the flame.

members of my family had either one of two reactions.
1. laughing till they cried, or
2. complete and utter pity for the single drunk girl

here's hoping that i don't light any of my garments on fire this thanksgiving.

i should be okay though. sissy won't be bringing her boyfriend home this year - they broke up.


i'm so evil.


Monday, November 24, 2008

this weekend was brought to you by the letters O, S and U. that's ohio state university for all of you people living under a rock.

the osu/michigan game started at noon on saturday and being the good fan that i am rounded up bird and the klutz to partake in one of my favorite past times...

day drinking.

we headed to the public house in westpark to watch the game, grab some lunch, visit with foxxy and what not. after the game (osu won) we headed to merry arts in lakewood to meet up with the giff, jilly and company. it was there that i felt like i was reliving my early 20's - those were some good times. good times.

it was also at merry arts that in talking to a guy friend from college he confessed that he had recently spent three days at work reading every single one of my blog posts (you know who you are, nipple boy). it was a reminder to me
that people actually do read this blog. who would have thought.

by now it was 7pm and we wanted to head back downtown to meet the jerk, hatchel, captain and travis who were all at
mike rogers on west 6th.

oh, you don't know what mike rogers is?

well michael rogers is the character that cleveland football icon bob golic played on saved by the bell the college years. from now on, bob golic's bar will forever be called mike rogers according to me. learn about it.

captain, hatchel, the jerk, travis, bird and the klutz. serious hatchel must we flick the camera off. i'm posting this picture to spite you ; )

at mike rogers the shots started to flow - and hatchel had the great idea to go enter a charity poker tournament at the powerhouse pub. leading all of us to head to the harbor inn - twist my arm.

by now it was around midnight and we all were still standing (rockstars) but the force was strong and some of us were about to make some stupid decisions. sigh.

this is the part were my PG blog could get pretty NC-17 rated - in short, i can't write anymore. why must you read my blog mom? : )

sunday morning the klutz, bird, the jerk, hatchel and i all got breakfast at the westside market cafe (my favorite). after that it was obviously nap time - to the couch!

after a long sleepy time i woke up refreshed just in time for MOB to pick me up and head to playhouse square to see legally blonde: the musical. it was so so so so so cute, and funny - way funnier that i had expected. we had 5th row seats which made that jump rope scene all the more impressive. snaps to them.

MOB and i headed to sushi rock after for some grub where we gossiped and chatted like good friends do. thanks for inviting me buddy.

but for now all i can think about it thanksgiving and how excited i am for it. i'm also pretty pumped to write my favorite thanksgiving story ever and share it with you all tomorrow. it involves fire - i'll leave it at that.

recap. out.

this is an intervention

Friday, November 21, 2008

dearest alexa,
so what's up lady? how you been?

apparently pretty busy from where i'm standing.

because i've been seeing you gallivant to cleveland smc meetings, hit up sushi rock with your downtown family, and sip on blueberry stoli at the maproom. also, by how high your google reader number is you obviously haven't been keeping up with your fellow bloggers. and where the heck is your FBF post this week?

gosh, get with it.

i am proud of you though, you've been working out everyday. cutting out your office's evil baked goods and tuna melts for lunch. high five to you kid.

but there is a bigger problem at hand that we need to address.

i'm really concerned about your use of "blogspeak" i.e. OMG, BTW, LOL, FTW, HAHAHA, hahaha and xoxo. you promised yourself when you started blogging that you would never run around with the "blogspeak" crowd. you were better than that.

but you caved into the pressure. before you knew it you were leaving comments chock full of acronyms, even saying them out loud - in real life conversations. {gasp}

for example, yesterday while you were talking to your boss making an oh so valid point you actually said - out loud, "BTW". at least your boss and woolman were kind enough to simply laugh at you for your use of the phrase. don't make yourself sound stupid alexa, you aren't.

whatever you do, don't let BTW be your gateway drug word to heavier "blogspeak" such as the dreaded "i can has cheezburger" and LOLcats.

also, i'm concerned with your use of exclamation points. a little too excited are we? i think you should try to ration yourself to only 10 exclamation points a day, it'll mean more when you actually throw one out, no need to cry wolf in the form of excitement. think about it, it's for the best. (that goes for LOL too)

oh, but before i go, make sure you flirt with lots of cute boys this weekend, and go ahead and buy those hot boots you've been eying.

good talk. good talk.

your #1 fan - you

toe pick!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

yesterday morning i almost ran the yuppie mobile into the car in front of me on my morning commute because i couldn't stop staring/laughing at a new billboard that was recently put up on the corner of st clair and w 9th.

this january cleveland has the honor of hosting the 2009 US figure skating championship. it's a big deal right? i mean, i have always loved me some figure skating - elvis stojko for the win!

of course there is bound to be promotion and advertising throughout the city leading up to the event - but seriously, who came up with this campaign? i need to thank them for my endless laughter each time i walk out of my apartment building.

this billboard is all sorts of wrong while simultaneously being oh so right. the style, the attitude, the sequins, and don't forget - that face.

what art director decided that this specific picture was THE BEST one?

hmmmmm, i wonder why male figure skaters get stereotyped as being gay?

according to this billboard sequins and the burning fire in this skaters eye, are exactly what it means to be a figure skater competing in the national championship.

1. i need to find out who that male figure skater is.

2. if this billboard was live action, i wonder what johnny sequins would be saying? or grunting for that matter. ew.

blogsecret blog swap

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the rules to blogsecret are simple. you write a post, a post that you would never have the guts to publish on your own blog. a secret that one would be too embarrassed to share with your regular readers.

nilsa came up with the idea to allow fellow bloggers a completely anonymous post hosted on a fellow bloggers site. all without anyone knowing the author. 79 blogs are participating in the swap - including myself.

and boy is mine extra juicy. if you have some free time on your hands you can head over to nilsa's and check out all of the participating blog links. maybe if you're really smart (and have a lot of time on your hands) you'll be able to click through all the links and figure out which one i wrote ; )

so without further ado the following is the post that i am hosting today. remember i did not write it, so be kind to my secret blogger buddy, maybe you can help her out.


This is so embarrassing. I hope my secret's host is not mortified and I don't offend the home crowd too much. Here goes nothing: I don't know what I am supposed to do about grooming my, well, you know, "area". I was never that worried about it until I saw the Sex and the City movie... not I am mortified that my husband is thinking the same thing that Samantha said to Miranda in Mexico, regarding an unfortunate issue with her bathing suit.

The only option I have ever really heard mentioned in magazines, or in movies/television is waxing. Now that presents a whole other problem...where does one even go to do that? I know everytime I go get a pedicure the ladies ask me incessantly if I need my eyebrows waxed, but is there some code for other waxing needs?...oh, and I saw a home Brazilian Wax kit at CVS, but I am not sure that is something a novice should do to themselves (or anyone else really) at home. It really seems that should be a last resort.

So there it is. That is my secret. I am a grown woman who is not quite sure what she is supposed to be doing to keep herself "kempt". Any wisdom that could be imparted would be greatly appreciated. Oh. And for you knowledgable, well-groomed ladies, where did you get your information? And at what point in your lives did you start, well, you know...grooming?

babies are like little nubs of adults

Monday, November 17, 2008

[this post turned out a lot longer than i anticipated, oops]

so my last two weekends have been a bit well drunken. and i needed a serious break.

which doesn't mean i sat at home all weekend - it just means i didn't fall off any bar stools or send drunken text messages.

friday night i headed out to westlake to shop a bit at crocker park with my dear friend poo poo who was in from chicago. we perused baby gap prepping for her for the birth of the baby that is now growing in her belly. yes, poo poo is having a baby!

which meant no boozing for us. considering i was still a bit hung from the night before i was more than fine with that. instead we got pizza by robert and hung out with her parents, sister and the beav. we visited - it's nice just to visit.

poo poo also made me do my "predict the sex of the baby" trick that i do. remember
how i'm undefeated? i say it's a boy. guess we will just have to wait and see, won't we?

saturday morning i woke up uber early and wrote my blogsecret post to send to nilsa for tuesday's big swap. (can't wait, btw)

hopped in the yuppie mobile and headed to grosse pointe, michigan (right outside of detroit) to visit my old college roommate and very dear friend d-ray, her husband terry and their baby eleanor! i love visiting
the bubble and need to make the short trip more often.

upon my arrival i pretty much just starred at and played with the babe. i love her, seriously she is the happiest baby i've ever seen. she's a little spazz though, just like her auntie alexa.

and i don't care how many of my friends are popping out kids these days - it's still a bit surreal to me. it's like one day you're doing jagger bombs and the next day you are a parent and saving for a college education.


we got carry out from this amazing italian place after the baby went to bed and drank a lot of wine, just gossiping and visiting. apparently i'm really into visiting these days. sunday morning we went to breakfast with her parents and visited (again) with her sister and her kids - who are all doing well. i seriously adore that whole family. thanks for having me d-ray! xoxo

after saying goodbye i hopped in the yuppie mobile again to drive back to cleveland. this time it just took a bit longer than expected. it was whiteout snowing and friggin' interstate 75 is closed all throughout downtown detroit. after literally looping around the city 3 times and ended up at some generic gas station where i asked a toothless homeless man for directions. no fear.

instead of going straight home i stopped by the beav's condo and hung out with her and the giff, (who got engaged last weekend, hip hop horray!). we ate pizza, again, and the beav and i went and saw zack and miri make a porno which was surprisingly sweet, funny and porn-tastic. and seth rogan, you can be my boyfriend any day.

this was one of the best weekends i've had in awhile thanks to my besties, and i didn't even step foot into a bar. although i'm probably going to be itching to go out during the week...

monday night browns/bills football watching anyone? : )

cleveland blogger meet up

Friday, November 14, 2008

i was just a girl with a dream.

a dream that i could one day get all of my favorite cleveland bloggers in the same room at the same time.

well my dream came true last night!

dramatic much?

look at all these fabulous bloggers that made it out last night for the meet-up. i'm featuring them all on this fine friday.

cleveland foodie,
confessions of a cohabitant
white-collar redneck,
recent encounters,
our little apartment,
life, liberty and the pursuit of your boyfriend,
addicted to vinyl,
blogging jason,
read my mind!,
sensory overload,
yes, i'm judging you,
random rants and musings,
27 dresses in cleveland,
chef's widow,
life on mars,
inspired freelancer,
undisclosed location,
life in recipes.

ok, that pile of links up there? took a lot out of me. phew.

i am so glad that everyone could make it! i think my first cleveland blogger meet-up was a success to say the least. thanks so much to everyone who came.

as always i was a complete dork and made everyone wear name tags. we even had a raffle with some amazing restaurant gift certificates courtesy of thunder::tech and a beautiful framed photo courtesy of ashley.

we had wonderful ambiance in the private room of bar cento. thanks to chef sawyer for the amazing food and to everest for the most excellent service. i heart them.

i have some pics but i'm currently too lazy and too busy to post them but after the night i had last night you all should be happy you are getting anything - fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine i'll put them on facebook : )

have a good weekend everyone!

i wish i could quit you

Thursday, November 13, 2008

there's a girl that i follow on twitter that you could kindly say bothers the heck out of me, she's not a blogger, but a local twitterer that i feel like i "have" to follow.

but if she annoys me, why do i torture myself with having to read her tweets?

i actually unfollowed her about a month ago cause i couldn't take it anymore. well she must have had Qwitter cause the next day she started following me. which of course made me feel bad so i started following her again.

apparently i'm a whimp.

now i've had this discussion with fellow bloggers about why we feel the need to read blogs and or follow people on twitter that we don't particularly care for.

do we follow them because everyone else likes them and we feel that we have to read them? is it because they get a lot of comments? or because we are all just so damn voyeuristic? i mean why do i keep coming back?

am i a masochist? or just a true social media junkie?

come on, you know you all have at least one person you don't particularly care for that you are following. that person that you maybe roll your eyes at the computer screen thinking, this dude/dudette just doesn't get it. that blogger that fires you up, or that blog whose only use is to make your google reader number go up when you always just end up marking them as read anyway.

please tell me i'm not the only one that experiences this - cause then i'll just feel like a jerk.
but if you are like me, i going to tell you to do something for yourself that helped me from getting so bothered.

unsubscribe! don't click on their url! stop following them! even if it is just one.

fight the power.

it just better not be my blog.

[on a cleveland related note, i'm getting very excited for the blogger meet up tonight at bar cento! so many fabulous bloggers, that i don't "mark as read" to meet, yay! expect a full recap tomorrow]


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i don't get rilled up all that often.

the above statement was a lie.

but every morning i pull into my office parking lot and i am greeted with quite possibly the most obnoxious vanity plate i have ever seen. i literally cringe when i see it.

i can't help that there is just something about vanity plates that make me twitch. they are the epitome of cheese. and a personal pet peeve of mine - don't judge, you have yours too.

i don't care if you SEWALOT, are a LNCHLDY, JRS WIFE, MISFIT or are CRAIZEEE.

i don't need to know how much you like butt sex or even if you are KNG OF AK *ahem* lebron james.

the only and i mean ONLY time a vanity plate is tolerable is when it is just single initials.

you are now as a reader of my blog, obliged to confess to me if you have a vanity plate. i'll judge you, but i'll still love you.

the art of the guy friend

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

this past thursday while out watching the browns game on west 6th i was sitting in between the klutz and the jerk when a very drunken boy came up to me all douchebaggy like hugging on me and tell me i smelled good. blah blah blah.

i look at the jerk (one of my good guy friends) for help. i shot him "the look" - the one that says you better pretend to be my boyfriend right now to get this guy away from me look. and what does he do? he GETS UP and leaves me!

i wanted to murder him. but he insists that he was trying to do me a favor. um, no.

so after i got rid of the drunk douchbaggy boy i promptly gave the jerk a nice lecture saying he committed a huge FAIL in the world of being a guy friend. causing a whole conversation about what he is "supposed" to do in situations like that. i.e. save me!

which turned into me writing a full out pro and con list of being a single girl with many many guy friends according to me.

pro: you can always call a guy friend up to move heavy furniture
con: they will expect you to cook them dinner as payment

pro: guy friends are always up for watching sports or going out on a random week night
con: the boys at the bar will think you are dating him and are in turn unavailable

pro: you can be yourself around them because you're not looking to hook up
con: because you are being yourself (obviously awesome) the boy could fall for you
--the above pro and con goes boy/girl and girl/boy

pro: your guy friend, if single can mingle with all your single girlfriends
con: if it doesn't work out you have two potentially angry friends to deal with

pro: said guy friend can scare away jerky/bad boys
con: said guy friend can scare away perfectly nice cute rich boys

pro: boys like to gossip just as much as girls do
con: there isn't a con, who doesn't like good fun conversation?

pro: it's good to have a confidant that's the opposite sex for a different perspective
con: boys generally don't like to listen to girl's bullshit

pro: gay best friends are ideal
con: you must remember that you will NEVER turn them straight

pro: can turn into friends with benefits
con: can turn into friends with benefits

with all this being, said pros and cons aside - i wouldn't trade any of my guy friends in. the pros definitely out weigh the cons.

have any pros/cons i should add to my list?

i'm bad, that's who.

Monday, November 10, 2008

you guys know that i've been anxiously awaiting the who's bad? concert for awhile now.

well the day (saturday) arrived and who's bad? definitely lived up to all the hype. but did they play dirty diana? well, i couldn't tell you - i had a bit of a graying out situation again this saturday.

note to self: finishing a whole bottle of wine by yourself
before even going to the show with only two pieces of peanut butter toast in your belly is probably a mistake.

but hey you live and learn - but at 28 i probably should have learned this lesson by now.

regardless, i had a blast. and do hope that who's bad? makes a stop in cleveland sometime soon.

some of the girls at the show

MJ himself

after the show i'm told that we went to cadillac ranch, the new bar that opened in public square. it's there that i fell off a bar stool - thankfully there was a nice boy to help me up, and the beav to tell me it happened in the first place.

i guess i came home to a party going on in my apartment, to which i then decide to invite everyone and their brother to come over for more shenanigans - i have the text messages to prove it. seriously, someone needs to take my bberry away from me. i'm thinking i need an emergency calls only button. has that been invented yet?

so home is supposed to be ones safe spot right? but of course once i got home more bad decisions were made.

note to self x2 : you are not in college anymore.

featured blogger friday v10

Friday, November 7, 2008

this week's featured blogger needs zero introduction. he's just that awesome.

although i do ask that you do one thing for me before you start reading his responses to the survey. i feel that you need to prepare yourself for his greatness.

click here to experience

may i now present to you,

the man.

the myth.

the legend.

Who are you and what is your blog?

Chris, from Surviving Myself.

Where are you typing from?

My office. I just finished eating an apple, then I read something about cheetahs and how they can't roar like lions or other big cats and now I'm doing this. My boss is proud of me.

How long have you been blogging and what platform do you use?

I had a sports blog for about a year and that had an audience (I'm just guessing here) of about three people a month. Then one day I wrote about how I could beat up Tom Cruise and people liked it, so I switched to writing just random crap I thought about it, and Surviving Myself was born. I've been writing there since February.

Sum up your piece of the internet in one sentence.

Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em.

Are you an anonymous blogger or do you scream who you are from the rooftop?

I put my name out there. It's Chris O'Shea. No, not the damn graphic artist or the pudgy magician! The blogger! I hate that when I google myself (you do it too don't lie) those two dudes come up and I am nowhere to be found.

Do your readers know what you look like?

Yes, on my "about" page there's a picture. And here I am.

If you could become famous from blogging like dooce would you want to?

Hell yes. In fact, that's exactly what I want to do. My dream job is to be able to write my blog from my couch in my boxer briefs while eating Count Chocula.

So you just drank a bottle of wine alone and you’re sitting at your computer, who are the three bloggers that you email or google talk with?

Hmmm. This is so gossipy! Right, it's kind of gossipy? I have no idea.

Okay, I'm going to go with:

Mindy from Mindy Does Minneapolis.

The blogger from Hollywood Sucker.

Aaron from Mental Three Sixty (though he doesn't really blog anymore)

How many blogs are in your google reader?

I don't use google reader. I know, I know. But every time I try to I end up doing something wrong. I just use bookmarks, which is what Batman uses too. So there.

If you had $1000 to spend and could only buy one item, what would you buy?

Probably a watch that is close to that amount. Maybe a Movado. I love watches, I have six right now and want more.

What’s your favorite thing to do after 10pm?

Sleep. Unless it's the weekend, then drinking and yelling.

Top three favorite movies from your childhood.

Oh damn, this is hard. Okay, this is just off the top of my head.

1) Teen Wolf 2) Rocky and 3) The Never Ending Story.

Name something random that I could find if I was snooping through your purse/wallet?

I carry a money clip because I'm Special And Famous. So all you'd find is money, my train card and my credit card. Nothing special or random.

Link to a funny you tube video you like.

This will give you some insight into my head.

Wanna share a secret with me, I promise I won’t tell… <-- that’s a lie, but tell me something anyways.

I have a hole in my sock right now. The horror!!!

If you could trade places with one blogger for one day who would it be and why?

Probably Pistols from Save Your Generation, just so I could see what being awesome was like for one day.

Who’s your blog crush?

Does Kim Kardashian have a blog? No? Well, I don't have one then.

Parting words of wisdom?

Eat your soup and never, ever forget Montell Jordan.

baby let's cruise

Thursday, November 6, 2008

last night i headed to playhouse square for a partners event that my friend MOB had put together. it was miniature golf themed "par-tee" and i can honestly say that i never thought i would be planning putt-putt in the palace theater.

actually i didn't play putt-putt at all, i just drank the beer - typical alexa strikes again.

so bird, foxxy, myself and some of our other partners in crime participated in the event that included unlimited beer and food for only $15. such a steal - plus, we had a great time.

i'm bitter that MOB didn't rig the raffle so that i won the jumpback ball ticket but i'll survive.

the gangs all here

now while sean may have had great form. bird got the most hole-in-one's.

after we hit the holes we gathered around the bar singing and dancing to the oh so sweet soft rock dj - bringing back memories of cruisin' together karaoke style at UD.

i mean who doesn't want to cruise together? sing it gwen.

another gem of a song we heard was "sweat" by inner circle - you know you know the song - a la la la la long a la la la la long. well the dj happened to play a way slowed down version of the "hit" and we all suddenly realized what dirtyish lyrics the song had.

i.e. my tongue gets tired - hmm, from what? or, i want to make you sweat, sweat till you can't sweat no more. and when you cry out, i'm going to push it, push it some more.

hmmm. i'll let you marinade on that one for a bit.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my mother and cousin just love to tell a story about me from when i was a young child.

around the age of 3 or 4 i called shoes, "hungs".

yes, hungs. emphasis on the H. i have no idea why or how i came to calling them "hungs" but i did, and apparently i really liked hungs.

one day my family and i were all shopping at a shoe store - i think is was lucky's shoes or something and i was really excited to be in the shoe store. suddenly i started grabbing pairs of "hungs" and throwing them over my shoulder shouting, "HUNGS, HUNGS!", each time that i grabbed a shoe.

my little feet quickly carried me all around the store before anyone could stop me, causing an utter mess. the adults around couldn't do anything to stop me because they were way too busy laughing.

about 25 years later the "hungs" incident still resonates with my family. when my mom and i make shopping trips to DSW she has been known to throw a shoe over her shoulder and shout "hungs". har de har har, mom.

so when i was made aware of an event that was happening this thursday for the grand opening of the DSW location in crocker park all i could think about was winning "hungs".

here are the details:

on thursday, november 6th DSW is offering one lucky customer 15 minutes to stuff as many pairs of shoes that he/SHE can fit into a smartcar.

plus, the winner of the crocker park contest has a 1-5 chance with the other four DSW location winners to actually win the smartcar itself. um - yes, please.

to enter, head to the DSW in crocker park between 5pm and 7:30pm to enter. the winner will be chosen promptly at 8pm and the shopping spree with start at 8:30.

i'm going to head out there with some friends to the event and i'm totally set on winning. my strategy? take the shoes out of the boxes! no shoe boxes - they'll just take up more room in the smartcar, duh.

and when i do win i'm grabbing these, these, these and these - plus100 more pairs easily.

speaking of giveaways go enter
my friend allison's bag giveaway - follow the directions and leave a comment to enter!

you do know it's your right - right?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i mean, i don't really have to tell you to vote today do i?

didn't think so.

this morning i voted for my first time in cuyahoga county - which made me feel like a real clevelander, even though i have lived here for the past three years.

the klutz and i headed to starbucks bright and early to get coffee (venti) and walk to the old stone church in public square to cast our vote. we already had friends in line (court and hatchel) so we kinda knew what we were getting into.

as i entered the building there was a surreal silence - no one was really talking.
i mean we were in a church, but come on now.

at the point that i arrived, i was having a serious hot flash ripping off layers of clothes.
one could say i was being typical loud alexa (shocker).

suddenly my phone starts to vibrate. it was my friend court, "alexa, i can hear you."

me: "where are you? i can't see you."

suddenly, the guy in front of her in line (who she doesn't know from adam) turns around and asks her, "is that alexa?". it was yet another one of my friends.


joking aside, i actually had fun voting.

the whole process only took about an hour, and the line was full of my friends and neighbors - creating that community feeling that sometimes can get lost living downtown.

one thing did surprise me though. i thought that all voting in ohio was now electronic. my polling location was SAT test style - filling in little bubbles with pen by the candidate's name. hey, at least the technology now allows pen instead of #2 pencil right?

well that's my voting experience for the day, i hope you get out there if you haven't already and create your own.

halloweenie party

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i woke up this morning a bit confused. why was there a cupcake on my nightstand and why did i still have my wig on? apparently i crashed where i fell, literally.

it was a well deserved pass out after 24 hours of prepping for the klutz's and my
halloweenie party. we had a great turn out and everyone had a great time from the amount of beer bottles, cans and jello shots we had to clean up today. everyone except maybe the security guard downstairs in my building who was harassing all of my guests - it's my goal to get her fired. but that's another blog.

i'm torn when playing hostess though - the next day i always feel that i didn't talk to everyone enough. it's all a blur. when in turn the real reason for the blur is because end up making myself too stiff of drinks and end up blacking graying out.

thank god for pictures to jog my memory. i'm posting some of the highlight pics, but
the rest are in an album on my facebook - check them out.

now there were many many many great costumes last night but one group costume deserves some special attention. a group of my friends and coworkers dressed up as wait for it..... ALEXA.

yes, they dressed up as your favorite plum. there were EIGHT alexa's in all, nine if you counted myself.

my jaw dropped to the floor when they walked in. i think i cried i was laughing so hard. every single one of them, boys and girls had on a black dress, a black wig and glasses. batch and salami rose even put pad locks on their purses to mock my chloe bag, they drew my wrist tattoo on their wrists - they answered to my name. it was hilarious.

so when someone dresses up as you does that mean you've arrived?

heather, driggs, blogging jason and narm. nice mustache narm - exxxtra creepy.

my two favorite CHOLA's court and muffin. gangsta.

look kids it's juno! that boner got her in that predicament didn't it?

dog the bounty hunter getting attacked by lippe and bird

and it's a rager - and to think this pic doesn't show the deck or hallway folks.

i'm sure everyone would agree that on all counts we had a great party - thanks to everyone who came! and to think that i'm already thinking about next saturday's festivities. have you bought your who's bad ticket yet?