babies are like little nubs of adults

Monday, November 17, 2008

[this post turned out a lot longer than i anticipated, oops]

so my last two weekends have been a bit well drunken. and i needed a serious break.

which doesn't mean i sat at home all weekend - it just means i didn't fall off any bar stools or send drunken text messages.

friday night i headed out to westlake to shop a bit at crocker park with my dear friend poo poo who was in from chicago. we perused baby gap prepping for her for the birth of the baby that is now growing in her belly. yes, poo poo is having a baby!

which meant no boozing for us. considering i was still a bit hung from the night before i was more than fine with that. instead we got pizza by robert and hung out with her parents, sister and the beav. we visited - it's nice just to visit.

poo poo also made me do my "predict the sex of the baby" trick that i do. remember
how i'm undefeated? i say it's a boy. guess we will just have to wait and see, won't we?

saturday morning i woke up uber early and wrote my blogsecret post to send to nilsa for tuesday's big swap. (can't wait, btw)

hopped in the yuppie mobile and headed to grosse pointe, michigan (right outside of detroit) to visit my old college roommate and very dear friend d-ray, her husband terry and their baby eleanor! i love visiting
the bubble and need to make the short trip more often.

upon my arrival i pretty much just starred at and played with the babe. i love her, seriously she is the happiest baby i've ever seen. she's a little spazz though, just like her auntie alexa.

and i don't care how many of my friends are popping out kids these days - it's still a bit surreal to me. it's like one day you're doing jagger bombs and the next day you are a parent and saving for a college education.


we got carry out from this amazing italian place after the baby went to bed and drank a lot of wine, just gossiping and visiting. apparently i'm really into visiting these days. sunday morning we went to breakfast with her parents and visited (again) with her sister and her kids - who are all doing well. i seriously adore that whole family. thanks for having me d-ray! xoxo

after saying goodbye i hopped in the yuppie mobile again to drive back to cleveland. this time it just took a bit longer than expected. it was whiteout snowing and friggin' interstate 75 is closed all throughout downtown detroit. after literally looping around the city 3 times and ended up at some generic gas station where i asked a toothless homeless man for directions. no fear.

instead of going straight home i stopped by the beav's condo and hung out with her and the giff, (who got engaged last weekend, hip hop horray!). we ate pizza, again, and the beav and i went and saw zack and miri make a porno which was surprisingly sweet, funny and porn-tastic. and seth rogan, you can be my boyfriend any day.

this was one of the best weekends i've had in awhile thanks to my besties, and i didn't even step foot into a bar. although i'm probably going to be itching to go out during the week...

monday night browns/bills football watching anyone? : )


  1. oh I cant wait to watch zack and miri make a porno. I need a good movie laugh. Yeah Seth Rogan, something about him huh?

  2. If you like visiting people I have an idea where you can go next. No babies here though... they are strictly prohibited.

  3. I love visiting, too, and I seem to have been doing it a lot recently, too. All the pizza you ate this weekend sounds amazing. And the Italian, too. And the snow, even if it forced you to not get home in time.

  4. "it's like one day you're doing jagger bombs and the next day you are a parent and saving for a college education."

    I loved this quote so much I had to email it to one of my pregger friends :)


  5. somethings not right about us ladies, when we think an ugly guy is hot for his personality. It only makes me mad because boys would NEVER do the same. It's not fair.

    I'm all about male/female inequality and fairness lately.

    A coworker was in detroit this wknd, and also said how bad the snow was!!!

  6. My daughter had that same baby Einstein exersaucer!

    It is weird when your friends start having babies. I was the last hold out but it's a good thing.

    I get all the hand me downs!

    Woot! Woot!

  7. Those little baby socks kill me. Kill me!

  8. That sounds like such a fun weekend! Whenever I visit my friends who have babies, I tend to give more attention to the babies than my friends. They are just too much fun!

  9. Sounds like a fun weekend even tho babies scare me. I cant wait for BlogSecret either!

  10. Predicting baby sex?

    That is gross.

    Maybe I read that wrong.

  11. what a great weekend!! sorry about all the snow driving.. but the rest of it... GOOD TIMES :-)

  12. I can't wait to see Zack and Miri make a porno, although I am worried after I see it I might want to make a porno.

  13. I need to see Zack and Miri...I think I might have to take my gf to that Sunday night.

    As far as Bills Browns...I will watch it if I can see it. I couldn't see most of last year's game in its' whiteout glory...

  14. I'm sorry I didn't get to see poo poo. I didn't realize she was in town:( I would have liked to ooh and aah over her baby belly! - even if you can't tell, I still can't help myself.

    I still can't get used to this baby thing either!! I mean, talk about getting knocked out of your usual routine!

    Maybe Golic's still tonight for the game - I'll let you know!

  15. That is such an adorable picture! Spazzy babies are the best, so are happy ones. I love visiting with babies and getting them all doped up on sugar and then returning them.

  16. I just went to a baby fest this weekend. And by baby fest, I mean two babies-- which still feels like a lot!

  17. i have a baby, but still other peoples' babies creep me out. i was never maternal, nor inclined in anyway to have kids....and then....ooops...I'm a mommy and loving it (mostly).

    But my advice - dont rush it. dont feel pressurised, and enjoy all the sleep and free time you possibly can.

    oh, and i'm also taking part in blogsecret.

  18. Gah ... all my high school friends have been churning out the babies lately. Some of them are even on them second. Every so often I get that urge to want to have my own, then I remember kids are only good when you can give them back to their parents.

  19. What an adorable, chubby little baby! I wish I could have one for like, 2 hours :) I guess that's what they call babysitting though. Hehe.

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