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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i have been lucky enough to have received quite a number of blog awards over the last year from some serious blog rock stars.

but i suck and have never followed the blog award rules and passed them out. by now so much time has passed i don't even know how to find the past awards. huge huge fail.

so today i plan to try to make up for my lack of link love by pointing out some of my favorite bloggers and some of my recent favorite posts from them.

with thanksgiving being tomorrow you could say the following bloggers are some of the ones i'm most thankfully for this year. do yourself a favor and check out their blogs daily.

-would you eat a moth for $50? matt from a view from 5280ft did.

-somewhere in rhode island a gyno is missing a speculum, and crissy knows who has it.

-like hollywood, twilight and joshua jackson? so does katelin from pretty sandy feet.

-with the upcoming cold and flu season one really needs to know how to call in sick from work. help maxie learn how too.

-hey fellas, you need to manscape your bathing suit regions just like the ladies do. brookem's post proves it and lets the women speak.

-are you a music junkie? what are your most memorable concerts? nilsa wants to know.

-do you have a blogger meet up in your future? make sure you read this guide to a blogger meet-up before you even start to make plans. deutlich has been around the blog block a few times so she knows what she's doing.

-are you the type of person that can be a friend with benefits? if so, can you explain it to brandy?

-continuing with the friend theme, ashley ponders if it possible to have platonic friends of the opposite sex in your 20's?

-getting in fights in high school is way cooler/easier than getting in a fight when you are oh, 30. chris from surviving myself understands the repercussions now.

-how old is too old for you to start dating someone? do you have a dating cut off age? jessica from everyday adventures ponders her own.

-rs27 has lots of interesting secrets to share with his readers, go find out out weird he is.

-have you had lasik eye surgery? go help jenn make her decision by telling her about your experience.

-you must wash your hands after using the restroom but no ball playing is allowed. the signs and arjewtino told you so.

-is a random acquaintance ever allowed to ask about you sex life? stylish handwriting awkwardly says no.

-do you want to see narm in a sex tape? he's currently weighing the options of adult video fame.

-who would have thunk that so many pop song titles have been recycled? ben thunk it, that's who.

-speaking of pop stars, did you know that chele was a bona fide pop star back in the day? for reals!

-probably one of the best WTF internet moments was found by noelle and must be checked out.

-video g-chatting is for the birds. you must see how the cool kids do it. my dear elle michelle has a lot of fun at work.

-what do you love about blogs? on the flipside what annoys you about them? jamie from oh! how lovely wants to know.

-what do you do when an "elder" suddenly decides to start text messaging? if you are angilio you laugh.

-my friend ashley opened up her own etsy shop! you should probably go check it out.

ummmm, so i think you have some reading to do.

happy thanksgiving kids! gobble, gobble.


  1. Thanks dudette! I'm thankful that you're thankful for me!

    Eat lots. Drink lots. Don't catch on fire.

  2. dude! that had to take for-ever to put together.

    and I thank you.

    and I miss you.


  3. Such a good list!

    And luckily for you, I have given you another chance to pass on an award!

  4. Oh yay! Thanks for the link love.

    I'm so thankful for you too. And thankful that you're a real-life friend too. And happy Thanksgiving, love!

  5. wow what a list, I am so thankful that I am on it because I love love your blog.
    Aww this made me happy. So many great blogs you posted here.
    If I was still singing I would so dedicate a song to you on stage...

  6. I am very thankful for this blog!!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving Alexa!

  7. I've been blogging since 2005. I havn't given an award. I don't think that makes you a bad blogger. What makes you a bad blogger is giving up blogging. It makes me die a little inside when someone quits. You get to know people thru their blogs and its like your friendships ended.

    For thanksgiving I'm thankful for faithful bloggers!

  8. I'm thankful for YOU.

    That must have taken a really long time to compile.

    Thanks for the shout out, love.

    Enjoy your snowy Thanksgiving!

  9. Hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving and drink lots and lots of vino ;)


  10. aw, im thankful for YOU for sure. have a great turkey day dear! xx

  11. i am way ahead of you, as i've read most of these, so ha! or something....yeah. i'm cool.

    Happy Turkey Day!!!!

  12. Yay now I have new blogs to go and check out.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  13. This list was better than any blog award I've seen handed out.

    It's personable and you let people know why you like it!

    So much bloggy love in this bitch, I may cry

  14. You're the best.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. aw thanks, i agree with SO, so much better than a blog award :)

    happy thanksagiving!

  16. Great list. I know what I'll be reading when I get bored over the weekend.

    Oh, wait, I'll be in NYC. I CAN'T get bored!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Alexa.

  17. This post could keep me occupied for days. Thanks for including me, and have a great holiday!

  18. I actually read a lot of those too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Alexa, you're awesome. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  20. Awwww! I love your blog too sweetie! I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome and I hope you told your family my speculum story! Everyone loves that story! I know because after I tell it nobody knows what to say...

  21. You should do PR for these other folks' blogs. Well accomplished.

  22. Look at all of that link love! Thanks for including me :)

  23. Oh wow, thanks girl! You're the best!!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm a bit delayed in catching up on blog reading. Cantcha tell!?

  24. Thanks, lady! I'm thankful you're thankful for me.

    It was a lovely long weekend, right?

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