cleveland blogger meet up

Friday, November 14, 2008

i was just a girl with a dream.

a dream that i could one day get all of my favorite cleveland bloggers in the same room at the same time.

well my dream came true last night!

dramatic much?

look at all these fabulous bloggers that made it out last night for the meet-up. i'm featuring them all on this fine friday.

cleveland foodie,
confessions of a cohabitant
white-collar redneck,
recent encounters,
our little apartment,
life, liberty and the pursuit of your boyfriend,
addicted to vinyl,
blogging jason,
read my mind!,
sensory overload,
yes, i'm judging you,
random rants and musings,
27 dresses in cleveland,
chef's widow,
life on mars,
inspired freelancer,
undisclosed location,
life in recipes.

ok, that pile of links up there? took a lot out of me. phew.

i am so glad that everyone could make it! i think my first cleveland blogger meet-up was a success to say the least. thanks so much to everyone who came.

as always i was a complete dork and made everyone wear name tags. we even had a raffle with some amazing restaurant gift certificates courtesy of thunder::tech and a beautiful framed photo courtesy of ashley.

we had wonderful ambiance in the private room of bar cento. thanks to chef sawyer for the amazing food and to everest for the most excellent service. i heart them.

i have some pics but i'm currently too lazy and too busy to post them but after the night i had last night you all should be happy you are getting anything - fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine i'll put them on facebook : )

have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks for coordinating, miss thang! Good to see everyone.

  2. So envious! Sounds like a blast though. :)

    Also - why is there no featured blogger Friday this week? I need my fix!

  3. The get-together was even more amazing than those beets you made sweet, sweet love to. :)

  4. Thanks for organizing - enjoyed meeting everyone!

  5. You now have one week to get down to DC for ours.

  6. I can't believe you made people wear nametags.

    and thats why I love you.

    can you get thunder tech to sponsor some prizes for the dc meetup por favor?

  7. Dude, don't knock the nametags - the nametags were helpful! :)

    (And now I'm defending your dorkiness.)

    Besides the bitchy parking lady, it was fun. Thanks.

    Post those pics, pretty lady.

  8. Thanks for putting the great night together - fantastic meeting everyone.

  9. thanks for being the hostess, lady! can't wait for the next meet up - it was tons of fun!

  10. Great, hot fun! You rock too, and I don't just mean singing Hall & Oates.

  11. i'm trying to get all the la bloggers together soon too, i hope it all comes together!

    happy weekend!

  12. oh, you are fabulous.

    and i'm officially grumpy i don't live in cleveland.

  13. I am totally jealous! It sounds like a fantastic time had by all!

  14. an event where you have to wear name-tags sounds like my idea of fun. seriously.

    Cleveland is a long way from South Africa....sigh...

  15. Holy crap there are a lot of Cleveland bloggers. That's awesome! Makes me excited for a Chicago one.

  16. We seriously had the best time :) Looking fwd to seeing you (and other bloggers) around town soon*

  17. So great to meet everyone, thanks for putting it together!

  18. ohhhhhhhhhh jealous. thats a lot of people!!!

  19. Oooh, I'd totally do a road trip to DC for their blogger meet-up! Wanna crash it, Alexa? :)

  20. still upset i didn't make it. don't hold it against me, it was a school night and when you work overnights... well, that ain't easy.

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