featured blogger friday v10

Friday, November 7, 2008

this week's featured blogger needs zero introduction. he's just that awesome.

although i do ask that you do one thing for me before you start reading his responses to the survey. i feel that you need to prepare yourself for his greatness.

click here to experience

may i now present to you,

the man.

the myth.

the legend.

Who are you and what is your blog?

Chris, from Surviving Myself.

Where are you typing from?

My office. I just finished eating an apple, then I read something about cheetahs and how they can't roar like lions or other big cats and now I'm doing this. My boss is proud of me.

How long have you been blogging and what platform do you use?

I had a sports blog for about a year and that had an audience (I'm just guessing here) of about three people a month. Then one day I wrote about how I could beat up Tom Cruise and people liked it, so I switched to writing just random crap I thought about it, and Surviving Myself was born. I've been writing there since February.

Sum up your piece of the internet in one sentence.

Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em.

Are you an anonymous blogger or do you scream who you are from the rooftop?

I put my name out there. It's Chris O'Shea. No, not the damn graphic artist or the pudgy magician! The blogger! I hate that when I google myself (you do it too don't lie) those two dudes come up and I am nowhere to be found.

Do your readers know what you look like?

Yes, on my "about" page there's a picture. And here I am.

If you could become famous from blogging like dooce would you want to?

Hell yes. In fact, that's exactly what I want to do. My dream job is to be able to write my blog from my couch in my boxer briefs while eating Count Chocula.

So you just drank a bottle of wine alone and you’re sitting at your computer, who are the three bloggers that you email or google talk with?

Hmmm. This is so gossipy! Right, it's kind of gossipy? I have no idea.

Okay, I'm going to go with:

Mindy from Mindy Does Minneapolis.

The blogger from Hollywood Sucker.

Aaron from Mental Three Sixty (though he doesn't really blog anymore)

How many blogs are in your google reader?

I don't use google reader. I know, I know. But every time I try to I end up doing something wrong. I just use bookmarks, which is what Batman uses too. So there.

If you had $1000 to spend and could only buy one item, what would you buy?

Probably a watch that is close to that amount. Maybe a Movado. I love watches, I have six right now and want more.

What’s your favorite thing to do after 10pm?

Sleep. Unless it's the weekend, then drinking and yelling.

Top three favorite movies from your childhood.

Oh damn, this is hard. Okay, this is just off the top of my head.

1) Teen Wolf 2) Rocky and 3) The Never Ending Story.

Name something random that I could find if I was snooping through your purse/wallet?

I carry a money clip because I'm Special And Famous. So all you'd find is money, my train card and my credit card. Nothing special or random.

Link to a funny you tube video you like.

This will give you some insight into my head.

Wanna share a secret with me, I promise I won’t tell… <-- that’s a lie, but tell me something anyways.

I have a hole in my sock right now. The horror!!!

If you could trade places with one blogger for one day who would it be and why?

Probably Pistols from Save Your Generation, just so I could see what being awesome was like for one day.

Who’s your blog crush?

Does Kim Kardashian have a blog? No? Well, I don't have one then.

Parting words of wisdom?

Eat your soup and never, ever forget Montell Jordan.


  1. You know what's so sad? I read Surviving Myself. And each time I visit Chris' blog, I think he has a picture of a Chicago L stop in his header. Because, there is a Clinton Street and Washington Street here. And it took me months to actually READ his blog to realize he lives in New York. Gah. Can you tell I don't take public transportation to work?

  2. Thanks for the introduction! Chris is a funny guy.

  3. ya gotta get your groove on!!! the party's under way, so tip up your cup and throw your hands up.......

  4. I have a Movado b/c I'm A Big Deal...

    actually I just have one b/c my ex boyfriend had too much money.

    either way-- I rock.

  5. I really love this fbf!! so much fun to read

  6. Kim Kardashian does, in fact, have a blog.


    You're welcome.

  7. hm. in my line of work i could get a movado for half that. too bad i cant even afford half the price. No I'm not a jewelry theif.

    pssst....i dont use google reader either. im old school

  8. Nice selection!

    You give me shit for still writing checks but you dont even use google reader?


  9. it was real fun seeing aaron's name up there..


  10. I don't use a reader either, if that makes you feel better.
    And, I was just over on your blog and I was going to make fun of guys with holes in their socks, but I erased it. seriously. Now I wish I had...

  11. Fab interview! LOL!

    Chris is freakin' hilarious.

    I will not forget Montell Jordan...even though you forgot how awesome D.A.R.Y.L. was. That movie is still the shitznit Chris!!

  12. Hey Marie,
    At least you spelled "shiznit" right. LMAO!

  13. I think I just figured out that the secret to Chris' success is old-fashioned bookmarks. And not secretly being a pudgy magician.

  14. For an O'Shea, you look awfully Jewish. On your mom's side, maybe? Or I'm just crazy. But your fiancee's name is Ari.

  15. These FBF are always a great way to start my Friday mornings.

  16. Thanks for not mentioning our mutual blog-crush-that-dares-not-speak-its-name to the whole world.

    Oh, wait.


  17. the absolute best part of this is the montell jordan link. those are wise, wise words. no one should EVER forget that amazing song!

  18. I love this series, Alexa!

    Also best words of wisdom ever.

  19. This series really is fabulous. I just want to say it again.

    And Chris? Montell Jordan = AWESOME.

  20. Damn, people beat me to it. I was going to tell you Kim K does, in fact, have a blog. I think she talks a lot about dancing on it...

  21. I have one of those calculator watches..

    It's yours for 950 dollars..

  22. love this! so fun to read interviews of bloggers you read all the time...

  23. Sounds to me like you collect watches.

  24. Oh. So you only email me when you're bored as shit at work?

    And you save all the fun drunken emails for everyone else?


    I've only gotten like 3 drunken emails from you.

    Way to be a blog friend Chris.

  25. When I saw "The Legend" I figured the post was going to be about me.

    Alas, it wasn't.


  26. This is how we do it.
    Profound words indeed.

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