halloweenie party

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i woke up this morning a bit confused. why was there a cupcake on my nightstand and why did i still have my wig on? apparently i crashed where i fell, literally.

it was a well deserved pass out after 24 hours of prepping for the klutz's and my
halloweenie party. we had a great turn out and everyone had a great time from the amount of beer bottles, cans and jello shots we had to clean up today. everyone except maybe the security guard downstairs in my building who was harassing all of my guests - it's my goal to get her fired. but that's another blog.

i'm torn when playing hostess though - the next day i always feel that i didn't talk to everyone enough. it's all a blur. when in turn the real reason for the blur is because end up making myself too stiff of drinks and end up blacking graying out.

thank god for pictures to jog my memory. i'm posting some of the highlight pics, but
the rest are in an album on my facebook - check them out.

now there were many many many great costumes last night but one group costume deserves some special attention. a group of my friends and coworkers dressed up as wait for it..... ALEXA.

yes, they dressed up as your favorite plum. there were EIGHT alexa's in all, nine if you counted myself.

my jaw dropped to the floor when they walked in. i think i cried i was laughing so hard. every single one of them, boys and girls had on a black dress, a black wig and glasses. batch and salami rose even put pad locks on their purses to mock my chloe bag, they drew my wrist tattoo on their wrists - they answered to my name. it was hilarious.

so when someone dresses up as you does that mean you've arrived?

heather, driggs, blogging jason and narm. nice mustache narm - exxxtra creepy.

my two favorite CHOLA's court and muffin. gangsta.

look kids it's juno! that boner got her in that predicament didn't it?

dog the bounty hunter getting attacked by lippe and bird

and it's a rager - and to think this pic doesn't show the deck or hallway folks.

i'm sure everyone would agree that on all counts we had a great party - thanks to everyone who came! and to think that i'm already thinking about next saturday's festivities. have you bought your who's bad ticket yet?


  1. i owe you a roll of paper towels.

  2. AWESOME PARTY!! I think this should be an annual event!! Can't wait till next year!! I woke up with 10+ texts in my outbox saying "wanna make out?"...That's how you know you've had a successful evening!!

  3. Seems like such a great party - and your place looks amazing by the way!!

  4. dudette! I didn't even realize it was a Halloween Rager. But SERIOUSLY?! That? That right there looks like the best time evar.

    I guess you didn't have to worry about angry neighbors, eh? Around these parts the cops woulda been called.


  5. I'm so there next year. Naked will be my costume.

  6. I think you have arrived. What gave them the idea of dressing up as you? That's awesome!

    Looks like a great party.

  7. Look like it was an awesome time! I love that so many people dressed up as you! Glad that you had so much fun!

  8. Sissy...

    You're my hero!

  9. Omg. Narm was really a pedophile? That's just sick.

    And I totally love your term "greying out." I'll try to use that.

  10. haha when that many people dress up like you on halloween thats when you know you are bad ass!

  11. See, now if I could dress up like Alexa, I just might get into the whole Halloween thing. Though, I'm not sure if it'd go over as well here in Chicago as in Cleveland. Then again, you've definitely gotten around this fine city of mine ... hmmm... ha. Looks like you had a great turnout ... and Narm is particularly creepy ... eiwww.

  12. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious that people dressed as you!

    You definitely arrived. :)

  13. My stomach still hates you for all those jello shots.

    Amazing party.

  14. Party = SPECTACULAR, Security Lady = SUCKTACULAR. Muffin and I decided she was jealous of our perfectly drawn on eyebrows...hers were all squiggly and shit.

  15. Looks Fabulous dahling!

    Congrats on a successful pahtay.

  16. Heck yea, its the highest form of flattery when people imitate you. Where exactly have you arrived to though? That's the question!

    Awesome turnout! What was your costume?

  17. yes I would like to see your costume as well. The people who came as you, hilarious...priceless.
    YOur party seemed awesome, wish I was there to rock it looked so much fun

  18. HAHA, next year I am going to dress up as you too.


    Thats a bad idea on second though.

    Theres NO WAY, I would shave my legs.

  19. That is awesome that they all dressed up as you. Your work seems about 1000x's better than mine.

  20. Oh my lord - the coworkers all dressed up as you is the best thing everrrrrrrrrrr.

  21. How Fun!!!! I love that people came as you. I think that is the highest compliment one can get.

  22. I can't stop laughing about the cupcake on your nightstand! Annd you slept in that long wig! That thing had to be hot and itchy!

    I had an AWESOME time at your party!!!

    Thank god for the extra hour that night....it was needed!

  23. ah, i FUCKING LOVE IT!

    you, little lady, are wicked. and clearly it shows as your friends dressed up as YOU. muahah, i adore!

  24. You were a great hostess. Thank you for feeding me more jello shots than I should have had. I'm never eating jello again.

  25. You had that many people at your house? NO wonder you passed out.

  26. okay that is awesome that they dressed up as you, haha. i love it.

    and seriously all of those costumes are amazing, love the juno ones best i think though. love it.

  27. That looks like one serious Halloween party!
    I'll be looking for my Alexa mask next time 'round!

  28. THIS makes me miss going to dress up parties! Maybe next year we'll stop being old for a night. Sigh.

    You have definitely ARRIVED...I want people to dress as me!

  29. They do say imitation is the best form of flattery! Hehe. Fun Halloween!


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