Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my mother and cousin just love to tell a story about me from when i was a young child.

around the age of 3 or 4 i called shoes, "hungs".

yes, hungs. emphasis on the H. i have no idea why or how i came to calling them "hungs" but i did, and apparently i really liked hungs.

one day my family and i were all shopping at a shoe store - i think is was lucky's shoes or something and i was really excited to be in the shoe store. suddenly i started grabbing pairs of "hungs" and throwing them over my shoulder shouting, "HUNGS, HUNGS!", each time that i grabbed a shoe.

my little feet quickly carried me all around the store before anyone could stop me, causing an utter mess. the adults around couldn't do anything to stop me because they were way too busy laughing.

about 25 years later the "hungs" incident still resonates with my family. when my mom and i make shopping trips to DSW she has been known to throw a shoe over her shoulder and shout "hungs". har de har har, mom.

so when i was made aware of an event that was happening this thursday for the grand opening of the DSW location in crocker park all i could think about was winning "hungs".

here are the details:

on thursday, november 6th DSW is offering one lucky customer 15 minutes to stuff as many pairs of shoes that he/SHE can fit into a smartcar.

plus, the winner of the crocker park contest has a 1-5 chance with the other four DSW location winners to actually win the smartcar itself. um - yes, please.

to enter, head to the DSW in crocker park between 5pm and 7:30pm to enter. the winner will be chosen promptly at 8pm and the shopping spree with start at 8:30.

i'm going to head out there with some friends to the event and i'm totally set on winning. my strategy? take the shoes out of the boxes! no shoe boxes - they'll just take up more room in the smartcar, duh.

and when i do win i'm grabbing these, these, these and these - plus100 more pairs easily.

speaking of giveaways go enter
my friend allison's bag giveaway - follow the directions and leave a comment to enter!


  1. The store was an old Canton standby (no longer around), called Harry's Shoes and yes, the incident will always be remembered by your family......we laughed while the salespeople got irritated with adults that had no control over a child!

  2. Hahaha - Hungs - that's awesome! I know you'll rock out that contest. Can you bring a friend to video it? I mean, the least you can do is give us a vlog. Kthxbai.

  3. I love hungs too!!

    guurrlll, you are so hung!

  4. I love hugs too!!

    Those button suede boots are so cute. I hope you win.

  5. Um. That contest? Mind-blowing. I can only wish that someday, I too will be able to shove shoes into a car and then drive away with them. Legally.

  6. That is an adorable story...almost as adorable as those Me Too ankle boots!

  7. But I imagine with the 15-minute time limit, grabbing shoes by the boxes (stacked) would make it easier to carry more at a time, right?

  8. I'm with Nilsa!

    I want to see video!

  9. hungs! ha, i like it.
    i love hungs. LOVE. good luck in the contest! take pics!

  10. so, do you get to drive this car thru the store? or do you have to carry them in and out of the store? That could require marathon training then....

  11. maaaaan i wanna play!! although i'd end up with 45 pairs of shoes that my sucky-ass feet wouldn't be able to wear, no doubt.

    when i little, i called all flowers "nemus" - pronounced neh-moo. no one knows why.

  12. Hungs - that's cute!

    I hope you win!!

  13. Hehe. Hungs..

    We would have been best friends when we were 3/4.
    At that age, I renamed myself Jim.
    My last name was Eminastics.
    Yahuh, I was Jim Eminastics.
    I probably would have been Jim NASTICS if I could pronounce words properly.
    I wouldn't respond to anything else for about a year.
    Stubborn since birth.
    Jim would have loved throwing hungs around, I'm sure of it.

  14. The ladies call me hungs,

    Ok they don't.

  15. I am extremely upset that this contest was not offered when MY DSW had their grand opening. Life is sooooo unfair.

  16. When my brother was a kid, he had a Pound Puppy.

    In an endearing manner, he called it Nazi.

    He still has no idea why.

  17. I'm be moving to Cleveland now to get me some free hungs from DSW!

    I love hungs so much! :)

  18. We agreed - if you win, you are grabbing shoes for me and if I win, I will do the same.

    Deal. Deal.

  19. that's so cute - I love hungs too.

  20. if you win this please pick up some size 10s for me por favor.

  21. That reminds me of that hilarious old game show, when at the end, they had to get the most expensive cart full of groceries to win!
    I may explode at the thought of a smartcar full of shoes... though I would be nervous about the sizes!

  22. It's like Supermarket Sweep!

    I am beyond jealous.

  23. Remember on Nikelodean when they did that in a toy store? I wanted to do that so badly. I guess as an adult, shoes are much better than toys. With that...GOOD LUCK!

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