i wish i could quit you

Thursday, November 13, 2008

there's a girl that i follow on twitter that you could kindly say bothers the heck out of me, she's not a blogger, but a local twitterer that i feel like i "have" to follow.

but if she annoys me, why do i torture myself with having to read her tweets?

i actually unfollowed her about a month ago cause i couldn't take it anymore. well she must have had Qwitter cause the next day she started following me. which of course made me feel bad so i started following her again.

apparently i'm a whimp.

now i've had this discussion with fellow bloggers about why we feel the need to read blogs and or follow people on twitter that we don't particularly care for.

do we follow them because everyone else likes them and we feel that we have to read them? is it because they get a lot of comments? or because we are all just so damn voyeuristic? i mean why do i keep coming back?

am i a masochist? or just a true social media junkie?

come on, you know you all have at least one person you don't particularly care for that you are following. that person that you maybe roll your eyes at the computer screen thinking, this dude/dudette just doesn't get it. that blogger that fires you up, or that blog whose only use is to make your google reader number go up when you always just end up marking them as read anyway.

please tell me i'm not the only one that experiences this - cause then i'll just feel like a jerk.
but if you are like me, i going to tell you to do something for yourself that helped me from getting so bothered.

unsubscribe! don't click on their url! stop following them! even if it is just one.

fight the power.

it just better not be my blog.

[on a cleveland related note, i'm getting very excited for the blogger meet up tonight at bar cento! so many fabulous bloggers, that i don't "mark as read" to meet, yay! expect a full recap tomorrow]


  1. Just quit following them, NOW.

    When you're famous, you dont have to pay attention to everyone. They are obligated to pay attention to you.

  2. When I get fed up with people I delete them. I am entirely too impatient and easily annoyed to do it any other way.

  3. I do this too, not so much with twitter but with blogs (not yours of course!). I have a couple blogs on my reader that I don't really read, but they are still there. I have problems with blogrolls too. If you put me on your blogroll, am I obligated to put you on mine? What is the proper etiquette?

    I spend too much time thinking about things like this.

  4. I totally remove people from my reader/stop following them when I get fed up or just decide I'm not interested in what they have to say. Highly recommended! PS I had no idea that Qwitter thing existed.

  5. I do this too. Particularly with blogs. I've got a folder in my reader called 'Not really'... (You're in the one called 'Faves' btw) I keep meaning to delete them but it seems like such a lot of work to go to the manage subscriptions page and delete the boring/annoying ones...

  6. One person keeps tagging me to do all these memes and I'm like I don't wanna! But I feel bad.
    Yeah, sometimes I wish Twitter had a function where you can look like you're following someone but make their updates invisible. Gosh, there's so much stupid psychology behind this internet stuff.

  7. I don't have the face time to read a lot of blogs like I used to, so I've been pairing down my blogs. I've got my old standby's I've been reading for years or months...but I'm more reluctant to add new blogs. Plus I'm commenting less on the whole because I read everything in a reader. Which I why I like full feeds! I don't want to click over it takes up too much time! (i'm such a brat)

    On twitter, I'm happy whoever follows me, although I rarely follow the person back unless it's someone I know (re they have a blog that I read) or that I have a crush on (see Jaysmooth995)

  8. Recently I went through my twitter and started unfollowing people.

    I need to giveaway my reader a cleaning out but ugh it's such a pain in the ass!

  9. i was JUST thinking this on my way home from work yesterday! about how i have 2 or 3 people in my reader whose posts just pile up because it's such a DRAG to read them.... so why do i have them on my reader still?!?

  10. see you later at the meetup!

    I know I already told you about subscribing to people I hate so i completely get it.

    I mean I still subscribe to you so...


  11. Oh for sure, I totally had this problem too. I usually clean and update my reader once a month.
    Its funny what you say about do we follow blogs because others do.
    I have indeed discovered many blogs I like through other blogs friends. I think when I find blogs I really like and they link to someone they like, I check it out. I feel we are a part of a blogger school, where everyone sort of knows about everyone. We have our groups we stick to but occasionally we hang with others as well.

    Twitter and me is not a match, I am so bad at updating it myself so I hardly follow others. I dont get why anyone would wanna follow my status updates

  12. I unfollow people.

    It's a fact of life. :)

    Blogging is a hobby for me, not a means of self-control and torture. Heehee.

  13. Just unfollow or block. The decision is completely yours!

    And um, I can't quit reading you so I hope you don't mind!

  14. I can totally relate to this. I've been SO busy the last few weeks that I've hardly had time for tweets, feeds or even my own blog. And the guilt is massive...

  15. Oh, hell yeah I follow people I don't want to. I also have Facebook friends that I can't stand. I'm never actually going to see them so I figure I can put up with it.

  16. I don't know how people keep up. Between twitter, facebook, myspace, blogs...I've never been one to want to tell everyone what I'm doing and thinking all the time.

    I feel like if you're writing a personal blog or even twittering for that matter, it should be because you want to and enjoy it for yourself. Not because you have to have a gazillion followers.

  17. Okay, I don't like the way I am so into certain TV shows. Like Bravo's 'Real Housewives' series, especially, Atlanta(unbelievable). Alexa you have got to STOP. There are sooo many better things you could be doing with the time in YOUR own life. The excessive blogging now twittering too, OMG.

  18. Looking fwd to drinking beer and devouring pommes frites with you this evening :) Until then*


  19. Stepho! I just spent a half hour online trying to figure out who Big Poppa is - Diddy? Ha, yea right. I hear you on the shows and am glad I am not alone.

  20. I don't read any blogs/follow any people that I don't want to. That's the truth. Don't give them any power! Just stop reading them!

  21. I try to add everyone who's commented on my blog to my feeder (which is NOT very many people, so I'm lucky that it's not overloaded, lol) but it sometimes means I have a hard time getting the feel for a blog.

    On another note entirely... I was driving home last night and saw the most priceless vanity plate ever.... "KLASSY"

    Oh. Yeah. Wow.
    :) Becky

  22. I actually just cleaned out my Google Reader for this specific purpose. I just deleted a few I had on there, and it made me feel vaguely guilty, but when it comes down to it, I only have so much time to read stuff and I'd rather read the ones I REALLY like! (Like yours.)

    You should delete the annoying chick again...

  23. I recently cleaned up my Reader and am amazed at how much more I'm enjoying reading them these days.

    Lots of times, people start reading blogs because they like them but eventually get tired or bored of them. That's why you need a better vetting system. Getting on someone's blogroll should be the ultimate in e-adulation.

  24. Yeah, I admit, I do have a couple of those...though of course you're not one of them!!

    Can't wait for tonight!

  25. Sometimes I feel like I have too many blogs on my reader (during the week) and not enough the rest of the time (at the weekend, when I'm bored). I have added a couple of blogs just because everyone else seems to like them though and no longer really bother to read the new posts. THEN I feel guilty about it. Damn.

  26. I've had a few of these. Most of mine are on Facebook though, so every so often I do a de-Friending. One guy though, just doesn't get it. I de-friended him 3 years ago, but he keeps requesting to be my friend. I keep him in limbo till I think he's forgotten then I hit "ignore." He usually friends me again a week or so after that. We weren't even friends in college--in fact, I recall him being a bit of an ass. But still, I've never hit the "block" button....

  27. I used to feel like I had to follow certain blogs because everyone was reading them. Or because they were local. Or because they commented on my blog. And you know what? Fuck it. Seriously. I only have so much time in my day to be entertained and I'm not going to waste my time reading bloggers that bug the crap out of me. And so, my Google Reader has become fluid. I add and delete from there quite often. And for the most part, I'm very happy with my place in the blogosphere.

  28. If it's not interesting I don't read it.

    So in conclusion, you've been cut.

  29. I read somewhere once that there's a service called "fake follow" where you can follow someone, but not see any of their updates. It's perfect for a situation like that.

    I should really look into that.

  30. qwitter. well isn't that creative.

    if it doesn't interest me, or i don't like the person.. i'm not reading it.
    i mean, i wasn't always that way. but blogging is for fun. forcing myself to read entries that weren't interesting, or follow tweets on subjects that bored me was awful. so i dropped them like a bad habit.

  31. 1) we've had several convos about this very thing...

    2) i JUST said to lisa no more than 2 minutes ago - "i unsubscribe to at least one blog a day..."

    3) have SO much fun tonight :)

  32. There's only ONE blog I follow that I dislike... and it's a former roommate/frenemy. Otherwise, I don't bother. Lamesauce.

    Oh, and THANKS for introducing me to Qwitter. Badass!

  33. i'm the same way with facebook, i'm friends with some of the most random people and i don't even know why. i'm such an addict.

  34. That is just... really fricken creepy. She's too obsessed with Twitter, and that scares me.

    Just unsubscribe. DO IT.

  35. Just a few days ago I deleted nearly 200 people off my friends list on Facebook. So yeah.

  36. I feel so bad when I un-friend people on facebook. I worry, "What if they find out?!" I just unsubscribed to a bunch of people on my RSS feed, though.

  37. It was great to meet you last night - what a really nice event - thanks so much.


  38. one of these days im gonna meet the masses at a meet up. fo' realz.

    i dont follow or read people who bother me. you're not obligated, and I don't feel so. I always check out who's checkin me out, and 9 times out of 10 i like them. but if i dont, i dont go back. Life's too full of way more interesting folks.

  39. ha, your mom's comment made me giggle.

    there used to be one blogger who i followed who i ... um, howyousay, reallly didn't care for. but it was kind of like a train wreck- i just couldn't look away.
    i finally did. thank god. id rather spend endless hours on blogs and people whose writting i actually dig, and get something out of.

  40. i just can't quit you! i hope you feel the same!

  41. Oh man, there are people I stop following if they get annoying, too. OOF!

  42. I don't mind quitting someone on Twitter if they irritate me. If they're just boring and I'm worried about hurting their feelings, I'll keep following them but probably will ignore.

    I've been so busy with work lately, I've hardly been able to follow any blogs, so people are probably thinking I've quit them! I guess now's the time to do it if I want to.

  43. My solution is

    1- Don't use Twitter, ever.

    2- Don't read blogs you don't like.

    I do it, and nobody that I read annoys me.

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