i'm bad, that's who.

Monday, November 10, 2008

you guys know that i've been anxiously awaiting the who's bad? concert for awhile now.

well the day (saturday) arrived and who's bad? definitely lived up to all the hype. but did they play dirty diana? well, i couldn't tell you - i had a bit of a graying out situation again this saturday.

note to self: finishing a whole bottle of wine by yourself
before even going to the show with only two pieces of peanut butter toast in your belly is probably a mistake.

but hey you live and learn - but at 28 i probably should have learned this lesson by now.

regardless, i had a blast. and do hope that who's bad? makes a stop in cleveland sometime soon.

some of the girls at the show

MJ himself

after the show i'm told that we went to cadillac ranch, the new bar that opened in public square. it's there that i fell off a bar stool - thankfully there was a nice boy to help me up, and the beav to tell me it happened in the first place.

i guess i came home to a party going on in my apartment, to which i then decide to invite everyone and their brother to come over for more shenanigans - i have the text messages to prove it. seriously, someone needs to take my bberry away from me. i'm thinking i need an emergency calls only button. has that been invented yet?

so home is supposed to be ones safe spot right? but of course once i got home more bad decisions were made.

note to self x2 : you are not in college anymore.


  1. Uh oh....what happened when you got home!?!?

  2. A) Dirty Diana was NOT played which took the performance from 100%, A+, awesomeness down to a respectable 92%.

    B) Faux MJ's creepy hair is going to haunt my dreams.

    C) I know I was raised on a farm, but is it really necessary to limit my beverage selection solely to High Life and PBR?

  3. I believe it was a weekend of bad decisions all around.

    why is it their is always someone that falls off a bar stool? It is like it is mandatory going out behavior.

  4. We may not be in college anymore, but we still definitely fall into the "Old Enough to Know Better, Still to Young to Care" category.:-)

  5. Hey, there's nothing wrong with harmless frivolity.

    I'm secretly jealous. My weekend sucked compared to yours.

  6. What happened when you got home?

    you cant just end like that damnit!

  7. hmmm who says theyre bad? Unless you mean hangover.

    Being young is for having fun!!!

  8. Why did everyone have a fun weekend without me? Did I not get the memo?

    *Sigh* to be 28 again...

  9. What an amazing show. Thanks for letting me the creepy guy that tags along with your friends...two weekends in a row now.

    And you were well behaved from what I saw - and I definitely got the post-bar dance party text. The Man In The Mirror encore took too much out of me to join.

  10. sometimes, we just have to resort back to college days.


  11. you are NOT allowed to slow down until after the 20sb meetup b/c I need someone else to be all drunky with me.

  12. Apparenlty "Alexa" is the answer to the question "Who's Bad"

    See what I did there?


  13. Nice. Nothing says "I'm an adult" like falling off a bar stool.

  14. they totally have some drunkie programs for your cell phone! there's one where you can highlight certain numbers that are then blocked for 24 hours straight (so you can't call, say, exbfs while drunk) and i heard that in germany or someplace? there's way to install a breathalizer onto your phone and it only lets you dial if you blow under a certain number ;-)

  15. Awesome time Saturday!! Don't worry, I don't remember being at Cadillac Ranch let alone you falling off the bar stool!!
    I love how we had to piece the night together at breakfast!

    I just wish I remember what motivated me to get in the cab to Cristie's...

  16. Just read your twitter. FYI, you are class compared to this:


    That warranted a phone call, an email and a Conversation With The Father.

  17. I'm impressed that you can still keep going after greying out. When I grey out, I curl up in a corner somewhere and go to sleep

  18. I think you're allowed to have nights like this until you die--not just until college is over. I sure as hell don't want my party days to be over when I graduate! (which is part of the reason why I don't want to get married until I'm about 30).

  19. Yep, I definitely saw you fall off the bar stool at Cadillac Ranch! If it makes toy feel any better, I was TOLD that I fell about 17 times that night (the gash and bruise on my knee the size of Texas confirmed), and I stayed out till 5am :/

  20. This makes me excited for the Alexa experience on Thursday - and the best part is I have Friday off!

  21. Wow. It sounds like a crazy night. MJ would be proud.

    It makes me wonder what happened when you got home...

  22. It's okay, I still haven't learned that I shouldn't drink a bottle of wine on a nearly empty stomache myself. . .

    At least it's not a bottle of vodka, right??


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