Monday, November 24, 2008

this weekend was brought to you by the letters O, S and U. that's ohio state university for all of you people living under a rock.

the osu/michigan game started at noon on saturday and being the good fan that i am rounded up bird and the klutz to partake in one of my favorite past times...

day drinking.

we headed to the public house in westpark to watch the game, grab some lunch, visit with foxxy and what not. after the game (osu won) we headed to merry arts in lakewood to meet up with the giff, jilly and company. it was there that i felt like i was reliving my early 20's - those were some good times. good times.

it was also at merry arts that in talking to a guy friend from college he confessed that he had recently spent three days at work reading every single one of my blog posts (you know who you are, nipple boy). it was a reminder to me
that people actually do read this blog. who would have thought.

by now it was 7pm and we wanted to head back downtown to meet the jerk, hatchel, captain and travis who were all at
mike rogers on west 6th.

oh, you don't know what mike rogers is?

well michael rogers is the character that cleveland football icon bob golic played on saved by the bell the college years. from now on, bob golic's bar will forever be called mike rogers according to me. learn about it.

captain, hatchel, the jerk, travis, bird and the klutz. serious hatchel must we flick the camera off. i'm posting this picture to spite you ; )

at mike rogers the shots started to flow - and hatchel had the great idea to go enter a charity poker tournament at the powerhouse pub. leading all of us to head to the harbor inn - twist my arm.

by now it was around midnight and we all were still standing (rockstars) but the force was strong and some of us were about to make some stupid decisions. sigh.

this is the part were my PG blog could get pretty NC-17 rated - in short, i can't write anymore. why must you read my blog mom? : )

sunday morning the klutz, bird, the jerk, hatchel and i all got breakfast at the westside market cafe (my favorite). after that it was obviously nap time - to the couch!

after a long sleepy time i woke up refreshed just in time for MOB to pick me up and head to playhouse square to see legally blonde: the musical. it was so so so so so cute, and funny - way funnier that i had expected. we had 5th row seats which made that jump rope scene all the more impressive. snaps to them.

MOB and i headed to sushi rock after for some grub where we gossiped and chatted like good friends do. thanks for inviting me buddy.

but for now all i can think about it thanksgiving and how excited i am for it. i'm also pretty pumped to write my favorite thanksgiving story ever and share it with you all tomorrow. it involves fire - i'll leave it at that.

recap. out.


  1. such a fun day!!

    You forgot to mention that everyone some how left Harbor...while I stayed...and Harbor Inn Dan had to drive me home!! Some how I always end up by myself at the end of the night.

    Also, I sent out my classic "Wanna make out text"...but being 12 hours of drinking said "Want to make put"----idiot!!!

  2. Yay for thanksgiving.

    and bars!

  3. I hope I don't creep you out by saying this, but I definitely read your blog - as a matter of fact, your blog inspired me to write my own. Keep it up, and I can't wait to hear the Thanksgiving story :) <---- this makes it so much creepier

  4. I'm just going to go ahead and say it: I live vicariously through you.

    Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

  5. ahhhh i love me some OSU day-drinking. good work.
    also, i want that NC-17 story lady. i will expect a gchat this afternoon ;)

  6. Ahhh! Your weekend looked awesome...although I'm not a fan of Ohio State - I hope we can still be friends.

  7. You should thank God I do read your blog. PG is a great way to go. You would be blogging NC17 for sure and could very well regret it at some point. A post is forever there for soooo many to see. I have your back whether you think so or not. I guess sometimes you can go PG13.


  8. mom, did you just say you have my back?!? hahaha, i love you.

  9. I also day drank ALL GODDAMN WEEKEND. And now I paying for it dearly... UGH...

  10. Sometimes when I read your blog, I wish I lived in Cleveland and knew you better so that I could have a nickname, too. Seriously, I always get so distracted when reading your posts because you give out the best nicknames.

  11. i'm with nilsa! i feel like i need to rename all my friends to have cooler nicknames :-)

  12. Ever since I saw Legally Blonde on Thursday evening, I still cannot manage to get the songs out of my head. . .

    *save me*


  13. Will you please give me a nickname?

    Other than Maxie Pad.

  14. ha, your mom's comment just made me giggle. she's cute:)

    (can you email me the nc-17 parts?)

    sounds like a fun weekend! i saw legally blonde a few weeks ago and loved it too!

    bend and snap!

  15. I kind of love Legally Blonde, and secretly wish that someone would get me tickets to see the musical.

  16. Ok, so I kinda am anti OSU buuut.. I'm more anti Michigan. So.. GO OSU!

    But.. GO HOKIES, like, 220,000 more times!!


  17. you saw legally blonde? I hate you. Ok so that's harsh. Maybe I'm jealous. sigh. I'm a total dork for talk radio, who listens to bob golics show (almost) every day on wnir. I've heard about his joint, so it's pretty sweet?

  18. OH....

    so glad they're doing better now. well not that i minded their loss to USC but still. :)

  19. hey! you won the blog makeover contest!! That's so exciting! Congratulations!

  20. Dude that must have been an awesome time considering the spanking your team gave it to the Blue. Love it.

  21. I hate me some OSU, but I'll forgive you because you did mention Saved by the Bell, which is pure magic, spun from the gossamer wings of angels.

  22. How cute that your mom comments on your blog. I think I would die if my mom knew I had one, or if she even knew what a blog was.

  23. Shame, Mattchel, shame. Perhaps YOU should take into consideration that Alexa's mom reads this blog. I can read her mind now..."NOT VERY CLASSY, HATCHEL."

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