this is an intervention

Friday, November 21, 2008

dearest alexa,
so what's up lady? how you been?

apparently pretty busy from where i'm standing.

because i've been seeing you gallivant to cleveland smc meetings, hit up sushi rock with your downtown family, and sip on blueberry stoli at the maproom. also, by how high your google reader number is you obviously haven't been keeping up with your fellow bloggers. and where the heck is your FBF post this week?

gosh, get with it.

i am proud of you though, you've been working out everyday. cutting out your office's evil baked goods and tuna melts for lunch. high five to you kid.

but there is a bigger problem at hand that we need to address.

i'm really concerned about your use of "blogspeak" i.e. OMG, BTW, LOL, FTW, HAHAHA, hahaha and xoxo. you promised yourself when you started blogging that you would never run around with the "blogspeak" crowd. you were better than that.

but you caved into the pressure. before you knew it you were leaving comments chock full of acronyms, even saying them out loud - in real life conversations. {gasp}

for example, yesterday while you were talking to your boss making an oh so valid point you actually said - out loud, "BTW". at least your boss and woolman were kind enough to simply laugh at you for your use of the phrase. don't make yourself sound stupid alexa, you aren't.

whatever you do, don't let BTW be your gateway drug word to heavier "blogspeak" such as the dreaded "i can has cheezburger" and LOLcats.

also, i'm concerned with your use of exclamation points. a little too excited are we? i think you should try to ration yourself to only 10 exclamation points a day, it'll mean more when you actually throw one out, no need to cry wolf in the form of excitement. think about it, it's for the best. (that goes for LOL too)

oh, but before i go, make sure you flirt with lots of cute boys this weekend, and go ahead and buy those hot boots you've been eying.

good talk. good talk.

your #1 fan - you


  1. I actually heard some girl in H&M say "BTDubbs I hear heather was having a party tonight." Don't let it get that far. ;)

  2. There is nothing wrong with exclamation points! Being excited is good!
    (yes, I'm that tongue in cheek)

  3. Ha! I hear Eminem's "Stan" playing in the background.
    Someone else was just blogging about blogspeak and super-abbreviated texts. The world needs an intervention, not just you.

  4. You're out of control.

    I first knew it when you wrote "xoxoxoxo" last night.

    I hope you can get help before it's too late.

  5. The blog is making me drastically overuse the following both online and in person:


    Make the madness end!

  6. Hahahaha, at least your boss knows what BTW means!

  7. Wow, Cleveland has a MapRoom too? I like Chicago's.

  8. Its so easy to slip into it isnt it? Scary. Hopefully its not too late for you.

  9. That's too funny. I don't do a lot of the LOLs, and BTWs, but I'm always xing and oing. One of my closest friends lives overseas and she emails me daily. Always ending with an x. I guess it just reminds me that I'm really huggy kissy in real life, why not in my blog life too!

    Very cute post. Congrats on the workouts, I wish I had the will power to turn down snacks at work!

  10. I think everyone should only have ten exclamation points per day. This is something the world would benefit from greatly. I myself try to use them sparingly... ever since my favorite professor told me in college to "lose the exclamation points from your bag of tricks." Ouch, Bill. Ouch.

  11. I don't mind "blogspeak" too much, but what always gets me is when someone calmly says "LOL" out loud -- obviously, they are far from laughing out loud. . .

    The only excuse for this is if they are being ironic*

    In which case, LOL ;)


  12. hey.....i say b-t-w to people. it always gets a laugh. I'm all about a laugh. at least he got your vibe, ya know.

    yayyyy workin on the fitness. Good job. It's a good excuse to be slacking....not that I'm calling you a slacker.


  13. I about died when my dad used OMG in an email. I think I probably would have died if I heard you SAY BTW. Be careful, girl. You're riding a fine line there...

  14. Sounds like pretty good advice!

  15. I might need you to intervene with me at some point if this blogging continues to get out of hand.

    Whoops. Too late.

  16. HAHA This was funny. Thanks for the great read so early in the morning.

  17. I actually said "totes" in a real live conversation the other day. It's getting bad.

  18. Every time I write a note to myself, I end up talking about boots - usually knocking them, because I couch everything I say in 1992 slang so that if my notes are intercepted, people won't be able to penetrate that code - but often, just which ones would be kickiest with my planned outfits for the weekend.

  19. I have an issue with exclamation points too...I should probably start rationing myself too.

  20. I had to look up what RLOL was when I saw it in a comment once. No joke. :)

  21. haha, no you didnt use "btw" in real life speak!
    what are we gonna do with you lady? ;)
    just so long as it's not the "kthxbai"- holy hell that one gets me.
    happy weekend!

  22. Once, I said "LOL" instead of laughing. Then I got off the computer for three days. Now I'm back.

    BTW, xoxox

  23. OMG Haha! I Luv it!

    BTW, you should buy those boots!!!

    I'm proud of you too!!

    TTYL, XOXO :)

    --Have a happy turkey day! see you sat or sun!--

  24. Love it! I caught myself saying obv the other day and I was mortified at myself. I still try to contain the excitement (!!!) and the lol/blogspeak but sometimes, it comes out. I think I might need an intervention as well....

  25. dear alexa,

    i too am in love with stoli blueberry. who knew blueberry could taste so great in liquid form. in honor of you, i'm going retro and i'm pouring out a little of my drink out wishing you were here to enjoy it with me. whats that? its 1140 am? shit. ya caught me.


  26. Oh no I use blogspeak in my everyday talk too. Crap. And, good for you for working out. Go you.

  27. in my profile, i specify that i am not interested in people who use textspeak in real life.

    ...i say, as someone TOTALLY INNOCENT of having EVER DONE THAT myself.... um.. right.. :-)

  28. I've used both 'meh' and 'I has it' out loud today without batting an eye. I have no shame.

  29. I too find myself staying dumb things like that - I blame the geek in me. It hit home this weekend while with financial friends and referencing I Can Has Cheezburger...yeah, they had not idea...

  30. Oh man - yeah, I think you need some time away.

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