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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i mean, i don't really have to tell you to vote today do i?

didn't think so.

this morning i voted for my first time in cuyahoga county - which made me feel like a real clevelander, even though i have lived here for the past three years.

the klutz and i headed to starbucks bright and early to get coffee (venti) and walk to the old stone church in public square to cast our vote. we already had friends in line (court and hatchel) so we kinda knew what we were getting into.

as i entered the building there was a surreal silence - no one was really talking.
i mean we were in a church, but come on now.

at the point that i arrived, i was having a serious hot flash ripping off layers of clothes.
one could say i was being typical loud alexa (shocker).

suddenly my phone starts to vibrate. it was my friend court, "alexa, i can hear you."

me: "where are you? i can't see you."

suddenly, the guy in front of her in line (who she doesn't know from adam) turns around and asks her, "is that alexa?". it was yet another one of my friends.


joking aside, i actually had fun voting.

the whole process only took about an hour, and the line was full of my friends and neighbors - creating that community feeling that sometimes can get lost living downtown.

one thing did surprise me though. i thought that all voting in ohio was now electronic. my polling location was SAT test style - filling in little bubbles with pen by the candidate's name. hey, at least the technology now allows pen instead of #2 pencil right?

well that's my voting experience for the day, i hope you get out there if you haven't already and create your own.


  1. I too was surprised by the bubble sheet. Talk about bringing back bad testing memories...

    Glad you voted, lady!

  2. I miss voting at Old Stone Church as a Cuyahoga resident! The old-school bubble sheets seem throw-back, but are actually more reliable than electronic, b/c they leave a paper trail. At least you can rest assured your penned-in circles will be counted, without some weird electronic snafu. :)

  3. mine was SAT-style too.. and I think it's to be on the "safe side" in case computers crash.

  4. Allow me to stress that the gentleman in line said, "Is that Alexa?"...not, "Is that Alexa Marinos?"...just "ALEXA". Congratulations, my dear, you've officially joined the ranks of Shaq, Madonna, Bono, Pele and Cher! Even Brad and Angelina need the "and" to distinguish them...

  5. I voted absentee so mine was SAT style. I am surprised that so many other voters are saying that theirs was like that, but it does make sense to have a paper trail.

  6. I cant believe some states still have that.

    We have had touch screens for the past 8 years.

  7. I mailed my vote in a couple of weeks ago. I am happy that I did it that way b/c I have two little ones @ home, so sometimes it's hard to pack up and wait in a long line.

  8. I was at the polls by 6:30 this morning. Exciting then - huge mistake now. I'll change my vote to whoever can grant me a nap.

  9. When you're right, you're right.

  10. I hope my voting experience will be that enjoyable. . .

    However, something tells me it won't be since I'm casting my vote in a nursing home, ha*

    [well, you did vote in a church, so you just never know]


  11. Yay to voting! Our ballots have these weird arrow things - you fill in the middle of the arrow pointing at the candidate you're voting for. Super weird, but we used to have these punch out ballots that you had to look at REALLY carefully to make sure you were voting for the right thing.

  12. Yay Cuyahoga!!

    I voted in Dayton for my last two elections, and this time I early voted downtown last Friday. Woohoo.

    I love Cleveland.

  13. I always thought that voting in churches seems like a huge violation of church and state. But I guess they've got the space, and they're not paying taxes anyway, so we might as well use them.

    I love the feeling of voting with the old-school machines. There's nothing like the feeling of pulling the lever and having the curtain close and open behind you.

  14. Too fun! It's nice seeing friendly faces, and I'm sure that made the time in line go by really quick.

    My absentee ballot was SAT style, too. At least we can use pens now...

    So happy you voted!

  15. You should have done Starbucks after--you'd have gotten free coffee!

  16. This morning, Hatchel kept saying things like, "Today is going to be a HUGE Erection day!" and "I've never played a part in an erection this big!" or simply, "Man, I love erections!".

    Now I can't stop substituting "erection" for "election". Everywhere I turn it’s “erection this” and “erection that”.

    I feel…like a moron.

  17. Well at least we know Jay Z got one vote for President.

  18. My polling location had two options - electronic or paper. I was in the electronic line, but it was waaaayyyy longer so I switched to the paper line. Ridiculous!

  19. I voted absentee from California. I had bubbles to fill in, too. Apparently PA absentee ballots you just put a check-mark next to your choice.

  20. I'm sorry, you did what with your clothes? I kind of blacked out there.

  21. my voting was an ink pen too, i was expecting something cooler, oh well. and man my polling place was a full on chatter box, it was awesome, haha.

  22. I think I win the contest for the most random place to vote... A FREAKING LOG CABIN! So fun.

  23. This made me feel so high tech because WEST VIRGINIA of all places went electronic-- what? what? we're awesome.

  24. I voted last week, in 10 minutes. I also had the bubble sheet, I though it was cus I live down in the holler. Good to know it's not just us!


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