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Sunday, December 28, 2008

being the over achiever that my little sister is, she planned a scavenger hunt for our family and some of my cousin jenna's friends on saturday.

and it was such a blast! we had a list of 100 things to try to do, we had 5 teams of 4 and three hours to do it. there was prize money on the line and my team of myself, tia-jo, lauren and alicia were going to do whatever it took to win.

and we thought we were too, that is until we lost by ONE POINT. we were robbed!

we did everything from grocery store cart joisting, having a pillow fight in public,
climbing on a roof to take a picture, hug a cop, drink dunkin' donuts coffee in a starbucks and even piercing my ear. i friggin' put a third hole in my right ear in a mall kiosk. hilarious.

don't worry, i took it out after a couple of hours after i got the five bonus point of course.

but even if we did lose, it was a hilarious way to spend a saturday afternoon. so much so that i am going to plan an adult version of the scavenger hunt for my friends in cleveland within the upcoming months.

saturday night i headed back up to cleveland for dinner at the rock with muffin, her sister erin, the klutz and her sister ginenne - MY sister was supposed to come too but she blew me off to play in a GOYA basketball alumni game. witch.

after dinner we stopped at liquid for a hot sec and then headed to touch supper club for my favorite monthly party old school hip hop night with djs terry urban and mick boogie. i know i have written about this party before on my blog, because i'm like the party's personal cheerleader. by the way, it's on the last saturday of every month - sooooooo i'll see you in january?

the ladies - can you tell who the sisters are? ha.

mick and terry doing what they do best.

muffin, mick boogie and erin

the only bad thing that happened at touch was that the screen of my camera somehow got jacked, hope my warrenty covers it.

as for this evening i actually just got home from dinner at waterstreet with MOB and seeing valkyrie with her and the jerk. my recommendation of the movie? skip it. go spend you money on the curious case of benjamin button - which i loved.

have another great short week lovies.

p.s. this is my 300th post - holy crap!


  1. Do you think your family could adopt me? Please.

    Another good movie Marley and Me. The book is good as well. Very cute.

  2. i'm totally doing a scavenger hunt. that is awesomeness.

    and touch supper club? love that place!

  3. I want to go on this scavenger hunt! When the hell is it going to stop snowing in cleveland so I can come visit? Damn snow.

  4. I love the idea of a scavenger hunt. And I say, once you've gotten a little practice organizing the hunt for your adult friends, why not organize a hunt for all us bloggers. Could be kinda fun, wouldn't you say??? =)

  5. scavenger hunts are great, they always seem so hard to plan, but when done good they are always great fun

  6. You poked a hole in your body for the sake of prize money? You would be SO much fun on spring break!

  7. Oh my gosh! Your scavenger hunt had you pierce your ear at a mall kiosk?? Your family is awesome!

  8. I'm sad that I'm not off Friday. But I do get to work a half day on Wednesday to rest up for partying! Scavengar hunt sounds like a blast!

  9. I knew Valkyrie would be crappy!

    And you pierced your ear just for a scavenger hunt?! Can I please hang out with you?

  10. oh my gosh i LOVE scavenger hunts like that!! my friends put together a week-long one once a year, and i swear it is the highlight of my year. i am winning that dang trophy back this year!!

    your family is SO AWESOME.

  11. The scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun, I haven't been on one like since I was in college. That is awesome!

  12. It sounds like the scavenger hunt was a blast! I've definitely never heard of anyone piercing herself for a game--you're braver than I am!

  13. You got your ear pierced?!? At a mall? WITH A GUN? That makes the awful "CHUNK" sound when it pierces your flesh?

    You brave woman, you. That sound drives me up a wall.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful time :) Hope your camera is okay -- you should see the screen of my cell from dropping it excessively. . .it's cracked in like five places *sigh*


  15. That sounds like SUCH a fun scavenger hunt! I'd LOVE to go do a big one like that some day. Two years ago my college dorm organized one, but it didn't have a big turnout, and we only had an hour to do everything. Boo. Oh well. I lived through you in this post!

  16. the scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun, i'm jealous! love it though.

  17. Two things:
    1) I want to be in town for this scavenger hunt you are going to put together


    2) I remember (or should I say DON'T remember) the last time I went to Touch (which was a year ago I believe) Court and I had one too many shots and were home in bed by like midnight. Good times.

  18. Our family is AWESOME!

    if anyone needs ideas for their very own scavenger hunt... i can send them the list!!

  19. I LOVE scavenger hunts!

    Also, happy 300!

  20. LOL!!!..........just thinking about some of the things we did!

  21. That scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun. I too would totally have pierced my ear for the extra points!

  22. That sounds awesome. The night that JiT and I got together we'd both participated in an "Amazing Race" scavenger hunt that had everyone racing to different bars to do shots/chug beers. It was so fun...from what I remember.

  23. Benjamin Button and Gran Torino were both really good. Valkerie was terrible.

  24. I LOVE the scavenger hunt idea!! How fabulous!

    And i'm disappointed to hear Valkerie wasn't great, but I do really want to see Benjamin Button! One of these days...

  25. Hahahah, reason you rock number 23016 - getting your ear pierced as part of a scavanger hunt.


    (ps. ben button? awesomely amazing, yes).

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