christmas in photos

Friday, December 26, 2008

i hope that everyone had a great holiday whether you were celebrating the birth of baby jesus or spinning a dradle.

for myself it was a great time with my ever crazy and entertaining family. words can't really give christmas eve and christmas day any justice so pictures will have to do.

christmas eve my mom hosts 25 people at our home for food, drinks and presents. i love my house my mom's house during christmas.

my cousin marissa helping us get the food ready, shake that sauce lady.

some of the family, suzanne, sissy, jenna, tia-jo, and peter

my lovely sissy and my cousins jay, pete, kristen and marissa

my cousin suzanne and her twin girls nicolette and natalie

our family friends and old neighbors the helterbran's. open your eyes dennis!

criseyda and graceyn enjoying present time

the nicolette's grubbing on the amazing food spread

this years christmas eve we brought back the adult gift exchange and it was unexpectedly hilarious, probably because of the bottles of wine i consumed - but we had a great time.

i had my cousin cathi in the exchange and while i may be known for giving great gifts i'm not known for wrapping. i HATE wrapping. i actually paid my sister this year to wrap my presents.

but because i waited till the last minute to get cathi's gift i had to do it myself and this is what i came up with...

cathi and the ugliest gift wrapping job ever. pathetic, i know.

the ugly ribbon and the orange tissue with the turquoise put it over the top doesn't it? or is it the crease on the bottom? i'm so proud of myself. hey, at least she liked the presents inside!


christmas morning i wake up with a glass of wine on my nightstand, a wicked case of dry mouth and two missed calls from one of my very best friends teen, and it was only 10am. so i'm going through my merry christmas text messages before my voicemails when my phone rings and it is teen - again.

i groggily answer and i can just sense the happiness in her voice when she wishes me merry christmas. i shoot out of bed and scream you are f@cking engaged aren't you!?!?! i was right, and i'm honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding whenever she picks the date.

congrats teen - i love you!

christmas day we head over to my aunt (tia-jo) and uncle's house for dinner, where the eating binge continues but we upped our wine level with multiple bottles of opus one - which is exactly what wine is supposed to taste like.

for dinner we had creepy larger than life sized santa watching over us. he still creeps me and small children out year after year.

tia-jo and sissy - this santa gives me nightmares

another christmas day tradition is party poppers at each place setting. the popper contains a toy surprise and a crown - which must be worn through out dinner. classy.

my cousins suzanne, peter, john and criseyda

unfortunately i didn't take nearly enough pictures on christmas day. but to sum it up, santa was good to me and my family is awesome. also, when playing celebrities my mother likes to say shit when she doesn't know the answer - a lot.

today i just got back from seeing the curious case of benjamin button (totally go see it) and i'm stay in for the night because i'm participating in a scavenger hunt on saturday (so excited) and then dinner and dancing with my friends at night (so so so excited).

hope everyone is enjoying their hopefully long weekend - and i love that tomorrow is only saturday!


  1. My dad and his wife have a life-sized Santa in their home, and it freaked me AND Lucy Belle out yesterday. Not a fan of that.

    It looks like y'all had a lovely holiday, though. That wrap job wasn't TOO bad. :)

  2. It's lucky you're cute because your wrapping certainly isn't. ;)

    But who cares? Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Fun!

  3. Your wrapping skills??? Eerily similar to mine . ..

  4. You put it in a fancy bag? I leave it in the plastic bag the store gave me. So you're still ahead of me.

    Also, you saw approximately 1,000 more people than I did on Christmas. My family is apparently not much interested in breeding, which is probably good for the world.

  5. how jealous are you that I met John Krasinski last night?



  6. Sounds like an always-great time of year to be hanging with your family. Thank goodness your family loves you for reasons other than your wrap job. =)

  7. woa woa maxie, what?!

    lovely pics my dear! sounds like a great christmas! have a great rest of the weekend! xo

  8. I love your wrapping skills! Sounds like a wonderful time - and congrats on being a bridesmaid!! Have a great rest of your weekend!

  9. I really miss big family gatherings.

  10. Looks like you had a great Christmas and have a great family.

  11. Aw- what a LOVELY Christmas! And congrats to your friend- Xmas engagements are just too sweet for words. ;-)

  12. Ive seen people w/those crowns on on tv before, I thought it was some sort of religious thing. I'm polish. What do you expect?

  13. your mom's house is GORGEOUS!!

  14. Your family looks so happy! It looks like you had a great Christmas - and exciting about being a bridesmaid! I'm in my first wedding this (next?) year and can't wait!

  15. I suspect that we went to the same gift-wrapping school.

    (I vote for more coverage of Cousin Marissa on the blog. ; ) )

  16. i think i'm a little late on the MERRY CHRISTMAS front, but.. MERRY CHRISTMAS anyway.

    and i love your family. just sayin'

    and your cousin suzanne? is lookin goooooood! for realz! she has kids that old?! damn. i need to know her secrets for when i'm old. er, older... no disrespect to the suz.

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