featured blogger friday v12

Friday, December 19, 2008

the blogger that i am featuring this week (with a couple of new questions!) is probably the smartest blogger i read, sorry everyone else - he wins. but he's not smart in the steve urkel kind of way because he's the wickedly funny kind of smart, original, extremely creative and cute.

yes cute - i'm in junior high apparently.

i haven't been reading him as long as i have some of my other favorites but i was quickly hooked with his witty humor, sweet photoshop skills and pinch of self deprecation - oh, and did i mention he was cute?

ok fine, i'll stop with the cute thing. i don't want his princess to come to cleveland and put a restraining order out on me.

the last time that happened it didn't end well....... kidding.

ok enough jibber jabber, time to read a blogger who is way better than me.

who are you and what is your blog?

My "name" is Arjewtino and I blog at Arjewtino.com. My name is a portmanteau (or mishmash, for the unpretentious) of the fact that I was born in Argentina and am Jewish.

See what I did there?

where are you typing from?

Washington, DC. Well, actually a DC suburb in Maryland but that sounds lamer.

I am sitting on my couch at home, wearing pajamas and a blue hoodie, watching a rerun of "Friends", and typing on my five-year-old Dell that Just Won't Die.

how long have you been blogging and what platform do you use?

I have been blogging since July 2006 but hope to retire sometime in the next 50 years. I use Wordpress and don't understand why anyone would use Blogger. Ahem.

sum up your piece of the internet in one sentence.

I have been called a jerkface three separate times by three separate people this week. One of them was my boss.

That sums me up pretty well.

are you an anonymous blogger or do you scream who you are from the rooftop?

I am semi-anonymous, meaning that I post photos of myself but I don't use my real name.

Actually, I just wanted to say "semi".

if you could become famous from blogging like dooce would you want to?

In a heartbeat. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or has much too high self-esteem.

so you just drank a bottle of wine alone and you’re sitting at your computer, who are the three bloggers that you email or google talk with?

If I were drinking a bottle of wine alone I wouldn't be blogging, I would be looking for my uterus.

Now, if I were drinking a bottle of whiskey alone, I would probably be bugging Shiftless Badger, ePod, and Josh.

how many blogs are in your google reader?

128. But only 17 of them are sex blogs.

If you had $1000 to spend and could only buy one item, what would you buy?

A Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Len. I love photography and also have a photo blog.

I would use the leftover $500 to visit my grandma in Buenos Aires.

what’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

When I was 10, I was getting undressed in my room and hadn't noticed that two teenage girls could see me through an open window. Naked, I jumped for the window to draw the curtains as they ran away laughing.

More recently, I decided to wear THIS for Halloween.

top three favorite movies from your childhood.

Back to the Future
Annie (what? I had a crush on the girl who played Annie)

you have can only listen to one band/solo artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Pearl Jam. I don't care what people think.

name something random that i could find if i was snooping through your purse/wallet?

I am very proud that I carry the thinnest wallet I have ever seen, the anti-George Costanza wallet.

Aside from thousands of dollars in cash, the most random thing in there is probably my dental insurance card. Joke's on them, I don't even use it!

link to a funny you tube video you like.

I like making up new lyrics to established songs, so this video cracks me up everytime.

wanna share a secret with me, i promise i won’t tell… <-- that’s a lie, but tell me something anyways.

I hate drinking water out of a straw. I think it's disgusting. I try not to tell too many people that. It's pretty controversial.

what’s the hardest thing about coming up with something interesting to blog about day after day after day?

Not enough time to write a decent post. My stupid employer expects me to "earn my paycheck" and "not use company computers for personal use".

Blogging would be so much easier without a job.

if you could trade places with one blogger for one day who would it be and why?

When you say "trade places", I imagine inhabiting someone else's body, like Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold did in Vice Versa.

Under that logic, I would "trade places" with White Collar Redneck, for two reasons:

(1) He can grow an awesome beard.

(2) He lives in Cleveland so then I would be able to meet you.

who’s your blog crush?

Let me pick two bloggers, one female and one male to make things fair.

My female blogger crush is Smash, who is hysterical, self-deprecating, and unafraid to post embarrassing photos and stories of herself.

My male blogger crush is Ken, who's an amazing photographer who continuously captures impressive photos. He can take the most ordinary situation and make it look incredible. I envy that.

parting words of wisdom?

Always start sentences with "Like I always say..." and you will sound smarter than you really are.

And never be afraid to get absurdly naked for humor.


  1. Damn dude you're really going to town on that fish.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i am friends with arjewtino on facebook, so therefore, i am cool.

  4. That fish had it coming, Matt. He knows what he did.

    Thanks, Alexa, this was a fun one to do!

  5. "If I were drinking a bottle of wine alone I wouldn't be blogging, I would be looking for my uterus."

    I can't stop laughing at that. I now need to start drinking wine to calm me down. Thanks a lot.

  6. Actually just started reading his blog. I think I'm going to continue since he makes me laugh. And laughing during the work day is MUCH NEEDED.

  7. blah blah....ARE YOU EATING AN ENTIRE FISH ON A STICK? I was blinded by that!

  8. I'm upset you didn't tell the world how much you love videos of cats. Come one.

    That picture is ridiculous, btw.

  9. I just started reading his blog too, and yes he is cute.

  10. BWAHA. his uterus. i need some coffee, because my first thought was "dude, it's not cool to call your girlfriend that."

  11. This is horse manure..Arjewtino gets a glowing write up introduction and I get called weird.


  12. Joke is on you - if we switched places then she would think I was cute. MWAHAHAHA.

    But thanks for the shout-out! Facial Hair unite! (Was that gay?)

  13. Oh, Overly Patriotic Superhero.. We would have been a good duo the year I went as a table.

  14. As someone who saw the Halloween in person, I would like to vote for THAT as having been the more embarrassing of the two moments... trust.

  15. ahhh arjewtino's blog puts us all to shame. so fantastic. and yes, sooo cute... GIGGLES AT LOCKER.

  16. Uhm. I all kinds of love how I've met so many of the bloggers that you've featured.


  17. The DC area truly is magic. We must be putting brilliance in the water.

  18. hey!! i just realized i got a shout out by R-joo here... and i am flattered. i am also embarrassed it took me so long to catch up and notice. ;)

    but, hey, better late than never, right??


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