holiday giveaway - winners!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

thanks to all 123 (!) of you that entered my holiday giveaway this year i really appreciate it and i wish i could give out 123 pairs of comfy KN socks but alas i can only giveaway four.

i used the trusty and came up with the following four numbers which i attached to the corresponding comment number. i know, rocket science - that's why i get paid the big bucks.

congratulations to the winners!

#59 - noelle from the daily tannenbaum

#78 - jamie from oh! how lovely!

#5 - elizabeth from the spotted ottoman

#65 - fizzgig from it's all about me, deal with it!

if you guys can please email me (clevelandsaplum @ gmail . com) your contact information i will get your KN cupcake feet treats in the mail to you asap!

thanks again to everyone who entered!


  1. I love the random number method. I'd love it more if I had won, but Noelle one, and she's one of my favorite bloggers, so it's like I won. (Please don't argue with me, that logic makes me feel like I won. :-) )

  2. *sigh... maybe next year. A girl can dream.

  3. WINNER WINNER! Sound the alarm! I swear I should play the lottery! I'm totally destined for fame and fortune, and winning stuff. Weeeeeee! Omg im too excited, but i cant help it! Squeee! Um I'd like to thank those that commented before or after me, who helped me to win this major award.


  4. How exciting! My feet were so cold last night that I stole Eric's socks because my weren't warm enough. Perfect timing!

  5. congrats to the winners (that i'm super jealous of)!

  6. No. Freaking. Way! This totally makes up for not winning the lottery, or the local Business Improvement District contest where I had to go to 50 stores to get a booklet stamped to enter the contest.

    I heart socks.

    And you can email me at dailytannenbaum @ gmail!

  7. congrats to the winners! thanks for doing this!

  8. F*ck. I really wanted those socks.

    whoops. Im not sure I can say f*ck here or not...

    I guess I will start out the u. Just to be safe.

  9. Dear

    We're fighting.

    Love, Sarah

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