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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i have been approached a couple of times in my blog career to do a book review, but frankly i haven’t been all that interested the book topics that have been made available to me.

that is until i was approached by a nice lady who sent me details on a new book titled, You Lost Him At Hello: a saleswoman’s secrets to closing the deal with any guy you want.

being a single gal and having a lot of single readers and friends i figured i would take one for the team and find out all of the book author jess mccann’s secrets.

“sign me up!”

when the book came in the mail i had the package open and sitting on my kitchen counter. when my roommate the klutz came home i saw her flipping through the book. “what is this all about? i think i need to read this!”, she said. 

see i was right, single girls really are on a need to know basis when it comes to how to snag a man, (really? did i just say snag?).

now normally i’m a bit hesitant about “self-help” books, but the title just simply had me at hello. 

see what i did there? 

having been an excellent saleswoman (i have the plaques to prove it), i felt that the saleswoman’s approach to closing a deal with a man would be pretty fundamental sales skills and i was right. but what is common knowledge to me isn’t to others so in that respect i feel that the book could be really helpful to some ladies out there.

the You Lost Him at Hello book basics:

  1. you are your own product. know and love it. (and don’t forget the packaging ladies!)
  2. it’s important to prospect successfully (get new leads, if the same guys you see out every weekend aren’t biting now, they probably won’t be biting anytime in the near future)
  3. keep your sales funnel full. (it’s a numbers game, the more options you have the better your odds for success)
  4. pick up on a man’s buying signs (they are subtle, so stay sharp – if he’s interested you’ll more often than not know he is)
  5. when closing the “deal” don’t ever assume, and be prepared for buyer’s remorse (ouch!)
  6. no doesn't mean no, it means next – if it doesn’t work out, carry on people, carry on.

throughout the extremely easy to read book the author's likability shines through. plus there are a lot of funny and endearing stories that i found i could relate to. not in the ah-ha light bulb kind of way but in the no shit kind of way.

i.e. don’t be too needy, duh. don’t angry drunk dial, duh. being too eager and anxious won’t get you anywhere, duh. read: common sense. but saying that, sometimes everyone need a little refresher course 101 style.

but before i let myself get too cocky with my sales knowledge and all my so called common sense let's reflect a little on my current situation. here i am 28 and single with zero prospects in my funnel. 

hmmm, maybe I need to read this book again....

[for a couple other takes on this book, be sure to check out my blog friends so@24 and brandy’s review on the same book.]


  1. Is this categorized as a self help? I'm all about self improvement! learning to trust yourself is easier...once you know your gut, I think everything else falls into place!

    I saw the previes for hes just not that into you this weekend at "four Christmases" that was a good book!

  2. I love that you mentioned the funnel. Excellent review friend!!

  3. I heard about this chick and I can't remember where at this moment.

    I'll help fill your funnel - consider me your matchmaker for 2009.

  4. How quintessentially American it is of us to equate sales and love. I'm going to go start my book, which will cull bedroom tips from Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations." Chapter 1: "The Invisible [Pimp] Hand: Keep It Strong."

  5. I call bullshit on this, Fuller!

  6. Oh yeah, I remember reading the review about this book on SO's blog. As I mentioned on his blog, I don't usually make much of these books. Some may be fun to read, but the way I've gone about it is if it happens, it'll happen when the time is right (which may not necessarily mean when the individual thinks it is right). But that's just me!

  7. I might need to read this book. It might help me with my man troubles.

  8. Yeah... I dunno about self-help books. I think they just take a good metaphor and run with it.

  9. hmm, i haven't read many other good reviews of this book... but then again the other reviewers weren't in sales, i don't think.. :-)

  10. I think my problem is finding the right customer to actually sell my product to. I dont like to sell myself to cheap to just anyone who wants to buy.

  11. This sounds interesting, even if you aren't on the market. I might just have to pick it up...

    Happy Holidays, lady!

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