most excellent weekend

Sunday, December 7, 2008

this weekend was a ridiculous amount of fun.

so much so that i'm still feeling the effects sunday night. but like a band-aid i need to just ripped this blog post out quickly so i can get back to the important things, like laying in my bed with the covers over my head.

friday night the klutz and i headed to happy hour at bier market (where i ran into miss 27 dresses in cleveland) for some wine and bar cento pizza with the intentions of being home early as to be productive saturday morning. yeah, that didn't

after a couple rounds of drinks the klutz and i thought it would be a great idea to drive to north canton for my uncle john's 60th birthday party. my cousin's were
all in town for the occasion and the klutz had never been to NC so we hopped in the car and 45 minutes later we were partying with my family. somehow shots of patron taste better with your family.

my cousins marissa, peter and kristen

aubrey, the klutz, yours truly and kristen

i'm really glad i made the trip home for the party it was good seeing everyone. plus, seeing my mom "buzzed" is always entertaining. the klutz and i stayed at my mom's waking up early to head back to cleveland to be productive. let me tell you, i was very productive from my couch.

saturday night was my dear friends cubby and martha's holiday party. throw in a sneaky santa gift exchange and christmas sweaters and you get a damn good time.

i was lucky enough to have muffin for the gift exchange and she actually had me too!i'm not lying when i say she got my one of the most thoughtful gifts i have ever received.

being the savvy internet shopper that she is she found a 1982 first edition Plum Good recipe book on ebay! this book is the bomb. it was published by the christ child society of cleveland and is a collection of recipes from the region full of trivia and
celebrity recipes from back in the day when cleveland was the ripest plum around.

it's so cool, thanks muffin i heart you. xoxo. (i like the earrings too,

the party was a success, and walking to the patio in lakewood and making it our own was a most excellent adventure as well. rootbeer float shots too, i can't forget those.

cubby and captain strike the pose. hot vests boys.

is that hatchel or cousin eddie?

court, beaver, muffin and babs

muffin and i walking in a winter wonderland

nice wind breaker babs

when in doubt, let justin do the worm

writing this blog seriously took the little bit of energy i had left out of me - to bed.

have a good week kids.


  1. That's a good new goal: get my family to do shots of patron with me. Hell may freeze over if I succeed, but it'll sure be worth it.

  2. I want to see a close up for the black sequin sweater w/ shoulder pads por favor.

  3. I wish we would get snow like that!


  4. That cousin eddie is amazing!

  5. Someon's real name is beaver?

    Thats awesome.

  6. Those sweaters are HILARIOUS!!! I love Captain's turtleneck! I wish I could have been there with y'all.

  7. What a fun and amazing gift you got!! (Seeing me on Friday nite, that is.) ;)

  8. You made it through a drunken weekend with no wipeouts in the snow? You are a better person than myself.

  9. my bad sweater party coming up next friday... i CAN'T WAIT. i love it.

  10. I never understood why anyone would mistake me for being Greeks. All you Greeks have the most gorgeous skin (which I most definitely don't). You can stop throwing it in our faces now. =)

  11. wait let me get this straight..
    the christ child society, published the Plum Good filled celebrity recipes?
    am I the only one who laughed a bit at that part? yes?

  12. Oh my god!!! Cousin Eddie. I love it. I want an outfit like that.

    I have never heard of rootbeer float shots, but I'm excited!

  13. So who is "Yours Truly?" She's pretty.

  14. I love ugly sweater parties! But wear is a picture of yours????

  15. I say this without any sarcasm or facetiousness: awesome vests.

    I want one now.

  16. Were you at a GQ party? Some good looking people in those pictures. Oh the girls look ok too.

  17. Your photos just made my day. Christmas vests AND Cousin Eddie in one post? Too much...

  18. You seriously have the COOLEST family!

  19. the sweater/holiday part looks like it was so much fun. love all the pictures!

  20. i must find a replica of babs' windbreaker.
    though by the looks of it, it might be an orginal.

  21. That worm is almost as good as mine. I'll send you pics.

  22. The picture of Cubby and Captain is beyond awesome. Those sweaters are hot.

  23. You're so gorgeous, and WOW - the sweaters are not! Looks like an amazing party though!

  24. look at all the snow!
    and aren't you just the cats meow in that picture with the little scarf and all?!
    i want to see your sweater.

  25. those sweaters are pretty freakin' hot. I'm so jealous! I don't even own one tacky christmas sweater.

  26. Your family looks and sounds way way way way more fun than mine. I even have an uncle with no teeth and another uncle with one hand and yours still looks like more fun.

  27. Your family is far better looking than mine. Centuries of farming doth not a good looking group make, I believe the Bard once wrote.

    Also, the best part of the holidays, besides an excuse to drink frequently, is Christmas Sweater parties.

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