plum bail out

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a couple of years ago when i was asked to be a bridesmaid in four weddings over the course of one year, i took a job bartending one night a week at a little dive bar in lakewood.

i made at least $125 extra a week which helped a lot - plus it was fun.

the gig was for "the wedding fund", even though i wasn't the one tying the knot. the extra money successfully got me through the spring and summer events without putting too much on my credit cards. i was tired at work the next day but it was the means to an end.

now while my current issue may not be wedding related i definitely am in need of some extra money. not because i can't pay my bills, but because my bills (debt) aren't budging. i'm stuck - and my excessive shopping habit isn't helping the situation.

i.e. there was no reason for me to buy these fabulous shoes this past weekend, not to mention countless other items, but i did.

so tonight my sister and i made an excel spreadsheet for me with coming in and coming out money. i wasn't happy with the results.

but i'm pondering a couple of options (hookin' isn't one of them)
-stop unnecessary all shopping (immediately)
-realize that things that aren't name brand are ok (generic brands for the win!)
-get a part-time job (meh.)
-freelance writing (hire me!)

unfortunately i'm not fully confidant in that list, so i need some ideas people -
what can i do for extra money? god knows i haven't seen a dime from those pretty ads to the right.

do you think the government could give me a bail out too?


  1. Stand outside grocery stores with a bell and a bucket. Ring the bell. Collect some cash. Steal the bucket. (I can't believe I just said that... soooo wrong! LOL.)

  2. oh my gosh LZ i don't believe you said that either!! hahahaha

  3. I bartended too, LOVED it!

    Sign autographs and charge for them?

  4. Send the bailout my way too! Good for you for working the budget before it gets too deep!

  5. I've found going over to friends' houses and eating their food really cuts down on my food expenses.

  6. I can head over to Congress and ask them to bail you out. Shouldn't be too difficult I think.

  7. 1) stop buying shoes over 50 bucks!!!
    2) prostitution

  8. It either has to start with self control in which you stop shopping or you need an extra job. I vote for stop shopping. Extra jobs suck ASS.

  9. i recently read a book called Young, Fabulous and Broke by Suze Orman. I rented it from the local library (i was inspired by SJP on the SATC movie). anyway, although she didn't bail me out she inspired me to really think about my spending and how to effective pay down my credit cards. you should check it out.

  10. Since hookin is out, I suggest to stop shopping.

    If I had to bet, I would bet there are clothes in your closet that you havent worn for ages (or maybe ever).

    Wear them. It will feel new.

  11. Cosign what teen said. It's a great book. I've tossed around the idea of an extra job, but they just seem to interfere with my regular life. If you find something that works, let me know!

  12. I also could use a bailout. Prices are going up, wages are not. I would love to freelance write, but the closest I've been able to find is Payperpost...I have made a few dollars from that, though. :)

  13. Hmmmmm are you a pet person? You could dog walk/babysit. The people in my neighborhood make a fortune! I think we pay someone $12-18 a visit and they come 2x a day when we're out of town. Not shabby for something that doesn't take much time...and you get a bit of exercise walking around the block with the pooches.

  14. Personally, I'd rather get another bartending/serving job than stop shopping. If you serve vs. bartend, your hours tend to be over earlier and then you wont be as tired for work the next day. BTW- what shoes dont cost over $50?!

  15. Extra money is so nice...but I have no ideas now besides freelance writing, which is what I do. I write band bios for my friend's record label, which pays well per bio and I get free music! And I stopped a lot of spending...only necessary things!

    Also, eep @ having to take an extra job for all the weddings you were in. That's what I'm trying to avoid for my own bridesmaids!

  16. Yeah, I've been wondering if the government wants to bail me out, too. *shrugs*

    Maybe freelance writing? That'd be fun, and you could do it on your own time...

  17. The shoes are great! Worth every penny. Black pumps...a staple seriously. I would have such a hard time with Lakewood mall. It's pretty great.

    I would check with the local arts papers. They always are looking for freelance writers.

    Good Luck!

  18. I say your best bet is to not shop. I am a big online shopper and when my laptop was not working for like 3 weeks I couldn't shop and my wallet thanks me for it now.

  19. C'mon Alexa.

    You want to work more just to pay for crap you don't need!?

    Kidding. :) I know some girls *need* really nice shoes and purses, I've just never been one of them. It's your choice - but if it were me? I'd shop less, not work more.

    I mean, honestly, I usually shop to fill a void - I am bored, I want to look prettier, I'm unhappy...and working more? Would make me a whole lot unhappier! But that's just me.

    Maybe try selling stuff you don't need/want? Ebay or consignment shops are great. (I haven't gotten any money yet from my BlogHer ads, either. Poo.)

  20. Wish I could help on this one, lady. But I too need some serious budgeting help. The bf if in finance, maybe he'll be my advisor...I'll let you know if I get any good tips!

  21. Lots of stores look for holiday help this time of year.

    Me? I'm going with the whole fake charity thing. The Obama Transition Team Economic Recovery Fund is doing quite well.

    Oh, and renting out hotel rooms that don't exist in DC for the Inauguration/Coronation.

  22. I don't know any other way if hookin' isn't an option.

  23. It totally sucks cutting down on the amount of $$ spent on shopping but could be a "fun" challenge -- what I have done is re-discovered ways to wear otherwise ignored clothes in my closet. Updating your wardrobe while using what you already have can not only be a creative outlet but eye-opening as well. You most likely will discover that you don't even exactly need a lot of things you buy.

    I say: Simply *BE RESOURCEFUL* :)


  24. I bought you the Young, Fabulous and Broke' it. Also, confidant is a noun, confident was the word you wanted..sorry, but spell check wouldn't work on that one. Love ya.


  25. A few years ago, I started working at my gym. Front desk (i.e., easy). Two shifts a week. I did it because I was bored and thought it would be fun (it is). But, a perk is I get a free membership.

    Where do you spend your money. IF you were to get an extra job (even a few hours each week), could you land a job somewhere where you could also reduce your spending habits? Just a thought...

  26. as a gal who has worked two jobs for the past 4 years. Um....working two jobs only fuels any bad habits you have. For me, um drinking was one. I drank more. I justified it cus i worked 7 days a week. youll just have more money to spend and can justify it cus "i work all the time".

    Shop TJ Maxx. They have name brand stuff. Cheeep.

  27. My advice is to quite shopping so much and possibly cut down on your social calendar. I hate to be a BUZZ kill, but sometimes you just have to stop and think and make good decisions when it comes to $$ when you are in a jam. Make a promise to yourself that when you get your credit cards paid off that they get paid OFF EVERY MONTH! Otherwise, you shouldn't be spending what you cannot pay for.........I have been where you are when I was in my 20's and it becomes a drag. You will feel "FREE" once you get your finances in order believe me and it is a good feeling!!! =)

    Sometimes you need some "tough love" when it comes to using the plastic!

    I agree with Ashley - Don't work harder, work smarter......It may hurt for awhile, but you will adjust..... =)

    Good Luck!

  28. Don't you hate this stuff? If you can come up with an answer, please share.

    But the part time bartending gig has always sounded fun to me!

  29. Absolutely do ebay -- I've sold so much crap on that site -- not even funny. But you may also be able to sell some of the unncessary stuff you've purchased in the past and now think is out of style (but someone a little less fashionable may love!). Hardly any work. You can do it at home. You can do it at work. You can do it anywhere.

  30. Can you transfer some of your cards to a new 0%card for 12months to get rid of interest on some of them?Also, cut down on the adds up. You can make several hundred dollars for selling a few handbags, designer ones go for almost full value on ebay. When you go shopping do not take credit cards with you, bring cash so that you will not spend more than you have. Do not use your nordstrom or store credit cards the interest can be as high as 30%...lastly, go on financial lockdown for a few months, it might not be fun but you will feel awesome paying down you cards. Good Luck

  31. I love the dog walking idea! I would pay to watch you with a hoard of dogs since you just luuuuvvvv animals so much!!

    I don't like giving up the shopping habit idea. Cut back maybe, but there's something to say about retail therapy!

    Bailout it is!!

  32. Steal.

    It's the only way to get what you want. George Washington said so.

  33. I had to slow down the shopping too and it is definitely hard, but I have become really good at finding good deals. It is possible to be cute and stylish and not spend a fortune. (Who knew it?!)

  34. i say coupons, discounts and name brands. i've been doing that a lot more lately in prep for the holiday spending season. oh boy.

  35. Do not feel bad about those shoes. They are fab! Don't talk shit about hookin', it is the oldest profession :)

  36. Check out Dave Ramsey. He will change the way you look at money!

  37. I would slowly back away from the spending. If you try to quit cold turkey, you'll relapse faster than Lindsay Lohan. But if you train yourself to think about every purchase or maybe buy at Target what you could have bought at Dillards, you'll be able to stick with the spending changes.

    If that doesn't work, I can honestly say I'd rather the government bail you out than the car companies.

  38. Mandy - hahaha. i don't think anyone needs to be spending their money on my signature!

    Elizabeth - once i get mine you will totally get yours

    pistols at dawn - that is an excellent idea. i will officially become a mooch.

    Marie - as long as i have your approval i should be good to go

    Maxie - can you really still buy real leather shoes for under $50?

    Deutlich - i'm thinking you are a smart lady

    teen - stepho already bought it for me! i'm guessing i should crack the binding eh?

    Matt - i'm going to try your way tomorrow morning

    PomJob - you'll be the first one i call

    3carnations - i think i might have to look into that option

    Courtney - pets and i aren't on a first name basis. but if we were that would be a fab idea.

    dmb5_libra - i know you are right, i'm just in denial

    Melissa - i think serving would be a better fit for me these days

    jessica maria - free music AND money? sign me up

    EP - freelancing is sounding better and better

    Sara Jane - thanks! i think they are a great purchase too

    LBluca77 - unfortunately i think you are right

    Ashley - working more doesn't sound like very much fun does it? and i already have an ebay day planned!

    Ashley - yes, please have your boy toy send some tips my way too

    t2ed - if i lived in DC i would be ALL over that

    surviving myself - julia roberts did it right?

    Kelly and José - if i lost 30 lbs i'd be able to start wearing all the clothes in my closet again ; )

    Mom - hello grammar polie

    Nilsa - i remember you posting about that job before, i think it sounds like a great idea to look into

    Fizzgig - that's exactly what i'm afraid of

    TraciJ - that's what i needed to hear!

    RebeccaC - it is fun!

    Anonymous - i doing an ebay day in january for reals

    Anonymous #2 - credit lockdown is going to have to happen, i don't have an option. thanks for the advice!

    georgia peach - hahaha. you know me too well

    rs27 - GW was a very smart man

    Megkathleen - it is totally possible, i just need to train myself to do so

    Katelin - the dreaded coupon, the only one i ever use is the bed bath and beyond one that gets mailed to me daily. i might need to broaden my horizons

    Bayjb - haha. ain't no shame.

    Tipp - googling him for sure.

    The Modern Gal - ok that lindsay lohan comment is hilarious

  39. you can't work the streets? that's really out of the question?

    the thing is, i would say that not shopping could help, but if you're like me and i know you are, then that really isn't going to happen.

    how about trying to save on little things? go out to dinner less? make lunch instead of buying? brew your own coffee at home instead of buying it in the am?

    (drinking less is also not an option so im not even bothering to throw that in there.)

  40. Ok those shoes WERE necessary. Did you notice how awesome they were? :)

    I did freelance writing for extra money. Right now i'm trying to start back up again. Good luck!

  41. Sista, you need to start selling stuff on eBay. Any time I overspend or need some extra cash, I look in my closet and list a bunch of stuff I haven't worn. Makes me at least $100 every time.

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