Friday, February 29, 2008

so i'm feeling very guilty about writing such mean things about another human being in my last post. i was just VERY fired up last night. although considering the emails i'm getting about the post a lot of people tend to agree with me (sorry dude).

when i started this blog it was supposed to be fun and harmless and i'm upset with myself for using this little site to be so mean to another person. even if i do feel that everything i wrote was true.

but i wrote it and it's done so i'm not deleting it. I'm just going to keep posting till it goes off the first page. ha.

prune of the week 2.25.08

this dude has been bugging me for quite some time now. he has not only insulted my friends, but also myself on several occasions.




and if i were you, i would stay as far away from him as possible.

thinks he knows everything that is going on in cleveland but when push comes to shove he is an arrogant a-hole.

for example: tonight he was at a couple of the same establishments that i was also in attendance of. for reference - i had not been drinking because, i am sick, so this means my thoughts were not clouded by the sauce.

so this dude, had the audacity to come up to me and three of my friends at anatomy and say, "aren't you four girls too white to be at this club?"... this coming from the whitest black man i know... unfortunately this is the
only tip of the iceberg...

this douchebag thinks he is too cool for school and that he can talk about anyone and anything without researching their background, and that really dries my plums. he talks down to everyone, and is completely condescending. he knows absolutely nothing about me yet feels that he can simply judge. and you guys know, i am anti judging in 2008.

for future reference if you see this man out... stay away from him...

he is a snake.

a slimeball.

and a shady character.

leap night

Thursday, February 28, 2008

leap night, it only comes around every four years. and it just happens to be happening tomorrow. normally i don't care about the shortest month of the year adding an extra day but this year a really fun event is "popping up" in cleveland on leap night.

basically some people are turning a vacant lot on the east bank of the flats (between main ave and front street) into a winter wonderland from 6 to 11pm. there will be snow and ice installation (although i think we have a pretty good start), a winter forest, ice skating rink, snowboard ramp, live music, and even a rock band video game competition. ALL OUTDOORS!

they are also having a snowsuit fashion show which really makes me laugh. food and drink vendors will be available and all in all i think it is a really good use of the vacant space.

check out this link for more information and a map etc.

p.s. still sick!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i had another morning like this today. thankfully though i didn't have to spend any extra money.

but i'm sick.

i have been fighting a cold, the flu and my sanity all winter. normally i don't get sick. i tend to work through it, i just stick a bunch of zicam up my nose and hope for the best. usually it works. but right now the cold is definitely winning the fight.

when i woke up this morning my throat felt about as big as a pea. not a good sign. i'm too busy at work right now to be sick so obviously calling off was not an option. so i pack all my stuff up and walk to my car. and guess what's wrong with my little jetta?

frozen doors.

it was 17 degrees out and after 20 minutes of trying to thaw out my door so it would open i finally burst into tears. i felt like shit and the last thing i wanted to do was be standing out in the snow. the awesome thing is that the tears were literally freezing to my cheeks. talk about pathetic.

the best things was that while i was crying i was kinda laughing and muther f@cking the world. people in suits were walking by me as i'm attempting to use my scrapper as a crowbar trying to pry the door open. it was quite a sight.

a few of my friends (salty the kid and trapper) walked by and tried to help me. nothing. i finally gave up and crawled through the back door again. i drove to work and tried to open the door from the inside.

it opened, go figure.

it's time for tylenol pm and bed. i have plans for tomorrow and i am not about to miss them. i'm also going to michigan on saturday and i am not all about being down with the sickness.

i don't have time for this. ugh.

democrats everywhere

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

so there's a little debate going on a few short blocks away from me as i type this. you may have heard of it, yes?

well i'm watching it right now, and my brain is kinda swimming. i hoped watching this would help me figure somethings out, and as of now i'm still confused as shit.

i'm a registered republican, and i would have loved to vote for mccain 8 years ago. but now i'm not as sure. i do think that change is good, but i'm waiting for that ah-ha moment to tell me who i should vote for.

i have taken a couple of those online candidate picker surveys and and obama keeps coming out as my "ideal candidate".

but i'm not sold yet.

i guess i'll just keep watching...

i rock, but i need a tot

the warehouse district doesn't exactly scream family fun. but on saturday march 8th from 2 to 5pm velvet dog on w 6th is going to be turned into quite the kid friendly zone.

recently a couple of local mom's started an organization called rock-n-tot cleveland to create an "out on the town" experience for kids (through age 12), and their parents (or anyone who has a part in their lives). the goal of this event is to simply encourage families to spend quality time together.

there will a dj playing great kid friendly music, and there will be loads of fun activities for the kids. you get giveaways and goody bags too! the kids will get snacks and juice boxes and the adults can sip on an "adult beverage" if they choose.

now i don't have any children but i may just have to borrow a kid and check out rock-n-tot. i'm really curious to see what velvet dog looks like during the day when i'm sober. ha. i think this would be such a fun event for downtown residents to take their nieces and nephews to, or for families in the suburbs to check out my downtown neighborhood.

tickets are $12 a piece advance sales or $15 at the door - check out the rock-n-tot website for more information and to purchase tickets online.

plum head of the week 2.26.08

i first met teen on move in day freshman year of college at the university of dayton in 1998 - oh my god we have been friends for over 10 years. shit.

her and her roommate diva (who also ended up being a great friend of mine), lived down the hall from me. i vividly remember these two girls that looked nothing like the girls where i had come from, they had on really short skirts and tank tops and were cheerleading. literally cheerleading in the hallway. i'm like who are these sluts goofballs?

little did i know that teen would ended up becoming one of my very best friends of all time.

teen is someone that has no problem yelling at you. as she would literally smack the shit out of me when i did something stupid. i got a few swipes in too. aside from living on the same floor freshman year we also lived together in a house on lowes for our junior and senior year of college. we spent a lot of time together. but i mean we all in did college, it's not like we ever went to class.

after college we became even closer. although i basically had to because she broke into hives when she had to say goodbye to me after college. so i felt bad not talking to her. ha. teen also tried to go to mackinac island with us after college for the summer, she ended up only lasting one night, the smell of horse poop and fudge were too much for her. hilarious.

to this day we still see each other often because thankfully cleveland and pittsburgh are so close. her and diva owe me a visit next (it's totally my turn)!

at the end of the day, it is having people like teen in my life that make it fun, interesting and complete. loyalty is key and i know that she will always be there for me.

love you girl!

Where are you typing from?
The Burgh

Marketing/PR Specialist

Relationship Status:
just moved in with my boyfriend

How do you know me?
The Penthouse at UD (stuart hall 6 adele)

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
Don’t cry it is only 134 miles to civilization aka Pittsburgh.

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
The Primanti Brothers Knockoff

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
Hot Wings, well done with a tall miller lite draft.

What’s your signature wedding drink?
If I could remember the wedding, I would tell you the drink.

Favorite Book?
The Alchemist

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?
The entourage, get all the perks and not the obnoxious attention

Dream vacation destination?
Bora Bora

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in cleveland)
Alexa, you have never taken me to dinner in Cleveland…then again I usually swoop in and swoop out very quickly so I don’t get harassed for being from Pittsburgh.

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
All’s fair in love and blog, I found through your blog. Fun stuff.

Least favorite day of the week?

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
Watching Alexa drive her rental car, a Big Red Pick-up Truck across Founders Field at UD…What were you thinking?

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
One of my best friends/old roomies wedding, it is going to be an amazing affair and featured in a city magazine.

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
You use to let friends go into Rudy’s Fly-Buy (UD campus store) late night have dance parties, eat bulk candy and have pizza!!! I am pretty sure that’s illegal.


Monday, February 25, 2008

every time i eat a banana my ears itch. like the inside of my ears. what's up with that?

am i allergic to bananas?

seriously, weird.

still itching

yup, not going away.

this proves that i should have eaten the sugar cookie instead of the banana.

who is f@cking who?

the following video is the star studded follow-up to the internet hit "i'm f@cking matt damon". it is hysterical and just as funny as the first one! i love all the celebrity cameos, the gospel choir and huey friggin' lewis! loves it.

game day

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the follow are the games i played today with the georgia peach and her husband - who will FOREVER remain without a nickname due to his guitar hero taunting. uncle andy and jewfroblue also made guest appearances. it was the ultimate game day extravaganza of fun. perfect for a lazy sunday.

1. rock band - because this game is not available on wii, the georgia peach, her nicknameless husband and i played the game at best buy at steelyard commons for an hour. yes, we were those people. i was drums and i totally kicked ass! i'm a natural! and obviously humble. if i had this game in my apartment you all would never have anything to read because i wouldn't be doing anything but playing rock band.

2. smarty pants - thanks to jewfroblue bringing over his two wii handsets, all four of us could play this freakishly fun trivia game. it is great because you actually get to buzz in and answer questions. you do things like dance for more points and play tug-o-war for the right to answer correctly. what was not fun about this game was that while i am good at the fashion and entertainment questions. i am NOT good at the science questions. and i am especially sucky at science while playing with a bunch of med students. not fair.

3. guitar hero 3 - thanks again to jewfroblue for bringing over his guitar so that we could battle against each other. i was getting so angry that i couldn't beat the nameless husband. and his childlike taunting didn't help. beating uncle andy was doable (ha!) but it took forever for me to beat nameless. normally i am better than nameless at guitar hero but the battle was totally different. damn lefty double note hard level.

4. bubble bobble - yes, bubble bobble. old school nintendo style. what i didn't know was that with wii you can get vintage games. bubble bobble was one of my favorites back in the day and playing it now was so funny. spelling out e-x-t-r-e-m-e and grabbing the umbrella how retro. loved it.

5. trivial pursuit pop culture dvd 2 - even trivial pursuit is interactive now. nameless husband and i took on uncle andy and the georgia peach. it started taking forever towards the end because we couldn't get the right roll of the dice. we ordered chinese food and we weren't allowed to eat it till someone won the game. yeah that didn't last long.

now that's a lot of games. and now it is almost midnight and way past my bedtime. but the oscar's are still on and i have to see who wins best director and picture!

old school hip hop night

"i got 5 on it" (old school hip hop night), is the best monthly in cleveland, and last night was no exception. although it is getting freakishly packed now. i think i kinda liked it better when i first started going in march of last year cause i had more room to dance. i'm greedy like that. oh well. good for touch supper club, and good for the awesome dj's that have created quite to following (mick boogie and terry urban). any dj's that play pharoahe monk "simon says" and the fresh prince of bel-air theme song on the same night are alright by me.

i danced my butt off and the basement of touch was seriously a sauna (don't worry wonger i won't post the pics of us looking like sweat balls). i will post some random crowd shots though.

so the camera action didn't stop there, but i didn't recall taking the following shots till i looked at my camera in the morning.

the following two pictures proves my maturing level at 3am last night.

someone that lives on my floor hangs these signs up right outside of the elevator probably every other weekend. and it bugs the shit out of me.

i'm such a brat! seriously, am i a freshman in hight school again?

so i went out TWO nights this weekend. i seriously don't remember the last time i did that. it was so much fun. happy monday. ugh.

alexa bateman

alexa bateman has a nice ring to it right?

i think i'm in love with jason bateman. scratch that, i
am in love with jason bateman.

i love his face

my love has been brewing for a very long time now. and i'm glad i finally have a platform to say it loud and proud.

he is smart, funny, sickeningly witty and beautiful to look at.

he can even make lingerie look good...

don't forget about "teen wolf too"...

and who doesn't love "valerie"? you guys have got to remember this show. i still know the theme song by heart. this video is beyond vintage.

friday date night with muffin

Saturday, February 23, 2008

after a very busy week and an especially busy friday at the office i was so ready to down a glass um, bottle of pinot noir.

my friends and i had thrown out going to one walnut for their new happy hour but the big group diminished and muffin and i decided to just go to tremont, shop at banyan tree and grab some dinner and drinks.

banyan tree is hands down my favorite boutique in cleveland. it seriously is like having a mini department store in tremont. they have clothes, shoes, jewelery, home goods and even baby stuff. the proprietor christie is awesome and has the best sense of style, always buying great stuff for the store. the staff all know me by name as i have spent quite a bit of time perusing through the goods. i haven't been there in a few months but only managed to do minor damage to my checking account. buying a couple pairs of earrings and a birthday present. everyone needs to go to this store!

after we wrapped up at banyan tree, muffin and i decided to walk over to lolita to see if there were any spots available at the bar. thinking that it was still early we figured maybe we had a chance. not so much. obviously the bistro is still on michael symon's iron chef high. the hostess was unbelievably nice and offered to call parallax to see if they had a table for two. they did.

we couldn't find any street parking and of course neither one of us had cash. so we had to bribe the valet at parallax to park our car without the $5 cost up front. he hesitated for a sec but when we reminded him that he had the keys to our car he let us go without paying. duh...

i heart parallax. if i don't go there at least once i month i swear i start to go through withdrawal. so this was where date night with muffin and i really was apparent. don't worry captain (muffin's boyfriend), she didn't put out.

because this was so spur of the moment all the good tables were obviously reserved. we were seated in the enclosed garage/patio area. all by ourselves. literally. it actually was fun because muffin and i could be as loud as we wanted to, and you all know how loud i am.

we started off with a glass of the "definitive" pinot noir. after a glass of vino my voice obviously started to raise. and at one point muffin told me how much a pair of shoes cost that one of our friends just bought (who will by the way remain nameless cause she is a frequent character on this blog. hint hint). i screamed "oh my god!" so loudly that zack bruell (the owner) walked out onto the patio, laughing, asking what all the commotion was about. hysterical. he obviously then had to bust my chops.

i ordered hands down my favorite entree in all of cleveland, the seared sea scallops. they are served with spicy fingerling potatoes, and topped off with a chardonnay cream sauce with cilantro and tomatoes, it is gloriously delicious. muffin ordered a few sushi rolls and edamame. by the way, the sushi at parallax literally melts in your mouth. we got a frozen white chocolate mousse over a peanut butter cookie with blueberries for dessert and it was good. but i wouldn't order it again.

a second glass of wine and more laughing later, people were finally beginning to enter into our "private room". we wrapped up our meal. excellent food and excellent service as always.

next stop, southside. i have had a $25 gift card to southside for over a year. i haven't been there in forever! we got a couple of prime seats at the bar, watched the cavs game and had a lot of fun. muffin's sister came and met us and so did reese. i also ran into one of my clients, CC, we laughed our butts off and drank too much vodka.

i was back downtown by one and i am really digging this stop drinking once i get a buzz thing i have been doing. it stops me from having diarrhea of the mouth and feeling like poop in the morning. i like this trend!

all in all a wonderful friday night out. looks like tonight i'll be busting a move with wonger at touch old school hip hop night.

wanna come?

prune of the week 2.18.08

kanye west YOU are my prune of the week...

i got over the fact that you (and rihanna, lupe fiasco, and NERD) weren't coming to cleveland on your upcoming tour. it sucked but whatever.

it ended up not mattering because you were playing in las vegas on april 25th. luckily, my friends and i are going to be there that weekend.

muffin (the investigator) - got the password for pre-sale, contacted the venue and we were ready to buy 11 tickets this weekend.

then kanye goes and CANCELS the vegas show. who cancels vegas, wtf?

so bitter. boo.

family fun on you tube

Thursday, February 21, 2008

when my 11 year old cousin david instant messaged me the other day telling me that he filmed a video and posted it on you tube i didn't believe him.

i searched the keywords that he sent me and to my surprise i saw my 15 year old cousin jenna impersonating of all people amy winehouse and her grammy acceptance speech.

i find it absolutely hysterical that my cousins jenna and david did this. the other two adorable girls are my family friends from connecticut and i'm jealous that i wasn't with them when they made the video. i'm such a star.

check out the video, they even edited it in the beginning! i love it.

it's a girl!

well at least I say it's a girl.

last night the beav had myself, jilly, the giff, patti-o and mel over for a little dinner par-tay at her condo in westlake. everything was wonderful, thanks so much beav for having us over!

patti-o is preggers, she is due in april and seriously looks amazing! so we were all talking about names and what patti-o thought the sex was going to be. suddenly i was like we need to do the tried and true greek sex test (not sex sex silly! girl or boy sex. get your mind out of the gutter).

when i explained what it was i realized that apparently it isn't just a greek thing and a few of the girls had heard about it too. oh how i was lied to as a child! kidding mom.

anyways, basically you take the soon to be mom's wedding ring, and put it on a chain/necklace. you have the mom lay down on the ground and you raise the ring and chain combo three times over her belly. after the third raising of the ring if sways in a circle, it is a girl. if it goes in a line it is a boy.

i did the little test two times on patti-o and it said girl both times! luckily that is exactly what she wants. i have done the little trick thing to a lot of bellies and so far i have a perfect record.

here's hoping for patti-o's sake my streak continues!

what did they do?!?!?




i don't believe that ben wallace is now a cleveland cavalier.

i don't believe that we no longer have drew gooden or larry hughes or donyell marshall or shannon brown or ira newble


i think i just cried a little bit on my laptop. all of my years of HATING, i mean HATING ben wallace and now he's here. shit.

we also got some "sharp shooter" from the sonics named wally

i sure as hell hope this doesn't back fire on us.

black maria film festival

my friend jason is a film maker based out of philadelphia...

so i thought it was pretty gosh darn cool when i found out that one of his films was chosen to be shown right here in cleveland!

a touring international film festival called the black maria film festival is making its way to cleveland via the cleveland institute of art - cinematheque film series.

so if your in the mood to see 15 funny short films, with free wine! go to cinematheque this friday, february 28th at 7pm and specifically check out the film "save me", by jason messina.

i've seen it, it's really good. you can all thank me later.

downtown cleveland restaurant week

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

for this weeks political science 216 post i decided to write about the gloriousness that is the downtown cleveland restaurant week.

i included some tips and guidelines for potential diners, and talked about my upcoming dinner club!

check it out people

plum head of the week 2.19.08

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

this weeks plum head is my sissy! i basically had to chose her to due to the fact that she begged and pleaded to be next after poo poo. i'm not kidding kids. begged!

well i don't even know where to start with this introduction. my little sister (my only sibling), is 2 and half years younger than myself. we were at that glorious age difference where i was a senior in high school and she was a freshman. and i don't think that really work well for us. we fought a lot during high school and it wasn't until college that i think we really became friends.

obviously there was sibling rivalry as you will see from some of her answers, but looking back at it all now, i think my sissy really just wanted me to like her. i'm not going to lie, i wasn't always the most considerate of her and i wish i would have done somethings differently. but when it comes down to it, she is my only sister and that trumps everything else.

so now i want to finally spend tons of time with her and now SHE is too cool. karma's a bitch huh?

my sissy has always been very artsy. she went to university of the arts in philadelphia for photography and has never looked back in the direction of ohio. she now lives in manhattan on the upper east side working in photography and production management. she is always around celebrities and basically is way cooler than me. i have the utmost respect for what she is doing, especially for her age. she worked her butt off to get where she is.

she may be a horrible speller, a bit pig-headed and think she is cooler than most but she has a wonderful caring side that evens out that jaded new yorker in her. she is the only person on earth that has matching pajamas with me and we have worn said pajamas to bed on christmas eve every year since 1991, no joke (they were really big when we got them). i mean who else can you do that with but your sister?!?!

sissy you're my favorite and i love you!! xoxo

see below for her responses:

Where are you typing from?
New York City, if I tilt my head to the right I can see the empire state building.

Production Manager for a photography production company

Relationship Status:
in a relationship… but he’s in a different city

How do you know me?

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
I’d tell them to talk to my sister....

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
My memories… My first concert without my mom… I went to go see… Lit at the Odeon, ha. it was a big deal for me at the time and boy did I think that lead singer from Lit was hot.. And all the times we used to go see shows at Playhouse Square.

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
Chicken Bryon from Carrabba’s! with the bread and a Caesar salad and garlic mashed potatoes

What’s your signature wedding drink?
Well… vodka tonic is pretty much my main stay.. but sometimes I get a little crazy at weddings and get a Shirley temple with vodka! The bartenders think I’m crazy and then they ask me for my ID

Favorite Book?
New York Magazine

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?
The celebrity

Dream vacation destination?
Anywhere I haven’t been.. but it has to do with a white sand beach and a clear ocean

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)
well I haven’t been to many restaurants in Cleveland. But we did have a great time with the family when we went to parallax. The sushi was great!

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
This is the only I read!! You should feel special sissy

Least favorite day of the week?
Ummm they’re pretty much all the same to me. I basically work any and every day of the week so they’re all the same...

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
Well I’m sure I’ve seen lots but the one that comes to mind right now is when I was out having drinks with some friends. we were sitting at a table, and there was a guy standing in between me and my friend with his back towards us. He started lifting his shirt and putting his hand down the back of his pants and scratching nearly hitting my friend with his elbow! He did this over and over and I finally tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to stop. He was with a group of friends and they all started making fun of him. Then he asked us to smell his hand!

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
My birthday (march 25th)! I wanna have a big party! You’re all invited!

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
Alexa is my big sister, and one of the joys that many of you may have experienced if you also have a big sister is that you were able to tell your sister secrets of first time experiences or special things that you didn’t want your mom to know... Well if you had a sister like Alexa that was impossible. I told her the first time I smoked pot and the next day she told my mother. And I told her I was going on birth control and she decided to announce it at my aunts house while we’re all eating dinner... she’s the sister that tells you what you’re getting for Christmas and that your boyfriend called her to talk about your Valentine’s day gift! She claims to be a good secret keeper to her friends and I’ve never heard any complaints but I know if I tell her something my mom’s gonna know soon!

[in my defense, these instances were a LONG TIME AGO! and obviously i just wanted all the heat off of me and turned on to her. i apologized! geez. don't even get me started on things she has done to me! ok, maybe there is still a LITTLE sibling rivalry! ]

there is something wrong with this picture

Monday, February 18, 2008

what part of this picture doesn't belong? perhaps the water pouring in through my brick wall last night during the thunderstorm. my BRICK WALL.

the funny thing is that 2 weeks ago it was so much worse. it was pouring through a few other places as well. i should have taken a picture then too.

it is super weird when water comes through the cross hanging on the wall. very exorcist like.

definitely, yes

Sunday, February 17, 2008

definitely, yes go see "definitely, maybe".

this was a very refreshing movie. and you would expect it coming from the creators of "love actually" and "notting hill". i'm such a sucker for a good romantic comedy.

my mom and i saw it this afternoon and i loved it. and i don't care if ryan reynolds eyes are slightly too close to each other. he is still hot to trot.

and that abigail breslin is so the new dakota fanning.

did anyone else see it this weekend? thoughts?

from one extreme to another

so after the gloriousness that was lanning's i decided to head to canton and go out with some friends. i met up with the nc (north canton) crew at this bar and honestly i don't even know the name. my friend oakes was celebrity bartending there and actually he drew a fun crowd. by the time i got there i was pretty much done drinking but biscuit was hammied enough for the both of us.

it was fun. j-birdie and i pretty much just ended up talking about if we were snobs or not, and if we were we just needed to embrace it. all while busting a move to michael jackson. guess you had to be there.

the bar also had these pull tabs to buy. i don't know how to explain them other than they are those instant bingo games that you buy at like a fair or bingo hall. can you tell the kind of place i was at? well i threw down a $20 and pulled my tabs till i was content. i won $25 bucks and per ry-guys gambling advice he told me just to ride it and go for the $800 prize. yeah that unfortunately didn't work out in my favor. i don't know how i am going to make it in the vegas!

we finally left the random bar and went to my favorite bar in nc. geisen haus.

i wish this place had a website because it is so hard to explain unless you have been there. when i titled this post from one extreme to another, this was what i was talking about. going from 5 star dining to a place that lets people throw peanut shells on the floor is quite the jump.

when i lived in canton my second home was the haus. my group of friends and i honestly thought it was the coolest place in the world. and at the time it was. but we all just kinda grew up...

well most of us grew up, i did at least.

it was weird walking in there because i ended up seeing so many friends that i haven't seen in forever. (jesse and kari i miss you!) seeing them brought all the memories back. my friend kelli and i searched the jukebox for all of the old songs we used to dance on the chairs to. they got rid of some of them (i'm going down - mary j blige), but christina aguilera's dirrty was still there. watch out boys. kelli's on the chair again.

the night ended well, i had fun with all of my friends and i was sober. go figure.

now that's a good steak

i thought i knew all of the nice restaurants in northeast ohio, but apparently there was one that somehow i missed. and i call myself a foodie.

lanning's restaurant in bath (near akron) was a hidden gem to me and i can't wait to go back for more.

it was my thea (aunt in greek) jo's birthday, and when my mom told me where we were going to celebrate i was like, wait, where are we going? i googled the name and found
their website. the site isn't anything crazy but i gathered that i was going to a nice steakhouse. i found out that there are at least two couples in my family that got engaged at lanning's, i guess it has been around for years, and some would call it a landmark. who knew??

we had a private room for all 18 of us (we also had family friends in from connecticut), and from the looks of the place i knew i was in for a good meal. we ordered lots of wine, and took a crap load of pictures. i had on a new dress, snap away paparazzi.

so i am constantly on the look out for a good caesar salad. not some heavy creamy grocery store bottled caesar dressing, but a caesar salad made the correct way. when i was young my favorite restaurant was a place in canton called topp's chalet (it burned down when i was in high school), they did table side caesar salad service. and i'm always looking for a salad that replicates that one. well i found it at lanning's it was the perfect combination on lemon, oil, garlic, parmesan and anchovies. delicious.

i got the filet mignon and scampi's as did pretty much everyone else at our table. all of us in unison agreed that it was the best steak they have had in a long while. also there was this fun baked potato topping bar that came with our meals that was so fun, especially for the kids.

by now i had consumed a few glasses of pinot when i had an a-ha moment. i'm glancing out through the full restaurant and i'm noticing all of the waiters and their helpers running around doing their jobs. and by all i mean we seriously had 8 different waiters for our table. anyways, i realized that i hadn't seen a single female staff member. what was this some sort of boys club? i decide to ask our "head server" why there were no females working with him. he said he honestly had no idea and would ask her manager. i wondered it it was because women don't look as good in tuxes.

i mean what if there was a fully qualified women who wanted to work there, would they turn her down? i decided that i needed to fill out an application. now obviously i'm not going to work at lanning's but it was principle.

then my cousin grog brought up a very good point. he's like, um alexa, what about hooter's or christie's? they don't exactly have male servers.


i decided not to turn my application in.

it was an interesting observation with the male wait staff and i'll just chalk it up to classic elegance. this was hands down one of the best meals i have had in a very very long time and if anyone out there has a special occasion to celebrate or if you just want a great steak, check the place out. it is well worth the drive.

i'm alive

Saturday, February 16, 2008

as i mentioned in the title of my last post i have been on a jim beam kick this week. my friend beam and i only hangout with each other on very random occasions. i started drinking it when i was back in canton after college and every so often i make it a beam night.

it started on tuesday...

the georgia peach had just taken her teaching praxis exam and after weeks of studying we just had to go celebrate. so dr wild, myself and the georgia peach went to sunset lounge for happy hour. they have $4 martini's and half off select sushi rolls everyday until 7pm (all night on monday). we had some martini's and sushi, then beam decided to make his appearance. after more chit chat and gossiping we moved our party to the map room where we met up with uncle pete and georgia peach's husband (who by the way says he is boycotting my blog till he gets a proper nickname other than just the georgia peach's husband. ha!). beam and i were still together, and per my mom's request i am no longer allowed to divulge my "drink count" in my blog. she says it just isn't classy... cause this whole blog is right?

we called it an early night, i think i was home by ten. but when i came home i was singing bone, thugs and harmony to my roommate bird. random

it continued on thursday...

as we all know thursday was valentine's day or as i like to call it, single's awareness day, aka SAD. kidding, i'm not THAT bitter.

my friend white just moved back to cleveland from FLA so we went out to celebrate her return. we didn't even go out till like 10. which by the way is normally when i'm in bed on school nights. but not on thursday, i honestly thought it was a saturday or something.

we started out at map room, where white is now working part time so to say the least we got hooked up with drinks and shots. bird was there too, as well as georgia peach's husband, donkers and uncle pete. it was a fun time but by midnight i was itching to dance.

beam and i were on a mission.

white, bird and i headed over to anatomy, (i told you that darn hot card was being ingrained into my head). unfortunately bird gave up and went home after she saw how packed the bar was. but white and i stayed and danced our butts off.

hip hop night at anatomy is all sorts of busy, but let's just say that i'm a minority in comparison to my fellow club goers. that doesn't bother me because i love dancing and obviously the dj's were awesome. although i accidentally think i bought two under age girls drinks. oops. i don't know their names but white and i were so impressed with them knowing all the words to this insanely fast hip hop song while busting out matching dance moves that i just had to but them both a drink. after talking to them more though i got a funny feeling they were underage. but i mean i NEVER drank before i was 21.

other than the fact that getting a drink was pretty difficult because the bar was 5 deep and there were only 3 bartenders on, i had so much fun. we danced till we were told we told we had to stop, and i walked my tired ass home. i did have to work in a few hours.

i woke up spry but a little foggy about the night before. i went to constantino's and got bagels for the office. i'm such a giver, even though it was wool man's idea.

basically beam and i had a nice affair this past week, but i think due to the head aches the next day we need to amicably separate for a little bit.

until next time.

beam and diet with a lime please

Friday, February 15, 2008

i think i was over served last night.

it was a hell of a valentine's day.

more details to follow.

happy valentine's day bitches!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

thanks MOB for the gloriousness that is this picture

prune of the week 2.11.08

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i save $50 a month by parking in an outside lot on west 9th instead of parking in the garage in my building. i don't mind it because it's only half a block to get to my apartment from the lot, and i save $600 a year that in turn i can go and buy a new bag with. plus when it's nice out i think it's fun to walk past all the restaurant patios and see who's out and about.

i'm forever a gadabout.

so because i park outside it leaves my car accessib
le to all sorts of street teams and event promoters who leave "hot cards" on my windshield. almost every friday, saturday and sunday morning there is some sort of promo item on my car. normally i just throw it away but sometimes i try to get rid of the card and it isn't even possible.

see below:



it's like the gift that keeps on giving.

if there is any bit of moisture on the window when the card is placed it dries up by the morning and the card sticks like glue to the windshield. ANNOYING!

not only do i have to stare at "i heart hip hop" from the inside of my windshield, but i now have to take the time to razor blade the thing off my windshield in zero degree weather. damn flyer.

there has got to be some way to stop this constant decoration of my car, maybe i'll write my councilman (joe cimperman) and see if he can pass a law or something. because i'm fed up with getting things glued to my car, especially a month before i have to turn it in. that REALLY dries my plums.

maybe i'll just go to anatomy tomorrow and make the people who put the card on my car buy me a drink, or two.


i'm trying to lose 20lbs in time for all of the booty shaking that is going to go down when i'm in vegas end of april. it's a goal, and so far the scale is going down so i can't really complain. but there are constant temptations around every corner for me. take my office for example. there are bowls and jars of candy EVERYWHERE.

i walk pass these bowls like 20 times a day and i have to ignore the gloriousness that are reese's peanut butter cup hearts and take a life saver instead. on a positive note, who doesn't love fresh breath?

there are also tons of candy machines for me to choose from...

not gonna lie it's pretty difficult to not grab a handful of m & m's every time i walk into the kitchen. but i've cut it all out. go me.

on a workout level i am no longer taking the elevator to get to my office (on the 5th floor), and i'm done with the elevator in my apartment building too (4 floors up). i also got a personal trainer at the downtown ymca where i work out, and i literally just stopped being sore from my session on monday. he's tough!

so wish me luck!

plum head of the week 2.12.08

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

there are all sorts of new things going on with my little blog today! very exciting stuff kids.

i have come up with a set of survey questions that i have sent to a few friends and family. i personally think it is interesting to read other peoples thoughts and what they think about cleveland, and i'm vain, so what they think about me.

i have some pretty intelligent, beautiful, loyal and witty friends and they are all my biggest supporters so i figure i should shine the spotlight on them for a post. so once a week i will be posting my friends answers to the survey for you all to enjoy.

this weeks spotlight is on poo poo. for those of you that read my blog regularly you know that she has a starring role. she is one of my very bestest friends but at times i still think she hates me, probably because she tells me so. ha. i miss her because she had to go and get engaged to a boy named sampson in chicago and leave me. but it's ok because i heart sampson.

poo poo above anyone else encouraged, er, forced me into starting this blog and i really appreciate her pushing me because this blog has turned into just the bit of therapy i needed. thanks buddy.

anyways, the following is the first ever plumhead of the week post. enjoy.

Where are you typing from?
Chicago, Illinois. A cube about 20 feet from an office that overlooks the river. I’m kind of a big deal.

Assessor of risk

Relationship Status:

How do you know me?
Dayton. I don’t remember meeting you, you were just there. Best and worst semester of my college career! Since then you are like a sticky booger and I can’t get rid of you. Just kidding, I love you.

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
Bone Thugs and Drew Carey, what else is there to say?

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
When I go back it feels like I never left. In the best way possible.

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
Mista Salad from Players
Angelos Pizza with Pepperoni and Mushrooms
Every one of those little dessert cups that they give you at Brio. MMMMmmmmmm

What’s your signature wedding drink?
Seven and Seven. No idea why.

Favorite Books?
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Other Boleyn Girl
Under a Marble Sky
Kama Sutra

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?
Entourage for sure. I would be Turtle.

Dream vacation destination?
French or Italian Riviera. But only if I was SUPER rich.

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)
Sans Souci

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
Does Perez count?

Least favorite day of the week?

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
Some guy wackin’ it in his car while driving around Crocker Park. Don’t worry, Muffin and I were Crime Stoppers! Where is Carl Monday when I need him.

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?

Oh….I mean the wedding.

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
Your contact prescription and how thick your glasses are. Mwahhhh.

i'm a guest blogger!

you read that right ladies and gentleman. i am going to be writing a weekly post for the political science 216 blog. the "professor" over there calls me his teaching assistant. ha! since his cleveland based blog is mainly politics based i am going to be reviewing restaurants, movies and general cleveland events.

so check out the post, and please excuse the raw bacon picture. ; )

something i've been pondering

Monday, February 11, 2008

there are a few people that i "know" but don't really "know", that i recognize from going out a lot in the downtown areas - warehouse district, ohio city, tremont, etc. we may or may not have attended a late night or two together, may or may not have also day drank on random saturday or sunday. but these specific characters that i am describing i see everywhere i go. even the most random work networking events.

my roommate bird and i started calling these people everywhere guys, please forgive the not overly creative title - i think we were a couple of martinis deep when we came up with it. anyways, we would see these guys over and over again, it was seriously getting out of control. bird and i would just look at these characters raise our fists in the air and say blast! the everywhere guy strikes again!

the breaking point was last summer when someone called ME an everywhere girl.



unfortunately though it may make sense. do these everywhere guys see me as an everywhere girl? is this a good or bad thing? am i just a good networker or a party hound?

i am pondering the topic now (completely randomly) because i simply don't see myself as an everywhere girl anymore. i don't go out as much in the winter. basically february sucks and i'm at the point where i think i miss being an everywhere girl (gasp!). i want see those everywhere guys. i'm yearning to roll my eyes and say, there's that d-bag again, because then it will mean that it is warm out and i'm sitting at the batters eye during a tribe game, or i'm dancing at velvet dog on a sunday night. oh the good times.

i'm officially over february. march and st. patrick's day can not come soon enough.

so that's what the cinema room is for

my friend court just emailed me with a hysterical story about her morning workout experience at the downtown fitworks today. i found it so funny that i just had to post it for you all to read.

a bit of background: the downtown fitworks has a cinema room that basically houses about ten treadmills that one can workout on while watching movies on a huge projector screen. in the pitch black cinema room is where the following story takes place.

My dear fellow and former Fitworks members…thought you might enjoy this story. Helps if you’ve seen the film “A History of Violence”.

5:25 am – I enter the pitch black “Cinema Room” where I join another individual, (picture a 40 something lanky male), for my morning workout on an adjacent treadmill. I should preface this with my need to be on treadmills DIRECTLY in front of the screen, lest I get too engrossed in what i'm watching and start running in the direction my head is turned…this has happened before and believe me, it’s not good. So despite the weirdness of it, I get onto the treadmill right next to the lone dude.

As I mentioned, if you’ve seen the film you can better relate but I’ll do my best to describe the goings-on. There is a part, in the beginning of the movie, when Maria Bello dresses up like a cheerleader and she and Viggo Mortensen start to engage in some “amorous” behavior…no biggie, right? Well, as I’m chugging along on my treadmill, I innocently look up, only to see Viggo’s head buried in Maria’s crotch…WTF? I’m used to running to “Ice Age” and “Remember the Titans”. When did soft core porn become acceptable Cinema Room viewing material? Unfortunately, this is not the end! They proceed to swing around into a maneuver named after a certain number…um, seriously…W? T? F? The dude next to me, at this point, slams his hand down on the emergency STOP button and leaves the cinema room in a hurry mid scene. For the rest of my workout, two words continuously ran through my head, “Offended or Excited? Offended or Excited?”.

first off props to anyone that wakes up that early to work out. and i sure has hell hope he left because he was excited - that would make the story end that much happier. if you get my drift...


Sunday, February 10, 2008

i'm watching the grammy's as i type this. kanye just got done performing. and all i can say is if this tour...

... doesn't come to cleveland i am go to be SO disappointed. but if cleveland makes it on the tour schedule you can expect muffin and i to be dancing in the front row.

also, i know the performances aren't over yet but so far i've been pretty impressed with the grammy's thus far. the beatles tribute really got to me.

mom and poo poo i miss watching awards shows with you!

update: john mayer just got done performing with alicia keys (awesome) and the whole time he was on screen i couldn't get this picture out of my head...

... let's just say that i have a new found love for john mayer.

also, why is usher sitting in the prime front row corner spot. he hasn't done crap since yeah! and that was like 4 years ago. interesting.

thank you progressive

dear progressive car insurance,

let's be frank. you and i haven't always seen eye to eye.

you like to charge me ridiculously high rates, and i don't have a choice but to pay them. for the last 4 years i have been giving you $989 a half (thank you for the pay in full discount). but i mean i guess that's a fair price with my driving record, right?

but this year, when i received my renewal bill, you had a little surprise for me didn't you?!?! you dropped my rate! this girl is finally moving up in insurance world. i only have to pay $724 a half now. thanks, that was really nice of you.

i'm not sure what i am going to do with my savings but i'm glad i stuck it out with you. i'm confidant that i will be able to continue on this downward trend, and i can't wait till my next bill in august to see how low you can go.

thanks progressive!



cleaning fest

Saturday, February 9, 2008

today my roommate bird and i are going to have a cleaning fest. it has been planned all week. we even stayed in last night so there would be no hangovers to use as an excuse. i've been up for awhile already. i shot out of bed this morning at 7:45am in a panic thinking i was going to be late for work. yeah it's saturday.

in sticking to our staying in pact last night bird and i had a friday night date together, starting out with dinner at house of cues. i love that place. it is like a block away from my apartment but in the opposite direction of the main w 6th bars so i feel like it doesn't get some of the obnoxious crowd. every time i have been there for a friday night happy hour it is packed! the bar always smells of nag champa (the signature hippy dippy incense), and they tend to play a lot of phish and rusted root. which is fine by me. i think a lot of the people that work in the office buildings over there go to house of cues a lot because they get pretty busy for lunch too. by the way, BEST mexican you can get downtown. actually i think it is the only place you can get mexican downtown. they have other food too though.

so we finished up our dinner and walked to tower city to see a movie. ever since tower city banned kids roaming around after 2:30pm going to see a movie on the weekend has become a lot better. before there would be hundreds of kids basically using tower city as a play ground. it sucked, and while it may not have been a deterrent to me it was to a lot of people who just didn't feel safe. not anymore.

we saw untraceable and it was good, but a run of the mill fbi suspense thriller. i wasn't disappointed but i wasn't overly impressed. i'd recommend it if you were in the mood for that type of movie. going to see it though just strengthened my crush on colin hanks. sigh.

all in all a very good night to prep for the cleaning fest - the perfect pre-game for a saturday night out. now i just need to figure out what i'm going to do.

on a side note - biscuit, i'm so excited that you are going to vegas with us!!! : )

carrie bradshaw got me thinking

Thursday, February 7, 2008

last night there was a sex and the city episode on that really struck a chord with me that i haven't been able to shake all day.

for the sex and the city fans out there you will recall the episode where carrie is put on the cover of the new yorker with the headline, "single and fabulous?", question mark. carrie thought it was going to be "single and fabulous!", exclamation point. big difference.

carrie and the girls all rationalize their way into thinking that they are all single and fabulous with an exclamation point, but their actions showed something else. all of them quickly attaching to the closest male form they could find.

i don't know if it because valentine's day is next week or if it is because d-bag ziggy asked me if i felt like an old maid because i'm not married yet (i'm planning my revenge soon), but something got me thinking...

is it all a facade? am i single and fabulous? shit.

god i hope not.

friday night cocktails will definitely be raised to me being... wait for it...

single and fabulous!

prune of the week 2.4.08

so i went to see wicked last night with my mom and cousins, and it was just as amazing as the first time i saw it. wanna know a secret about me? i'm a sucker for musicals. i love every single one of them. i can't wait to go see the little mermaid on broadway. although i'm nervous that i'll start singing from the audience. [part of your woooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!!]

and i digress. don't worry, wicked is NOT the prune.

what people wore to see wicked is my prune. theater attire does not include sweats. i was appalled with some of the outfits that i saw. granted playhouse square is not broadway but as far as regional theaters go you can't top the square and your should respect that.

one of my fondest memories as a child is going to playhouse square with my family. my sissy and i would have on matching dresses with bows in our hair, and we would stare out the car window looking at the big city while asking about "the dragons" that lived in the sewers. it was an event. and i think everyone thought of it as such. back in the day people dressed up to go see shows and unfortunately that isn't the case anymore.

last night you saw anything and everything in regard to attire.

normal: a cute jewish grandmother in a mink, a trendy downtowner in a black dress and boots (me), a stylish couple in dress slacks, heels and a nice sports coat

not normal: starter jacket (i'm not lying), black sweatpants with a over sized gray t-shirt, mexican tuxedo (jean on jean action)

please, stay classy cleveland. friends don't let friends wear jeans/sweats to the broadway series at playhouse square.

super fat tuesday

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

alexa: i want to go to the cavs game

constance: there is so much going on tonight

alexa: heck yeah there is

constance: oh my god it is super fat tuesday!

alexa: what? i don't get it


alexa: i have a cold. i'm really slow today

constance: supe-

alexa: ohhhhhhh! super tuesday AND fat tuesday!

constance: yeah!

alexa: that deserves a drink. we should go out after our believe in cleveland event tonight

constance: yes, a drink to celebrate super belief in fat cleveland tuesday! too bad tomorrow will just be... wednesday

alexa: yeah, lame

the weekend

Monday, February 4, 2008

thursday thru sunday (cliff notes version)

two of my dear friends that i used to work with are leaving my old company and their current positions. one if them- heathbar- is moving all the way to kansas, yes kansas. and the other one-wonger- got a new kickass job in marketing at a beverage company. i am so excited for both of them and their new life paths that they have chosen. i wish you both tons of luck, and i know you'll both do awesome.

so because they are leaving their current job/state you know what that means, a going away party! right after work i headed over to d'vine wine bar to meet everyone. it was such a good time, i got to hangout with a lot of my old coworkers and friends but after 4 glasses of vino i was spent and needed to walk my butt home.

i met JT for lunch at tastebuds and hopefully i pointed him in the right direction for a new job!!

friday night on the other hand i did absolutely nothing. and i loved every minute of it. i had to get up early in the morning to drive to canton for a hair appointment so i needed my beauty sleep. but wait, i got none. why you ask? because my apartment building CAUGHT ON FIRE! no joke, on fire.

around 11:30pm the fire alarm started going off. living in a big apartment building, (or think back to when we all lived in dorms), the fire alarm going off really didn't cause anyone to run for the exits. everyone kind of just ignored it if they didn't smell smoke. it was purely a nuisance that you just wanted to be over. that sounds so bad now that i read it... anyways, the alarm goes off for a good 20 minutes and i try so hard to ignore it. i go out on my deck and make sure that i don't see smoke anywhere, nothing. i try to go back to bed. long story short the alarm goes on and off continuously till 6am! it stops for a half hour then starts up again. repeat. at one point i was so tired and angry i was about to check into a hotel. it wasn't until sunday though that i realized that my building really was on fire. the garbage shoot in the second half of the building was all a flame. there wasn't any major damage or injury thankfully, other than my lack of sleep.

groggily i get up to head to canton. i make it to the salon right on time. color, nailed it. cut, 3 inches off (i'm thinking about chopping it all off but i don't have the guts right now). next it was on to shopping and dinner with my mom. i got some shoes (a cute pair of gold coach flats and a casual pair of michael kors tennis shoes), i found a lacy top and a great spring jacket (both black obviously).

by now it was 5:30 and stepho and i wanted an early quick dinner close to the mall where we were. bravo it is. problem though, it was winter homecoming for a lot of area high schools. i.e. lots of scantily clad teenagers who were over tanned and all in all looked sleazy. (jenna-if i ever see you wearing some of the outfits i saw these kids in i will personally buy you something new). no 15 year-old should be wearing a pink leopard strapless mini dress. where are their mothers?!?!?! ugh. the wait to get a table was redunkulous but luckily we snagged one at the bar. score.

dinner was good but it was time to go hangout with my friends. i haven't introduced you all to my nc (north canton) friends. i haven't been home to go out in awhile so i was ready for a bunch of rowdiness. most of which i can't even put in this post (i'm guessing some of you can put two and two together).

here's the cast of characters for the evening. biscuit- one of my very best friends from home. she recently broke up with her boyfriend of like seven years (on thursday actually), so she was in need of a fun night with her friends. boogs and toots, the newly weds (i was in their wedding in september). j-birdie and keter-o also my dear friends, they are engaged and getting married in october. j-birdie actually officially asked me as well as biscuit and toots to be on program and bubble patrol for her and keter-o's wedding. obviously we all said yes, i mean we even get a corsage! sweet moves and his new fiancee aly (the ring is gorgeous!), came to the bar and met us straight off of a plane from vegas. talk about dedication!

side note - i think i need some single friends

just because these people are married/engaged it doesn't mean that they don't still party like rockstars. we were celebrating biscuit's singledom so we had to go nuts. one thing though - i don't want you all to think that i don't like biscuit's ex-boyfriend because i do like him. he is actually one of my good friends. BUT, he really didn't make the best boyfriend, and i think the break up is for the best...

it was a wine night and we so weren't at a wine bar. but i decided to save us all money by buying a bottle of the house red. it just happened to come in a 1.5 liter bottle. classy broads. we drank two of those between the 5 of us. not to mention lots of bombs. remember, it was a special occasion!

obviously i wasn't driving home at this point and we all went back to biscuit's house and stayed up way too late but had a good time of course.

man did i feel rough after saturday night. but not as bad as i had thought. i hung out with stepho all day but decided by about 3pm that i was not going to participate in any major super bowls parties. i had a few options but they all required me showering and looking presentable. yeah, that wasn't going to happen. what i did do was head over to the beav's in westlake and watched the first half of the super bowl with jilly, the giff and hondo. thanks for cooking all of the glorious food beav. i enjoyed eating it. oh, and giff, i hope your face feels better!

i had a great weekend and going home to canton and hanging out with my nc friends was just what i needed.