prune of the week 5.30.08 - tire bubble edition

Friday, May 30, 2008

i have had my hot new car for just about 2 months.

READ: it's still brand spankin' new.

well apparently one of my brand spankin' new tires on my brand spankin' new car has formed some kind of impact bubble.

what is that you may ask? well it looks a little something like this, that's not my tire though.

when i saw the bubble i knew i was going to have to get a new tire but i had no idea how expensive it was going to be. i called to see if there was some kind of warranty on the tire and they said it wouldn't apply because it was my fault from probably running over a pot hole.

well maybe if cleveland would fix their damn pot holes i wouldn't have an impact bubble!!!

i mean i knew my tires were performance tires, they have 17 inch rims, i knew
they weren't going to be cheap - but in why world does it cost $245 for ONE tire.

it's a friggin' volvo not a lamborghini!

i called 6 places yesterday getting prices. they were all over 200 bones, if they even had the tire at all.

here's the kicker - my tire is discontinued. how is the tire on my 2008 car already discontinued?!?! i hate you michelin man, i don't care how cute you are!

so, on top of the high price of the single tire i have to pay extra to get the tire shipped to me.

rant much?

my luck, my bubble tire will probably blow out while i'm driving on 77 causing a lot more damage to my car then just the tire.

so if anyone out there can get me a single michelin pilot mxm4 205/50 r 17 cheap, i'm buying!

UPDATE: so i am finally getting a new tire put on tuesday after work. i got the tire from conrad's and it is going to only end up costing me $210. it's still expensive, but it is better than $245. thanks to everyone for the awesome tips! : )

only i would get bleeped by the local news

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

first off i want to thank wonger (my friend at glaceau in high places) for inviting me to the the sex and the city movie premiere pre-party and advanced movie screening last night. wonger - you rock and you put on a great event!

so after work i picked up bird from her office and headed to
budapest blonde for some delicious vitamin water martinis and appetizers. (check out baucco on the right in her perfect movie screening pose)

wonger had organized a bus to take all of the invitees to the regal richland theater where the screening would be held.
bird and drove separately just in case we wanted to go out with my blogger friend allison who writes confessions of a cohabitant.

yes, i had my first blogger meet up!!!! allison was cool enough to come hangout with a random (kind of) stranger and her friends. she was awesome and i'm so glad we got to finally meet. it was like a weird girl date. good times!

so i meet allison in the theater lobby and as we were walking in i see a local tv reporter and i say, "hey! we'll do an interview!". we being allison and myself.

we had some banter back and forth and basically we nailed the interview - so much so that they said they were going to find us after the movie for our thoughts.

so what are my thoughts on the movie?!?! well without giving anything away - i wouldn't dare spoil anything for fear of my life - it was FRIGGIN' AMAZING!!!! if i had a 5 star scale i would give it 5 stars, for real.

i had the highest expectations going into this movie and they were all met. every end was tied up and every question was answered, it was beautiful. i cried and was kinda weepy throughout the entire movie but i also laughed my ass off. at the end of the SATC movie, even though i was so happy with the film, i cried a bit because i was sad it was over.

paging:: sap, party of one. sap, party of one.

yup, thats me.

i can't recommend this movie enough, and every SATC fan must see it. honestly, like i even had to tell you to go though! haha.

so back to that local tv reporter (lynna lai). as we were filing out of the theater she came right to me and allison with the camera on and ready.

i may or may not have said something about a wedding - which before you get all in a huff EVERY trailer for the movie shows carrie in a wedding dress, i didn't give anything away! but allison looks at me like, "shut up!", i immediately say "shit!" and cover my mouth.

guess what part they played on air? yeah, me saying shit.

but it was bleeped. only i would get bleeped by the local news. my mom is so proud, actually though she laughed her butt off.

since for what ever reason every time i try to embed the video it messes up my whole layout...

---> CLICK HERE to see allison rock out an interview on local tv and me get bleeped!

jam packed

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'm still exhausted from the long weekend of fun. good thing i had my camera with me the entire time because now i can just share my weekend with you all.

friday night i went to parallax with three of my besties (poo poo, muffin and georgia peach). we were celebrating poo poo almost tying the knot and let's just say we wanted her to go out with a bang. poo poo was really happy to be hanging out (see pic to the right). she even sneakily picked up the whole tab, such a brat! xoxo

after parallax we headed to
southside then stopped by sunset lounge and ended the night at ultra where we saw anderson and we got mad because he wouldn't take a picture with us. ever the diva.

at least the night ended with poo poo hearing a little chris brown because that was ALL she wanted to hear. the thing is no one wants to hear slow chris brown at 2am. i think she even made the dj get booed. ha.

on my whole block walk home i decided to drunk dial a few friends. don't people answer their phones at 3am anymore?! i think i'm getting old.

saturday i had to wake up super early to go have my first spray tanning experience. i was impressed. i mean basically i stood in front of a
nice european lady in my bra and underwear and had her airbrush me a nice golden brown. call me sexy.

since i was already on chagrin to get my tan (at
funke hair body and
soul), i decided to grab some breakfast/lunch at whole foods. there is something about making an awesome salad and sitting by yourself reading vanity fair watching people go by that is very relaxing and normal to me. it was wonderful.

saturday night i headed to canton to have dinner at fedeli downtown with my sissy, who was home from NYC, and some family friends. on the left see (my momma, jackie, the minister of culture's wife and julie). of course we had to call the minister of culture to rub it in that we were all out together. he didn't have it too bad though, he was at the indy 500.

so side note, julie is a body builder, for real. well maybe not for real for real but she is RIPPED! my mom decided to challenge her to an arm wrestling contest at the table. we are SO classy. good thing we had a private room.

check out those guns!! and the intense spectators.

after fedeli and the arm wrestling contest we headed to this craptastic bar called munson's pub. this place reminds me why i moved away from canton. talk about some trashy people but hey, we still had SO MUCH FUN!

biscuit and c-rossi met up with sissy and i and we may or may not have gotten in a fight on the dance floor. btw, who knew there was a dance called the cuban shuffle? oh the things you learn in canton.

as we were walking out to head home we spyed this b
eautiful animal print motorcycle in a hot red pick up. words can't even express the beauty of this bike. i would have paid good money to see the owner of this hot piece walk out while we were busy mocking.

i wish the owner saw this

then came sunday and the bringing on of the wedding season!!! my cousin steven married the wonderful ana in the epitome of a big fat greek wedding. this tends to happen when two greeks unite greektastic holy matrimony. take note tktc ; )

the crowns

the greek wedding dance - the BEST part of greek weddings is the dancing! OPA!

don't forget to throw money (aka - make it rain) on the bride and groom. sissy and cousin really got a laugh out of it apparently.

me (with natural looking spray tan right?) and my sissy!

the wedding was a huge success and it only reinforced to me what a gift family is. because at the end of the day they are what matters the most. but hell, it doesn't hurt that your family is AWESOME and so much fun to be around. bring on another shot of jack to the bride and groom!

i think we all were a bit hungover the next day to say the least, (even my mom).

on monday the family and i all went and saw the new
indiana jones movie. it was very entertaining but i was a bit surprised with all the sci-fi action. oh well, it is still worth seeing though.

on another movie note,
TONIGHT i am going to see SEX AND THE CITY!!!!! but wait you must be thinking, it doesn't come out till friday! well lucky me gets to go to the cleveland media premiere. boo-ya!

i'll write all about it tomorrow - but don't worry i won't post any spoilers.

hope everyone had as great a weekend too!

must read

Friday, May 23, 2008

i know i was supposed to be done blogging for the weekend but captain joe just emailed me a new york times article by emily gould that every blogger NEEDS to read. take it for what it's worth though.

some people with empathize with her while others will think she is completely over sharing. it's up to you to decide what you think.

it's a long one so get comfy. the author tell a very honest to blog story about the ups and downs of her "relationship" with this little thing we call blogging.

so please do yourself a favor - read this piece.

she is getting eaten alive in her comments though and on various other media outlets - mainly from a lot of people that just don't get the act of blogging. their loss.


i knew they couldn't forget cleveland



i also want to share the following video with you all on a lazy, i can't wait till 5pm so i can start the weekend kind of friday.

one of my favorite blogger friends maxie posted this video on her page earlier this week and i can't stop watching it an laughing out loud. kudos to finding it maxie darling. and if you don't read her blog, i hate so much, you should start!

i know every single one of you can relate to this video, some more than others......

but mom, don't worry i have NEVER been in a walk of shame situation. cough, cough. usually i'm the one who kicks people out. xoxo

UPDATE :: maxie just informed me of another awesome morning after hook-up video from the blog tied together with a smile - this is hilarious too!

have a great weekend all, and for those of you that want it - hope you share a bed with a stranger!!! haha

i kid, i kid.

now that's what i call customer service

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

you know you have a shopping problem when you get a phone call monday afternoon on your cellphone from a wonderful saleswomen at nordstrom.

now normally i don't answer unrecognized numbers but the shopping gods were looking down on me and whispered in my ear, pick up the damn phone!

i did, and the conversation went a little like this...

me: hello?
nordy's: hi alexa, it's crystal from the handbag department at nordstrom's. i wanted to remind you about our semi annual sale starting on wednesday.
me: oh i know all about it. i got the announcement in the mail last week.
nordy's: great! well i wanted to let you know that the red chloe shoulder bag that you have had your eye on for quite sometime now is going to be on sale for 50% off starting on friday when the designer items go on sale.
me: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! and you personally called to tell me this?!?! (completely shocked)
nordy's: (laughing) well i knew you wanted it! if you want to stop by the store tonight i can pull it from the display for you, take your payment information and just ring it up on friday when the sale officially starts and then you can pick it up.
me: oh i'm there.

hook, line and sinker.

right after work i made the trip to beachwood place to "hold" the purse for myself. and i may or may not have also danced around the purse department singing that i was finally going to get my chloe.

the wonderful sales associate also gave me the scoop on everything else that was going on sale just in case i wanted to "hold" anything else for myself. i plead the fifth.

so if you didn't figure it out yet - yes, i'm a bag snob. call me frivolous all you want. if this is my biggest vice i consider myself lucky.

although i did break one of my new years resolutions in purchasing this bag. oops.

but now that i have finally purchased the bag i have been swooning over i think i need a new bag to covet. do you see this horrible cycle i'm in? ha.

what purse/shoe/accessory are you currently swooning over?

always carefree

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

apparently i'm on a tell the world wide web all about my embarrassing run ins kick.

why stop now?!?!

let's embarrass me more!

so on the same evening where i practiced my piano skills last weekend another story was brought up around the dinner table that just needs to shared...

one of my mom's sisters lives in hawaii - hilo to be exact, on the big island.

when i was 11 years old my mom, sissy and i decided to go visit my aunt and uncle in hawaii. talk about a fun trip right?

we were going to be spending three whole weeks visiting the 50th state and one of those weeks would include my 12th birthday.

the most exciting thing about this 12th birthday was that i was finally going to be able to get my ears pierced. my mom had a rule, no ear piercings till age 12 and no body piercings till age 13. (joking about the 13 btw)

so on july 2nd 1992, the night before we left the big island for a couple of days in honolulu, my thea (aunt in greek) paulette pierced my ears.

and no there wasn't a kiosk in a suburban mall anywhere in sight.

we pierced my ears the old fashioned way. with an ice cube and a sewing needle at the kitchen table just like my aunt had done to my cousins before me. it's kind of a tradition.

so here i am finally a women with pierced ears on my 12th birthday. i thought i was the coolest girl in the world.

but was i really a "women"?

[boys, this is where it might get freakishly awkward for you to read. so please, continue!]

after we got settled in our hotel in honolulu i was ready to tackle all of the fun touristy things that my now 12 year old self was missing while spending her time on the not so touristy big island. bring on waikiki beach!

time to get into my bathing suit and head to the beach.

uh oh.

bloody hell! (pun completely intended)

looked like i not only was i a women in the sense of having my ears pierced but i was now a real women.

i pull my mom into the hotel bathroom, tell her that i think i started my period and ask her what i should do.

of course my mom was being the good mother and talking me through it all, but i was freaking out because i was in hawaii. "how was i supposed to wear a BATHING SUIT?", i pleaded. i just wanted to go to the beach!

right about now is where my mom becomes ridiculous.

after hearing my concerns about going into the ocean she tells me that i should be cautious because sharks are attracted to blood!

immediately she starts laughing hysterically reassuring me that she was just joking.

yeah, well my 12 year old self didn't take that joke very well.

picture me in honolulu completely mortified and thinking that if i step foot in the water i'm going to be shark bait. picture me sitting on the beach alone while my mom and sister frolicked in the pacific ocean.

thankfully this story has a happy ending.

i got over my fear and owned the waves. who's scared of aunt flo? not this girl.

i love my 12 year old self.

p.s. do you get the title of this post now ? always carefree?!?! man, i crack my self up.

because you had to be a big shot

Monday, May 19, 2008

Last Friday night I was playing the piano at my cousin's 13 year old birthday party, but for the record, I wasn't playing it very well.

I'm quite rusty on the old ivory keys to say the least.

My sudden lack of skills made me think of a story of when I USED to rock at the piano.

I took piano lessons from 1st through 11th grade. Yeah, I was the girl who took lessons in everything, but piano was by far the trade I stuck with the most. In fact, I was pretty darn good at it.

To this day, these piano lessons are what makes me far superior in that game the kids are playing these days called Guitar Hero.

But I digress.

Thanks to my mother and father I was raised with quite an eclectic taste in music, and one of my all time favorites growing up was the great icon Billy Joel. I mean, duh, he's the piano man, and I kept taking pianos lessons to play just like him.

My first Billy Joel concert was at the old R
ichfield Coliseum in the tenth row (my mom is awesome), I sang every song and I still have my River of Dreams concert t-shirt from 1993. Old school baby.

So in 1996 or 1997 Billy (by this time we were on a first name basis), was doing a small venue concert series that was more of a teaching tour. It was a question and answer type show rather than a full blown concert. He would stop and answer some audience questions then play a song and so on and so forth.

My man billy made a stop with the aforementioned tour that year at University of Akron. I begged my mom for tickets and she obliged being my plus one. 

All I wanted was for Billy to pick me out of the audience to play the piano with him.

But since that didn't happen I at least wanted him to pick my 16-year-old self out of the crowd to ask him a question.

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Well he did...

I got the microphone and chatted with him about how my mother was such a fan of his and that on the night I was born she was supposed to be going to his concert and was trying to hold off labor to make sure she saw him and that the doctor wouldn't let her.

He smiled awkwardly like okay, this girl is crazy.

It got worse.

I then said, "Well my name is ALEXA! just like your daughter's (Alexa Ray Joel) but I wasn't named after her because I'm older."

"Mmhmmm", he said - now officially weirded out.

Oh, it got even worse.

I FINALLY rambled to my question and I said, " Well Mr. Joel I have been playing the piano for quite sometime now and I have gotten to the point that I can play your songs. What I don't understand though is how you can stretch your hands so far to reach over an octave length of notes. I mean my hands don't reach and I don't get how yours do, you're not exactly a tall man."


Nervous laughter...

Finally Billy responds, "Wow, what are you going to say next, that I have small feet?"

The crowd erupts in laughter, I blush - kinda confused and sit down.

I later realized that I had called out Billy Joel not only on his height but his possible penis size in front of an auditorium full of thousands of people.

Quite the charmer I am.

Right after the incident he played "Downeaster Alexa" just for me - or his daughter, same thing. 

The whole time stretching out his hands. His really big manly, not small at all hands.

My face still gets red thinking about the story. Sigh.
I love you Billy.

prune of the week 5.17.08

Saturday, May 17, 2008

i'm in canton right now with my mom and i just have to rant.

i'm 27 years old (soon to be 28 in little over a month, yikes!), and i live in cleveland. read:CLEVELAND. these things you all know.

i do not live in canton with my mom, i haven't in quite some time. so please tell me random family members and friend of our family - why do i still get invitations sent to my mom's address?

if you want to invite me to a shower, graduation party, or a wedding i don't think it is too much to send me my own invitation. granted i may not be married or dating anyone seriously but i'm not a child!

god forbid if i don't settle down and i end up being 40 and single, are you people still going to include me on my mom's invitation?!?!?!?!?!

i'm a busy girl. i don't like not knowing things that i am invited to.

for instance my mom sits me down this morning and is like, ok, i have a stack of invitation for us to go over.

A STACK OF INVITATIONS!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

there goes my summer.

what is the etiquette on this? is my asking for my own invitation too much?

cause i'm like well, if i'm a child who gets included on her mother's invitation i don't have to buy a gift right?

yup, no gifts will be purchased out of my checking account unless i get my own invitation. hear that people?!?

ok, rant over.

thank god i have my prune of the week : )

damn you number 7 plastic

Thursday, May 15, 2008

dear makers of number 7 plastic ::

WHY, did you have to go and make this plastic bad for us?

WHY, did you force me to stop using my favorite UD and CLE+ pride nalgene

WHY, does my nalgene bottle sit empty and all alone yearning to be fill with the
wondrousness that is H20 and be drank from?

WHY, do i now have to do more dishes because i use more glasses now?

i know some people, er, A LOT of people are still drinking out of their bottles. i did for awhile too.

i was thinking, no stupid plastic can make ME sick. i'm invincible!

but i noticed myself subconsciously not using your number 7 plastic product as much.

i noticed my nalgene being left in my car instead of being used everyday. what am i going to take to the gym with me now? if i pass out at the gym due to dehydration it is all your fault!

so, makers of plastic no. 7 bottles, can you hurry up and make plastic no. 7 - 2.0 so that i can buy another water bottle?


alexa "loves H20" (insert last name)

p.s. for proof, look how sad my empty water bottle looks...

plum head of the week 5.14.08

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i'm a bit tired from an awesome wine tasting event with court and georgia peach last night and a bit busy at work today, so you gotta love lunch break blogging.

i mean i have to post something today or my favorite poo poo will send me hate emails. xoxo

good thing today is plum head day and my dear friend captain joe p tone is going to do the work for me!

captain joe was the first guy friend i really became close with upon moving to cleveland. he was newer to the area as well and worked in my office (be it on the way other side of my office). it wasn't long before captain joe, bird and i were out causing tons of trouble throughout the warehouse district and cleveland in general.

since captain joe was lucky enough to snag a freaking awesome girlfriend (hi miss mel!) i have seen less of the prowling "where are all the ladies at" joe and more of the lovey dovey i'm going to stay in and cuddle joe.

which isn't a bad thing, mel is great for him, i just like to bust his balls that he doesn't hang out as much.

thankfully for cleveland's sake joe has emerged from his hibernation and is ready to entertain us all for the summer.

oh and did i mention that this friend of mine also happens to be the managing editor of Scene Magazine and is really freakin' talented - and don't forget hilarious.

so there was my ode to joe, don't worry he gives himself some more odes throughout his plum head questionnaire answers.

i heart you captain joe!!! xoxo

Where are you typing from?

My secret bunker at 1468 W. 9th Street, overlooking the most crooked part of this crooked city’s crooked river. Unasked but worth noting is that I just returned from Dish Global Deli on West 25th, where my life was changed by an off-the-menu Turkey Club. I’ll never taste another herb mayo again.

Professional typer.

Relationship Status:
Lucky to have found someone who tolerates an herb-mayo-eating typing professional.

How do you know me?
Former Scene cohorts, kickball teammates, and partners in gallivanting.

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
It’s a nice size: big enough to keep you interested and busy, but small enough that there’s nothing – no restaurant, no event, no bar, no person – you can’t experience within a week of deciding you want to experience it/him/her.

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
Aside from the aforementioned manageability, I’m quite fond of the price of beer here. And Awesomefest.

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
Probably the half-rack-of-ribs combo from Malibu Grill in San Jose, California. Hands down the Best Restaurant Tucked Between a 7-11 and a Dry Cleaner.

What’s your signature wedding drink?
Tanqueray and Tonic.

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?
I imagine the celebrity sometimes wishes he was in the entourage, and vice versa. Me? I’d rather be anonymously rich.

Dream vacation destination?
Today: Los Gatos, California.

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)
Presently: Crop, Reddstone, and Lolita (during happy hour).

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
C-Notes, the group blog of Scene magazine – especially the restaurant, music, and sports

Least favorite day of the week?
Sunday. There’s always homework to do for Monday.

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
Nothing springs to mind, but the two Indians fans who, after bickering with Red Sox fans, ended up fighting each other at the recent game was fairly strange. I wish I could tell you more, but … oh wait! I wrote about it for my second-favorite blog, C-Notes!

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
A July wedding in Savannah, Georgia.

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
You’re a highly skilled kickball bunter.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

if there is such a thing as a foodie heaven i was in it at last nights FLAVORS of northeast ohio event sponsored by the american liver foundation ohio chapter.

talk about exclusivity. each of the 19 participating chefs were assigned to a table of 10 where they presented a six course meal of their choice right in front of the diners table. the event was held at the intercontinental hotel ballroom right next to oprah, yes that oprah, who was doing a speaking series right next door. no sighting though, le sigh.

anyways on the event. i was lucky enough to be given access to the vip
pre-party sponsored by bacardi with food from paladar latin kitchen, where i drank quite a few peach mojitos, very tasty.

i sampled a lobster latte from
crop bistro, this avacado ceviche in an ice cream cone contraption with POP ROCKS on top from chef's for hire, and a bloody mary mix filled syringe with shrimp from DANTE.

i also got to hangout with my blogger friend amelia (see picture!) from chef's widow and her oh so talented husband chef jonathan sawyer from bar cento and the soon to open greenhouse tavern.

the ballroom was immaculate. with each participating chef decorating their own table. my favorite table was chef doug katz's table from
fire food and drink. he even
brought in his own chairs and the centerpiece lit up!

my group sat at zach bruell's parallax table. if you read this blog at all you know my friends and i are huge fans. and chef bruell didn't disappoint when it came to the food and flavors. if anything though i wish he would have interacted more with the table like the other chefs seemed to be doing.

i was slow to taking pictures of the courses and by the time i was on my third glass of champagne i was like crap i haven't taken pictures of the plates! oh well, i'll just let you know that my favorite course was this phyllo dough crusted walleye with fennel confit and this creamy buttery delicious sauce that went straight to my thighs. oh wait, or was it the potato pancake with a berre blanc sauce and smoked salmon? maybe the grilled cheese served as an amous bouche? yeah, everything was awesome who am i kidding.

after the walleye course we had an amazing surf and turf sushi with lobster and beef tenderloin. um... yum! i DID take a picture of that.

after four different varieties of wine and champagne my favorite by far was the pinot blanc, first time i have ever had it. considering what a pinot noir fan i am one would think it would be a staple for me, well now it is!

from start to finish this event was amazing (minus the really overwhelming auctioneer), and hopefully i will be able to attend FLAVORS again next year and you should too!

although next year i will start fasting two days prior not just one day. seriously, i'm still stuffed.
good times!

long weekend

Sunday, May 11, 2008

this weekend was PACKED full of fun wanna hear about it?

:: i got my pay it forward package from the fabulous nilsa from SoMi! talk about a great start to the weekend. thank you so much nilsa!!!

:: thursday jewfroblue and alymcjew invited the downtown family over for a cheese party (see awesome pic to the right). we ate cheese drank some wine and watched the cavs lose. minus the cavs playing like poop the get together was grand!

:: friday bird and i went to the cleveland gladiators game at the Q. jewfroblue, alymcjew, matt and jesse also joined us. it was super fun because they won. and there isn't anything better then watching arena football, it's like football in high definition!

:: after the game we went to the thirsty parrot to catch the end of the indians game and to watch friday fireworks! i learned something new about my friend jesse while watching said fireworks. he gets hard for fireworks. seriously, i mean i had no idea he was such a fan. he's like a giddy little girl. ; )

:: i realized that i don't know when the grand finale in a fireworks show happens. i kept screaming GRAND FINALE GRAND FINALE!!! over and over again. i was totally jumping the gun, yup, that's me. i had a video of me screaming this over and over but accidentally deleted it, so annoying.

:: i'm better than jesse in guitar hero. his boy video game ego was crushed i could tell and he's not allowed to blame the beer consumption for his lack of skills.

:: saturday afternoon i headed out to big fun in coventry to pick up the blog prizes for my pay it forward contest. i will get them in the mail this week promise.

:: CAVS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! muffin and i went to the game on saturday night and watched my cavaliers get their groove back. it was awesome, they stomped the celtics. now they just have to do the same this monday night too!

:: before we hit the after party we went to corner alley for some cocktails. we also stopped at pickwick and frolic to see my cousins grog and cathi. good times.

:: eighty81 and word of mouth promotions held a cavs after party at the house of blues. obviously muffin and i had to be there. free entrance, check. vip wristbands, check. lebron, check!

:: lebron james, delonte west (who was doing a shot next to me at the bar) and joe smith were all in attendance. there were a few other tall dudes but those were the only three i recognized. so because we were in the roped off vip section i was "supposed" to be playing it cool and not take pictures. i managed to sneak two pics but it was so dark in there it was hard to see what i was shooting. of course the one that came out his head was turned. oh well.

lebron got a new stylist, he's been looking mighty dapper these days

:: lebron's girlfriend savannah was super nice and i actually talked to her for a bit. although lebron did not smack my bum this time - we did dance!! boys got some moves. i generally think he is a nice guy, i mean he's still with his high school sweetheart (and mother of his two kids) which i think is awesome. it doesn't hurt that she is classy and gorgeous too.

:: muffin and i danced or butt's off and took our shoes off in the cab on the way home. talk about some burning tootsies. oh and did i mention that i think we were WAY over served. oops.

:: just got home from uncle andy's birthday celebration with the downtown fam. happy birthday buddy!!!!!!!! and thanks for the hospitality : )

:: jason and sara got engaged this weekend! the birthday cookout was also a time to announce the engagement to everyone. so exciting. congratulations guys!!!!

:: i'm tired, i'm going to bed. xoxo


dear mommy,

consider this your mother's day card! : )

not really, but since you are off galivanting in toronto canada fine dining, riding around in limos, and are currently on a private jet heading back to ohio i don't think you yiayia and thea eros are having a bad mother's day to say the least.

you know you're the best and i'm not about to bore you with all the sentimental details instead i'm going to leave with the BEST homage to mothers around.

a little boyz II men!

remember when me and mandy used to since this song to you when we were in high school? i still remember the moves we coreographed if you would like me to do them for you when i come home next weekend let me know.

love your baby,


lebron smacked my bum

Thursday, May 8, 2008

i love the cavs.

i know it's a very general statement but it's true. if i were to ever win millions of dollars i would give money to charity, family all the usuals, but then i would buy court side season tickets to the cleveland cavaliers.

i seriously want lebron's sweat to splash on me as he is running past me on the court. is that too much?
last year after the cavs won the eastern conference championship vs the
sucky pistons the city of cleveland was going crazy.
muffin and i were at that final game (with awesome seats btw) and as we were leaving the arena after we danced around in the streets and ran into KJ, we walked past the view ultra lounge where muffin saw one of her party promoter friends.

long story short we were asked to come in free of charge (no thanks $20 cover). little did we know that the king would soon be among us.

we also didn't realize that we would be the ONLY white people there. i'm not kidding, muffin and i stuck out like a sore thumb - but it wasn't only because of our skin color.

considering we had just come from the game we were decked out in cavs gear. i had on jeans, flip flops and a "witness" t-shirt and my rise up towel over my shoulder - read: HOT.

the girls in the "club" (i hate when people call bars clubs, gag), were decked out. looking so polished and put together and i was a sweaty drunk girl dancing on an empty dance floor.

well the dance floor filled up and then the king came in. my jaw dropped.

i was in a bar with lebron and obviously he would notice muffin and i because of our stunning good looks, or because we stuck out like a sore thumb. obviously we took a picture...

lebron, just like us.

his friend actually came over to muffin and i to check us out, lebron was even waving at us - we were being ridiculous.

so the night comes to a close and everyone is heading out, including lebron. muffin and i are standing by the stairs towards the door and lebron was heading our way - everyone was stopped and cheering him on, letting him through.

everyone was trying to shake his hand and talk to him but he's not really stopping or making contact with anyone - until he came to me.

i have my hand up to give him a high five, and wait for it.....he actually high fives me!!

i high fived lebron!

(now is when he touches my bum)

but as he was high fiving me with his left hand he smacked my butt with his right.

i cannot make this up.

it was a smack like how the players smack each other after they make a shot or take a hard foul.

apparently i'm just one of the guys.

so as i am typing this thinking so fondly of this time last year the cavs are losing BADLY to the celtics.

they need me in the stands to win. thank god muffin and i are going to the game saturday night. don't worry lebron, i'll save you! but seriously dude you gotta pick up the pace you are playing like crap. why are you being so timid?!?!?

and the winners are....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

first off, thank you to the whole 31 people that entered my little version of the pay-it-forward contest!

it was so funny reading all the answers and obviously it was a tough decision - or maybe it wasn't and i'm just being polite. i guess you'll never know.

anyways on to the winners.

first place goes to
TIFF formerly(?) of truth bombs. congrats girl! even though you're a tigers fan i still love ya and just had to choose your answer. it was hands down the best entry...

"Detroit is a pomegranate. A little bit seedy, but once you spend some time with it, absolutely delicious."

second place which is just as cool as first place but not is
RS27 of your beard is good. congrats dude! even though i don't know your name and simply call you beard you're still awesome and so was your entry...

"Los Angeles is a plum.

Is that taken? If so I'll go Los Angeles is a silicon burrito.

Looks so delicious, but is so fake."

now on to the random winner. i wrote all the participants sans tiff and beard which looked like this...

note surviving myself is the sole entry in pink... somehow it fits. ha.

next, in order to be fair, i camera videoed my choosing of the random winner. and to be even be MORE fair i ended up letting my roommate bird do the picking.

watch and see if you are the winner! or you can just watch and hear me squeal like a girl at the end. which is equally just as hilarious.

it was ironic that narm from white collared red-neck, (or "harm" as bird called him due to my awesome handwriting), won because he was semi close to being a winner with this response of...

"Cleveland is your Drunk Uncle - sometimes it is a bit disheveled and scary but goddamn if it doesn't provide a little entertainment."

...but the panel decided that due to his already living in cleveland he could drive his ass over to where i'm going to buy the t-shirts and buy one for himself.

but instead, the karma police had his name chosen and now he gets a t-shirt too! and i have no idea if narm actually will be excited to win like i oh so excitedly exclaimed at the end of the video.

so winners, just email me - lexy0702 at aol com, with which t-shirt option you want and the size and color (any color) you want the shirt to be made on. oh yeah and your mailing address, duh.

although narm, i think i can run to your apartment building from my apartment without stopping. read: it's REALLY close to my apartment. we'll figure something out.

anyways i'm off like a prom dress, thanks again for all your participation!

plum head of the week 5.6.08

the summer going into freshman year of high school my friend KJ and i decided that we were going to try out for the freshman cheerleading squad.

C-C-H-S! goooooooooooooooo crusaders!

i cheered in the 8th grade and i was pretty good. i danced for years and hitting the moves and keeping beat were never a problem for me - especially the voice projection.

KJ was good at all of the above as well, but one thing we sucked at and i mean really sucked at were the jumps.

did i mention that the year before my high school got first in cheerleading nationals?!? who were we kidding?

KJ and i practiced so much. i had a trampoline in my back yard and we would be like, "we are AWESOME on this trampoline!!", then we would go on the concrete and couldn't jump for shit.

we also couldn't do a back handspring. actually i don't even think KJ could do a cartwheel. we were a walking mess.

my "trick" was like a somersault, cartwheel and a round off - then i patted my head while i rubbed my stomach. look at me! look at me!

KJ and i bonded over our sucky cheerleading skills.

if there was a squad composed of loud and coordinated girls who just failed at toe touches and back handsprings we would have been captain and co-captain. for sure.

there are so many random stories from my childhood involving KJ, i mean we lived across the street from each other since we were like 6. we grew up together. to this day we even both work within minutes of each other.

basically what it comes down to is that there is something to be said for having someone in your life like KJ for as long as i have. friends like that are a hard to come by and i am so thankful that i have her and her family in my life.

love you KJ! xoxo

Where are you typing from?
, OH

Promotions Manager

Relationship Status:
Married since 4/22/06

How do you know me?
I grew up across the street from you. Well, diagonally across the street from you!

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
It’s the “Milan of the Midwest!” Seriously, how could you not love a city that has produced Bone Thugs N Harmony? Kidding. I’m a walking “Positively Cleveland” dictionary. I could sell Cleveland to a Pittsburgh native!

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
Sports! And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (insert shameless plug here)

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
Carrabba’s Chicken Marsala—no mushrooms!

What’s your signature wedding drink?
I don’t think we had one….I’m a little sad now! If we had, it would have been “Nuts and Berries.” It’s made of Frangelico, Chambourd and a little half-n-half. Go out and get yourself one right now!

Favorite Book?
Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?
I think the celebrity. Someone else get the spotlight? Nope!

Dream vacation destination?

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)
Chain restaurant-Carrabba’s. Non chain-Pickwick & Frolic Sunday brunch!

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
I only read yours!!!

Least favorite day of the week?
Tuesday. It’s the worst. Lots of week left to go before the weekend starts, and you’re not relaxed from the weekend like you are on Mondays. Nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday!

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
I worked in radio for 5 years so I’ve seen it all. A man having a conversation with his Frisbee in Voinovich Park was up there though. It wasn’t as cool as talking to a Wilson Volleyball ala Castaway! :)

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
The new Cleveland Convention Center/Development of the Lakefront. And the NKOTB Reunion Tour. Equally excited for both. And I should also probably say our Baby who is due in September.

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
Hmm…I’ve got some pretty good stuff seeing as I’ve known you since 2nd grade…I know you’re unbeatable at Bubble Bobble and Oregon Trail, you would never let anyone borrow your American Girl dolls (HA-I’ve got my OWN Samanatha now!), you have an incredible singing voice and are a great actress, there is no one you love more than your mom and sister, and that we pretty much were awesome playing the game “War” against our sisters. Although I don’t think we ever actually played, just mostly set up for it all the time. Love ya!

admin note :: today is the last day to sign up for the t-shirt contest! if you haven't entered yet click here!

currently thinking...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

...when did desperate housewives start to suck so bad? it weird if i rent a tv for the summer? i mean my current roommate is taking hers and the roommate that is moving in in september just bought a huge brand new flat screen so i only need a tv for june through august. is this normal, do people actually rent things?

... that i hope that the cavs game on saturday vs the celtics gets scheduled as a night game, poo poo is getting married june 14th! and we had such a wonderful time at her shower today. much i love the backspin channel 43 on sirius radio. it's like old school hip hop night everyday.

...swooning over my new shoes, but annoyed that they were 25% off on zappos when i just looked. too bad i bought them at saks.


...wondering why i've been so sensitive these past few weeks. normally i'm a bad ass, but recently i've been a ball of emotions.

...not looking forward to having to be at work at 6:15am. that is an ungodly hour and no one should be awake that early.

...that i can't stop thinking/reading about christopher mccandless

...should i take these sunglasses back? i bought them in black this weekend but i'm not sure about them.


...gary coleman on divorce court?!?! PLEASE.

...that although i am so excited for poo poo's wedding i'm mad/sad that i don't have a date.

...about the fire alarm in my building going off at 7:30am saturday morning. and if there ever was a real fire i would never leave the building because i will simply go on the roof and a helicopter will come and rescue me with one of those rope ladder things. yup.

...why isn't rob and big coming back for another season? i'm going to miss them

...i really need to clean my room and change the light bulb in my closet

...that i may officially have grown out of watching the real world hollywood. well not really i will never stop whatching, but this season is the first time i am looking at the cast like they are all kids. and Brianna, seriously you need to put some clothes on - you look like a street walker. i need to find doctors in cleveland. it is no longer logistically smart for me to keep going to the canton doctors that i have had all my life.

...that i shouldn't have drank a coke zero this close to bedtime especially when i have to get up at the ass crack of dawn. i can't wait to finish reading "he loves me, he loves me not" by trish ryan. check it out for yourself too!

...tomorrow is cinco de mayo. i have always used a vacation day for cinco because drinking tequila on a patio is one of my all time favorite things to do. but i can't this year because well, vacation days with my job aren't all that abundant.

...that my roommate bird needs to give me some sort of alert when she has a boy sleepover. because i did not like it that while i was standing in the hall this morning in my bra and underwear a random boy got to see the alexa show for free. awesome

...that i can't wait to give away tshirts for my first ever blog contest! don't forget to leave a comment to enter. go, go now : )