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Sunday, January 4, 2009

after a rousing few days in canton over new years i headed back to cleveland go out with bird and lippe last night.

my BBM to bird discussing where to go consisted of this:

me: bird! let's go somewhere random that we never go to.
bird: um, that's going to be hard considering we are everywhere girls
me: touche

a few hours pass and when i got back to bird i had come up with the brilliant idea of going to the east side of cleveland. i have downtown and the near west side (OC and tremont) in my pocket but really only venture to the east side to shop at nordstrom's.

and to think i call myself a plum. pish posh.

i came up with bodega on coventry because it had just what we were looking for - martinis and tappas. i hadn't heard that many good things about this place but hey, we were trying to do something different right?

when we walked in at 8pm on a saturday night the place was empty - maybe 6 other people in the whole place. and all i could think about was how if bodega was located downtown or on the near west side it would have been full. although, when we left a little after ten it was starting to fill up.

we bellied up to the bar and waited a while to get noticed (not like they were busy or anything). oh sorry, the dude bartender was busy watching the titans/chargers game.

strike one.

the martini list was overwhelming but at least it was creative. after ms bartender pried herself away from wiping down glasses the order exchange went a little like this:

lippe: do you have effen vodka?
ms bartender: yes. er, no. um, i don't know. yeah, no.

so this is how it was going to go? strike two.

me: i'll have the zen ginger martini
ms bartender: ooooo. yeah. i'm out of the zen ginger vodka tonight.
me: alrighty then.

strike three.

finally we get our drinks (tasty and strong), and decide to order some food from the tappas menus.

bird: i'll have the braised short rib and the she crab bisque
ms bartender: [writing it down] ooooo. wait, yeah, we don't have the short rib tonight.
bird, lippe and i: [laughing] are you serious? [chuckle, chuckle]

strike four - you are definitely out. at this point we were surprised they had water to offer us.

all in all we order the crab bisque, the crab cakes, the blackened day boat scallops, lamb lollipops and the eggplant rollatini for the three of us - thankfully we were pleasantly surprised. the food (though luke warm) was actually really good. the flavors were thought out and the scallop with the mango jimica salsa was by far my favorite.

a strike was taken away with the food being enjoyable. another strike was taken away because of luca mundaca who was performing. her voice was the sweetest female voice i have heard in a long time and once she started singing it was the perfect accompaniment to dinner - it actually calmed us down. it was as if there was a studio cd playing instead of a live act. and i say that in the BEST way possible - her voice and songs were wonderful.

after the iffy bodega experience we headed back downtown and went to maproom (shocker), and after too many drinks and shots of patron xo we stopped at liquid and ultra where it was lame sauce but by then i was over it all and the only thing on my mind was a slice. good times.

side note: "hypothetically" speaking (wink wink). so if you were sitting at the bar with your purse on the stool next to you and someone placed a nice black (although cheap) scarf on the stool over your purse while your back was turned, what would you do. now it isn't your scarf - you had actually lost your black scarf the weekend before at sushi rock and needed a new one.

you ask everyone around you if it was their scarf, everyone answering no. you ask the bartender - it wasn't theirs either. you interrupt the couple making out a few seats down from you, it wasn't theirs either. it's now closing time and don't want to leave the scarf all alone, it obviously needed a new home...

would you have taken it? i mean hypothetically speaking, of course...

have a good first full work week of 2009, anything's possible. (vomit)


  1. I don't know about the scarf! That's quite a moral dillema! Although chances are it was just chillin' on the floor and someone picked it up thinking it was yours and threw it on your purse. If no one claims it then you might as well take it. If you turn it in someone who works at the bar will just take it. At least you tried to find the rightful owner. Legally speaking - definitely no crime. :)

  2. I don't know much about Bodega itself, but I would guess that the Coventry neighborhood in general was not quite hopping since both universities in the area don't come back from winter break for another whole week.

  3. Hypothetically speaking, I would have brought the scarf too especially if I asked everyone around if it belonged to them.

  4. Hypothetically I would have probably given the scarf a new home, but claimed it to have been an accident.

  5. Hmm I am torn. I would like to say that I would have taken it for myself because I did ask if it belonged to anyone. But I think I would have also given it to the bartender to see if they have a lost and found but if they said I could have it, then it's mine!

  6. If I'd been drinking, I would have definitely taken the scarf. (You're not surprised.)

    I probably also would have woken up in the morning and been like, "Where the eff did this scarf come from? My head hurts."

    I call that a draw.

  7. You never know what people do with their scarfs.

    and I would have walked out after strike 2

  8. I wouldn't take the scarf, but that's because as a non-European straight man, scarves are unacceptable unless it's sub-zero, and I try my best to avoid anyplace where it's sub-zero.

  9. Oh my gosh - I say if no one claims it, that thing is yours!

  10. If you did your job asking questions, then I would take it.

  11. hmmm...well I think you played fair, you asked everyone and no one claimed it so yeah take it, though scarf I am not so sure if I would take anothers persons seems to intimate for me.

  12. Wow - I would really hate to wake up the next day and I realize that I'd lost my scarf, then in a panic call Bodega and ask if anyone had found it...

    Totally sucks for whoever lost it, now doesn't it.

  13. echidna girl - remember, i didn't say if i took it or not...

  14. First of all, congratulations on your blog's anniversary! That is so exciting! And second, yes, yes I would have taken it! *hypothetically of course!

  15. I probably would have gone through the same dilemma as you. I probably would have given it to the bartender to hold on to in case the owner came back looking for it.

  16. I love the line, "we are everywhere girls" ... because it reminds me of everywhere man from college. He was this primitive looking guy (I kid you not) and he was EVERYWHERE. I went to a large state university and yet everyone seemed to know of this guy. Everywhere man. Everywhere girls. No relation, I know, but funny nevertheless.

  17. Everywhere girls! I love how now the saying is "published"!!

  18. Is that where that hooka bar is in coventry? I went to a few places in that area, mainly the mongolian bbq place. mmmmm.

    Hypothetically i wouldnt have even asked who's it was.

  19. stolen scarves are the best!

    i would've taken it....hey you asked everyone around you if it they owned said scarf. at least the scarf got to go to a nice home and not end up in the gutter some place. the way i see it? you saved that poor scarf.

  20. Oh I would have given it to the bartender and said someone left it behind and if maybe they could keep it in their "lost and found."

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Yeah, no I would have taken it.

  21. seems you did due diligence trying to find the rightful owner... at that point you owed it to the scarf to give it a home :-D

  22. Oh yeah, take the scarf. Many of the winter accessories and umbrellas in my collection come from when I was ushering at a theater. People leave that stuff behind all the time and never give it a second thought.

  23. I definitely would've taken the scarf - people should be more careful with their stuff if they don't want it stolen.

  24. I've taken things under much less morally ambiguous circumstances.


  25. So hypothetically speaking...someone must have wanted you to have the scarf!

  26. umm i would have taken the scarf, clearly it's a sign, haha.

    and the food does sound tasty even if they did have several strikes against them.

  27. No no noooo :) Don't take that scarf no matter how tempting. . .



  28. I warned you on Twitter that Bodega was bad. Horrible service...No one there...The waitress not knowing the menu...I swear you were telling MY experience there when my husband took me there for our first year anniversary.

    As an update, he called and complained about the service, and guess how they "fixed" the problem. By leaving us a gift certificate for $35. Now I get to relive the experience all over again! Yippee!!

    Oh yeah, and we had to go there and pick it up. Heaven forbid they send it directly to us!

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