two reason's to celebrate

Thursday, January 1, 2009

first off - happy new year!! i have a feeling 2009 is going to be an amazing year.

second off -
it's my blogs birthday!! who would have thought that when i started my blog on new years day 2008 that the plum would still be around to see new year's day 2009.

it's been a nice little run for the cleveland's a plum blog:

301 posts

404 followers on
250 wonderful blogs in my reader
37 bloggers that i can now call my real life friends

10 (at least) disagreements with my mom about the content on my blog

plumheads of the week
featured blogger friday's
77 bottles of wine consumed

and 528 instances of being truly awesome

this blog had a great year. it not only created and documented a lot of happy times and my love of cleveland for me but also solidified my passion for all types of social media and the power that we as social media mavens possess. it's freakishly cool and exciting to be a part of.

now i know this is supposed to be the time to make my list of 2009 resolutions, but as one of my very first readers (joy too!), other than my friends and family said in her post yesterday - i'm going to list out some goals.

goals just seem nicer than resolutions don't you think?

my 2009 goals

get on the howard stern show - whether it is a call in, an email of mine being read, or being in studio (dream) i need to make stern contact. the only reason for my sirius subscription is for howard stern, artie lange, robin quivers and fred norris. i guess you can say i'm a fan. oh wait, maybe i can get added to the whack pack cast member. 'alexa the blogger' has a nice ring to it. right?

stop freaking out over things that i can't control, cause that's just a waste of energy. 'jealously' i'm talking to you too.

get more involved in my community
- get on a board, an event committee or volunteer. i must give back.

although i do enjoy harmlessly judging people i need to give people the benefit of the doubt - i do practice this but i must maintain it, everyone had a reason for their actions no matter how funked up it is.

have this blog mentioned in cleveland magazine - i'm looking at you jim vickers! this was a goal i made for myself when i started this blog and i'm not giving it up just yet.

get published - i really want to work on my writing and have my full name attached to a piece of journalism would be absolutely amazing honor.

blah blah blah diet blah blah blah exercise yada yada yada be healthy yada yada think positive blah blah blah bor-ing.

and finally keep on being awesome (which shouldn't be too hard).

happy new year everyone, and thanks for reading!


  1. Happy birthday / new year / goal setty day!

    I may not be listening to Howard Stern but I'll sure be reading about it the next day when it happens!

  2. Happy birthday blog and happy new year to you!

  3. Congrats on your BLOGGING 1st year Anniversary. I am not there yet....only been here in Blogland since August.....but we will see how long I last, won't we!

    Happy New your resolutions...go for it, girl!

  4. I'm here for the birthday cake. I hope its chocolate.

  5. I like the "goals instead of resolutions" idea! Happy New Year to you & Happy Birthday to your blog!

  6. Congrats AND Happy New Year!

    Btw, how did you find out your total number of comments? That's pretty cool.

  7. Happy Blog Birthday! I look forward to reading so much more in the future. Happy New Year!

  8. Congrats on one year - you don't even look nine months old yet.

    Wait, that didn't work at all.

  9. Happy Blog Birthday and Happy New Year! Yay for goals too!

  10. Happy blog birthday and happy new year!

  11. Usually there's nudity on birthdays.

    Just sayin'

  12. we have a lot of the same resolutions! :) one year blogging was amazing... i hardly remember my life before my silly little blog came about!

    and seriously, i would have howard sterns babies.

  13. I'm impressed you've tracked your wine consumption.

    Happy blogoversary and New Year's!

  14. Happy new year, and happy blogiversary! The 2009 goals sound awesome. If you get on Howard Stern, I totally want to see/hear the whole thing.

  15. Nice stats! Congratulations! :)

    I think your resolutions are great, too. I am keeping mine private this year, but I am glad you shared yours. Reading other people's resolutions makes me want to work harder to accomplish mine, like we're in it as a team. Lol.

  16. Im most impressed by the wine!!!

    thats truly an accomplishment!

  17. You are so cute! Love it.

    BTW, I have some ideas to help with your "get involved with the community" goal. Drop me a line.

    Happy '09 -
    One of your new 37 new real-life blogger friends (I hope!!)

  18. happy blog birth day and happy new years, really looking forward to reading your posts in 2009

  19. happy new year, and happy blogversary!

    your goals are attainable!

  20. woo! happy new year woman! wishing you lots of everything great in the year to come. xo

  21. Happy Birthday to . . . your blog!!!

    Good luck with your plans for this year! ;)

  22. Oh smile - this post makes me happy. I love your goals, because I think they're all achievable (knowing what I know about you). Oh and guess what? Your blog shares a birthday with my dog ... though, my dog has you beat by about 2 years. Happy blogobirthday, girl!

  23. that is one darn cute little birthday sheep.

    hee, i love that one of your goals is to get on the stern show! awesome.

    happy blogoversary!

  24. The fact that one of your resolutions is to have Stern contact is Awesome! I had a high opinion of you before, but it just skyrocketed!

  25. Happy 1st birthday to your blog.

    It doesn't look a day over 7 months.

  26. Happy birthday and happy new year to you.

  27. Happy Birthday and New Year!

    My ex interned for Howard. All I can say is that persistance pays off. You can do it!

    Cheers to 2009!

  28. Happy One Year Blog Birthday! I hope you attain all of your goals and make sure you let us know when you're on the Stern show. My friend literally ran in to him and the wifey in Cabo last week!

  29. I'm reading this post and see that you're a Stern fan. I was a major fan for years until I didn't have the long commute and then he wen to Sirus. I wish he were still on regular radio.

    I did just finish the Artie book though.

  30. Happy belated bloggy birthday and new year! I hope it's an incredible one, and I hope all the things you wished for here come true. (:

  31. hi lady! you WON the HOH holiday giveaway! woo! email me for more deets!

  32. Awesome goals, Alexa! I hope to read more as you complete them!!

  33. Happy New Year and Happy Blogoversary! 2009 is going to be an awesome year for many.

  34. ahhh yayyy!! happy blog birthday and happy 2009!! i hope you accomplish all your goals.

  35. Happy belated blog birthday!!

  36. you guys are all the - thanks for all the well wishes : )

  37. Happy blogversary and new year to you too! My only goal for this year is to be your Friday featured blogger. Any idea of how I get that started? ;)

  38. happy blogoversary! i hope you get all of your goals, woo!

  39. BAM! cleveland's a plum is such a smash hit.

    you are faaaaabulous and have done amazing things in this year, love.

    you'll totally be on the howard stern show in no time.. i can feel it.

  40. This is way late, but...

    happy birthday blog!!

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