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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

from my post yesterday about the coffee shop, where i am again typing this from, i received a lot of pleasant comments telling me that they liked the style of writing i used for my people descriptions. thank you (!), but it got me thinking...

the majority of the things i post on my blog are written exactly how i would say them if we were sitting across the table from each other shooting the shit - only if i was in front of you it would be louder. luckily blogging comes fairly easy for me - i just write like i talk.

...sometimes i have a lot to say and sometimes i don't.

but i never considered myself to be a "writer" - i'm a blogger.

there's a difference right?

i'm beginning to think there isn't.

if someone asked me a few months ago what it is that i do i would never think to say, "i'm an account manager at a marketing firm, i'm ridiculously good looking, i can cross one eye while moving the other one back and forth, i can bend like a pretzel, oh - and i'm a writer"

the last part would definitely be left out. (everything else i would say... obviously)

so to my blogger friends out there, would you consider yourself to be a writer? a straight blogger? a diarist? an observer? a comedian? or something else?

share with me, i need to figure out what to tell people at cocktail parties.

editors note: i am so excited and honored to be a finalist for the 20-something blogger awards. with all the bloggers that started in 2008 it is a huge deal to be nominated in the best up and coming category. AND the best title too! woo! i'm thinking we need to have an awards ceremony at the meet-up in chicago this summer - i mean, who doesn't enjoy a trophy?


  1. I think that for a very long time now, there has been a distinct lack of opportunity, motivation and encouragement for written talent. The idea of just randomly getting a book deal or a front page article or a poetry collection published always seemed pretty far-fetched.

    Blogging and push-button publishing gives people an instant connection to an audience where their work can be reviewed, commented on, discussed, supported, encouraged and recognized. All of a sudden, writers have a fantastic outlet that's limited only by their own talent, energy and effort!

    Whether we're bloggers, writers, comedians, diarist, or whatever, I think we're all achieving much more than writing enthusiasts have ever been able to before and that's something to be proud of no matter what.

    Congratulations on the much-deserved nomination!!

  2. Congrats on becoming a finalist :) You deserve it!

    As for being a Blogger vs. Writer. . .this definitely depends on the tone and professionalism of each particular Blog. Jose and I happen to be Bloggers that write about and photograph things for fun (something our parents would refer to as a hobby) -- we are not necessarilly writers or photographers*


  3. Tell me more about this pretzel thing.

    And I consider myself a straight blogger - though Ben can't. HEY-O!

    Gay jokes are so 1998.

  4. I'm definitely a diarist (is that a real word?) No one else finds my blog remotely interesting, but since I have no memory at all, I have to write everything down or else forget it.

    Congrats on being a finalist!

  5. I think WE ALL want to know more about the pretzel thing.

  6. I would say that yesterdays post was more "writing" than blogging."

    And it WAS very good.

    I see myself as more of a writer than a blogger. But I think the terminology is an individual thing. I am definitely not a diarist. And I do other writing (besides my blog.)

  7. ive been writing journals since i was 12. so i consider this an extension of that. While, it definately sucks my journaling interest and I am not racking up the books like I use to.

    I think blogger is fine to say, I remember in 2005 saying..."whats a blog?" then i started one and its all the rage.

  8. I didn’t think there was a difference for a really long time, but I definitely think there is now. People are, among other things, looking for something that will distract them from work & entertain them, and a well structured story does that much better than something that’s…. not that.

    I think blog writing is its own art too, knowing when to post, what to post, what people are looking for and how to find people who will like what you’re writing about is tough – but it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

    Congrats on the nominations!

  9. Hmmmm...good question. I would say you are both a writer and a blogger and very good one at that.

    As for me...I'm actually not sure how I would describe myself. Blogging is a hobby and a way for me to let my friends and family know what I've been up to (mainly friends).

  10. Congrats on the nomination!

    As for the writing v. blogging distinction ... I call myself a writer because, well, that's what I am in real life. But I always distinguish blogging, since it's my hobby form of writing whereas being a journalist is my professional form of writing.

  11. Hhmm I would say I consider myself a blogger. If I told people I was a writer they would not understand since I have never shown anyone my blog or anything I have written.

  12. Too bad they don't have a category for best blogger with a padlock on their purse...

  13. I totally agree! I want to sit in the audience of the Blog Oscars!

  14. I would consider myself a writer, but I wouldn't consider everything I put on my blog "writing." Does that make sense? I originally started my blog as another way to write, in addition to short stories and stuff I write "offline."

    I like your writing, though, and I would consider you a writer, even if you only write blogs! :-)

  15. Think of yourself any old way you want to, but no one would read your blog if you weren't a good writer. There are zillions of blogs out there that no one reads b/c the writing on them is just plain craptastic/too hard to follow/too pointless/etc.

    CONGRATS on the award thingamajig! So fun!

  16. Can we please go to an old trophy store and pick up a dozen half-destroyed bowling trophies to hand out?


  17. I in no way, shape, or form consider myself a writer. I am a blogger and a goofball... that's about it.

    But I think you are a writer, my lovely ;-)


    Only if one of us wins though.

    But really we are.... brunch, mimosas, and awards!


  18. Ben had a great response.

    I have never considered myself a writer albeit I write for a published newspaper, I've always just thought of myself as a blogger. I never really had writing ambitions until I started blogging as an outlet for my creative side and realized how much I enjoyed it. Much the the excitement is the immediate gratification bloggers recieve from posting stories and getting feedback.

    I think the blogging world is a wonderful place I even if I was offered the world's best signing offer (haha, yeah right) I would never leave the blogsphere.

  19. i write the way i talk, too! i used to get scolded for it in college :-)

    i don't think of myself as a "writer," and i think it often has to do with whether or not that's a goal for the individual. i've never thought about / dreamt about being published; a blog is just a fun way for me to blabber to a bigger audience than normally is forced to listen to me. i would feel overwhelmed and anxious if someone DID offer me a book because of my blog because... um.. never something i wanted / thought about / strived for / thought i could do. that's why i love blogging though - it's whatever you want it to be. god, that sounds so cliched. but it's true.

  20. hmm, that's a good question! i just tell people, "i like to write, and i have a blog where i do it."

    congrats on the award nominations! you know i got your back, sista.

  21. I write, therefore I am.

    Oh snap! Best comment ever!

  22. You getting all philosophical on me? I have tried to come up with a response and just get twisted around my words. Bravo. You win!

    Hope you win an award, too. Then, I can say I knew you way back when you weren't yet famous!

  23. I think there is a difference b/tween writers and bloggers. Everyone under the sun has a blog now a days, and we all can't be "writers," can we?

  24. I definitely don't claim to be a writer, either. When asked I'm a blogger - but I suppose I identify with photographer before all of that...or at least, I like to think so :-)

  25. I'm a blogger not a writer. That grammar and spelling thing is for the birds.

  26. I just consider myself a blogger

  27. OMG I can totally cross my eyes and move the other one back and forth TOO! I don't think people realize what a talent this is.

    Congrats on your nom!

    Oh, and a serious answer to your question... I consider myself a blogger. I think it takes an ounce more organization and planning to be an actual writer, but maybe not. I think you have what takes to be one though.

  28. i definitely blog like i talk too, i can't help it. so i would say i'm a blogger that can write, haha. at least i try to.

  29. I love this post. I'm not sure that it matters if you call yourself a blogger or a writer. I've been blogging for over three years now, and as I'm trekking my way through grad school, I discovered that I'm a much better writer as a result. To me, writing is writing, and a good blog is a well-written one. And yours definitely is. Congrats on being a finalist! I was shocked to find that I was one, too. :)

  30. I consider myself a blogger, I think there is difference between writing and blogging. Writing should be done in "proper writing form" I feel in blogging you make up your own rules and be random.

  31. Congrats on the nomination - I'll be voting for you.

  32. I always thought that I wouldn't get "writer" status until someone other than myself published something I wrote. So I usually say "blogger" lest I then have to field the "so what have you written?" question.

    I think blogging can be a gateway to writing, but it is a different way of self-expression.

    Also, I know people who are pretty clear when they speak, but when they write, they're all over the place. The brain processes oral speech and written speech differently, so I bet you're doing something different when you commit type to blog.

  33. I think blogging is an all encompassing term - bloggers write about their own experiences in an entertaining way and try to relate how those experiences relate to the real world. That kind of covers it...

  34. I would consider myself to be a straight blogger. I think.. I dont know really.. =/

  35. You certainly a writer... you string words together in a way that make us come back... every day.

  36. i am a sexy beast...also blogger.

  37. i love that you write like you talk... i think that's what draws so many people to your blog! (i also love that you don't capitalize anything, which is something i don't do either. on principle. because i spend all day using perfect grammar and spell checking everything.)

    i would NEVER consider myself a writer... i just write what's in my head and i don't think i'm very good at being coherent even sticking with that. (surprisingly, i was nominated for an award too? ahhh, honored.) but yeah, never a writer. writers write FOR someone, i write for ME. it just so happens that i have an audience!

    congrats again on your nomination!! you're totally going to win.


  38. I am starting to consider myself a writer.
    Which is funny, because the more I consider myself a writer, the more I want to show people what I write...

    And we are totally both up for best title! It's going to get fierce, lady ;)!

  39. Yesterday one of my managers asked me to take a look at a blog post that she was ghost writing for a client. She is a superb writer and definitely doesn't need my editing. But because I blog, she was specifically looking to make sure it was "blogged" well.

    It got me thinking about the same thing. I definitely think there is a difference. What you wrote yesterday was such good writing- but I think it was blogging because at the end of the day, it was formatted in a way that would beg for conversation- for comments.

    And, that's the difference between blogging and writing. However, as papers are dying and everything is taking a shift to online (i.e. NYT, WSJ, all major newspapers open up their online articles for comments, communities are built on their online publications) I think that there will be a shift.

    Except the shift will not be blogging with writing tendencies, it will be old fashioned writing, leaning to look more like blogging.

  40. I would never put "blogger" or "writer" in a description of myself, because to me, there's no better proof that someone's not good at something artistic than when they call themselves an "artist" (or, conversely, "writer," etc.). Much the same way a guy who puts a three minute clip of a crappy "America's Funniest Home Videos" sketch he did with his friends on YouTube isn't a filmmaker, I'm not a writer.

  41. I wouldn't put that I'm a writer anywhere because like the prev poster stated, just because someone likes to sing, that doesn't make them a singer. I may suck at writing but enjoy it anyway. If you are getting to know someone though, on a personal level, I would include that you like/enjoy writing.

  42. Blogger.

    And a writer, but I keep them completely seperate.

    I am in school for Broadcast Journalism, and sometimes, I feel like a tool when I talk about that on my blog. Because when I blog, I blog like I'm having a conversation. I use too many periods, because when I talk, I talk in choppy sentences I suppose. I like blogging because it gives me a place to clear my wee head. I have a journal for the "good writing", I guess you'd call it.

    Uhm, ps. CONGRATS ON THE NOMINATIONS. You're a star. I've voted for you. Because you deserve iiiiit.

  43. Congrats on your noms! And an awards ceremony would be AMAZING at the meetup!

    I definitely consider myself a blogger. Even though I have a degree in writing. Blogging is for fun for me and definitely not always serious like the journalistic writing I did.

  44. I consider myself to be the class clown. And I love every second of it.

    You are whatever you want to be :-)

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