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Thursday, January 15, 2009

so my coworkers constance, matt and i went out for happy hour which turned into "late night" hour - we went from 5pm to 11pm. wait, what time is it?

anyways the thing is, is that i couldn't possibly leave my laptop in the car because i didn't plan ahead for our impromptu happy hour - if i left it outside all night it would freeze!

....and no one does that to their baby.

so now i find constance and i at the maproom, across the street from my apartment, using the free wifi.

perhaps i'll buy my laptop a shot - she really does deserve it. i mean, she lets me communicate with all of you. the least i can do is get her a few drinks, right?

time the crunk out, the cavs just lost ---- to the friggin' bulls!!!

see, i'm live blogging, (play by play action required). it's almost like you all are here with me...

"sure constance i'll have a patron xo shot"

"no jessica, i don't think you should be wearing sequins this time of year"

"wow, i wish that those seven guys weren't all wearing the exact same pea coat"

"are striped skull caps still in?"

"business cards can get printed anywhere, by anyone, with anything on them - which doesn't mean there are legit. maybe i can make business card wallpaper for my bathroom."

constance: if you could sum up maproom in three words what would you say?
donkers: beer, chicks, shots

"where everybody knows your drink"

i'm going to go ahead and agree with the last statement because i simply can't walk into this bar without having friends here.

no complaints.

happy friday kids. xoxo


  1. A+ live blogging. It was so real i have a hangover even though i only went to target last night (paaaaaar-taaaaay).

  2. 1) it's FINE to wear sequins at this time of year! come on-- it's winter!

    2) how is your car?

    3) why didn't you just take your laptop home, dork?

    happy friday!

  3. You should definitely live blog more often. And ummmm, the Cavs losing to Chicago? You know they're having an off night when ... even I was shocked with that outcome!

  4. I would have taken two shots after that game last night.

  5. omg blogging from the bar could be seriously fun. you maintained fantastic composure.

    i bet if you had left your laptop outside in the car, it wouldve frozen INto the car, and you'd have had a bad-ass knight rider car.

    i have a very active imagination.

  6. Great idea... I always wanted a friendly neighborhood bar. Maybe someday... sigh.

  7. Great idea... I always wanted a friendly neighborhood bar. Maybe someday... sigh.

  8. Oh definatly buy her a few shots. She really does deserve it. I am taking my laptop on a shopping spree this weekend because of her good behavior.

  9. Were striped skillcaps ever in?

  10. Awesome live blogging!

    Happy Friday!

  11. I'm wearing sequins right now.

    And only sequins.

  12. Live blogging is fun, isn't it? I've been known to haul my laptop into ridiculous places in order to keep it out of the cold too :)

  13. I've been known to call my laptop "my baby" too, haha :) Oh yeah -- is it a bad sign that Jose has nearly killed the poor thing a couple times? We're getting a kitty cat soon, so wish us (me) luck*


  14. haha i love that you have your laptop at the bar with you. amazing. and sorry about the cavs, that's just not cool. well for the lakers it is, but still.

  15. That WAS just like being there!

  16. Ha, this cracked me up. I should try that sometime... hard to do on an iTouch though. When drunk, impossible to type on. Which is probably a good thing...

    Happy Friday! Wish you could come tomorrow.

  17. I think it's hilarious you brought your computer into a bar to make sure it didn't freeze. But good for you -- I don't leave my work laptop in my car for the same reason at night.

    Also, I love places where everybody knows your drink.

  18. Live blogging is always a good idea - especially when there's booze involved.

    My question is this: Where does the awesome Back to the Future II title quote fit into the post?

  19. I just found your blog, and I'm already hooked.

    Thanks for writing like you think; sometimes I wish we all did.

    I'll be visiting more, I imagine.

  20. LOL i did the similar post very drunk, yours is entertaining..

    ps. im pretty much new in your blog, congrats on winning bootleg award.

  21. i'd like to know when it is an appropriate time of year for jessica to wear sequins..


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