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Saturday, February 14, 2009

who has two thumbs and blogs on a saturday?

this girl!

things i've done so far today
1. ate bacon

2. watched
dazed and confused
3. caught up on blogs

4. signed my mom up for facebook
5. ate bacon while being awesome and NOT thinking about it being valentine's day

things i plan on doing later today

1. eat something with bacon on it

2. go see confessions of a shopaholic
3. go to my aunt's for a valentine's day dinner with all of my family - even my sister who is home visiting from NYC

4. meet up with my north canton friends where i will drink enough vodka to kill a small dinosaur

moving on.

i feel like i should do a proper twestival cleveland recap, but that was two days ago (decades ago in blog time), so i'll just post a picture that i took of a few of my favorite cleveland twitters.

the event was a great success - we raised over $1400 for charity:water and had 67 people in attendance. when can we do it again?

so just in time for valentine's day i got an amazing package from fizzgigabyte who writes the blog it's all about me! deal with it!. now i've won blog giveaway's before but damn did she go all out. i got tons of candy and cookies, the DVD fever pitch, a funny little clock and a HILARIOUS framed picture of her cat. so funny. thanks lady!

in closing, i found this e-card on the someecard site and i think it pretty much sums up what i'm thinking today. i'm positive that my ideal match is out there somewhere but he can pretty much go F himself for hiding. haha.

happy valentine's day lovers! and my valentine i posted last year this time still applies.


  1. Happy VD Lex!

    My day has gone like this so far:

    1. Watched Jamie play call of Duty for 3 straight hours

    2. Helped Donkers make a home made Valentine's card - yes, he came over and used my glitter and paint pens to make a Valentine's Day card.

    3. Ate sweetart hearts until I felt sick

  2. Happy Valentines Day Alexa! I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic yesterday. Have a great time!!

  3. So funny! My work friends make fun of me because I always send them someecards.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Best. Ecard. EVER. LOL!

    I'm with ya, girl! I will be on the lookout for two hotties tonite... one for you, one for me.

  5. I'd rather she eff herself than someone else who's just going to be better at it than I am, I suppose. Although if she gets good at effing herself, she's not going to leave the house to meet me.

    Truly, a logical Mobius strip, one worth ignoring for a far better question: can I go 3 for 3 with bacon and meals today?

  6. Love your blog, Alexa!!! We aren't that far away! I need a weekend trip...to Cleveland...You got room for rwo Hoosiers?? Can I meet LeBron???

    I've been with my hubs for 9 years, so v-day ain't so much anymore...Although, I did buy a couple bottles of wine...FUN!! I would love to hang out with a single girl...I have single male friends...
    Have a great weekend!!
    Happy v-day!!!

  7. I also ate bacon today! and also sausages, and cold pizza. and sweets.

    and i shopped. and spent a lot of money.

    and now i'm trying VERY HARD not to think about valentines day.

    and the e-card pretty much sums up MY feelings too!

  8. Love the someecard and it's so me too! :)

  9. I can't believe you blogged on a Saturday! freak!

    We still need to catch up sometime this weekend so text me on your way home and then i'll get off my DIAL UP so you can call me.


  10. HA! I love that we are both dorky enough to A) blog on Saturday and B) post a someecard. Love you mama!

  11. I think you've discovered the answer to V-Day: bacon.

  12. Yummmmm...Bacon.

    Must make a Spangish Sandwish. Pronto!

  13. What did you think of Confessions of a Shopaholic? I haven't seen it yet but I really want to!

  14. There is nothing wrong with eating large amounts of bacon. Nothing wrong at all.

  15. Amen to that card! How did you like Shopaholic? I am seeing that tomorrow.

  16. I don't know what's better, the someecard or the fact that you signed your mom up for Facebook!

  17. Late comment but Happy V-Day! Loved the ecard. :)

  18. D&C - one of my favorite flicks

  19. That giveaway package sounds divine! And Fever Pitch is hilarious. You must share how you liked Confessions of a Shopoholic. I want to see it!

  20. Dazed and Confused is a vastly underrated classic.

  21. Did you see Confessions of a Shopaholic? Did you love it? I'm totally itching to watch it!

  22. There is never anything wrong with blogging on Saturday ;)

    Not to mention, bacon sounds *really* good right about now. . .


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