Monday, February 9, 2009

detroit, michigan + vegas = MAGAS

or so that's what i came up with as the klutz, georgia peach and i drove the yuppie mobile across the ohio state line into michigan on saturday.

what happens in MAGAS stays in MAGAS people.

as we rolled into the lobby of the
MGMgrand detroit i was pleasantly surprised. it's was pimp (i.e. really really cool), the decorating was impressive as well as the service - way more so than i expected.

the rooms were also tech geeked out which always impresses me. i guess i don't travel enough cause i have never seen the computerized mini-bar security where if you even pick an item up from the mini-bar fridge it knows it and your room is automatically charged. so sneaky!

muffin applying some make-up in our hotel room bathroom - check out the flat screen.

the klutz, lastic, muffin, beth, julie and georgia peach before dinner

besides the gambling another reason for our day-trip was to check out michael symon's restaurant Roast in the westin book cadilac hotel. i mean we have to represent the cleveland foodie scene even while traveling.

the seven of us sat down at a nice table, ordering martinis and couple bottles of wine. our server teresa, while a spazz seemed like she had it together.

the red wine was served in a nice decanter - the pouring technique was cool too.

from doing my online menu research i already knew what i was going to order: the warm spinach salad, filet with crab bearnaise and the creamed spinach with feta cheese side. once i got to the table my order didn't change. the rest of the girls order various entrees but three went with the "roasted beast of the day", suckling pig - weirdish name, but oh so good in your mouth.

the favorite part of my meal was the warm spinach salad: fried egg, mushrooms, bacon, crispy pig ears and spinach (duh).


the whole group agreed, the food was amazing - such a great meal. the only downer was our crazy server who took 45 minutes to get our bill figured out. we told her from our first drink order that the bill was going to be separated four ways. it shouldn't have been as difficult as it was for her. it was almost comical, we could see her yelling at the computer screen. i had to literally take her pen and write down what was supposed to be on mine and the peach's bill after she messed it up three times prior.

it was so bad that the support staff kept coming up apologizing for our waitresses issues. after about 35 minutes, what looked like a pre-pubescent "manager" came up and didn't even apologize for the delay simply stated that sometimes a bill can take while. it stunk because the food and experience was so good up to that point, i wish we didn't leave with such a horrible billing experience. seriously, FORTY FIVE minutes isn't acceptable - EVER.

upon heading back to the MGMgrand everyone wanted to go dancing at ignite, one of the bars in the hotel. i wasn't feeling it though, i wanted to gamble. so i headed to the casino floor solo - ain't no shame.

a double shot of patron later i was down $50, then up $50 - you know how it goes.
meanwhile the girls were making friends at ignite....

coat owner: "i put on for my city. on on for my city. put on. put on."

georgia peach and the klutz decided shortly after me that they wanted to hit that casino as well. we met up at the $1 wheel of fortune slots (my favorite). we each put $20 in and on my last $3 pull i won $250!!! i quickly cashed out to find that the klutz was suddenly up over $300 - the roomies were winners!

our favorite neighbor? not so much.

georgia peach: $0.25 -- alexa: $251.00 -- sad eyes peachy, sad eyes.

by now the money winners were ready to party but detroit isn't vegas at all when it comes to drinking. the bars stopped serving alcohol at 1:30am and all alcohol had to be removed from the casino floor by 2am. while that may have been a buzzkill at the time it was probably for the best because not only did having to stop drinking cause me to not have a hangover today but it stopped me from spending my winnings.

all in all the one night trip was a blast and i totally want to plan another one in the near future. who's coming with me?


on the drive home we stopped at crocker park to see the movie "he's just not that into you" and while there were times in the movie where i was cringing at certain characters, thinking why the hell are they doing that, it was a good cringe.

i absolutely loved this movie. LOVED.

and i don't care how happy or unhappy being single, or how happy or unhappy being married or in a relationship you are, everyone both males and females will find something in this movie that they can relate to. go see it.

have a good week kids.


  1. so cool about the winnings. But I SO do not agree with you on the movie. It was depressing, and I took a guy: he wanted to walk out even AFTER Scarlet Johanesson got naked. boo.

    On the other hand, I don't regret seeing it simply because it's my goal to see every movie Jennifer Aniston has ever made. love. :)

  2. 250 bucks! wowza! i don't think i've ever won that much in a night, especially on the dollar slots. way to go :)

    and i am dying to see that movie - glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  3. Ooh bring me bring me! If you do, I'll forgive you that you aren't from Canton,NC! ;)

  4. I plan on seeing that movie soon. Just cuz.

  5. That salad looks deeeeeeelish. And so does that money:)

  6. been thinking of watching that movie for a while :)

  7. Did you really just explain "pimp" to us? ;)

  8. Alllleeexa.. I cannot read this entry because I'm still mad that you did this instead of coming to Pittsburgh.

    Is Muffin doing the dakota fanning, crossed leg stance? If so she's totally my hero.

  9. god i can't believe i left that first comment without making a comment about "oh so good in your mouth."

    that's what she said.

    COME ON. you walked into that one.

  10. So basically Detroit is good as long as you stick to the hotels? Got it :)

    Also, love the coat and coat owner.

    Curious, was the movie one you wanted to see or did it pleasantly surprise you?

  11. Look at you being all impressive and winning $250! I hope y'all put it toward something wonderful!

    Happy Monday to you!

  12. Woohoo for winning! The dinner sounds delicious and it sounds like a great weekend away with awesome friends!

  13. Sounds like a brilliant time! Glad you had so much fun!

  14. I LOVE WHeel of Fortune, that is the best game ever!

  15. Sounds like an awesome time! If at all possible, would love to join you next time. ;)

    I'm actually glad to hear you liked the movie. I'm planning on seeing it this week with a friend of mine.

  16. So you are spending your winnings on alcohol for your Cleveland bloggy friends? Huzzah.

  17. What a fun trip! I thought the movie was great too :)

  18. I definitely want to see that movie, too. I've heard mixed reviews.

    Also, that salad? Yum!

  19. Congrats on the big win. Don't spend it all on booze. Ok spend a little on booze. That is what money is for afterall.

  20. Gotta love a solid post on my home state. Glad you enjoy yourself!

    And that was a great movie!

  21. You weren't telling me to go see that, right?

  22. $250? Drinks are on you the next time we go out. Whenever that may someday be.

    Also, MAGAS to me just looks like May Gas, which should really be a question.

  23. Um..did you say pig ears? Maybe I should rethink the valentines day pkg....which should be heading on its way to cleveland in the morning btw.

    I saw that yesterday with the manfriend. It was a good movie. I loved jennifer and ben made me cry sniff sniff!!!!!

  24. As a Detroiter, I'm glad you had such a good (and profitable!) time in the city. And I swear the bars do not close down early, must be a casino thing! There's over 100 bars and restaurants in the downtown area...but we're good at hiding where they are :-)

  25. dude! i never win at gambling! so jealous!

    i saw the movie on friday, and i was sort of conflicted. i enjoyed watching it - like, it was an entertaining movie, and funny - but i thought the message was SO LAME. we're supposed to take away from this that we're all "the rule" and not "the exception," except they all end up getting the impossible ending anyway (aside from the adultery group)?? and that sometimes a happy ending means "moving on" and they show that sad-ass shot of jcon hanging a mirror all by herself? that's what i have to look forward to? GAH!

  26. I'm in next time. You kids are having wayyyy too much fun without me, and you KNOW that's not allowed.

  27. Such a fun night! With the best pit stops ever!

    It did remind me why I don't gamble ... I always loose!

    I didn't realize I was so much taller than everyone - huh.

  28. Love going to Vegas and winning. At that point, warm spinach salad is just a bonus. Yum!

  29. Vegas owes me 9 billion dollars. Windsor, Ontario owes me my dignity.

  30. First of all, the hotel looked awesome!

    And I would really like to see that film too, the adverts for it look far better than I expected them to!

  31. sounds like a great time. bet you weren't hanging with bull riders.

  32. ah damn it. I am so jealous of your fun weekend. And I really want to see that movie... I'm glad it is good and you liked it. Makes me want to see it even more.

    Oh, and congratulations on your winnings... that's pretty badass.

  33. What a fun trip! I didn't know there was gambling in Detroit (then again, I didn't know there were casinos in New England until my last year of college). What are you going to do with the $250?

  34. woo woo for being a big winner. that's always a fun feeling. and looks like a great trip, love all the fun pics.

  35. MAGAS totally makes me laugh. I have to tell my friends from Detroit about that.

  36. There is no way in hell I am going to see that movie.

    I need to pretend I didn't read that you LIKED that movie. I seriously want to pull an Oedipus and gouge my own eyes out.

    My heart is comforted that it's rocking 44% on Rotten Tomatoes.


    I love you though.

  37. Wonderful work on the extra moola, my dear!

    I've never actually gambled, but it sounds like a good time. ..

    Sooo, do you think Cleveland should try the whole casino thing??

    yay or nay?


  38. That's the first story anyone's ever told about Detroit that didn't involve either muggings, shootings, or RoboCop.

  39. what a blast! looks and sounds like so much fun. i want that food, all of it.

  40. So fun!! And what a fancy dinner.

    I kind of want to see that movie.

  41. I'm going to see HJNTIY this weekend! I'm excited! So many people have boycotted or pooh-poohed the movie, but I don't give a flying crap. I'm happy you went to see it and even happier you liked it. Yay!

  42. What a fun trip! That food looked SO GOOOOD, bummer about the bill though :-/ Also good for you for winning! I am the worst gambler ever. EVER. haha I'll have to try out the wheel of fortune machines instead.

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