prune of the week 2.20.09

Friday, February 20, 2009

why is it that on too many prime time tv shows to count the leading ladies are always drinking straight up liquor?

and by straight up i mean, neat.
no ice, no mixer, no fruit - just them, the bottle and a highball glass.

think about it, how many actresses have you seen sashay up to the bar and order a scotch, neat? heck, i witnessed it on private practice literally just now.

or how about after coming home from a long day at the office the actress opens the cupboard and pours themselves a
warm glass of vodka just to sip on?

how about the young 20 something starlet sitting with her girlfriends swirling around tumbler glass of dewers straight?


this doesn't happen in real life people! i've worked in a restaurant and bartended on and off for over 6 years, from dive bars to fine dining, and i have never ever EVER taken an order from a woman ordering scotch straight up.

so where are all these women drinking scotch neat hiding that has caused tv and movie writers to include them chugging it in their scripts so often?

{raises fist in rage}

i don't understand why this is bothering me so much, because it's not like television shows are exactly true to real life. because if that were the case i'd be bumping uglies with jack AND sawyer while time traveling on a remote island.

and i digress...

back to the actresses drinking colored water that looks like scotch - if you haven't noticed this epidemic on movies and television before, you will now pick up on it all the time. i've made you aware.

i apologize in advance.


  1. oh so true, they wont order vodka without "additions". Vodka cranberry, vodka orange, and such. It's never vodka straight up.

  2. i wrote a final paper on this very subject last spring and my professor totally thought he gave me the idea. i might email him a copy of your post just to spit back at him.

    i wouldn't, really, but i also wouldn't EVER order scotch neat. he totally would, though.

  3. I'm totally going to watch for this now.

  4. wanna know what bugs me out in film & Tv?

    when folks have had brain surgery and can walk 2 days later with NO scarring on their heads.

  5. I always noticed this with Robin on How I Met Your Mother - she's big into drinking scotch neat. But then she also smokes cigars and goes to the gun range, so she's quite a gal.

  6. I actually do drink vodka straight up, and won't hesitate to order it when at a restaurant or bar. But usually, ice is involved, and sometimes I get a lime, just for kicks.

  7. I ordered a drink like that once, it was not as much fun as it looked on tv.

  8. Haha. I've noticed this some, and it always makes me wonder. I mean, I don't know ANYONE who does that. Even guys. *shrugs*

  9. I tried to learn to love scotch, but man, scotch is nasty, and last time I drank whisky I lit myself on fire.

    I'll stick to vodka and sodas.

  10. I thought the same thing when I saw Addison order the neat Scotch. I've also bartended for longer then I car to think about and never had a women order that.

  11. You just pointed it out. It's a helluva lot easier to make apple juice look like scotch and water look like vodka than it is to make an apple spritzer look like beer. Duh!

  12. Maybe it's some kind of product placement advertising conspiracy from the liquor companies. :)

    I recently noticed that one an episode of "girls next door" where mary (the secretary) had a class of gin - neat. YUCK. Though - she has worked her whole life in the playboy mansion, so there is some kind of suspended reality going on there.

    :) Becky

  13. probably because the only way you can stay thin and drink is to drink straight alchohol. personally i prefer a seltzer with mine. sodium free.

    i dont enjoy the taste of any alchohol enough. cringe.

  14. I have actually noticed it and I always think - Christ, my dad doesn't even drink his scotch or vodka straight up like that.

  15. I watched that too last night. I think it looks cool when people can drink like that. I have tried to do that at a bar and it was cool until I had to actually drink the drink.

  16. I must admit that women like that do exist...check out number 22.

  17. I will marry any girl that orders a straight scotch at a bar.

    As long as they were hot.

  18. I love that you're shaking your fist. :-)

  19. Might this have something to do with your alcohol withdrawal?

  20. i've noticed this too! most woman i know have this kind of reaction to the word scotch:

    "bleeeeech! put the word 'butter' in front and now we're talking"

  21. I notice this all the time. It makes me feel like I'm not a badass since I can't drink scotch without gagging. Then I remember how much I love beer and I feel better.

  22. I also noticed that last night!

    I guess I'm just not that much of a real woman...the only time I'd drink straight vodka or scotch would be when I was already wasted. haha!

  23. I thought the exact same thing last night when Addison did this on Private Practice.

  24. Funny you brought this up because I thought the same thing when Addison ordered that and have noticed it happening on other occassions too. Now, Alexa, you know I have been known to have a scotch or two but always on the least....with a splash... and only in the winter.

  25. Oh but, bumping uglies with Jack and Sawyer, should never be a digression. Always a goal. A permanent goal. The rest of this so-called "real life" is where we digress.

    And now that you mention it, NCIS does the ladies and scotch thing all the time. Crazy.

    Love your blog.

  26. insomniaclolita - ever!

    cavy - i think you should send me the paper, now i'm interested.

    Shannon - you're going to see it everywhere

    Deutlich - HA, yeah that too.

    Josh - aaaahhh! she was the person that i was racking my brain trying to remember one specific actress and it was ROBIN from HIMYM. she is a hell of a woman.

    Ashley - i'm a vodka water with a lemon drinker so i totally get where you are coming from.

    Mandy - pukey?

    EP - me neither, stupid writers.

    The Maiden Metallurgist - i'll do a beam and diet every once in a while but it always end up in a black out. i'm with you, vodka please.

    Tigerlily - see, you know where i'm going with this.

    SoMi's Nilsa - oooooo good point. apple juice FTW!

    Becky aka StinkyLemsky - it's a conspiracy to try to get us all to drink more scotch, i see how it is. that mary is a tough cookie.

    Fizzgig - damn diets ruin everything.

    Marie - it's all fake i tell you.

    LBluca77 - i hope you spit it out all over the bar. ha.

    erika - HA! you are a champ, i should try one with you sometime.

    rs27 - looks like you should marry erika up there...

    adriana - haha, i thought of you when i typed it!

    surviving myself - touche, i think you hit the nail on the head. i was just bitter that i wasn't drinking wine when i posted this.

    dmb5_libra - butterscotch schnapps?

    Lindsay - i love scotch, scotchity, scotch, scotch, that can also be said with beer darling.

    Gabby - yes, when i'm already drunk and i take it like a shot, no sipping allowed.

    Jacqueline - she does it all the time, just wait and see.

    mommy - i almost brought you and your winter scotch consumption up in this blog. you are a real woman mom. HA.

    los_tartist - looks like i have a new goal. and thanks!

  27. OMG my roommate was just saying this last night. we were watching a few DVR'ed shows, and each one had ladies drinking scotch. what lady drinks scotch? lol

  28. I've tried SO HARD to learn to like the dark stuff... but I just can't.

    One 3 Olives Grape Vodka martini, please. Thanks!

  29. Unfortunately for me and my predilections, you're right - ladies never order anything respectable. (And who doesn't freeze their vodka? What else is a freezer for, if not handles of vodka and ice cream?) To me, any man who orders a mixer with his booze is essentially telling the world that he's a rookie.

    Sometimes, I'll add Coke circa drink five to stay awake, but that's about it. Otherwise, double bourbon/scotch/whiskey neat for me.

  30. I have ONE female friend who could probably drink ANYTHING straight because she quite liked it, but she's the exception that proves your point!

  31. I noticed this, too. Alcohol in real life is very different from alcohol on tv. I mean, even when the women on Sex and the City would drink their vodka martinis, I'm like, blech, really? There's no way you could drink a martini like that, chugging it down. The only liquor I drink straight up and can chug is tequila, but then I'm usually doing loopy things after ten minutes. :o)

  32. I noticed this last night too while watching last week AND this week's Grey's and Private Practice... it was a big marathon for me.

    What I also noticed... they went to the hospital to work after an all night binge drinking session without sleep. I can't even do my job as a doc hungover! But drunk and sleep deprived - heck no and majorly illegal!

  33. I went on vacation at this hotel that had a free night cap service and I decided to try and be all sophisticated and have a got poured in a plant.

  34. Because my father is a whiskey/scotch junkie I refuse to drink it mixed with anything. That's totally ruining it. It must be neat or I don't want it.

    The problem is, the GOOD scotch and whiskey is expensive. That's why I never it order in a bar, I'm not shelling out 20 bucks for a drink when I'm holding the purse strings. I'll go to the bar of DAD for some premium stuff for free. And drink it neat. :-)

  35. yeah the only liquor i've had straight up are ones that come in really small "glasses." tv needs to show more of that!

  36. I had to comment.. I completely agree.. you mentioned private practice, how about the scene just prior on Greys,... Sometimes I want to drink like that, and its wrong they make it so easy... I need to down more alcohol like that....

  37. Such is narrative drama.

    When your suspension of disbelief trips, it's all downhill from there.

    I get it, I am hyper aware of editing myself.


  38. Your lack of beer drinking makes you unqualified for this argument.

  39. yup- i notice this all the time too! and it's especially rampant in the grey's/private practice circuit. perhaps shonda has a thing for this?

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  41. That is so funny I was thinking the exact same thing when I was watching some show on TV the other day think it was pushing daisies. Mad men does it, its so bizarre, I never drink it straight up unless I am already trashed off my ass

  42. I order a whiskey neat every time I go out to the bars. Unfortunately, 50% of bartenders seem too taken aback that I'm ordering that and the other 50% don't understand what 'neat' means.

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