scar tissue that i wish you saw

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i just spent the last half hour trying to take a picture of the 8 inch long frankenstein like scar that runs down my left thigh. (it didn't come out right)

i spent 20 minutes after that trying to take a picture of the scar on my right ankle that i got while snorkeling in hawaii when i swam a bit too close to some coral. (it didn't come out right either)

next i tried to photograph the burn scar on the inside of my left arm that i got from a pie baking incident but it would show the fairly large tattoo on my left wrist and all i could think about was my mom yelling at me for sharing my tattoo with the internet.

when i got the idea for this post i wanted to share with you all some of my "superficial" flaws. i mean i could show you a picture of my ass but i don't want to give anyone nightmares.

the point is we all have marks and scars on our body that weren't there when we were born, but at some point during our lives these marks have become a part of us.

the other tattoo i have on my right hip? yup that's there for life.

the piece of lead that is stuck in the palm of my right hand from when i fell on a pencil in elementary school? i happen to think it adds character.

i could go on and on, but the point is that i wouldn't take any of these so called flaws and make them go away - they have become a part of me. (except maybe my ass)

what permanent scar/mark on your body are you most attached to?

slappe and brit brit

Monday, March 30, 2009

so the question of day on saturday was, "how was the britney spears concert?".

my answer?


it was entertaining that's for sure, a massive production with hundreds of performers and dancers, but i felt like it all was one big rouse to mask the fact that britney wasn't singing.

from reading previous reviews i knew that the majority of the circus tour was lip synced but i guess i didn't realize how boring that really is to watch.

when muffin, court, the klutz, erin, lastic, julie and i all traveled to pittsburgh on friday to see britney's concert i was looking forward to a fun night with my girls with some brit brit on the side. but the fact that there was literally a 6 song run during her performance of songs that i have never heard of i realized that maybe i hit the realization to make me appreciate live singing musicians that much more.

i felt like i was at an oversize dance club where the dj played only britney spears songs. i'm not going to stop loving britney, she's still an icon. i'm also not going to stop getting excited when i hear her songs come on, but would i see her in concert again? only if it was free.

thankfully her performers added some spice to the show - them and the people watching of my fellow concert goers.

for example, the group of high school girls sitting in front of us. these girls were WASTED. and not only were they wasted but two of them were making out with each other - while i know that this is probably a girls gone wild dream, i couldn't help but think that these two were simply putting on a show. for who i'm not sure.

these same two making out girls also offered court money for her beer. these girls had guts, that's for sure.

after the concert it was raining and i got lost from the group, but i randomly got to meet jenn (hi jenn!), which was very cool.

but let me back up a bit here. because something worth sharing happened on the way to pittsburgh.

we ran out of gas. well, court's jeep ran out of gas.

the whole situation was one of the singular funniest moments of my life. we knew it was going to happen - being on the turnpike the exits are all that plentiful. lucky for us we were able to coast our way off the highway within eyesight of a gas station.

court making her way back from the gas station

you would think that once we got the can of gas we would be fine, but the gas wasn't going in the tank and we had to flag down a guy in a truck. because if you drive a truck you obviously know how to do handy things, duh.

moral of the story? fill up your gas tank before getting on the turnpike.

saturday night i had my friend slappe's bachlorette party!!!!

a group of us got together at her friends house in cleveland heights before we headed to zocalo on east 4th for lots and lots and lots of tequila. ole!

slappe even got in the upside down margarita chair. she took it down like a champ.

mother-in-law and mother of the bride (slappe). mom's and penis straws make me giggle

after zocalo we bowled our hearts out at the corner alley dancing, singing, drinking, shot taking and generally having fun. it was the pre-game before we got dirty on the dance floor.

next we headed to cadillac ranch/barroom because slappe wanted to dance. there were insane lines at both doors AND we had to pay to get in - these things alone helped us make the decision to head to the warehouse district.

people that hang out at those bars at midnight on the weekends for the most part just aren't my people. frankly that place scares me. but moving on.

we made our way to ultra where the tequila theme continued but this time with dirty dancing. slappe made it on the table to be specific.

looking back on the evening i don't think i have ever seen slappe have so much fun. she was so happy and i hope she wasn't too hungover on sunday. helping her celebrate her bachlorette party with her friends and family made me that much more excited for her and jason's wedding in april.

all in all this was a busy but very fun weekend, and spending sunday on the couch was just what i needed to prepare for a busy work week.

but on a random blogger note. not once, not twice but three times this weekend people that i have never met before came up to me out of the blue saying that they are fans of this blog.

words can't even explain what a compliment this is to me. it means so much to me that people actually read this blog, it's shocking actually. but i thank each and everyone of you that keep coming back to read about this train wreck that i call my life.

have a great week everyone.

we are family

Friday, March 27, 2009

my yiayia's (grandmother in greek) 84th birthday was wednesday and when she was asked what she wanted to do to celebrate she said five simple words.

"i want to see lebron"

ask and you shall receive yiayia.

conveniently there was a home cavs game wednesday night on the exact day of her birthday. do you know who else's birthday was on wednesday? my sissy's, and being the wonderful granddaughter that she is decided to fly in from nyc for a mere 20 hours to surprise my yiayia for all the festivities.

my family normally always does something special to celebrate my yiayia and my sissy's birthdays (nyc, vegas, etc) - and the birthday meal always involves lobster. and just because we were having dinner at my little apartment downtown didn't mean that we couldn't still have our traditional meal.

enter my mother, super woman in the kitchen and helper of well, me. we served two trays of gigantic lobster tails, macaroni supreme (four cheeses and heavy whipping cream noodle deliciousness), fresh green beans, and caeser salad courtesy of my thea eros made the right way.

for dessert we had cupcakes from a cookie and a cupcake in tremont and they are now hands down my favorite cupcakes EVER. my sissy who's a nyc cupcake connoisseur said that they are the best she has ever had, and i'll agree. trust me, if you live in cleveland you must check this place out.

after all was said and done i couldn't get over how weirdly nervous i was about ten members of my immediate family coming over for dinner. thankfully everything was delicious and hella fun.

the fam in my living room. my cousin anthony, uncle nick, thea eros, yiayia, sissy, c-rossi, mommy, and my cousins jason, dina, and mara.

after dinner we all hopped in a cab and watched the cavs (in really good seats) beat the nets in a franchise record breaking win at the Q.

LBJ in action - notice how his right foot is turned - weird!

so when we asked my yiayia what she wants to do next year for her 85th birthday?

"we're going to see oprah"

oprah it is yiayia, oprah it is.

black > blue

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i have decided that there are two types of people in this world.

people who use black pen and people who use blue pen.

people who use black pen are cool and smooth like george clooney. george would never think of using a blue pen.

do you know who uses a blue pen?

dustin diamond.

why couldn't he have just been samuel "screech" powers forever? he turned into such a blue pen writing douche.

you see, people who use black pen sign multi-millionaire endorsement deals like lebron.

and people who use blue pen sign birthday cards to themselves, or are maxie.

do you remember when it was cool to even be able to use a pen at all? when in grade school it was pencil only? and when one was allowed to upgrade to pen but it had to be wait for it...

erasable blue pen. that shit never erased.

now if you use blue pen i won't be mad at you, i'll just judge you, then buy you a black pen - it's for the best.

what's you pen color of choice?

editors note: it's my sissy and my yiayia's birthday today and i must give them a shout out like they deserve - love you both!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i joined eharmony.



not sure why, it wasn't exactly a planned thing - joined completely on a whim. surprisingly it's been pretty entertaining so far except for one little thing.

i've been "matched" with a total of FOUR men i already personally know.

i've been "matched" with a total of SIX men that i already know of simply from being active around town.

i've been "matched" with a total of THREE men that i have ended up being friends with people in their profile pictures.

is cleveland really that small? or do i just know too many people?

regardless, it was something i wasn't expecting.

i like to rationalize my joining eHarmony to this, if there is one person out of all of my friends that would end up marrying someone they met online it would totally be me.

helllllllllooooo my entire life is broadcast online why wouldn't i meet my match there too.

wish me luck.

st. jerk day

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i hate when the weekend ends, especially a fun one.

on friday night i successfully didn't ruin a friends surprise party because of twitter. this time i waited till AFTER we yelled surprise to twitter -
i learned my lesson.

my friend the jerk's birthday being close to st patrick's day, and going with the "saint" theme his birthday has become known as "st. jesse's day".

so friday night to celebrate the 29th st. jesse's day the jerk's wonderful girlfriend planned a surprise party in the maproom basement for all of his friends, and she did it from denver no less. there were even special t-shirts.

and shockingly, i think he really was genuinely surprised.

babs, the jerk and hatchel - court, that was an excellent use of glitter btw

besides lots of quality time with MOB and muffin there was a raffle! but not just any raffle, a raffle with the most wonderful prize....

a creepy tootsie roll hair doll with a crocheted sweater

is that not one of the creepiest things you have ever seen? it's like a candy chucky doll!

amazingly muffin and the captain won the grand prize and got to take home the baby.

the happy family: muffin, captain and creepy candy hair doll

saturday night court and i started off with a bottle of my new favorite wine at d'vine wine bar before meeting up with muffin and erin at market avenue wine bar. could you tell by our tastes in venues that we were in the mood for wine?

after all the wine bars we headed to house of blues to check out the adele concert. i was lucky enough to have two free tickets to the show courtesy of Scene Magazine but when i got to will call my tickets weren't there.

concert fail. screw you Scene Magazine.

so while muffin and erin went into the sold out show court and i walked to wonder bar on east 4th to pass the time. i could go on about my experience at wonder bar but i don't feel like being negative - i'll leave it at that.

once the show was over the four of us reconvened and headed to barroom. why, i'm not sure but i think we just wanted to dance. we should have turned around when they were charging $5 at the door.

i don't do covers. and again, i don't feel like being negative so i'll stop. hey, if this place keeps bringing people from every square inch of northeast ohio to downtown cleveland i'm not going to knock it. i'm just never going to go to a bar that has a fog machine ever again.

today was university of dayton basketball day at bw3's. i was really surprised how many people were there, it was like a reunion in the back room of the bar. too bad all that support didn't help the flyers win. boo.

and that's a wrap. have a good week kids.

won't you be my neighbor?

Friday, March 20, 2009

WANTED: new downtown friends. must love drinking wine, laughing at people and ourselves. is smart, has good character and likes to go out. if you live downtown, specifically in the warehouse district, bonus points will be awarded.

it's awesome having a "downtown family" as i like to call it. a group of ten or so friends who get together to do dinner, meet-up at the maproom on random nights, play wii, participate in tsunami sushi rock more times then i can count, and cook out in the summer.

these people have been my downtown family for the last three years and i really do love them, but there's a problem...

this whole time they have been in medical school, and in may they're graduating and moving on to their residencies all over the country.

duke, cornell, salt lake city, and san francisco starting their new lives as doctors and surgeons, while i'm holding down the fort in downtown cleveland. frankly, i'm going to miss them. what am i going to do without georgia peach?

but i need to toughen up - quit crying and replenish my friend bank. any takers?

i promise i'm awesome.

really awesome.


maybe i'll just make narm hang out with me more.

i have 5 left flip flops under my bed

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i have a fever - fevers are stupid.

but aside from getting sick i had an absolute blast yesterday celebrating SPD with my friends prior to getting down with the sickness.

slappe, georgia peach, yours truly, bird and lippe

i took many pictures yesterday like the above that are pretty standard - but i have WAY more interesting pics to share right now.
as you all know i was in nyc this past weekend and i stayed at my sissy's apartment.

while we are close, my sister and i are how you say, different.

i love all things designer, she would prefer to thrift shop. i'm generally a republican, and she's a passionate democrat who volunteered for obama. i graduated with a PR degree from university of dayton while she got a photography degree from university of the arts, an urban arts school in philadelphia.

when it comes down to it, she's my little sister, the only one i have and she means the absolute world to me.

but that doesn't mean i can't make fun of her till i cry from laughing.

case in point, my artsy eccentric sissy has some very interesting objects decorating her bedroom. for example...

a chia pet, sans chia

a bowlers prayer hanging on her wall - 'nuff said

cats dressed up smoking cigs in a bathroom?!? dear lord.

A RUSTY SWORD? take note of the pumpkin static cling too.

a heart shaped jordan knight puzzle - this is allowed because i bought it for her

do people really have hat racks? bonus points for the seinfeld poster though

butt glasses, butt glasses. i said - BUTT GLASSES!

after i got home and sat down to write this post i sadly realized that i forgot to take a picture of the ultimate weird thing in my sister's room - my great uncle chris's prosthetic leg that sits in the corner of her room.

prosthetic leg - hahaha, i love her.

if i were to snoop around in your room right now, what would be the weirdest thing i would find?

she's still irish

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

reason #281 why my job is better than your job - our offices close today to let the staff celebrate saint patrick's day.

alexa - 1
you - 0

as you are reading this, possibly sitting at your desk, i'm drinking green beer downtown on this gloriously warm cleveland day. i'm watching the parade, trying to play somebody's bagpipes (twss), dancing a jig, wearing some sort of irish flair pretending i'm the tallest leprechaun in the world - not necessarily in that order.

hell, i may even place a temporary glitter shamrock tattoo on my cheek and spray paint my hair green.


i'm sure i'll come back here tomorrow and tell you all some crazy debauchery stories, but in the meantime check my twitter, maybe i'll throw up a twitpic or two.

also to get you pumped for SPD (that's st patrick's day according to ang), i have to share the 25 second video i took last SPD at my office party of my friend bird irish dancing.

there's a ridiculously annoying drunk girl singing a made up song in the background. i wonder who it could be?

anyone doing anything fun today to celebrate?

new york city's a plum

Sunday, March 15, 2009

and i'm back!

after five days and four nights in the big apple
i'm EXHAUSTED. i don't remember the last time i went out and drank my face off three nights in a row, but i'm happy to report i can still hang with the cool kids.

so since 90% of recap blog posts suck i'm going to try to make this as easy to read as possible, with bullet points and pictures - unfortunately upon looking at my camera i realized that i took a total of 5 pictures my entire trip. recap blog FAIL - oops. moving on...

- i love my sister nicolette (who lives in nyc), for hosting me at her upper eastside apartment. also, props and thanks to her roommates for letting me take over their apartment for four nights.

- court, muffin, and the klutz got in on thursday and we kicked off our trip with dinner at gemma in the bowery hotel, classic italian at it's best.

muffin, sissy, court and the klutz after dinner at gemma

- trying to go to an exclusive nyc club without a reservation won't get you anywhere but the club next door that's less exclusive - which is 100% fine.

- fresh blueberries in my blueberry stoli is better than no blueberries at all

- shopping at stores in the west village with $700 cotton dresses isn't fun when you can't afford said $700 dresses

- eli zabar has the best salad bar and prepared food spread ever

- only in nyc is dinner at 10pm on a friday night normal

- if you ever have the opportunity to drink and dine at
stanton social in the lower east side take it. and while you are there order the french onion soup dumplings - damn gina, those are some good shit.

- meeting chris, ari and johnpaul for dinner at stanton social was a most excellent time - they are seriously awesome people and i'm really glad we got to hangout. but just don't trust jp with a chicken wing and a balcony seat, someone could get hurt...

jp, ari and chris at some bar near stanton social that i don't remember the name of, i blame the tequila for my lapse in memory

- if there was a 24 hour duane reade next to my apartment like there is next to my sister's i would buy oreos at 4am every weekend

- saturday morning afternoon brunch at pastis in the meatpacking district with lots of bloody mary's and mimosas is the perfect cure for a hangover

- i could eat pinkberry every single day. i wonder how much a pinkberry machine costs and if it could fit on my kitchen counter.

- a pre fixe dinner at casa la femme, an egyptian eatery in the west village was a delicious final meal. mango martinis, lemon/lime champagne, belly dancers and our own tent created the mood for continuing debauchery

court getting wrapped up in our table tent at casa la femme

- if you beg and promise to duck your head down a cabbie will take 5 passengers instead of 4

- using a fireplace as your dance stage is completely normal and encouraged

- two people sleeping in a twin bed doesn't remind me of anything other than college dorm life

- i could live in nyc, maybe i'll move when i'm 30 changing my blog name in the process - it could happen.

- work? what? i have to go back to work tomorrow morning? what the.... shit, time for bed.

surviving a dinner with me, myself and a blog

Friday, March 13, 2009

wrapping up my guest blogging posts this week for me while i'm continuing my new york city domination, is someone that needs no introduction around these parts because if you don't already know of his blog you are just a goof. plus, he does the work for me by introducing himself below - smart man.

This is not Alexa, this is Chris, and I write at Surviving Myself.
What's perfect about me posting here today is that I'm actually going to meet Alexa tonight. It should be fun until she notices that I'm actually an 87 year-old woman named Samantha who sometimes has a body odor problem. Which I imagine she'll notice right away.
Of course I'm kidding about that last part, my name really is Chris.
Tonight is sure to be a mixture of fun, and awkwardness, because meeting bloggers is always like that. It's the only time in your life that you'll be meting a person for the first time ever, and they already know pretty much everything about you.
When you start to bring up a funny story from the past they sit there and say, "Oh right, I remember that" and that forces you to either 1) think of something you haven't posted about or 2) drink a lot more. The best option is really a combination of both of those choices, because then not only are you telling something new, but whatever they say in return you'll think is awesome, because you're wasted.
Not that I'm worried about meeting Alexa, after all it seems like she's funny and outgoing, so everything should be good. Plus she lives in Cleveland, which automatically gives native Pittsburghers like myself an opportunity to make fun of the Browns.
The only odd thing is that because I'm posting for Alexa, she's already seen my thoughts here, so she's probably getting all these fantastic new stories ready to wow me with, and I'll be sitting at dinner tonight like an idiot asking her if she's heard the hilarious tale about my dog (I am a Pun Master!) for the 14th time. So quick, someone give me a story. Preferably involving dirty underwear.
Don't ask why.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

have you ever wondered what a gchat between two of 20SB's most popular blogger is like?

well now is your chance to find out what a whole bunch of ridiculousness it is (in the best way possible).

i'm lucky enough to talk to two of my favorite los angeles bloggers
RS27 and SO@24 on on a regular basis and the conversation below is a pretty standard - them bitching.

just kidding, they don't
always bitch.

from reading their blogs both of them have, how you say, bad luck with the ladies - or do they?

killing the ladies since 1995

7:43 PM SO@24: You're right. We need her to get us in The Playboy Mansion. We must latch onto her like piglets
Beardsy: Yes.
SO@24: The blogging material / pictures on its own is worth its weight in blogging gold.
Do you think if we hollered "we're bloggers" that'll get us in VIP?
Beardsy: only if we have passes
7:55 PM like a blog pass that says "We're cool..on the Internet"
7:56 PM SO@24: "I get fucking comments!"
and then be drug away by security
7:58 PM Beardsy: Look at my Google Analytics dammit!
7:59 PM someone sent me an e-mail today wondering how to get a lot of comments
I just told them to write about striking out with women
the blogosphere eats that crap up
I hope you linked them to me.
8:02 PM Beardsy: its unreal
not to mention some people think I should turn gay now
SO@24: What's with all the gay stuff?
You love boobs just as much as I do
Beardsy: these people don't realize that I post maybe 1/100th of the conversations I have with women
8:03 PM but no one wants to hear the good stuff
if they want that go read a mom blog
8:04 PM SO@24: Or every other entry on mine
8:06 PM Beardsy: I've had some good comments the last two weeks
"Maybe you should play for the other team"
"Girls might not be your thing"
"You're not gay? Really?"
uplifting stuff
8:07 PM SO@24: Who the hell are these people?
I've gotten the "gay" thing before.
It's like McCarthyism on the fucking blog world to accuse everyone of being gay
Beardsy: hahahaha
what do these people want?
"Yeah I banged 7 sluts last weekend"
they would hate that too
SO@24: Blogging hunnies - can't live with them, can't talk to them in real life

ohhhhhh boys.

singing fish are cooler than talking fish

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i have a problem, an obsession if you will.

it's affecting my work...

it's hijacking too many gchat conversations with maxie and SO@24.

i'm randomly bursting into song at any given time.

it's sick.

plus, it's causing me to want fast food everyday.

but i can't help it - GIMMIE BACK THAT FILET O FISH!

that mcdonald's commercial has taken over my life, and i'm not complaining about it. i love this ad!

at first you watch it and you're like what the hell is this crap all about but then you hear it again and again and it becomes brilliant - it's catchy, it's quirky, it does exactly what it's supposed to do...

makes you want to buy a filet o fish.

it also reminded me of this other filet o fish commercial from last year (or maybe the year before), which is just as annoyingly brilliant.

i can't get enough! i want a piece of perfectly square shaped fried fish - like right now.

if you could be so kind, please excuse me while i perfect my "gimmie back my filet o fish, gimmie that fish, ooooooooooooooo" voice while watching the commercial approximately 293 more times.


so a little bit ago i received a testimonial of sorts in my email inbox from a fellow blogger. it was written response to this very blog post and upon reading it (after i stopped laughing) i quickly emailed back asking if i could post the email and share it with you all. thankfully josh obliged - enjoy.

Dear Alexa,

This afternoon while walking down the street I was thinking of what I should have for lunch. Pizza? Jimmy Johns? Something I've already purchased that's sitting in my cabinets at home? And there, like a beacon in the middle of the day, on the left side of Clark street, was a McDonalds. And all I could think was "Gimmie back that filet-o-fish! Gimmie that fish!"

Even though I'd never had a filet-o-fish in my life, I needed to have one right then and there. So I walked inside, ordered one, and also ordered a cheeseburger as a back-up just in case I hated the filet-o-fish. As if.

One bite and I was hooked. I finished off the whole thing and then moved on to my lowly cheeseburger, thinking "why did I get this instead of a second filet-o-fish? Stupid!"

I truly am a convert. And I owe it all (as well as my coming obesity) to you.

Sincerely battered and served on a steamed bun,


the best part of pittsburgh

Monday, March 9, 2009

after three alcohol free weekends i decided that friday night i wanted to well, drink. but i only wanted to have one or two because i was going to pittsburgh in the morning.

one or two.

the night ended up like this - blind pig, johnny's little bar, maproom, johnny's little bar, maproom.

let's just say i had a couple more than one or two.

let's also say that i fell into a trash can at maproom.

let's also say that i have to buy a new bathroom rug.

drinking 101 lesson learned: after not drinking for awhile, and not eating anything more than a salad you will get drunk.


saturday morning i somehow woke up and drove to canton to get my hair cut and colored, stopped at my mom's to say hi and jumped in the yuppie mobile for my drive to pittsburgh.

two hours later i was pulling into my dear friend diva's condo and getting ready for
teen and d's engagement party. i was still feeling like hell from the night before, but there wasn't time for rest i had one of my best friends parties to get to.

living so close to each other is a blessing because i get to see teen and diva fairly often and that's only going to increase with teen's upcoming wedding festivities cause i'm going to be a bridesmaid!

teen has drunkenly asked me the night that she got engaged but now it's official. she kicked it up a notch and presented myself and the other girls in the wedding party with a hand painted wine glass (she painted it) and a letter asking us to be a part of her big day.

i was a big sap and started crying while reading the letter. (paraphrased below)

miss alexa [redacted]..... friend of the bride

if you asked me ten years ago if i thought i would still be friends with the loud greek girl from 6 adele [our freshman year dorm floor] today, i would have said probably not. but today i couldn't imagine my life without the loud greek girl.... you keep me grounded.... we have so many amazing memories together, some make me laugh and some make me cry and i just hope those memories continue throughout our lifetime. i would be honored to have you stand by me on my wedding day. so officially, will you be my bridesmaid?

i told her i'd think about it - psyche. i can't friggin' wait!

the hostess with the mostest and matron of honor amie, teen and maid of honor diva

teen and lara, a couple of UD's finest

the bridal party!

it's going to be a great year of planning and i simply can't wait for the big day. good times, good times.

when the moon hits your eye

Thursday, March 5, 2009

there are two simple items for me that make any pizza better.



in my opinion i think anchovies make everything taste better, specifically pizza and real caesar salads.

what sucks is that no one likes anchovies but me, meaning i don't get to enjoy my favorite pizza topping unless i get "a lovely cheese pizza just for me", a lovely sausage and anchovy pizza just for me.

when i decide to get fancy with my pizza i enjoy the incredible edible egg on my pie. i first became aware of the pizza topping from chef jonathan sawyer when he was at bar cento. i could go as far as to say the sunnyside pizza at bar cento was life changing.

it's true, i'm that dramatic when it comes to pizza. life changing people.

which is why i'm excited for the first annual cleveland pizza week going on march 9th to 13th.

the rules of cleveland pizza week are simple:
1. gather some friends
2. eat pizza
3. repeat

it can be a fancy shmancy pizza or a single slice from panini's at 2am, just make a point next week to eat to get out and support your local pizzaria.

the plummy award (i just made that up) for non-chain pizza in cleveland are angelo's, maproom and pizza by robert (that one's for you poo poo). the plummy award (better the second time?) for chain pizza is donatos - hands down.

for more information about cleveland pizza week check out their facebook page or follow them on twitter @ctownpizzaweek.

so to my fellow clevelanders:
what's your favorite pizza place in town?

and to my non cleveland readers:
what's your favorite pizza topping?
(someone please tell me they like anchovies as much as me and i'm not a canned fish eating freak)

new york state of high school

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

in prepping for my trip to new york next week i started to recall a trip to NYC that i took when i was a senior in high school.

as a preface to this story i have a confession: i was in choir and drama club in high school. i also sang the national anthem at center court before home varsity basketball games, but that's another blog.

this affiliation with choir and drama club had a couple of perks but hands down the best one was the yearly bus trip to new york city. we would check out two broadway shows, shop, and see the major tourist sites.

but at the tender age of 17 i knew that i only needed to ride the ferry to see the statue of liberty once in my lifetime, and that happened when i was 16. so when the time came during the school trip for the statue of liberty boat ride i had devised my own plans for me and a couple of my friends.

we were going to go to soho and shop.

we had almost four hours from when the bus dropped us off to when we had to meet back at the bus, meaning i had plenty of time to sneak out. lucky for us though there was so many students they wouldn't miss me.
looking back i don't know how they trusted us, i sure wouldn't have.

so me and two of my friends hopped in a cab and headed as far away from where we were supposed to be as possible. becoming officially AWOL from our school trip.

we found ourselves somewhere in soho among ridiculously expensive art galleries. think back i know the shop owners had to be like how the hell did these unsupervised teenage tourists from ohio find their way here?

at one point we were even dumb enough to try to get served a beer. after that failure i bought a bracelet instead. i can only imagine what fools we looked like trying to look at expensive art and buy a beer. but in our eyes we were the coolest kids around - we were drama club rebels. (which is an oxymoron in itself)

after all the rebel action time was starting to tick, we needed to get back to the group but we couldn't find a cab. i literally started to sweat thinking of how i was going to get kicked out of high school a month before graduation if i didn't get back to that bus.

thankfully we got a cab in time and promptly got dropped off near the bus but out of sight from our chaperones. we had made it! our rendezvous was a success, we had a real life nyc story to tell to our friends back in ohio - they were going to be so jealous.

and they were!

until monday morning back at school when my partners in crime and i were called into the principals office.


here's to hoping this upcoming nyc trip doesn't land me in the principal's office again, unless i've been really naughty. rawr.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

howdy kids, (and freaks).

i'm not here today, (don't cry).

i've actually taken over the just a small town girl blog for the day, (with mandy's permission of course).

so if you're interested in reading about a hilarious game changing story from my freshman year of high school involving the captain of the football team, hot lips, and a pep rally you must click here.

move along now dear reader..... to mandy's you go.

a girl can dream

Monday, March 2, 2009

another alcohol free weekend has come and gone, AND my apartment is still clean. score.

i partook in a girls dinner at luxe in the detroit shoreway neighborhood where i enjoyed another warm spinach salad with an egg on top just like the one i had at roast a few weeks back. i'm 100% ok with this salad becoming a trend because i absolutely love it.

the other portion of my weekend was filled with shopping at both beachwood place
and great northern, i'm bipartisan when it comes to the east and west side of cleveland. i had my list of things that i wanted and about 80% of them got crossed off.

which got me thinking of how i'm constantly making to do lists in both my personal and professional life. i prefer old school style written out on an actual piece of paper, how great is it when you get to physically cross something off your list?

i've been known to even write something on a list that i know i've recently done, to still have the satisfaction of crossing it off. yup, i'm mental.

while most lists are completely attainable it doesn't hurt to have a wish list every once in awhile.

so i decided to write out a wish list of things i want in my future mate other than the obvious, good family/friends, stable job/income, funny/smart, respects me. but who doesn't won't those things? that's pretty standard.

here's my ideal man wish list:

- dark hair. this isn't a deal breaker but it's pretty damn close.
- be able to understand that i'm independent and have my own friends. he's not responsible for my social calendar and life, but he wants to be a major part of it and vice versa
- can drink for twelve hours straight. knowing how to pace himself during an all day fun fest is key. if we want to head home early for sexy time well that's another story.
- appreciates good music but isn't such a music snob that he can't have a blast at a cover band show
- can sit through a double header trip to the movie theater on a sunday (paying for the second feature is optional)
- understands that while i like to go out, i'm just as happy staying in
- doesn't mind going to 3842 weddings a year with me
- not only can he laugh at me but with me.
- has read the giving tree
- makes me laugh till i snort
- treats bartenders/servers with respect and tips well, is the same way with the elderly (minus the tipping of course)
- can get used to my freakishly thick glasses when i don't have my contacts in
- enjoys witty banter
- wouldn't mind having a son named anthony
knows every word to at least one michael jackson, led zepplin, billy joel, jay-z, heart, and beatles song
- he loves everything that he hates about me

a girl can dream.

so what's on your ideal wish list for a mate?