a girl can dream

Monday, March 2, 2009

another alcohol free weekend has come and gone, AND my apartment is still clean. score.

i partook in a girls dinner at luxe in the detroit shoreway neighborhood where i enjoyed another warm spinach salad with an egg on top just like the one i had at roast a few weeks back. i'm 100% ok with this salad becoming a trend because i absolutely love it.

the other portion of my weekend was filled with shopping at both beachwood place
and great northern, i'm bipartisan when it comes to the east and west side of cleveland. i had my list of things that i wanted and about 80% of them got crossed off.

which got me thinking of how i'm constantly making to do lists in both my personal and professional life. i prefer old school style written out on an actual piece of paper, how great is it when you get to physically cross something off your list?

i've been known to even write something on a list that i know i've recently done, to still have the satisfaction of crossing it off. yup, i'm mental.

while most lists are completely attainable it doesn't hurt to have a wish list every once in awhile.

so i decided to write out a wish list of things i want in my future mate other than the obvious, good family/friends, stable job/income, funny/smart, respects me. but who doesn't won't those things? that's pretty standard.

here's my ideal man wish list:

- dark hair. this isn't a deal breaker but it's pretty damn close.
- be able to understand that i'm independent and have my own friends. he's not responsible for my social calendar and life, but he wants to be a major part of it and vice versa
- can drink for twelve hours straight. knowing how to pace himself during an all day fun fest is key. if we want to head home early for sexy time well that's another story.
- appreciates good music but isn't such a music snob that he can't have a blast at a cover band show
- can sit through a double header trip to the movie theater on a sunday (paying for the second feature is optional)
- understands that while i like to go out, i'm just as happy staying in
- doesn't mind going to 3842 weddings a year with me
- not only can he laugh at me but with me.
- has read the giving tree
- makes me laugh till i snort
- treats bartenders/servers with respect and tips well, is the same way with the elderly (minus the tipping of course)
- can get used to my freakishly thick glasses when i don't have my contacts in
- enjoys witty banter
- wouldn't mind having a son named anthony
knows every word to at least one michael jackson, led zepplin, billy joel, jay-z, heart, and beatles song
- he loves everything that he hates about me

a girl can dream.

so what's on your ideal wish list for a mate?


  1. my wish list is intense. i'll spare you the details. ;)

  2. I want the last one in your list too. My wish list is pretty much impossible :P

  3. Your list is pretty rock-solid! I think I'd have to add: must love road trips.

    Nothing makes me happier than shutting myself in a car with my ipod and 1000 miles to go.

  4. First, I am a list lover, not a hater. Not only that, but I let my PDA crap out on me and went back to the old school planner. There's something to be said about visual organization. With that said, my ideal man list? Well, kind of like you, if I were to write one, it'd be because I already accomplished my list and just wanted to cross things off to feel good about myself. Long story short, I got what I was looking for. =)

  5. check, check, check, check...

    whens our wedding?

  6. I am your ideal mate Lexy Poo Poo! You didn't mention a p*nis!!! And you forgot to mention...must love cats.

  7. I'm married, but one of my "qualifications" when dating was that they needed to get along with my family. My sisters and mom are my best friends, so it would be very difficult to deal with any tension there. :)

  8. ms. alexa you can definitely get all those in a guy. i know sounds insane, but i think it's possible.

    one of my many, many items on my ideal man wish list is that he has to be tall. also has to understand me without me having to explain myself. shocker, my bf is exactly those two and more.

  9. Good list. My is pretty similar to it. I too love making lists, not that I actually end up doing any of the things on the lists but I enjoy writing them out.

  10. I call it my "Man List" and so far there are 72 items on it!! Ahh! No wonder I can't find the right guy, haha.

  11. Hmmm...maybe that he is available? I have a hard time with that.

  12. I used to have a long list of what I wanted in a woman. Then I met my wife, who isn't even close to what I had in mind.

    I'm waiting for the floor to fall out from underneath us any day now. In the meantime, the only thing we can both agree on listening to is David Bowie.

    Bowie: Bringing people together since 1967.

  13. That is basically the perfect list. Especially the last one... and laughing. If you can't laugh at/with each other, there is no WAY you're making it through 5 years, nevermind 50.

  14. Love your list - it's very well thought out! And I'm exactly like you - I've definitely been known to put something on a list that was recently done just so I can cross it off. So awesome.

    On my list for a guy:

    - funny
    - blue eyes don't hurt
    - appreciates that I love being around him but don't want to spend 100% of my time with him
    - is sweet and can be romantic, but is not overly romantic (if that makes sense - I hate mushy stuff and most things other girls consider "romantic")

    I could go on and on, but I won't. :)

  15. Good list!

    If I made a wish list 8 years ago about what I wanted in a man, I can't imagine many of my husband's qualities being on there.

    For example:

    Fire Crotch
    practical/logical minded
    Sports fanatic

    However, I got a much better package than I ever dreamed I would get. Funny how life turns out.

  16. I seem to have a similar list for my future woman! Rock out girl.

  17. the last one is the best one, for sure.

    lets see. if i had made a wishlist before i started dating ju.. it would have been all:
    -hockey player
    -dark hair, green eyes
    -laughs with me. and at me. but mostly with me.
    -smart, uses proper grammar.
    -enjoys cuddling, and doesn't mind that i fall asleep within the first 20 minutes of every movie.

    turns out i found all these things in a WONDERFUL person - except the list would have been made with a MAN in mind. then trots along little hockey playing, green eyed ju, and 4 years later? we're still together.

    conclusion: keep words like HE and HIM in there, or you may end up dating a girl. (harharhar) =)

  18. i so agree on these two
    - he's not responsible for my social calendar and life
    - appreciates good music but isn't such a music snob

    hmmm got to think of my list a bit more but I have it pretty narrowed down to detail how i want my man to be

  19. I agree with most of the items but.... I have a lot more requirements to add to "your" list. Honesty, integrity,
    generousity, helpfulness,respectful
    to all,intelligent, has class, importance of family, is of Christian faith,is handy around the house and most of all....worships my daughter.
    He's out there sweetie, XOXO

  20. mom! the last line of the comment made me sound so pathetic - i'm far from desperate or depressed about my situation.

    you are just too much mom. xo

  21. I do tip the elderly well. Does that count? And I've read most of the Giving Tree, but that's because I read at a second grade level.

    I've found that lists about potential mates are a terrible idea, since very few people live up to any sort of preconceived notion of what you wanted. So, I've narrowed mine down to "Will she kill me when I pass out next to her?"

  22. Your list is basically spot on with mine. Except the kid name: anthony, and the weddings thing - we're all on to baby showers, which fortunately for dudes they don't get invited. Unless its that NEW baby shower theme where its couples or something - its a new baby shower trend. Anyway...we're alike. That is all.

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  26. your list is pretty much identical to mine. and anthony is DEFINITELY going to be the name of my future son - wow!

  27. I love that they must have read the Giving Tree bc that is def on my list. It's crazy how you really don't appreciate that book, until you get older. :)

  28. The word "rube" must be a part of his "lexicon".

  29. "Rube" is a part of his "lexicon".

  30. "Rube" is a part of his "lexicon".

  31. "Rube" is a part of his "lexicon".

  32. I write down things I've already done and cross them off too! I mostly do this at work to make myself feel like I actually made a dent in the 147, 293 things I have to do before summer.

  33. while i watched nights in rodanthe and it pretty much blew in the way the notebook blew, like its too sad....i did agree with the part where she tells her daughter there is a special kind of love that makes you want to be a better person and to hold out for that and know she can have it and she deserves it.

    if you do, youll have everything on your life. But youll also find things you didnt know you wanted!

  34. I am with you on the whole appreciating good music but still being able to have fun when listening to less than fantastic music. Some people take their music wayyyy too seriously.

  35. I live off to-do lists - everything form shopping to planning passes via my pen before it's done!

  36. I enjoy your "wish list" and don't think it's unattainable or unrealistic :) I hope you find that special someone that allows you to put check marks by every single one of those items*


  37. My buddy Narm told me to check out your blog.

    Big fan. Keep up the good work.

  38. arrived here via Your Beard Is Good.
    I heart it already!
    Some more things to ponder (I've been married for EVER)
    1. Pees IN the toilet
    2. Pees IN the toilet when drunk
    3. Does not ever pee on family cats,dogs or small children no matter how drunk!
    You pretty much covered everything else!

  39. Clearly he must appreciate What About Bob for the classic piece of cinematic history that it is. That, my dear, is a deal breaker.

  40. Wow. That's clearly the last time I comment from my phone. Sorry for the repeats, Alexa!

  41. Yeah I am unfortunately a planner. I make lists and plan. I don't do spur of the moment always very well.

  42. List-a-holic over here.. and yours was magnificent.

    I might add that they love to listen to 80s charts and drive around aimlessly with the windows down in the summer.
    (that's what my bookie and I do lol)

    Or collect vinyl records(and LISTEN to them)... yeah we're cool like that.

  43. When I first met Mike, I thought, "Dude! I could not have DREAMED up a more perfect man for me."

    Corny, but true! He met all of my "list," plus some qualifications I totally should have had on there!

    I'd only add:
    Should be my biggest cheerleader and believe in me. :)

  44. oooo I love that last one. Very true.

    Also this:
    "i've been known to even write something on a list that i know i've recently done, to still have the satisfaction of crossing it off. yup, i'm mental."

    ... do it ALL the time.

  45. I also may or may not add things I've already done to my lists JUST so I can cross them off and feel like I've been productive.

    Making lists is a skill, really :)

  46. only one thing on my list: Hated The Giving Tree.

    Okay, that's not true...but that book is so depressing!!!

    I'm with you on treats bartenders/servers with respect and tips well...that's one of my biggest beefs. I hate it when people don't understand that sometimes they are BUSY.

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