new york city's a plum

Sunday, March 15, 2009

and i'm back!

after five days and four nights in the big apple
i'm EXHAUSTED. i don't remember the last time i went out and drank my face off three nights in a row, but i'm happy to report i can still hang with the cool kids.

so since 90% of recap blog posts suck i'm going to try to make this as easy to read as possible, with bullet points and pictures - unfortunately upon looking at my camera i realized that i took a total of 5 pictures my entire trip. recap blog FAIL - oops. moving on...

- i love my sister nicolette (who lives in nyc), for hosting me at her upper eastside apartment. also, props and thanks to her roommates for letting me take over their apartment for four nights.

- court, muffin, and the klutz got in on thursday and we kicked off our trip with dinner at gemma in the bowery hotel, classic italian at it's best.

muffin, sissy, court and the klutz after dinner at gemma

- trying to go to an exclusive nyc club without a reservation won't get you anywhere but the club next door that's less exclusive - which is 100% fine.

- fresh blueberries in my blueberry stoli is better than no blueberries at all

- shopping at stores in the west village with $700 cotton dresses isn't fun when you can't afford said $700 dresses

- eli zabar has the best salad bar and prepared food spread ever

- only in nyc is dinner at 10pm on a friday night normal

- if you ever have the opportunity to drink and dine at
stanton social in the lower east side take it. and while you are there order the french onion soup dumplings - damn gina, those are some good shit.

- meeting chris, ari and johnpaul for dinner at stanton social was a most excellent time - they are seriously awesome people and i'm really glad we got to hangout. but just don't trust jp with a chicken wing and a balcony seat, someone could get hurt...

jp, ari and chris at some bar near stanton social that i don't remember the name of, i blame the tequila for my lapse in memory

- if there was a 24 hour duane reade next to my apartment like there is next to my sister's i would buy oreos at 4am every weekend

- saturday morning afternoon brunch at pastis in the meatpacking district with lots of bloody mary's and mimosas is the perfect cure for a hangover

- i could eat pinkberry every single day. i wonder how much a pinkberry machine costs and if it could fit on my kitchen counter.

- a pre fixe dinner at casa la femme, an egyptian eatery in the west village was a delicious final meal. mango martinis, lemon/lime champagne, belly dancers and our own tent created the mood for continuing debauchery

court getting wrapped up in our table tent at casa la femme

- if you beg and promise to duck your head down a cabbie will take 5 passengers instead of 4

- using a fireplace as your dance stage is completely normal and encouraged

- two people sleeping in a twin bed doesn't remind me of anything other than college dorm life

- i could live in nyc, maybe i'll move when i'm 30 changing my blog name in the process - it could happen.

- work? what? i have to go back to work tomorrow morning? what the.... shit, time for bed.


  1. i KNEW i missed out on a stanton social special. i always go for the goat cheese/potato pierogi. dayyummm. next time.

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I've only been to NYC once, and I didn't get to do too much sight seeing. I went to Times Square for New Years Eve. I would love to go again and actually take it all in.

  3. Now I just want to go visit for the food and drinks. Sounds delish.

    p.s. I love court's necklaces!

  4. My friend who left NY for Chicago always complains how there's no place to eat here after 9PM. Well, besides Taco Hell. =)

    My brother lives in NY, so I go there at least once a year. Though, I tend not to drink myself into oblivion. Sounds like you made the very most of your time there - fun stuff. Missed you!

  5. I'm green with jealousy right now.

  6. It sounds like you had so much fun! Glad your trip was a blast.

  7. rewind and repeat! not possible?

  8. I don't know why Pinkberry doesn't exist in every big city. That should be considered a crime.

  9. I don't look nearly as drunk as I was in this picture, which I consider a victory.

    Next time I come to your hood.

  10. I freakin' love that green top your friend is wearing in the first picture.

  11. What an awesome trip! Also, I LOVE Pinkberry. Yum.

  12. That sounds like so much fun! And my mouth started watering with all the restaurant mentions. Mmmm...

  13. Welcome back!

    Oh yes, and just so you know: you better not move to NYC when you are 30 or ever ;)


  14. Welcome home, love. I'm so jealous!Next time...

  15. Looks like your trip was everything you planned and more!!

    I am a bit disappointed there aren't more pictures...

    Can't wait for tomorrow!!

  16. ooooh pastis DOES have an awesome brunch! what a fantastic weekend... makes me want to head up there myself :-)

  17. sounds like one hell of a trip. i can't wait to go back to nyc one day, especially now that i'm over 21, i feel like it'd be a whole other trip, haha.

  18. Sounds like an awesome time. Wish I was back there :(

  19. "trying to go to an exclusive nyc club"

    You would.

  20. Sounds like a fantastic trip Alexa! Reading this makes me want to plan a trip to NYC, like now.

  21. It sounds like a fabulous time, as always! I really want to go back to NYC and check it out now that I have a real person job and can semi-afford to have fun in the city!

  22. How jealous am I right now at all the fun you had? Very. When I was in NY 3 years ago I too tried to get into an exclusive club. It was a bit embarrassing when we got denied.

  23. "I hate...this...part...right...he-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ere"

    Thanks, Maxie!

  24. Would your tagline be "cleveland may be a plum, but new york's the big apple"?

  25. Yes, I'm dying for Pinkberry to make its way to the much less sophisticated corners of the South. It's so wonderful.

  26. I adore Pinkberry. It is the most delicious. Yummy.

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