scar tissue that i wish you saw

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i just spent the last half hour trying to take a picture of the 8 inch long frankenstein like scar that runs down my left thigh. (it didn't come out right)

i spent 20 minutes after that trying to take a picture of the scar on my right ankle that i got while snorkeling in hawaii when i swam a bit too close to some coral. (it didn't come out right either)

next i tried to photograph the burn scar on the inside of my left arm that i got from a pie baking incident but it would show the fairly large tattoo on my left wrist and all i could think about was my mom yelling at me for sharing my tattoo with the internet.

when i got the idea for this post i wanted to share with you all some of my "superficial" flaws. i mean i could show you a picture of my ass but i don't want to give anyone nightmares.

the point is we all have marks and scars on our body that weren't there when we were born, but at some point during our lives these marks have become a part of us.

the other tattoo i have on my right hip? yup that's there for life.

the piece of lead that is stuck in the palm of my right hand from when i fell on a pencil in elementary school? i happen to think it adds character.

i could go on and on, but the point is that i wouldn't take any of these so called flaws and make them go away - they have become a part of me. (except maybe my ass)

what permanent scar/mark on your body are you most attached to?


  1. Ooooh, great topic, Alexa! I have a scar on the top of my head from when a kid hit me over the head with a shovel in the sandbox. Explains a lot, doesn't it?! =)

  2. Hmm that's a toughie.

    - I have a huge scar that takes up pretty much the left side of my chest and part of my shoulder from a faulty wire being exposed while putting up Christmas decorations.

    - the scar/bump on my left knee that was once a missing piece of flesh from when I was learning to ride a bike.

    - the way my right "ring" toe slants to the left after being broken and healing wrong.

    - I have a surgery scar on my right knee from tearing my ACL.

    - the thin scar I have on the right side of my ribs from almost being stabbed on accident.

    - There is a line of scars along my left calf from where a dog tried to bite my girlfriend's daughter.

    - The multitude of small scars that I collected over my years wrestling.

  3. I have a scar on my forehead from a time I tripped over a curb eating ice cream as a child. Of course, i cried more for the loss of ice cream than the bloody cut. I think it sums me up well... clumsy with a sweet tooth.

  4. two tattoos, love them long time.

    scars always have great stories. diamond-shaped doozy on my shin from a shrink-wrap oven at work. my right pinky knuckle bears a mark from a kid's braces - i punched him on the bus in 6th grade.

    and i've got one on my right forearm from my car keys that i fell on when my guy friends scared the hell out of me one night in high school. they jumped out from behind a hedge wrapped in christmas lights.

    the worst part of that one is that it's on video somewhere.

  5. Bring on the picture of your ass!!!!

  6. Great post. I have lead stuck in one of my fingers from elementary school too! I also have a burn on my forearm and a chicken pox scar on my shoulder. I have a scar from where I used to have my belly button pierced which I'd like to go away, but not the others.

  7. I have one scar that is an imprint of a waffle cone. Yes, I was the ONLY employee to burn themselves working in the ICE CREAM shop. Actually, now that I think about it, I also have a scar on my left pointer finger from getting sliced on a really heavy vat of vanilla ice cream. Add that to the weight gain and that was my most dangerous job....

  8. I HAVE LEAD IN MY FINGER TOO! So does my manfriend. Let's start a club!

    Hmm scars. I have one barely visible on my lip from when i fell off monkey bars and my bottom teeth went thru my lip and I had 7 stitches. Or my 6th grade bf's name I have on my hand that i did w/a pin. (everyone was doin it!)

    or the spot on my temple where my brother hit me with a peice of molding with a nail in it, and could have killed me, but his plans were foiled because I'm a tough cookie!

  9. - 3 tattoos
    - 1 6 inch vertical scar down my chest (in between my ta-tas) from open heart surgery in 4th grade. I have been so entirely ashamed of this scar my whole life because it makes me feel less sexy. Granted it's very thin and actually flesh colored, I have a hard time wearing a regular bathing suit or v neck shirts for fear of someone seeing it and thinking how ugly it is. I realize it saved my life, and I'm very thankful for it. I just have yet to accept it.

    - A small sliver under my chin from a sparkler incident.

    - A sliver out of my knee cap from going down a bumpy hill on my scooter when I was little, and flipping over the handle bars after hitting a hole.

    - A skinny one on my inner right thigh from a hook on a boat that holds fishing poles. I jumped out to swim and when I climbed back in, it literally ripped my flesh. Yuck.

  10. I have one on my lower abdomen from my kidney transplant 5 years ago. I remember how badly I wanted it to heal up and go away so I could wear a bikini again and have my nice pretty stomach. It has faded, but I'm realizing it will always be there. And that's OK with me.

  11. Girl About ClevelandMarch 31, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    I have a scar that is about 8 inches long on my stomach (vertically) from surgery I had when I was 12. I had a cyst on my fallopian tube that weighed 35 pounds! I guess that's the most memorable one!

  12. heh I guess that would have to be the scar on my eyebrow when I knocked myself unconscious with my laptop. It provides me with a laugh and a perfect arch to shape my eyebrows around. Even if it did hurt like a bitch and gave me a headache for a week.

  13. Scars are sexy. I have a small one on my chin. I tell people I got in a bar fight and that is thse story I am sticking with.

  14. I really dislike the huge gash on my leg....although the story is a funny one...

    Basically I was trying to do a sly model walk as I was walking away from a guy that I hadn't seen in years....then I tripped on my own feet tumbling not so gracefully onto the sidewalk.

    uh yeah.

  15. i have a billion scars, most of which have funny stories that go along with them so i'm pretty attached to them all. but, there is one that i really love.

    i was maybe 14? i was outside talking on the portable phone (before life with a cell phone!) and playing basketball. i was talking to the boy i was crazy about and i stubbed my big toe something wicked. there's a scar there now and i can't help but giggle a little everytime i look at it. :)

  16. I have a great scar on my left cheek. I got it as a baby when I was going down a metal slide at the park, fell over and wasn't smart enough to lift myself up cutting my cheek on the lip of the slide.

    I think scars are so cool because there is always a story that goes along with them.

  17. That's easy. The big one is my C-section scar. It's not horrible and it's below the bikini line so I like it.
    The other one is a small one just above the C-section scar. I was using scissors to cut some of the tape that was on my C-section and since I was still a little numb down there I accidentally cut a little chunk of flesh off.

    You're squirming aren't you? Everyone squirms when I tell that one.

  18. I have a scar on my back that I got from falling out of a tree. And as I grew, it grew with me.

    When I decided I was getting a huge chunk of my back tattooed, I almost cried when I realized that it would cover the scar - so I reworked my tat idea and now I'm excited again.

  19. I don't have any scars.

    I'm perfect.

  20. hi darlin, i missss you. sorry ive been so flipping mia.

    i have a big humungo scar on my knee from when i fell through a glass display case right before senior year of highschool. though i am not completely attached to it and would rather not have it, it sure as hell adds character and it served as a kickass story which i used as my college entrance essay, so i mean, there's that.

  21. I have a scar on my left hand from hiking with my 6th grade class. It's gotten smaller as my hand has grown. It makes me remember my childhood and sometimes I catch myself smiling when I look at it.

  22. I have a few scars and one tat, but my favorite is the beautiful raised scar on my right knee. It's two raised lines that came from sliding into the gravel around home plate during a softball game, back in middle school. I was safe, by the way, which made it all worth it.

  23. 4 small scars on my legs (2 on each side) from a surgery my senior year of high school. 4 catheters were sent through veins in my legs up to my heart to zap some cells that weren't supposed to be in there.

    Reminds me every day that I have heart that is more resilient than I give it credit for.

    (Great topic!)

  24. Maxie's comment made me laugh.

    I have a scar on my the top of my left wrist from where I pulled an IV out from a time when I was really sick. I have numerous scars on my legs from me being a clutz, I have a tatoo of a ladybug on some flowers on my back between my shoulder blades that I LOVE.

    This was a great post Alexa!

  25. I don't even think I have a scar.

    And you have a million. Even pieces still inside of you.

    You're less of a woman and more of a goddess. Like the bionic woman or some shit.

  26. I have a nice sized scar on my ass. I had cancer of the ass in high school.

    I'm not kidding.

    A mole or freckle or something went all funky and it had to be removed. No one sees is though, maybe sometimes in swim suits. I'm not embarrassed or anything, I just wish the doctor would have been a little better. The scar is pretty ugly.

  27. SoMi's Nilsa - haha, you got wacked in the head. doesn't that mean that the kid liked you?

    theoddduckling - holy crap, you have a lot of scars! but the dog bite? yikes.

    *Jac* - you sound a lot like me.

    cavy - i have a scar on my pinky from punching something too. we rock.

    Matt - oh hell no!

    Narm - of course it is

    Miss Musing - lead in ones skin is the way to go, look we survived!

    stealthnerd - i will never look at an ice cream shop the same way.

    Fizzgig - the lead club is for all the cool kids, duh.

    Shannon - that is so imspiring shannon! and learn to embrace heart the scar girlfriend.

    A Super Girl - wow, also inspiring. i'm so glad you are ok now.

    Girl About Cleveland - 35 pounds?!? holy shit! glad you are ok.

    notthelifeiordered - people would kill for a perfectly placed eyebrow arch :)

    LBluca77 - i used to tell people that the scar on my leg was from a knife fight when i was in a gang

    Court - but you ARE a model.

    rachel elizabeth - portable phones are the shit. my mom still has one for sure.

    faryle - that's why i like them too

    Rachel - yeah you made me squirm, not gonna lie.

    Deutlich - let's see the tat!

    Maxie - you my friend are a perfect jackass, how about that?

    brookem - i miss you TOO! and hey, if it got you into college...

    Lindsay - weird that it got smaller!

    Liebchen - that makes it that much more worth it for sure

    LovelyAnomaly - wow, yikes! and yes you have a great outlook on the situation.

    Mandy - thanks, and you pulled out an IV?? bad ass.

    SO@24 - don't forget, bionic woman! i can SEE you!

    Dolce - cancer of the ASS? only you dolce. i'm sure PH loves it ; )

  28. I have a piece of lead in my hand from falling into a pencil in elementary school too!!
    And I remember I was scared to death cause my babysitter told me that if I didn't let her pick it out with a needle, I was going to die from lead poisoning.
    How EVIL is that?!

    My best friend and I both have a piece of lead, grown over by skin, within a triangle the lines make on our right hand. We call each other lead sisters.

    Basically, I have a lot to say about lead in hands. haha. Weird.

  29. I have a birthmark on the left side of my forehead, it looks like a fingerprint it used to be really bulgy and red but it has gone down over the years.
    Many asked if I would get it removed, but it feels like a big piece of me.

  30. i have 3 scars on my stomach. one from my appendix being removed, and two are from skate blades slicing my stomach while playing for team bc.

    the skate blade scars are my favorite. i wouldn't take them away if i could. they represent what i've devoted the majority of my life to, and they tell a good story.

    and you're totally right yo, they add character.

  31. Oh man, tough question. Maybe the scar on my left palm, that I got chopping potatoes when I was a prep cook. (5 stitches) But I also have a piece of pencil lead imbedded in me from childhood. However, mine's in my right thigh. Those might be my favs. And dang you-I was thinking of doing a post on my scars soon! It's like you can read my mind.

  32. Alexa, imagine looking pregnant when you were 12. It was bizarre. I had a smaller cyst that ruptured and made me horribly ill (before they knew about the big one) and all the hospital wanted to do was give me a pregnancy test and drug tests (Thank you, ghetto Columbus hospital!)

  33. www.dreamsaremadeoutofrealthings.blogspot.comMarch 31, 2009 at 1:26 PM

    Interesting post!

    I am a moley person. I have lots of moles..but not the big hairy ones! Over the past 5 years I've had 5 of them removed, one of which was pre-cancerous and kind of an eye opener. I have worn sunscreen all my life, since I was a child when my mom used to smother my sister and I with it. So how unfair is it that me, obsessive sun screen user - anti-tanning bed nut, almost gets skin cancer? And maybe possibly have it somewhere else? NOT FAIR! Alas..the scars on my back remind me.

  34. I have a scar across three of my fingers where I burnt my hand on an oven in a restaurant I used to work in... I was getting some food out of the oven for someone and the really gorgeous chef grabbed my ass, I jumped so much that my hand hit the top of the oven and that's the end of that. =P

  35. The one near my leg because I fell off a jetski and hit some corals *scary I know* another one in my left arm from falling down a horse. I'm hardcore lol

  36. I have a chicken pox scar on my forehead that I used to hate but now I love it because it's not a furrow-line.

    Also have a pretty kick-ass mole just under my collar bone.

    And numerous scars on my hands from cooking accidents...

  37. Neat idea for a post! Scar stories are just so interesting to me.

    I'm attached to all of my circus scars, each and everyone one of them. They might have been painful at the time, but they have great stories that go with them now.

  38. my main scars are on my left foot from surgery a few years ago, but i have a small scar on my forhead from getting stitches when i was about 2 (took a header into a piece of furniture) and another one on my big toe from when i came out of the ocean one summer and mysteriously had a large chunk of my toe flesh missing, that i somehow didn't feel happen.

  39. I just have the one scar from USS Indianapolis tattoo I had removed from my forearm. We was comin' back from the island of Tinian to Leyte. We'd just delivered the bomb. The Hiroshima bomb. Eleven hundred men went into the water. Vessel went down in 12 minutes. 316 men come out, the sharks took the rest, June the 29th, 1945. Anyway, we delivered the bomb.

    Hold it... that was Quint, not me.

  40. I have a tat on my right hip too.
    Scar on my chin from stitches from when I fell off my bike as a kid.
    Scar on my middle knuckle from when I was washing the inside of a glass and the glass shattered.
    Bunch of other goodies that come from bearing children, but I won't go there.
    And many, many mental scars from too much alcohol :)

  41. My grandparents' border collie took a chunk out of my face one summer, and I have a dimple under my left eye when I smile. I kinda like it now, honestly.

  42. so i have this scar under my arm. when i was little i had this skin tag or something and you know, being the product of an over protective jewish mother - went to the dermatologist to have it removed. i was awake during the procedure and distinctly remember the dr wiggling the thing in front of my face - nastica. he promised it would leave no scar. but guess what? the scar is much more noticable than the skin tag ever was. but i figure you can't shave off a scar and by this point i'm pretty positive i would have taken off part of the tag so you know...its not so bad

  43. I have a scar on my leg from testing that had to be done because I was so sick and a scar where they had to do emergency surgery. I don't always see it but definitely know it's there.

  44. i love your randomness, alexa!! great post.

    i have a keyloid on my ear. my boyfriend calls it a nugget, i call it a nub. i had my cartilage pierced when i was in HS because that was apparently the thing to do. well, i didn't know at the time that my body has a problem with scarring. it lated about six months until it started to produce a little bubble on the back. it grew to about the size of a marble. went to the doc. they said i could pay to have it removed but it would just come back larger, so i kept it. hung onto it and i love my nub. :)

  45. I actually don't have any scars from falling and such. Only a chicken pox one which is super tiny (and on my face, hence good it is super tiny).

    I do however have a tattoo. Neeever taking a picture of it though!

  46. Oh! Good question...So many to choose from.

    ~The cigar burn on my knee
    ~The gouge out of the front of my shin
    ~The almost 4 inch scar from surgery on top of my right hand.

    There's some good stories that go with them, I'll have to post them sometime.

  47. Scars add character ;) I have a pretty ugly looking six inch scar on my right arm that people always ask me about. I used to be self concious but now wear it like a badge of honor. . .or something, ha


  48. This is an awesome post. I think the scar I am most attached/used to is the one on my face. I was attacked by a dog when I was very young and the dog bit through my nostril leaving a gaping, hanging piece of bloody flesh. It happened so long ago the scar isn't as noticeable as it once was, but I always see it when I put on my makeup and it reminds me I can survive anything.

  49. I have a scar about the size of a quarter on my forearm from my brother biting me when i was about one and he was 3. it has grown along with me and is actually very noticeable haha. never really was embarrassed about it. i think its pretty cool :)
    i have a lightning bolt shaped scar on my chin from who knows what! i just noticed it about a year ago. i have a dimple above my eye from a curling iron when i was in 4th grade.
    love these stories!!!

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